Top 5 Best Beard Combs to Use in 2020

by Jeel Patel

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Oh yes, back with another Beard Grooming Product! It’s that time, where you have started to notice some major changes in your beard.  Your efforts to grow a beard have been successful, but now you are looking for different tools and products to maintain it.  Guess what, you have arrived just at the right place.

Through our detailed research, we have identified Best Beard Combs, which will make it easier for you to shape and maintain your beard.  But before we jump into the reviews of the products, it is essential for you to know some important information for using the beard comb.

In this blog, we would cover topics like what is a beard comb, how do you use it, a buyer’s guide that will guide you through the Buying process, Before and After using a Beard Comb, Beard Comb vs Brush, and finally Best Beard Combs in the market.

5 Best Beard Combs that are Perfect for your Beard

Beard Comb - Sandalwood Natural Hatchet Style Brush for Hair - Smells Amazing, Anti-Static & No Snag, Handmade Wide & Fine Tooth Contour Brush Best for Beard & Moustache with Carrying Case PouchRocky Mountain's Sandalwood Beard Comb
  • Main Feature: Multiple teeth widths
  • Scent: Comes with sandalwood scent
  • Protection: Comes with a protective case
Kent 85 T Handmade Limited Edition Sawcut Beard and Mustache CombKent 85T
  • Main Feature: Made from Cellulose Acetate
  • Design: Handmade, Beard and mustache comb
  • Skin: Soft on skin
Folding Wood Comb by Striking Viking - Great for Head Hair and Beards - Anti-Static Wooden Styling Comb for MenStriking Viking Beard Comb
  • Main Feature: Anti-static sandalwood beard comb
  • Design: Durable wood comb
  • Functionality: Hair, beard, and mustache comb
Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for Men - Natural Boar Bristle Brush and Dual Action Pear Wood Comb w/Velvet Travel Pouch - Great for Grooming Beards and Mustache by Viking RevolutionViking Revolution Beard Comb
  • Main Feature: Wide and tooth sides to accommodate all sizes of beard
  • Design: Made from Pearwood and Portable and compact size
  • Kit: Comes with boar bristles beard brush
Hair Comb - Wood with Anti-Static and Anti-Snag with Fine and Medium Tooth for Beard, Head Hair, Mustache with Premium Carrying Pouch in High Quality Design in Box by Rocky MountainRocky Mountain Multi-Purpose Comb
  • Main Feature: Anti-static and Anti-Snag
  • Design: Works well with head hair, beard, and mustache
  • Protection: Comes with a carrying case

Rocky Mountain Beard Comb – Best Sandalwood Scent Beard Comb

First on our list is this wood beard comb from a famous men’s beard care products.  Whether you carry a short beard or a long beard, a good beard comb is necessary.  This sandalwood beard comb comes with many different features, which makes it one of the top ones you can buy the market.

So let’s start by talking about the material this comb is made from.  This wood beard comb is handcrafted from sandalwood, which ensures supreme quality and smell.  Unlike the plastic comb, this comb doesn’t break easily and is anti-static which makes it easy for you to shape your beard.  The sandalwood is an experience that comes with a quality comb.

There are two teeth widths in the comb.  The 1mm width works well with any beard, but especially with mustaches.  It makes it easy to comb mustache.  The 3mm teeth width is good for any size beard and provides a good form factor.  This comb is perfect for sideburns too.  So, it is a good beard and mustache comb.

This most important feature of this product is that it works well with beard oil and beard balm.  Some wooden combs don’t work with these products, but this product works which makes it the best men’s comb.  The only thing that might concern you is that if you are not into sandalwood scent, this comb‘s smell will not be in your favor.  A badass beard care product to own.

  • Comes with a case to carry the beard comb
  • Multiple teeth widths
  • Made with sandalwood
  • Has sandalwood scent, so if you are not into this kind of smell that it is not for you


Kent 85T- Best for Mustache and Short Beards

Kent is a comb company founded in 1777, making it the oldest beard combs and brushes producer with all the British traditions in company culture.

This comb might seem small to some users as it has a saw cut but it is one of the best on the market.  It is a sturdy comb made from cellulose acetate which makes it a smooth comb for beards, compared to other plastic combs.  Cellulose acetate avoids snags and damages on hair.

This comb is special because of its size and saw cut.  It is easy to carry and so can be used anytime.  This also makes it possible to reach every hair on your beard, and so treat itchiness and dandruff on your beard.  It is the best beard comb for a mustache and shorter beards and mustache combs are hard to find.  So, grab this quality product.

