Top 11 List Of Best Beard Comb to Use This Year

Updated Date: by Jeel Patel

A long beard often gets tangled up, especially when they are curly.  That’s where it requires a beard comb that not only detangles but also shapes your facial hair.  The best beard comb has fine and wide-set teeth that cater to both thick and thin hair.

Our choice for combing facial mane is the Rocky Mountain beard comb since it has teeth on both sides and caters to all beard types.  Also, it is the best wooden beard comb.

Editor's Choice
Rocky Mountain Beard Comb
Rocky Mountain Beard Comb
  • Material: Wood
  • Hair Type: Fine Hair
  • Dual-sided with Protective Case
Kent Beard and Mustache Comb
Kent Beard and Mustache Comb
  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Hair Type: Normal
  • Pocket-size with Single side Teeth
Strong Contender
Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb
Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb
  • Material: Wood
  • Hair Type: All
  • Folding Comb

With hours of research and analysis, I at TOM Fashion Week have finalized 11 affordable and qualitative beard combs.  These beard combs will let you style your beards the way you want.  Besides, you will also get to know a few essential factors and benefits of beard combs.

Lastly, we will wrap up the article with an effective method of using a beard comb and how it is different from a beard brush.

So, let’s get started.

List of 11 Best Beard Comb That Is Perfect for Your Beard

Rocky Mountain Beard CombRocky Mountain Beard Comb
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Kent 85T Beard and Mustache Pocket CombKent 85T Beard and Mustache Pocket Comb
Check Price
Striking Viking Folding Wooden CombStriking Viking Folding Wooden Comb
Check Price
Rocky Mountain Hair CombRocky Mountain Hair Comb
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Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard BrushViking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush
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Baxter of California Beard CombBaxter of California Beard Comb
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Beardilizer Beard CombBeardilizer Beard Comb
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Cremo Sandalwood Dual-Sided Beard CombCremo Sandalwood Dual-Sided Beard Comb
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Go Comb - Metal Mens Wallet Size CombGo Comb - Metal Mens Wallet Size Comb
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Rapid Bearrd Brush and Beard Comb KitRapid Bearrd Brush and Beard Comb Kit
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Kent 87T Handmade Folding Pocket CombKent 87T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb
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Rocky Mountain Beard Comb

First on our list is the Rocky Mountain Wood beard comb.  Whether you carry a short beard or a long beard, a good beard comb is necessary.  The wooden beard comb from Rocky Mountain is versatile and has excellent features, which are as follows:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Teeth Type
  • Compatibility


The wooden beard comb is hand-cut from sandalwood, which ensures supreme quality and smell.  Unlike the plastic comb, it is anti-static and doesn’t break easily.  Also, it makes it easy for you to shape your beard.  It will offer a mild sandalwood scent whenever you comb under your nose.  Though it might be overpowering for some, it is still manageable.


Men tend to buy such combs that are travel-friendly and easily fit into the pocket.  Considering this thing, the company has made a pocket beard comb that easily slips into your pocket.

Teeth Type

The hatchet-style beard comb has teeth on both sides of the comb.  The 1mm fine teeth work well with a beard, but especially with mustaches.  It makes it easy to comb the mustache.  The 3mm coarse teeth are good for any beard size.  The comb features a precision edge on the head, which specifically caters to combining sideburns.  All these features make it one of the good beard and mustache combs.


The beard comb from the Rocky Mountains works well with beard oils and balms.  Some wooden combs fail to work with beard grooming products, which is why the Rocky Mountain tops our list of beard comb product reviews.

Lastly, the company offers a woven-threaded carrying pouch to protect the comb from the external environment.  The company also offers a high-quality gifting box so that you can even gift it to your loved ones.

  • Carrying case
  • Multiple teeth widths
  • Made with sandalwood
  • Thick beard comb
  • Overpowering scent


No matter what beard length or size you have, this beard comb is a one-stop solution for all beards.  It is one of the best beard combs for all beard types.

Kent 85T

Kent is a comb company founded in 1777, making it the oldest beard combs and brushes producer with all the British traditions in company culture. Let’s get familiar with the features of this beard comb.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Teeth


The beard comb is handmade from sheets of Cellulose Acetate with a Tortoise-shell finish. The material comes from plants that ensure less static in hair.  Though the material is not as durable as Sandalwood (seen in the previous review), it still is hard, tactile, and strong.  Besides, the comb is saw-cut that ensures no tugging or pulling of hair follicles.


