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First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the time and efforts that you put in, growing such a flourishing and appealing mane.  It was a sheer dedication that gave you the desired results.  And now that you have grown a longer beard, you might be facing multiple challenges, such as keeping it tidy, kempt, and most importantly tangle-free.

Beard maintenance is highly essential to keep your facial hair away from hassles, such as tangles, unruly & flyaways, ingrown hairs, styling, and moisturizing.  And this can be done with the best wooden beard comb.

There are many benefits of a good beard comb that you might not know, but that’s not your headache.  Just keep reading this article to uncover not only the benefits but also a list of finely crafted wood combs.

Best Wooden Beard Comb (Quick Summary)

Viking Revolution Folding Beard Comb

Viking Revolution Folding Beard Comb

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Kent 81T Pocket Combs

Kent 81T Pocket Combs

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Onedor Sandalwood Folding Brush Comb

Onedor Sandalwood Folding Brush Comb

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Badass Ox Horn Comb

Badass Ox Horn Comb

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Hunter Jack Beard Comb

Hunter Jack Beard Comb

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Viking Revolution Beard Comb

Undeniably, wooden combs are difficult to hold because of handles.  The uncomfortable grip can cause pain in the hand if used for a longer time.  However, the Viking Revolution folding beard comb is one of the best beard combs that are designed in such a way that you won’t find difficulty in combing your beard.

Users can comfortably hold the comb as it is divided into two parts.  One has teeth that help in removing tangles, making unruly facial hair straight, and giving it a proper shape.  On the other hand, a sturdier handle gives a comfortable hold on the comb.  The comb is made of the highest quality sandalwood that promotes hair growth and scalp oil when you brush regularly. It also has a sandalwood scent for the same reason!

The product is already lightweight, and you can make it more compact by folding it. By folding means, you can take it anywhere, which makes it a perfect pocket beard comb.  Also, it comes with a leather case that makes it a travel comb.

  • Foldable pocket comb
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight
  • Use of green sandalwood may change or fade away color
  • Comes with an odd smell

Kent 81T Handmade Beard Comb

Kent 81T comes with a good quality comb that is budget-friendly and stylish.  The comb works best on the medium-thick beard and is great for the ones who want to experiment with different beard styles.

The combs are made of cellulose acetate (plastic composite), but this should not disappoint you or regret you from choosing as your grooming tools.  Though the hair comb uses a plastic comb material, this is not that cheap and fragile plastic.  It is highly durable and long-lasting.

The comb set has teeth sizes, and the largest teeth width can style your beard easily.  Also, these tines are made of rounded edges to save your scalp from getting damaged.  A perfect beard grooming kit for those who want to style, experiment as well as take it along with you wherever you go.

  • Durable plastic material
  • Versatile plastic combs
  • Rounded edges prevent from scalp damage
  • Middle & larger combs are quite similar, and there is actually no difference

Onedor Beard Comb

Onedor Sandalwood Fine Tooth Folding Brush Comb for Men Hair, Beard, and Mustache Styling, Pocket sized for Easy Carry
  • Functionality: Combs hair, mustache, and beard
  • Material: Sandalwood
  • Add on: Lightweight, leather travel case

Onedor fine-tooth comb is foldable and portable.  You can easily groom on the go with this pocket-size beard comb.  Hair Combs is known for beard growth if used regularly, but this sandalwood beard comb can stimulate hair growth and scalp oil.

Also, the design is sleek and simple, which makes it easier to carry and handle.  Unlike a plastic/metal beard comb that produces static electricity, this comb is anti-static and is one of the best wooden combs.

As the material is made of sandalwood, there are chances that it turns greenish with time.  The color changes because of its nature and the moisture it is exposed to, but that doesn’t mean that the comb should be thrown away, it is only aged with time.

  • Handmade & lightweight
  • Manageable handle
  • Portable and pocket-friendly comb kit
  • Green sandalwood promotes beard hairs
  • Not ideal for larger hands
  • Changes colour over time

Badass Beard Ox Horn Beard Comb

Badass Beard Care Black Series - Fine Tooth Ox Horn Comb For Men - 100% Ox Horn & Sandalwood, Hand Made, Sanded and Polished
  • Functionality: Beard Hair combing and styling
  • Material: Australian Sandalwood
  • Add on: Comes with a combo pack

Badass wooden beard combs for men is handmade with the best wood material, i.e., sandalwood.  The spine of the comb is also made of sandalwood, and the tines are made of ox horns. Both the spine and teeth are handmade, carved, shaped, and polished.

The teeth help you detangle your facial hair, and sandalwood material promotes scalp oil.  The company boasts about the handmade comb to deliver 100% satisfaction.  What else do you need?

  • Static-free
  • Wide-tooth easily detangles facial hair
  • Hand cut, carved, shaped, and polished
  • Sandalwood beard comb
  • Durability issue might occur

Hunter Jack Beard Comb Kit

The design of wooden mustache combs is unique.  The teeth of the comb are on either side to perform dual-action.  This affordable comb saves your money on buying a separate one for your head hair.  The beard comb suffices both head and beard combing. 

If you are a person with a thicker beard, then you should definitely go for this comb.  It caters to medium to longer beards, depending on hair and beard types.  Also, the material is quite smooth and feels amazing when touched.