  • Made from cellulose acetate
  • Portale size
  • Best for short beards
  • Doesn’t work that well with long beards


Striking Viking Beard Comb- Best Folding Wooden Comb

The two things that you don’t want to sacrifice when buying a beard comb is portability and quality.  This folding beard comb ensures both of these functions.  These wood combs are made from sandalwood so it is non-static and smells amazing.  The smooth round set teeth to work smoothly with beard avoiding snagging and additionally, works well with all kinds of beard.  The best thing about this wood comb is that it is foldable, so it is really easy to protect and carry this product.

This comb works with beard oil and beard balm so it makes your lives easier to use these products for promoting beard growth and shine.  After applying oil or balm just use this wood comb to shape and comb your beard, which will avoid itchiness and beard dandruff.

The only thing that this comb lacks is different teeth widths.

This comb has only one tooth size so it cannot be used as a multi-purpose comb.  Some users complain about its functionality because they cannot use it to comb their mustache.  But still one of the top beard comb in the market for quality, scent, and portability.  A quality wood comb to own.  Also, this is one of the horn combs which means no static issues and something you should have in a beard grooming kit.

  • Sandalwood comb for beard with a good scent
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • The best quality that works with beard balms and oils too
  • Has only one teeth width, so some users complain that it cannot be used for mustache


Viking Revolution Beard Comb- Best Dual Action Beard Comb

If you have facial hair that sticks with each other and makes it harder for you to separate them, then this product is definitely for you.  Viking revolution is a company that makes all men’s grooming tools and accessories, and guess what; all its products are the best ones.

This beard comb has two sides to it, with different teeth widths for variable beard lengths.  One has wide teeth which makes it easy to comb beards of all sizes.  The wide teeth help avoid all snags and irritation while combing your beard.  It touches the skin under your facial hair, to treat beard dandruff and dead skin.  The fine teeth side works well with the mustache, avoiding hairs coming on your lips.  This is why comb tooth width is important to note which is making the purchase.  k

The comb also has a travel case which makes it men’s pocket comb and the best beard comb.  This wooden beard comb is non-static, which is an addition to the features list.

Some reviewers complain that this comb has nothing special about this beard comb.  It works the same as a regular hair comb.  They also think it has a little high price tag for it.

  • Dual-action comb
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Trusted grooming products company
  • Some reviewers complain that it has a high price and nothing special about comb


Rocky Mountain Multi-Purpose Comb- Best Multi-purpose Comb

If you are looking for a comb that looks like a hair comb but works well with a mustache and beard, then you have just arrived at the right place.

The handcrafted wide grip wooden comb makes it easy for you to grip and use this beard care product.  Unlike stainless steel combs, this beard comb has perfect teeth widths, which makes it good for hair, beard, and mustache use.  The wide and fine teeth distance works with every kind of hair.  The fine width makes it the mustache comb too.  The sturdy design makes sure that it doesn’t break easily.

Unlike plastic combs that are highly static, the beard comb is anti-static that avoids frizz and makes it easy for you to comb your beard.  The comb also comes with a leather pouch that is really helpful when you want to carry it in a bag for touch-ups.

The only thing that might concern you, some reviewers complain that it smells something between cedar and bacon, which is really strange.  But others don’t have any problem with it, so it is rather based on personal choice as it is one of the best beard combs that you can buy. 

  • Great Quality
  • Wild grip for easy combing experience
  • Anti-static that avoids frizz when combing
  • Multi-purpose
  • Some reviewers complain that the smell of comb is strange, smells like a mix of cedar and bacon


What is a Beard Comb and What does it do? Does it do any Good to your Beard?

You might be wondering what type of question this is.  Yea as one might have guessed, a beard comb is a men’s grooming tool that is used to shape the ingrown facial hair.  Using the combing action through comb’s teeth, the beard combs gently pulls the facial hair that helps you straighten and shape it.

Sometimes a beard grows out really big, which makes it harder for one to control and keep it in shape, So, after applying beard oil or beard balm, you can use a beard comb to make your beard look perfect and uniformed.  But the question that arises is that if it is really necessary? Is the money worth it?

Firstly, yes it is worth it because beard combs are really cheap in Canada compared to other products.  And secondly, it fulfills a key role in a men’s grooming kit.  Grooming experts would also suggest that you have a separate comb kit for beard needs.  It is easy to grow and apply different products, but what is the point of it all, if your beard still looks messy.  So, you use a beard comb for this purpose.  Beard combs will help you get the desired beard style.  