The comb size is 4.75-inches, which easily fits into the pocket.  Also, the pocket-size comb is travel-friendly, which makes it easier to comb your hair on the go.


There are coarse teeth on a half part of the beard comb.  The hand-polished teeth have rounded edges, making them ideal for sensitive skin.  It effortlessly combs your facial hair without tugging or pulling them.  Besides, the microscopically smooth teeth boost natural oils while combing.

Moreover, the other half part features a handle that offers maximum control.  In our opinion, it is better than the Rocky Mountain beard comb as the teeth can comb maximum hair.

  • Made from cellulose acetate
  • Portale size
  • Best for short beards
  • Not ideal for long beards


In our opinion, it is one of the best beard combs for short beards.

Striking Viking Beard Comb

Best Folding Beard Comb

Striking Viking is a recent entrant in the men’s grooming industry but has won millions of hearts.  One of its products that the company claims to have thousands of satisfied users is this folding beard comb.

What made users go over this beard comb are its amazing features:

  • Material
  • SwitchBlade Style
  • Size
  • Compatibility


The folding comb is handcrafted from 100% Sandalwood, which lasts longer, and does not create static like most plastic combs.

SwitchBlade Style

The SwitchBlade style is a unique feature since you can fold the comb and carry it anywhere you want.  Also, it fits easily into the pocket without reserving too much space.  The wooden beard comb divides into two halves; one has a compartment, and the other has evenly-spaced teeth.  The teeth have rounded edges, which do not poke when combing.  The tooth section is about 3 inches.  Also, the teeth are versatile, which means they can glide through all the head and facial hair types; curly, short, long, and coarse.


The SwitchBlade feature makes it a travel-friendly beard comb since the teeth part (second half) is covered under the compartment, making it half the size of other beard combs on the list.


Unlike other beard combs, it works well with beard oils and balms.  Also, anyone in the house can use this beard comb, which makes it versatile.

The small size may not be feasible for overly-sized hands.  Also, the SwitchBlade system needs timely attention to maintain rigidity.

  • Sandalwood comb for beard with a good scent
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Works with beard butter and Oils
  • Not ideal for combing mustaches


In our opinion, you can buy this beard comb if the size doesn’t matter to you.  Also, if you want something specifically for your beard, this is what you must give a try.

Viking Revolution Beard Comb

What started as frustration due to the unavailability of quality grooming products has become the go-to grooming brand of millions of users.  The key reasons are the quality and durability of the products.

One such product for today’s review is the beard comb & beard brush set.  The features are as follows:

  • Material
  • Usability
  • Compatibility


The set features three essential grooming products; beard comb, brush, and scissors.

Talking about the beard comb material, it contains bamboo and pearwood, the same material used in making the handle of the beard brush.  On the other hand, the scissor is made up of stainless steel.  However, some users complain that it doesn’t work well.


The hatchet-style beard comb has teeth on both sides, just like Rocky Mountain.  However, the beard comb only caters to mustaches and beards.  It features fine and wide teeth that makes it a versatile grooming product.  It can even detangle the coarsest and toughest beards.

Besides, the boar’s hair bristle brush does its task of removing dirt, debris, and dead skin cells from facial hair excellently.  However, the bristles may start to fall apart with the use.

Lastly, the scissors can help you in trimming the unwanted hairs on your beard and mustache.


The kit is compatible with beard oil, pomade, butter, balm, or conditioner.  It is one of the advantages of this set.

The set isn’t travel-friendly; however, you can even take a single grooming product with you.  The comb comes with a storage pouch for extra protection.

  • Dual-action comb
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Trusted grooming products company
  • Some reviewers complain about the product being high price and having nothing special.


If you are looking for an all-in-one kit, you can go ahead with this beard comb & brush set.  It is worth your investment.

Rocky Mountain Multi-Purpose Comb

Another product from Rocky Mountain’s product line is the multi-purpose beard comb.  It  has excellent features, which we will be discussing in this article:

  • Material
  • Teeth


Most beard combs from Rocky Mountain’s product line are hand-made and built using Sandalwood, and the reason is their durability.  But what sets this beard comb apart from others is the wide grip that ensures better control.  The wooden beard comb is static-free, which makes it easy for you to comb.


