How to Straighten Beard? (3 Quick & Easy Methods)

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Wondering how to straighten beard? Here is the solution to it.  Besides, don’t feel that you are the only one in this league.  Along with you, many curly-bearded guys are reading this post.  Many other articles state different ways to straight curls, but are all the ways effective?

According to our research, there are three methods that contribute to straightening your facial mane.  Apart from this, the right method and guidance are important to wear the proper beard style.

So, whether you want to learn the method or want guidance, we make sure that you get every single piece of information related to it.  Also, you will get a few beard straightening tips that will help you to get the best straight hair.

To quickly make you familiar with straightening, it has three different methods.  Most curly-bearded guys prefer a natural way, while some men with thick curls have to rely on heat by using a beard straightener.  And a small group of men chooses a chemical-based method to choose their curls.

So, let’s get started and uncover every detail about it.

Why Do You Have Curly Beard?

why is my beard curly

You might be thinking why only your facial hair grows curly and not others in your family or friends?  Well, there are multiple reasons to contribute to it, which are as follows.

Asymmetrical Hair Follicles

curly facial hair

While genetics could be one reason, the other possible reason could be the shape of your hair follicles.

According to a study, cell behaviour plays a crucial role in deciding hair shape during hair fibre production.  The study depicts that asymmetrical cell division and protein production result in curly hair follicles.

On the other hand, symmetrical hair follicles tend to grow straight hair that looks longer and fuller.

FYI, symmetrical hair follicles might also grow curly if there is an uneven distribution of Keratin (a protein essential and responsible for growing hair and nails).


frizzy beard

Dryness is also one of the reasons for curly beards. Black men have a dry beards so they need straighteners designed for black men.

Here, we have discussed the method to fight against dryness.


The main reason why beard hair turns dry is the use of regular head hair shampoo.  Ordinary shampoo contains harmful chemicals that strip away the skin-producing natural oils, which are essential for moisturizing the beard. 


In our opinion, you must use only beard wash or beard shampoo made with natural ingredients.  Professor Fuzzworthy Beard Shampoo not only deeply cleanses but also softens your unruly and wiry beard hair.

Note: Do not use beard shampoo more than three times a week. 

Another suggestion for beginners and professional beardsmen is to start applying high-quality beard oil to retain moisture.

Tip: Apply it after taking a shower with warm water because it opens up the skin pores, resulting in easy absorption of the oil.

Unhygienic Behavior

curly mustache

We have seen many men often touching or massaging their facial hair without any reason.  Well, massaging is fine, but if it’s done without a beard care product or with dirty hands can cause problems.

Apart from this, even some men allow the food particles to settle on their facial hair, despite knowing that it is unhygienic.  Such behaviour doesn’t deserve beards.

It can make your beard difficult to comb. Plus, the tangles and knots will cause more serious problems, leading to shaving or hair loss.

What you can do as a responsible beardsmen is focus on hygiene, never let your beard suffer from unwanted particles, and keep it kempt.


Another controllable cause of curly facial hair strands is dehydration.  Drinking water is essential as it keeps the body hydrated and nourished.

Now when you don’t drink enough water, your body starts dehydrating, which causes dryness.  Here, your skin and beard also turn dry due to a lack of water.  The dryness leads to bending and curly hair strands.

Therefore, you must make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day to moisturize your skin and keep the dryness at bay.

As you know, every coin has two sides; the same goes for having curly beards.  The hair follicle has its own set of benefits and pitfalls.

Benefits & Pitfalls of Having Curly Beard

pros and cons of curly beard

A curly beard gives a fuller and denser look than a straight beard.  Also, men with curly locks of hair have the freedom to keep them or straighten them with the help of different beard straightening products.  The curly beard also makes the facial appearance to be thicker and more luxurious.

Contrary to this, a curly beard comes with multiple problems, ranging from tangles to texture and hygiene to cleanliness.

So let’s discuss them one by one.

Firstly, the curly beard takes more time to grow than the straight hair follicles.  Ideally, the beard grows half an inch every month, but since the beard curls grow in a loop, the length is not accurately visible.

Due to this, when the straight beard grows three times, the curly beard grows just half an inch.  Besides, you may also notice the change in growing pattern as the straight beard will grow in a downward direction, but the curly ones grow in a spiral direction.  It makes the appearance of the curly beard to be shorter.

Secondly, you may also experience tangles and knots more frequently, which are less in the case of a straight beard.  The thicker and coarser hair is vulnerable to tangles and knots.  It makes the detangling process clumsy, time-consuming, and painful.