Why Do You Need to Use a Beard Comb? Advantages of using Beard Comb

Prevents ingrown hair problems

When you comb your beard regularly, it will keep the ingrown hair problem at bay.  For people who are unaware, ingrown hair refers to the hair that gets curled up under your skin and doesn’t pop out.  It can be painful and people suffering from it can vouch for it.

When you comb your beard with a good quality beard hair comb, it helps train the hair to grow in the right direction and prevents it from getting curled under the skin.  It also helps stimulate the skin cells for proper facial hair growth. It will also make it easy for you to use the best beard trimmer.

No more facial hair in mouth

Training your facial hair to grow in the right direction includes keeping the whisker away from entering your mouth.  It is an irritating problem which guys face and can result in food getting stuck in your facial hair.  It is not something you would want and it is not hygienic either.

Keeps the beard moisturized

It helps keep the beard moisturized as combing distributes the natural oils evenly.  It makes the skin and the beard get proper natural oils.  

It is best to use top-quality beard oil as it will help you maintain the overall health of your beard.  And using a comb will make it easier to spread the oil evenly throughout the whiskers.  

Helps train the beard

The word “train” here means to align your beard hair and make sure that it grows properly in the right direction.  When the beard hair is well aligned and grows in the right direction, it makes the beard look fuller.  It also protects the beard hair follicles.  

How To Use a Beard Comb in 4 effective steps?

Combing your beard is not that easy, as it seems.  Especially when you are used to combing your head hair.  Before we jump into all the buying process, you should know how to comb a beard properly.  There is a lot to know about a beard comb and different techniques to use it, but let’s just jump into the 4 steps to use a beard comb.

Use a beard comb

  • Choosing the right comb with the appropriate teeth and quality

If you were aware, any combs have different teeth lengths and widths for variable beard length.  So it is important for you to use appropriate teeth for your beard comb as people have different beard lengths.  The wider the teeth, the easier it is for you to comb your beard.  The reason for this is, one’s beard hair is longer compared to the mustache, so wider teeth are required.  The opposite implies for the mustache comb, where the less wide teeth serve an important role.

Moreover, it is important for you to choose good quality beard combs.  The cheap plastic beard combs can easily get broken, and also cause irritation to skin under the beard.  So make sure you don’t buy a plastic comb, rather look for options like wooden beard combs, or handmade beard comb.

  • Starting to comb your beard

It is crucial to start combing your beard from designated parts.  So we recommend that you start combing from your neck and then come upwards.  The reason for this is, majorly all men use beard combs after a shower when the beard hairs are wet, so starting to comb beard from the neck will stick hairs together and then will make it look more fluffy.  When you are using the beard combs, some snags might be felt on your way, which is due to a bunch of hairs stuck together.  It is essential to not apply force and pull the snag, take it gently over there and try to open the snag.

Remember to comb, neck to chin.

  • Combing downward above the chin, for the cheeks and sides

Previously for the neck, we combed upwards to get a fluffy look.  But for the cheeks and sides, you do the opposite which is to comb downwards.  This will help you to shape whatever way you want it to.  Secondly, keep in mind to also comb mustache.  In the case of a mustache, comb it sideways away from your lips.  This will avoid “hair over lips” irritation problems.

  • Choose the Right Grip

You can just use fingers to grip the beard combs.  There is no need to use your palms and apply to much pressure to comb a beard.  Just use your fingers to get a light touch as beard combs are designed to slide through the beard smoothly.  

Before And After Using a Beard Comb, Effective Results Visible!

Why should you use a beard comb? Is it helpful? For sure, beard comb serves many essential functions including-

  • It Shapes your beard– What’s the point of having a beard if it is not lined up and in perfect shape?  Beard comb helps you to line up your facial hair in a uniform direction, which will make it look even.  A Beard comb lets your hair grow in a specific direction, avoiding random patches.  Combing your beard in one direction will ensure that hair growth in your desired direction
  • Helps avoid facial hair coming over the mouth– There are many types of beard combs in the market, but generally, any beard comb can be used for mustache too.  So, when you comb your mustache on the sides, it avoids irritating you by coming over your lips.
  • It can be helpful when using beard oils or beard balm– beard combs can be especially useful if you use beard oil or beard balm regularly.  After applying these products, one can use a beard comb to help it spread evenly.

These all are the things a Beard Comb does after one starts using it.  But, it is still important to observe the difference between before and after using a comb.  Before using a comb, your beard is all messy and hairs are growing in any direction.  But after using it, your beard is aligned in one direction and is shaped perfectly, as you can notice the difference in the image below.