The beard comb features two widths; fine and medium teeth.  The wide-tooth combs will help you in styling and shaping your thick, coarse, and curly facial hair.  Besides, all the teeth have rounded edges to make sure that it doesn’t poke your skin.  The teeth are well-spaced and will leave no hair when combing.

Size & Weight

The straight beard comb is 4x heavier than other combs, which makes it a non-travel-friendly product.  Also, you cannot fold to divide the size. The comb also comes with a leather pouch to carry and protect.

The only thing that might concern you is some reviewers complain that it smells something between cedar and bacon, which is strange.  But others don’t have any problem with it, so it is rather based on personal choice as it is one of the best beard combs that you can buy. 

  • Great Quality
  • Wild grip for easy combing experience
  • Anti-static that avoids frizz when combing
  • Multi-purpose
  • Some reviewers complain that it offers a strange smell, which is a combination of cedar and bacon.
  • Heavy-weight
  • Not ideal for beginners


It is a comb that looks like a hair comb but works well with a mustache and beard.  Though the comb is not a travel-friendly product, you can still carry it if weight is not an issue for you.

Baxter of California Beard Comb

Best Beard Comb For Coarse Hair
Baxter of California Beard Comb
  • Cellulose Acetate Sheets Made
  • Tapered & Rounded Teeth
  • Works Well with Beard Care Products

Baxter of California makes handmade beard combs for delivering maximum grooming comfort.  The beard combs are made in Switzerland, and their features are as follows:

  • Material
  • Teeth
  • Compatibility


The material used for making this beard comb is Cellulose Acetate, which is obtained from cotton and tree pulp cellulose.  The comb undergoes a 12-step manufacturing process, which entirely involves hands and no machinery.  


The process results in smoothly tapered teeth with rounded edges, making it ideal for sensitive skin, too.  It features both fine and medium teeth that make it easy to use on every type of beard.  Apart from the beard, you can also use it to tame your eyebrows.  Also, the comb is tried and tested at Baxter Finley Barber Shop in LA.


The beard comb is compatible with only Baxter styling products, which means if you are using this product, you need to buy other grooming products of the same brand, irrespective of the price.  However, the straight comb is 3.25” long, which becomes difficult to carry when traveling.

  • Hand-crafted beard comb
  • Tried & tested
  • Works well on beards, mustaches, and eyebrows
  • Plastic-made
  • Static


We recommend this beard comb to only silky bearded guys as it cannot comb a rough or coarse beard.

Beardilizer Beard Comb

Best Beard Comb For Long Beards
Beardilizer Beard Comb - 100% Natural Black Ox Buffalo Horn & Sandalwood Handle
  • Natural Black OX Horn Made
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Works on all Beard Hairs

Beardilizer makes men’s grooming products under the supervision of professionals from the cosmetic industry.  Also, they abide by the grade of the pharmaceutical facility in the USA and France.

What makes this beard comb unique?

  • Material
  • Size & Weight
  • Teeth


The beard comb includes two different materials, out of which the handle contains Sandalwood, and the teeth contain Black Ox Horn.  The medium teeth are well-spaced and can comb any beard type.  The wide handle gives optimum grip and better control over styling the facial hair.

Size & Weight

Though the beard comb contains durable and sturdy material, it is still lightweight and travel-friendly. The beard comb weighs somewhere around 1.59 ounces.


The beard comb from Beardilizer features 36 well-spaced teeth that can comb on a daily basis without tugging or pulling your facial hair. No matter what beard type or length you have, the beard comb will find no difficulty in combing it.

Moreover, the beard comb preserves Keratin proteins and enhances the quality of the beard.  Plus, the company gives a carrying pouch to store the beard comb when traveling.

  • Handmade beard comb
  • High-quality
  • No snagging, tugging, or pulling
  • Anti-static
  • Wider grip
  • Combs every beard type
  • Some users complain about teeth breaking apart


It is one of the best beard combs since it is durable and sturdy.  Plus, it caters to any beard type, which makes it versatile.

Cremo Beard Comb

Best Beard Comb For Black Men
Cremo 100% Sandalwood Dual-Sided Beard Comb, Static Free And Won't Pull Or Snag Facial Hair
  • Dual-sided 100% sandalwood comb
  • Ideal for all beard types
  • Available in Wood & Plastic

Cremo makes barber-grade products since its inception, which means they don’t compromise on quality. They believe in delivering top-notch quality products, outstanding performance, and desired results.