Besides, the knots and tangles also hinder beard oil distribution.  Also, it may cause hair damage when you brush or comb aggressively.  It may further result in rough facial hair, which develops split ends.

Lastly, beard curls can easily transfer all the dirt, grime, oil build-ups, and debris to the skin.  It is because the curly strands are closer to the skin than the straight ones.  Due to this, some men even suffer from pimples, acne, and blackheads.

In our opinion, curly facial hair requires extra TLC for easy maintenance, which, if done correctly, is not a difficult task.

How to Take Proper Care of Curly Facial Hair?

how to straighten curly hair

In our opinion, curly beards are not bad at all; it’s just that this hair type requires more care and pampering than the other hair types.

We recommend using the right beard care products and having the patience to minimize the curly beard challenges.

We suggest our curly beardsmen fill their bathroom counter with a beard shampoo, conditioner, beard oil, and balm to keep their facial hair kempt.  Undoubtedly, it will help other facial hair types, but a curly beard will get more benefits through it.

As discussed earlier, the curly beard and skin are close to each other, which increases the chances of unwanted stuff settling on the skin.  It requires washing facial hair at least thrice a week.  

Besides, applying beard oil or beard balm will help to control curly strands.  Combing such hair types also becomes easy with the use of beard oil.

We recommend having a wooden beard comb or boar’s hair bristle round brush in your grooming kit so that you can untangle the knots anytime you want.

Tip: Never use plastic-made beard combs as they pull and snag facial hair, which causes more damage.  It is advisable to brush or comb twice a day.

If we were at your place, we would brush once in the morning and before bedtime, as during this time, the facial mane remains untouched and grows in the desired direction.

Brushing is not a magic pill, but doing it every day will train your facial hair to grow in a certain direction.  We hope this has answered the popular question of how to make your beard grow straight.

Lastly, we would also recommend trimming your curly beard with scissors at regular intervals as it will save your hair from split ends and maintain the shape.

Some men tend to leave their curly beards as it is, while some men find a solution to get rid of curly hair strands.  Since you are in search of how to straighten beard hair, we will discuss it in our next section.

How to Straighten Beard? (3 Easy Methods)

iron beard

For easy and better understanding, we have divided straightening methods that focus on:

  • How to keep your beard straight naturally?
  • How to tame a curly beard with chemicals?
  • How to straighten your beard with a beard straightener?

Though there are different grooming products, one thing that remains constant is the use of beard relaxing cream to keep facial hair flat and manageable.

Straighten Your Beard Naturally

In our opinion, beard maintenance is something that you should ponder upon before straightening your facial mane.  You cannot bake all the dirt, grime, and debris under the heat.

Besides, you must not use a harsh chemical blend beard soap or wash as it may also develop split ends.  Natural ingredients blend beard soap is ideal for the face as it doesn’t deplete natural oils.

Apart from this, there are duties you need to perform post-washing your beard and before straightening it.  It includes properly drying out your facial hair because wet hair is prone to damage and is weaker than dry hair.

Here are our suggestions for drying facial hair:

  • Gently towel-dry your facial hair to avoid damages
  • Avoid aggressively rubbing or pulling your facial hair to dry them quickly 

So these are the steps that you must follow before straightening your beard.  Now the real game begins.

Use Round Brush to Straighten Your Beard Naturally

The three things you will require to straighten your curly beard are:

  1. Before straightening your beard, wash it with lukewarm water using a beard conditioner to condition and soften your curly facial mane
  2. Pat down the beard but leave it slightly damp.  Gently brush and straighten your hair
  3. Apply silicone cream to your facial hair
  4. Use a blow dryer with a low heat setting to brush the curly beard straight.

For safe and best use of blow dryer, we recommend:

  • Do not use a hairdryer with high heat settings.  It can make your beard brittle
  • Do not get tempted and overuse silicone cream
  • Keep your hairdryer on the lowest heat settings
  • Using a blow dryer in the direction of hair growth
  • Apply high-quality beard oils to moisturize and soften.

In our opinion, it is the best way to kick start your morning and have a straight facial manner throughout the day.

For a better and strong holding, you can even use beard balm as it contains beeswax and butter that are responsible for holding the beard.

If you ask us, we would suggest applying a beard balm that contains avocado and cocoa butter because these ingredients can tame, control, and hold the curly whiskers.

Use Beard Relaxer to Straighten Your Beard Naturally

how to straighten short hair

Another long-term solution for straightening your curly beard is using beard relaxer cream.

You might be thinking, “Does it work?”