Beard Comb vs Beard Brush, the Ultimate Difference

An educated guess would be that both Beard Comb and Beard Brushes do the same thing, that is to shape your beard.  That is true to some extent, but then some minor differences that are present too.  In the image below that what beard brushes vs combs look like-

brush vs comb

Basically, a beard brush is useful in the earlier stages of your beard growing process.  That is when your facial hair is growing out, and they are still small, a beard brush can be handy.  But as your beard gets bigger, one can use a beard comb because it will help you shape it properly.

A beard comb will also help you to groom your beard properly unlike beard hair brushes.  It can be an aid when you trim or cut your beard.  Especially, when using beard oil or beard balm as your beard grows out, a comb will help spread these products uniformly and shape your beard properly.

When using a beard brush, one needs to be a little extra careful, because some different process takes place when using this product.  Beard brush is used when your beard is dry, so you cannot use it after applying beard oil or balm.  A beard brush is made from various materials such as boar hair.  While a beard comb can be used anytime, wet or dry.  Both products need to be used when needed, and as a user, you need to be careful not to over-do it.

Buyer’s Guide

Before we jump into the process of buying and investigating different best beard combs in Canada, there are a few things that will help you understand different elements of the comb, and so will make it easy for you to choose the right comb.

Firstly, any beard comb can be really cheap or can be at a reasonable price.  Cheaply made combs sacrifice the quality and are generally plastic combs.  While combs at a reasonable price, are made with different materials and so avoid plastic combs and choose better quality products.  Quality control should be taken seriously by manufacturers and price cuts should be made from someplace else. 


  • Different material a comb can be made from is as follows-
    • Wooden Beard Combs, as the name suggests is made from wood.  This type of combs are the best quality, and so are a perfect match if you are considering maintaining your beard seriously.  Mostly, a wooden comb is a handmade comb.  All the teeth and other parts are handmade to avoid all the shape edges that can cause you injury.  These combs are one of the best in the market.  The only thing that might concern you is that some of the combs are not washable, so you have to clean them carefully.
    • Metal Combs– If you have ever noticed that there are some stainless steel combs in the market.  Our humble request to you is to avoid these types of combs.  They have sharp edges that can cause skin irritations and injuries.
    • Cellulose acetate– This material is used to make rubber-like combs.  They are just as wooden combs, high quality.  But you have ever seen one of these, they are better than the wooden beard comb because of its easy to clean and use.  If you are looking for a good beard trimming comb, then this is the right choice.

Now we would like to discuss some things that you should keep in mind before buying a beard comb.

  • Teeth width– there are different combs in the market, all with different teeth widths.  As a golden rule, the more width the tooth has, the better for the beard.  Hair combs generally have less width, because head hair can slide easily through it.  But this is not true with beard combs, which are made for a little more rough hair.
  • Quality– we don’t entertain bad quality combs on our website, the ones made with plastic or steel.  But if you decide to choose a comb with these materials, just keep in mind that the teeth of these combs can be really sharp and can break very easily.
  • Choose a budget– Beard combs can get really affordable to really expensive, so before we dive into the buying process it is important for you to choose the right budgets for your beard comb.

1. Is a beard comb or beard brush better?

There is no comparison between these two products because both of them are used to satisfy different needs.  Beard brush is used in earlier stages of your beard when the facial hairs are growing out.  Beard comb is used for a little longer beard, to comb and style your beard.  Beard comb is also used to spread beard oil and balm.  So, if you see a beard comb it has more functionality, so it is a little advanced and better beard tool.

2. Are metal combs good for beards?

The simple answer to this question is No, a metal comb is not good for your beard due to many reasons.  One of them is that they have sharp teeth which can cause irritation after you use it and can also lead to scratching.  Secondly, these combs with sharp teeth can harm your hair follicles.  Hair follicles are really sensitive, so you have to be careful when combing your beard.  Wood combs are a better choice compared to a metal comb.  Check out our detailed reviews above to learn more.

3. Why are wooden combs better for beards?

Wooden combs are better for a beard because of the smooth and round teeth it comes with.  The smooth teeth work well with your beard hair, avoiding all the snags and itchiness.  The wood combs are best combs for men not only because they work well with a beard, but it also makes it easy to shape and apply beard grooming products like oil or balm.  Generally, a wooden comb is also the best mustache comb.


In this article, we covered everything about beard combs.  We learned what beard combs are, what they are used for, how to use them, and much more.  We also discussed the difference between a beard comb and a brush very clear, avoiding all the confusion. 

Lastly, we sorted Best Beard Combs in the market, which will make it easy for you to choose the best beard comb in Canada.  Our list also includes some options for a wooden beard comb, which not only has the excellent quality but it also smells great and is great for all beard types.  Ain’t we the grooming experts you need.

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