Best Beard Brush: Top 8 List And Detailed Reviews

Last Updated: 2021-10-21

by Jeel Patel

All your efforts in growing facial hair will go in vain if you fail to opt for a strict beard care routine.  It includes washing the beard to exfoliate with the best beard brush and applying beard oil to trimming the beard at regular intervals.  Doing so will not only make your beard fresh and healthy but also enhances its appearance.

Now, you might be thinking it requires a heavy budget to compile all the grooming products but who says to buy all the stuff at one go.  Let your beard grow and as per requirement, start adding them to your kit.

For instance, you are currently looking for a beard brush, which means you feel that your beard remains exposed to external particles and requires proper cleaning.  Or your facial hair follicles might be growing in a different direction, which you want in a proper shape.

Another requirement for a beard brush that we could sense is you might be failing to spread beard oil, beard balm, or beard wax evenly.  If any of the above-mentioned is your problem, you are on the right page to seek the solution.

In our opinion, ZilberHaar Boar Beard Brush is what we recommend to beardsmen. The German craftsmanship makes it an even more outstanding grooming product because of its quality and perfection.  You might be seeing how German cars are durable and qualitative, the same way boar beard brush is.

So, let’s start with the article and unveil the list of affordable beard hair brushes to groom your facial mane.

Quick Comparison Of The 8 Best Beard Brushes

Our ChoiceBeard Brush by ZilberHaar - Stiff Boar Bristles - Beard Grooming Brush for Men - Straightens and Promotes beard growth - Works with Beard Oil and Balm to Soften Beard – For beard kits - 6 inches longZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles and Pearwood Beard Brush
Beard Brush for Men & Beard Comb Set w/ Mustache Scissors Grooming Kit, Natural Boar Bristle Brush, Dual Action Wood Comb, and Travel Bag Great for Christmas GiftGrow Alpha Beard Hair Brush
Kent BRD5 Men's Beard and Mustache Brush - Hand-Mixed Horsehair and Nylon Blend for Flawless Shaping and Grooming, Ergonomic Pistol-Like Grip Wood Handle, Dry or Wet Beard, Distributes Oils/BalmsKent Beard Brush
Men's Hair Brush- 100% Pure Black Boar Hair Natural Bristle for Beard, Moustache - Firm Military Style with Handmade Wood Handle – No Snags, No Scratch, Gentle Bristle – Use with Beard OilRocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Brush
Cremo 100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush With Wood Handle To Shape, Style And Groom Any Length Facial HairCremo Beard Brush
Tombstone Beard Brush - Wood with Soft Synthetic Bristles For Ultimate Exfoliation & Condition - Best For Vegan Beard Grooming & Smoothing Tools - Beard Care ProductsTombstone Beard Brush
ALSO GOODBeard Brush for Men - Round Wooden Handle Perfect for Beard Oil & Balm with Natural Soft Horse Hair Bristles Styling & Grooming Tool Helps Softening and ConditioningPeter’s Beard Brush
Seven Potions Beard Brush For Men With 100% First Cut Boar Bristles. Made in Pear Wood With Firm Bristles To Tame and Soften Your Facial HairSeven Potions Beard Brush

ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristles and Pearwood Beard Brush- Best Boars Hair Beard Brush

First on our list is the beard brush from Zilberhaar, a company known for its quality and perfection.  Similar to German cars, this German-made beard brush is also the best in the market.  The brush contains top-quality materials manufactured in Germany.  The pear wood used in making this brush comes from German forests and is quite durable.

Many features come with this Zilberhaar beard brush, but the heart-throbbing one is the premium quality wild boar bristles and pear wood handle support.  It makes it easy to use and carry while you are traveling.  

It is a compact-size beard brush and a travel-friendly companion that you can carry anywhere and in any part of the world.  The handle also makes it easier for you to have a good grip and no slipping off from the hand when you brush your beard.

We recommend using such a Zilberhaar brush to spread oils evenly in your beard without forming any build-up.  The premium quality hair bristles help spread oils in the skin underneath the beard, making your beard softer and better.  