One such product from its product line is the Cremo beard comb.  This dual sided beard comb works amazing well, and its reasons are:

  • Material
  • Dual-Sided Teeth


The beard comb contains 100% Sandalwood, which prolongs the shelf life of the comb as compared to other plastic or stainless steel combs.  The sandalwood material offers a mild and aromatic scent that you will smell when combing your facial hair.

Dual-Sided Teeth

The dual-sided teeth comb has evenly-spaced wood teeth that don’t build static electricity and don’t pull your facial hair.  The beard comb features coarse and fine teeth that comb through all beard types.  However, it does have precision edge shaping teeth for sideburns like Rocky Mountain.

  • Anti-static and Anti-snag
  • Refreshing aroma
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Dual-sided teeth
  • Strong smell
  • No sideburn shaping teeth


No matter what beard length you have, the beard comb will comb through without pulling or tugging them.

Go-Comb – Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener

Go-comb is known for making travel-friendly, debit-card size beard combs that fit even into the wallet.  The idea came when the inventor was out to dinner with her uncle, and then the uncle pulled out a comb from his wallet.

The inventor thought, why not beard combs that fit into a wallet.  Of all the combs, we decided to review a stainless-steel + bottle opener beard comb.  The amazing features are:

  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Bottle Opener
  • Teeth

Stainless Steel Material

Unlike plastic or wooden beard combs, this beard comb contains different materials.  It contains stainless steel that never breaks off like wood nor produces static electricity like plastic.  However, it is prone to rust if not dried after washing with water.  The comb replicates debit/credit cards and easily fits into the wallet.


The evenly-spaced fine teeth contain stainless steel material.  However, all teeth are of the same size, which becomes difficult in combing different hairy areas.

The adds-on attachment is the bottle opener that helps you to open up the beer bottle at the party.

  • Compact size
  • Thinner like credit card
  • Bottle opener
  • Colder than other material
  • Does not follow the contours of the face


In our opinion, it is the best beard comb for frequent travelers.  Also, the one who frequently parties.

Rapid Beard Store Beard Comb and Brush

Best Beard Comb For Short Beards

The kit from Rapid Beard is a one-stop solution for all beard-related problems, such as dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.

How does it work?

It has got a beard comb and beard brush that has got:

  • Amazing build quality
  • Widely-spaced teeth

Amazing build quality

Both the beard brush and comb contain hardwood that ensures durability and sturdiness.  The beard comb features a wide grip that offers better control over combing any beard length.

On the other hand, the beard brush bristles contain boar’s hair that evenly distribute beard care products such as beard oils and balms.  It also helps to shape, style, and remove all unwanted elements.  However, the bristles may start falling apart with the use.

Widely-spaced teeth

The beard comb features widely-spaced teeth that can glide through any beard length and type.  The teeth have rounded edges, which do not cling to your scalp or skin underneath your beard.  Besides, the teeth help in detangling coarse or curly beards.

The company offers a durable box with magnetic claps and a storage bag to make it a travel-friendly companion.  Also, the company gives a 100% 90-days money-back guarantee.

  • Natural wood beard comb
  • Anti-static
  • Handmade
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Bristles fall apart


It is the perfect travel-friendly beard grooming kit for men who like combing and brushing on the go or are frequent travelers.

Kent 87T Folding Beard Comb

Another beard comb from Kent’s product line and competitor of Striking Viking beard comb is Kent 87T folding beard comb.  It replicates Striking Viking but has differences, which are as follows:

  • Material
  • SwitchBlade Style
  • Teeth


Unlike the Striking Viking folding beard comb, this beard comb contains Cellulose Acetate sheets, which are inferior to wooden beard combs.  The beard comb is pocket-size with a Tortoise-shell finish. The SwitchBlade Style makes the beard travel-friendly and covers it from unwanted pollutants.


The beard comb has fine teeth that allow you to style and shape your beard the way you want.  Also, the teeth are soft and have rounded edges, which effortlessly glides through your facial hair.

Moreover, the comb comes in different colors and combos.  It uplifts the grooming routine and brings a world of difference to your beard shaping and styling.

  • Hand-polished beard comb
  • Fine-tooth comb for every beard type and length
  • Flexible & waterproof
  • Travel-friendly
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Plastic-made


In our opinion, it is one of the best beard combs for short to medium-length beard.