The teeth are handcrafted and give rounded edges to avoid damage to hair scalp or jaw.  Also, if we talk about the size and control of the beard comb, then it is perfectly shaped for a comfortable grip, and you can also carry it even in your pockets.  And to maintain your beard comb, the company gives a leather case to store in it.  Overall, it is one of the best wooden combs for beards, mustaches, and head hair.

  • Versatility hair and beard tool
  • Leather carrying case
  • Unmatching quality
  • Performs dual-action with teeth on either side
  • It might be difficult for many to hold
  • Engraving might disappoint you over time

Buyer’s Guide

buyers guide


Generally, sandalwood or bamboo are the first choices in building wooden beard combs.  It is because the hair scalp is sensitive and soft, and requires something similar to it.  A wooden beard comb that has either of the two as a material is good to go comb.  It prevents skin from irritation and itching.

Handle Length

Handle length is an imperative factor to consider while buying beard combs for yourself.  The one-time investment should not go in vain because of this factor.  The handle length is important because it allows you to hold and control the comb.  Thicker and longer hair requires more control, so a longer handle should be considered for it. 

Teeth Widths

Another factor that you should consider is Teeth spacing.  It is important because hair growth and damage, both depend on it.  If the hair is thin and straight, then a fine tooth beard comb is perfect for you as it can collect maximum hair in it.  The medium-tooth works better on any type of beard.  And the wide teeth caters to thicker and curlier hair strands.

Carrying Pouch

To upkeep your wood beard comb, you need a genuine or real leather carrying pouch that you can store your comb in and can carry it anywhere you want to.  Carrying it everywhere will allow you to comb your beard regularly.

Beard Comb Vs Beard Brush

beard comb vs brush

Beard Comb

The primary function of the beard comb is to remove tangles and knots.  The different teeth glide through the hair and make it straight and perfect.  Also, the design of teeth is considered based on the width of the hair (thin, thick, curly, and straight).  

The best time to use the beard comb is after taking a shower, and after applying oil to distribute it evenly.

Beard Brush

Beard brushes made of boar’s hair are the best hairbrushes to use for cleaning and taming the beard.  Beard brush efficiently massages the skin, stimulating hair growth, and activating skin cells. It removes unwanted external elements from the beard, making it clean and kempt.

You can use the beard brush just after combing your beard to successfully finish up your grooming session.  

Difference between beard combs and brushes

Beard brush can keep your beard kempt and flourishing by stimulating the sebum oil to spread over the hair follicles.  This helps in growth and blood circulation.  On the other hand, a wood comb mainly focuses on detangling and removing knots. Its primary task is to shape and train the hair to grow in a particular direction.

Benefits of Using Wood Beard Combs

Wide Teeth

Unlike other plastic and nylon combs, wooden beard combs come with wide teeth that allow an easy glide through the head hair or facial hair without any hair loss damage.  It easily removes tangles, knots, and straightens hair.

The most important aspect is what material are these wooden tines made of? Sandalwood tines are well-polished, smooth, and have the capability of promoting hair growth.

Distribution of Beard Oil

Woods easily soak up the natural oils (sebum oil) present on your face or head, and even the beard oils and beard balms.  It then distributed the oil from shaft to tip evenly.  

The beard oil that you apply to moisturize your beard and skin beneath sometimes does not spread across the facial hair, that’s where the beard comb spreads it everywhere.

Stimulates Growth

If you comb your beard regularly, then there are high chances of minimum knot and tangles, but what it promotes is growth.  Beard comb should be in your grooming kit as it comes with myriad benefits. 

One of the benefits is it teaches the beard to grow in a particular direction.  And not only does it train the beard but also it restricts the ingrown hair.


Plastic beard combs increase the chances of damaging hair.  The reason why plastic and/or metal combs are restricted to use is because of static electrical charge.  The beard comb has a positive electrical charge, and the hair has a negative, which tends to attract each other.

Thus, it results in a snap, breakage, and frizz up.  On the other hand, wood won’t uncharge,  since it is a bad conductor of electricity.  So, it is advisable to use a wooden comb for a quality beard grooming session.

Massage & Circulation

Plastic and metal combs are bad for massaging as well as blood circulating.  It can cause skin irritation and itching.  Also, it might damage the scalp and hair.  Massaging is essential for promoting hair growth and circulating blood flow.

Wooden combs are trusted as they softly and gently massage over the scalp that will boost blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles.


1. Which wooden comb is best?

The answer to the question depends on your beard lengths. To name a few, the best comb companies are Kent, Viking Revolution, Onedor, and Hunter Jack.

2. Why are wood combs good for beards?

Wooden combs are one of the best combs because it is static-free, and stimulates natural oil from the skin. This helps in growing beards the way you want. But one thing you should make sure that you do not use plastic combs because it can damage your hair.

3. Which is the best material for beard combs?

Ideally, you should choose wood as a material in beard combs. The sandalwood comb has a number of benefits that you should look into, and opt for as your beard care products.

4. How often should you use a beard comb?

The combing session should be done regularly. Remember, a rare combing makes your beard unkempt, tangled, and knotted. Contrary to this, too much combing may result in split ends or beard shedding.


You might see multiple products in the article but they are not the same, every product is unique and has a different set of features.  Now it depends on you to select the right product, considering and evaluating features, pros, cons, and benefits.

Feel free to share your experience with us, and also subscribe to our website for more such good reads.


Published Date: Oct 19, 2020

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