Additionally, you do not need to worry about the firmness of the bristles of this brush.  The firm bristles solve all the tangles and make your beard uniform, which allows you to try different hairstyles.

Also, this beard brush works incredibly well, irrespective of beard type.  In my opinion, it is one of the best beard brushes for long as well as short beard.  Besides, it not only brushes your beard but your mustache as well.

The pear wood handle makes sure that the brush also acts as a styling agent.  The concerning thing about this beard brush for you as a user is that its price is slightly steeper than other products in the market.  If we were at your place, we would neglect the price against quality.  It is probably the best beard brush you can buy for your grooming regimen. 

  • High-quality Boar Bristles and Pear wood
  • Works well with all beard lengths, especially long beards
  • Helps in spreading beard oils and balms
  • Pricey as compared to other products

Verdict: The natural boar hair brush easily glides through your beard without creating any frizz.  Along with retaining natural oil, it even lubricates the beard and the skin underneath it.  In our opinion, it is the best boar bristle brush as it works on every beard and skin type.  Also, it is the best beard brush for thin or short beards.


Grow Alpha Beard Hair Brush- Best Cheap Beard Brush

Grow a beard brush and comb set is for men with normal hair and skin type.  Grooming experts say that whatever grooming tools come with this kit does an excellent job when it comes to brushing and trimming your facial hair.

Each grooming tool does a specific function.  For instance, scissors chop ears, nose, eyebrows, and mustache hairs. Beard comb comes with two types of teeth; fine teeth for shorter beards and wide teeth for longer beards.  And keeping the static energy in mind, the company uses wood for making beard combs.

Talking about the build quality, it is sturdy and durable.  The handle and bristle contain bamboo and boar’s hair, respectively. Even the grooming experts recommend Grow a beard brush and comb kit to every beardsmen.

Despite offering multiple things, the company is not charging a hefty amount, which makes it budget-friendly.

  • Travel-friendly boar hair beard brush
  • Multiple grooming tools
  • Quality brush and comb for facial hair
  • Travel pouch to store
  • Shedding issue with Beard Brush
  • Rough edges on the comb
  • Professional beard care product

Verdict: In our opinion, each grooming tool works at its best, and you don’t need to worry even if you have thin or thick hair.


Kent Beard Brush- Best Horse Hair Beard Brush

Kent BRD5 is an upgraded version of the BRD2, which was longer and thinner.  Plus, it was not capable of brushing all the facial hair.  The appearance of Kent’s newer version reminds us of a traditional hairbrush.

With a larger beechwood oval design and long hand-blended horsehair bristles, it will comfortably allow you to style, groom, and shape your facial hair.

The USP of the Kent beard brush is the travel-friendliness and the size of the brush.  It means even the long beards are easy to comb. Plus, you can take it anywhere across the world. We would not only recommend it for yourself but also gift it to your dear ones.

It features an ergonomic handle that comfortably sits in your hand without cramping or causing discomfort.  Moreover, the natural bristles are soft, which makes it easier to apply beard oils or balms.  Also, it works amazingly well in both wet & dry conditions.

While going through the reviews on Amazon, we found many users appreciating the beard brush with the headings like, “worth the money, great brush, quality brush, amazing mustache brush, and like this brush.”

Contrary to this, a percentage of users complained about the bristle tapering issue wherein the bristles start shedding after a few uses.  Also, some users complain that the beard brush is overpriced.

  • Beechwood handle with oval design
  • Soft tufts for great brushing and massaging
  • Ergonomic wood handle for better grip
  • Travel-friendly brush with hand-stitched cloth bag
  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • Men of all ages can use
  • Quite expensive
  • Bristles tapering issue

Verdict: In our opinion, the Kent beard and mustache brush are some of the best beard brushes for sensitive skin and thin beards.


Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Brush

You might have recognized Rocky Mountain barber company because, in almost every blog, this company’s products make it to the list.  It is one of the most reputed companies for beard grooming products.  You can check them out in our different blogs.