So these are beard comb reviews. Now let’s look at factors to consider before buying a beard comb.

Buyer’s Guide

Before we jump into the process of buying and investigating different best beard combs, there are a few things that will help you understand different elements of the comb and so will make it easy for you to choose the right comb.

Firstly, any beard comb can be cheap or can be at a reasonable price.  Cheap combs (plastic combs) compromise on quality, while metal or wooden beard combs are reasonably priced.


beard comb

Wood Beard Combs

These combs are the best when it comes to quality.  Mostly, a wooden beard comb is a handmade comb.  All the teeth and other parts are handmade to avoid all the shape edges that can cause you injury.  The only thing that might concern you is that some of the wood beard combs are not washable, so you have to clean them carefully.

Metal Beard Combs

Stainless steel combs also reserve a spot in the market.  Our humble request to you is to avoid these types of combs.  They have sharp edges that can cause skin irritations and injuries.

Cellulose acetate

The material used to make rubber-like combs.  They are just like wood combs, high quality.  But if you have ever seen one of these, they are better because it’s easy to clean and use.  If you are looking for a good beard trimming comb, this is the right choice.

Now let’s discuss things that you should keep in mind before buying a beard comb.

Teeth width

wide tooth comb

There are different combs in the market with different tooth widths. As a golden rule, the more width the tooth combs have, the better for the beard. Hair combs generally have less width because head hair can slide easily through it.  However, it is not true with beard combs that have to deal with a little more rough hair.


Quality and material go hand-in-hand.  Wooden combs are the best, while metal and cellulose acetate are better and good, respectively. Wooden combs are sturdy, but there are chances that the teeth may break.  On the other hand, metal combs may cling to your skin, and plastic combs create static electricity.

Types of Combs

different types of combs

You may see different types of combs, such as mustaches, electric, pick, and traditional.  Mustache combs, as the name says, are made for mustaches.  Beard pick combs contribute to beard volume.  Electric combs are meant for straightening and styling, while traditional combs are for regular use.


kent beard comb

Beard combs can get affordable to expensive, so you must set a budget before looking out for beard combs.  The range that you can expect is $5 to $30.

So these are the factors to consider before buying beard combs.  You must also look at some benefits which will add value to your investment.

Benefits Of Using Beard Comb

tactical beard comb

Prevent Ingrown Hairs Problems

When you comb your beard regularly, it will keep the ingrown hairs problem at bay.  For people who are unaware, ingrown hair refers to the hair that gets curled up under your skin and doesn’t pop out.  It can be painful, and people suffering from it can vouch for it.

When you comb your beard with a good quality beard comb, it helps train the hair to grow in the right direction and prevents it from getting curled under the skin.  It also helps stimulate the skin cells for proper facial hair growth. It will also make it easy for you to use the best beard trimmer.

No More Facial Hair in the Mouth

Training your facial hair to grow in the right direction includes keeping the whisker away from entering your mouth.  It is an irritating problem which guys face and can result in food getting stuck in your facial hair.  It is not something you would want, and it is not hygienic either.

Detangles Facial Hair

Longer Facial Hair is good but comes with certain disadvantages, out of which one common hassle is the hairs tangling up.  If the superficial hair (ends of hair) tangles up, they are easy to detangle, but what if the deeper hairs tangled up.  Detangling that hair with a beard brush will not only make things painful but also messy.  Also, it will prevent oils and essential nutrients from reaching the hair follicles.

In this case, only a beard comb will be helpful.  The teeth will slowly untangle hair without pulling or tugging them.  The longer teeth will be able to reach the deeper area of the beard and detangle them.

Keeps the Beard Moisturized

It helps keep the beard moisturized as combing distributes the natural oils evenly.  It makes the skin and the beard get proper natural oils.  

It is best to use top-quality beard oils as they will maintain the overall health of your beard.  And using a comb will make it easier to spread the oil evenly throughout the whiskers. 

Spreads Beard Hair Products

If you apply beard oil or balm, it will coat a particular hair strand and fail to reach the hair follicles.  That’s where beard combs come into the picture.  Beard combs help in distributing beard care products evenly.  It ensures that all the vital nutrients reach the hair follicles.