Yes.  It works amazingly well against curly locks of beard hair.  Also, it doesn’t damage your beard as it makes the beard grow healthier.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the beard relaxing cream will only tame and straighten the old beard growth, which means the new hair growth will be curly.

Once you notice that the new curly hair grows to a terminal length, apply beard relaxer cream only to that new hair because the old growth is already straightened.

The downside of the beard relaxing cream is you need a flat straightening iron for optimum results.

Now that you know beard relaxing cream works wonders- let’s see how to apply beard relaxing cream.

How to Apply Beard Relaxing Cream?

  • Wash your beard with beard shampoo
  • Wear hand gloves, and start making small parts in beard hair to apply beard relaxing cream.  Avoid applying cream on the skin
  • Use a beard comb to spread the cream evenly
  • Rinse your beard relaxer cream after half an hour, but without using beard shampoo
  • Use a blow dryer to dry your beard, but don’t use a towel as it can remove the cream
  • After completely drying your beard, use a beard straightening iron on your curly beard
  • You can wash your beard with beard shampoo.  We suggest repeating this action three times
  • Lastly, apply a beard conditioner and rinse it out after 30 minutes.  Use a towel to dry your beard hair.

Now let’s see another method for your curls.

Straighten Your Beard Using Chemicals

Using naturally-made products is the best for straightening beard hair, and that is what we suggest to everyone.  However, some beard straightening products contain chemicals that can cause harm to your skin.  We suggest using it under expert supervision.

The reason for not using harsh chemical blend beard straightening solutions is to prevent the skin from burning or other harmful issues.  Your facial skin is delicate, and the harsh chemicals can worsen the situation.

Also, do not try to straighten your facial hair with the chemicals at home.  Look out for professionals who can do it.

Now, let’s look at the last but not the least option to straighten your curly beard hairs i.e., using a beard straightener.

Straighten Your Beard Using Beard Straighteners

beard brush straightener

Lastly, you can use beard straighteners or hair straighteners for straightening your curly locks of beard hair.  The electric heat styling tools are easy to use, and the process closely resembles head hair straightening.

In our opinion, beard straighteners are made for the most unruly, wiry, and curly beard hairs.  However, it is not advisable to use it frequently as the heat can damage your facial hair, making it dry and brittle.

The vital and crucial point for using beard straighteners is that your facial hair should be long and thick.  If in case, you have short or thin facial hair, you can straighten your beard using natural beard care products.

Now let’s discuss how to straighten your beard with a straightener.

  • The first point is quite similar to what you would do when before beard relaxing cream i.e., wash your beard with conditioner.  It will moisturize but will soften your facial hair
  • After that, dry your beard but keep it slightly damp or moist
  • Use a blow dryer and comb to straighten them inward
  • Now take the beard straightener and set it at the lowest heat setting
  • Open both the irons and get it close to your chin before closing the clamps
  • After closing, run the beard straightener from the roots to the tips.  Do not keep heating a particular area of your facial hair
  • After you straighten your facial hair, apply beard balm or wax to rejuvenate your facial hair.

So, these are the three different beard straightening methods.  Now that you know everything about how to keep your beard from curling- let’s answer a few questions.


1. How to straighten goatee?

Goatees are often short beard hair around the chin and mustache. We recommend brushing or combing with the best beard brush or beard comb before straightening your goatee. Now gently apply silicon cream to your facial hair. Since you have applied cream, now is the time to comb and blow dry.

2. How to straighten curly beard?

There are three ways to straighten a curly beard; one using a beard brush and blow dryer, another with harmful chemicals, and the last one with a hair straightener. You can opt for any of the methods to straighten your facial mane.

3. How do I stop my beard from curling?

To keep your curly beard smooth nad manageable, make sure it’s well moisturized with beard oils and balms. Regular brushing or combing also helps to tame those curls and give your beard a polished appearance.

4. How can I make my beard straight?

Using natural ingredients made beard products like beard oil, beard balm, or beard wax is suggestible. Blow dryers or straighteners should be the last option, or if you have a thick, curly, and long facial mane.


Beard straightening isn’t difficult as it is a method that requires a few beard care products and a hair straightener.  For drying your beard, you can blow dry them.  Using a hair straightener is the quickest method to straighten your curly locks or facial mane.

On the other hand, running a comb or brush intensely is a traditional method, and consumes a lot of time.  Plus, the results are not as per the expectations.  The only benefit is that your beard remains healthy and unaffected by the heat that a hair straightener produces to straighten the hair.  In the end, we would say that men with thick curls should opt for a hair straightener.  Others with shorter beards should go with the natural method.

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Published Date: Apr 10, 2024

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