There is a list of advantages that Rocky Mountain’s beard brush brings to the table.  The bristles contain the finest quality natural boar.  Though bristles are softer than other beard brushes, it does not compromise in quality.  It is very effective in removing all the knots and snags.

The look of this boar bristle beard brush is an experience in itself.  The black finish defines it to be a men’s grooming product.  The soft bristles hairbrush works well with all beards, from short to long.  

The 100% boar bristles make it easy for you to brush your beard, and they are not like a synthetic bristle that breaks easily.  The design and quality automatically catch the attention that it deserves.  Besides, the handle is sturdy, which means it will not easily wear and tear.  The durability of the handle is worth every penny.

There are endless features that make this brush one of the best beard brushes on the market.  It also has contour edging that makes it easily glide the brush through the beard and easy for you to apply oil or beard balm.

The contour edging enables it to work well with roots and remove all the dead skin cells and dandruff.  Ultimately, it makes your beard smoother and relieves you from the dreaded beard itch.

As said earlier, there are endless advantages to buying this boar’s hair beard brush.  The only thing that you might want to consider before buying this type of hair beard brushes is that some reviewers complain that the bristles keep falling out in the early stages of usage.  

Additionally, this hairbrush is priced a little high compared to others.  Overall, it is one of the best beard care products for your beard care routine.

  • 100% Boar hairs
  • Contour edging
  • Easy to use with no snags and irritation
  • Bristles might fall in the early stages of usage
  • Quite expensive

Verdict: A travel-friendly grooming product that penetrates the skin and evenly distributes oils.  The firm bristles and compact size of the Rocky Mountain barber company beard brush make it even more comfortable for the users.


Cremo Beard Brush

While researching Cremo, we found that the first product they introduced was shaving cream.  It happened because the founder was on the hunt for the best shave cream that could meet his beard standards.

The massive popularity of shave creams gave the company a push to try its hand in manufacturing different grooming products.

Looking at the demand for beard hair brushes, Cremo introduced a range of boar bristle beard brushes with quality and durable construction material.  

Since the boar’s hair bristles are the best at distributing beard oil or balms, Cremo built beard brushes with the same bristles.  Besides, the boar’s hair bristles are anti-static, which means you don’t need to worry about it.  

What else makes the Cremo beard brush superior is the uneven cuts in bristles, allowing the bristles to exfoliate the facial hair from the skin level.  And not only it exfoliates but also reduces beard dandruff, making your beard neat and clean.

Another advantage of using a Cremo beard brush, you get a wooden handle that offers a comfortable grip and control to detangle the facial hair.

The downside that might be an alarming thing for you is that the bristles shed at a much faster rate.

  • Compact-size & travel-friendly beard brush
  • Affordable
  • Quickly distributes beard-related products and reduces beardruff
  • Bristles shed at a faster rate
  • Thicker body

Verdict: A boar bristle beard brush works amazingly well on every hair and skin type.  It is excellent at distributing beard grooming products.


Tombstone Beard Brush- Best Synthetic Beard Brush

Beard brushes with synthetic bristles do an amazing job on thicker and coarser hair.  However, they are inferior to other bristles when it comes to brushing on different hair types.

Synthetic beard brush from Tombstone comes with a wooden, ergonomic handle that is durable and easy to control.  Though these bristles are stiffer than a boar bristle brush, it feels smoother on thicker and coarser hair.  And building this beard brush required no animals.

It tames wild and unruly beards without any hair loss.  Plus, it exfoliates your skin, removing all dirt, dead skin cells, and detangles the wiry beards.

This bristle beard is just the size of your fist, which means you will be able to carry it easily without any pain or discomfort.

What surprised me that this beard brush hasn’t received star ratings of less than three on Amazon.  It looks like the customers are quite happy with the synthetic bristle beard brush.

Also, it is the only beard brush on the list that comes with a wooden comb, fragrance-free beard oil, balm, and grooming scissors.  It is a complete beard brush kit that one needs to have in the medicine cabinet.