Train Beards

The word “train” here means to align your beard hair and make sure that it grows properly in the right direction.  When the facial hair grows in the right direction, it makes them look fuller.  It also protects the beard follicle.

Now that you know the benefits- let’s know how to get the maximum out of a beard comb.

How To Comb A Beard in 5 Effective Steps?

Combing your beard is not a cakewalk, especially when you comb your head hair.  Many bearded men comb their beards, thinking it’s the right way or technique.  In reality, all of you must be combing the wrong way.  There is a lot to know about a beard comb and different techniques to use it, but let’s just jump into the 5-steps to use a beard comb.

how to comb a beard

Step 1: Select Appropriate Comb

We recommend choosing a dual-sided comb that has fine and wide teeth.  It will not only help in combing your beard but also your mustache.  Choosing the right beard comb also involves the right material. For instance, if you choose plastic, it will snag, pull, or tug your facial hair.

Step 2: Comb Neck, Cheek, Chin, and Sideburns

Start combing the neck area and then come upwards on the cheeks, chin, and sideburns.  It will help you straighten all the facial hair and also separate them.

Step 3: No Pulling or Tugging the Snags

Most bushy beards have snags, and pulling them causes pain.  You must apply beard oil and then run a beard comb through it.  It will help the beard comb to glide easily through the facial hair.

Step 4: Comb Mustache

Once you comb all the facial hair parts except for the mustache, start combing the mustache and position it towards the corner of the lips.

Step 5: Comb Calmly 

Don’t be aggressive when combing your facial mane. You must be calm and gentle while combing hair to avoid hair loss or breakage.

Now that you know the right way to comb your beard- let us also discuss the most confusing topic; beard comb and beard brush.

Beard Comb Vs. Beard Brush

beard brush vs comb

Most men often get confused between both the products and consider them the same.  However, both the products are different and have different uses.  So, let’s understand them deeply.


The beard combs are made of wood, metal, and plastic.  Woods are durable and anti-static, which makes the grooming session easier and smoother. On the other hand, beard brushes contain animal hair, i.e., horsehair or boar hair.  The hair helps in distributing beard products evenly.  


Since the beard combs are lightweight and thin, they are preferable when it comes to traveling.  Also, it is not mandatory to keep the beard comb in the bag; it even fits into the pocket.  Contrary to this, beard brush requires proper space because the bristles may fall apart if not handled carefully.

Wet or Dry Hair

Beard combs are suitable for wet hair, while beard brushes work amazingly on dry hair.  The beard combs can untangle the knots when the hair is wet and soft.  On the other hand, a beard brush removes dead skin cells, dirt, and debris when the hair is dry.


Both products deliver flexibility. You can use a beard comb on wet hair and then wait to let the wet hair turn dry.  After which, start brushing through beard brushes to straighten all the hair and make them look uniform and attractive.

So these are some common differences between beard comb and beard brush.  Now let’s answer some commonly asked questions.


1. Is a beard comb or beard brush better?

There is no comparison between beard comb and balm because both of them cater to different needs.  A Beard brush is used in the earlier stages of your beard when the facial hairs are growing out.  You can easily make your beard style the way you want by combing it.  The beard comb helps in spreading beard oil and balm as well.  So, if you see a beard comb that has more functionality, it’s a deal-breaker.

2. Are metal combs good for beards?

No, a metal beard comb is not good for your beard due to many reasons.  Firstly, it has sharp teeth that irritate after you use them and can also lead to scratching.  Secondly, these combs with sharp teeth can harm your hair follicles.  Hair follicles are really sensitive, so you have to be careful when combing your beard.  A wooden beard comb is a better choice compared to a metal beard comb.  Check out our detailed product reviews above to learn more.

3. Why are wood combs better for beards?

Wood combs are better for a beard because of their smooth and round teeth.  The smooth teeth work well with your beard hair, avoiding all the snags and itchiness.  The wood combs are the best comb not only because they work well with a beard but also make it easy to shape and style your beard.  Also, it can easily apply beard grooming products like oils or balms.


In this article, we covered everything about beard combs.  It includes what beard combs are, their uses, how to use them, and much more.  We also discussed the difference between a beard comb and a brush to clear out all the confusion. 

Lastly, we sorted Best Beard Combs in the market, which will make it easy for you to choose the best beard comb.  Ain’t we the grooming experts you need.


Published Date: Jul 15, 2021

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