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Affordable & durable
  • Vegan beard brush
  • Cruelty-free
  • Best for thick and coarse beard
  • No shedding of bristles
  • Not ideal for thin facial hair

Verdict: In our opinion, if you have thicker hair and find difficulty in detangling them, try Tombstone bristle hair beard brush.


Peter’s Beard Brush- Best Beard Brush For Short Beards

Good news, guys!

Whoever faces challenges like beard dandruff, oil buildups, and dead skin should use Peter’s Beard brush.  The small and round beard brush has soft bristles and brings a world of difference to your beard.

The compact size of the beard brush makes it a perfect travel-friendly product.  Also, the round size offers a better grip with more control.  Additionally, the company offers a storage tin to store the brush after using and cleaning it.

Apart from removing the dirt and debris, it even detangles facial hair, straightens, and softens.  However, you cannot use this horsehair bristle brush if you have thick and coarse facial hair.

Lastly, the beard brush works great only on the oily beard.  If there are other beard types, it will fail to perform.

  • Resolves tangles and knots
  • Reduces beardruff & removes buildups
  • Compact-size & Travel-friendly
  • Low-price beard brush
  • No mess while cleaning
  • Palm-size brush with better grip
  • Bristles easily shed
  • Usable only on oily skin and thin hair type

Verdict: It is one of the small and compact horse hair beard brushes at quite a low price. You can use it on your short and thin facial hair.  In our opinion, the palm side beard brush is one of the best grooming tools, mostly for travel enthusiasts.


Seven Potions Beard Brush

A brush made to serve its customers the best experience.  That is true, Seven potions beard brush is one of the best brushes available on the market, and that is why it is our favorite brush too.  It contains a 100% first-cut boar hairbrush in the pear wood body.  It proves that it is an amazing quality brush.

Now, you might be wondering what does first cut mean?

The first cut means the bristles are made from the animal body and not from the tips.  The reason for this is the tips are highly sensitive and can easily be lost.  So, it just means that the brush brings the stiffness that is important to remove all the tangles and knots on facial hair.

The density of the bristles ensures that it works well with parts of the beard, especially roots.  Also, the pear wood back allows the bristle beard brush to have an amazing grip.  This grip will allow you to massage through your beard and remove all the itchiness and dandruff.

The boar bristle brush also works well with all beard types, and so it is an important tool to have in your grooming arsenal.  The handle is neither long nor too short and fits well in your hand.  You can count on this product because the other products from the same company are already the best sellers on Amazon.

The only thing you must take note of is that some long-beard reviewers complain that it doesn’t work well with their beards and gets stuck while brushing their facial hair. 

  • First cut boar bristles
  • Pear wood back for amazing grip and support
  • Removes dandruff and impurities from the beard
  • Some users complain that it doesn’t work that well with long beards


Seven potions is the best beard brush brand to travel with as it is lightweight and compact.  Though the boar bristles are stiffer, they will become softer with continuous use.


So these are the beard brush reviews, which we consider the best after thorough research and analysis.  Now let’s look at the different beard bristles to pick the best for yourself.

Types of Beard Brushes

After reading this section, you will get an idea about which beard brush bristle is the best for you.  Also, you will get to know how one is different from others.

mustache brushes

Boar’s Hair

Boar hair bristles are popular amongst beard brush types, and one of the reasons is it complements beard and its related products.

Beardsmen who use a boar bristle brush will never feel anything wiry irritating the skin.  It is smooth and soft.  The boar’s hair is excellent in retaining natural oils produced from the skin.  The story doesn’t end here; it also helps in evenly spreading the oils throughout your beard.

The equal distribution of any beard care product will ensure healthy skin and beard follicles.  Eventually, your beard will be from beard dandruff or beard itch.

Horse Hair

Horse hair is much softer than boar’s hair, making it feel smoother on the skin.  This hair type made an entry into the beauty and beard grooming industry in recent years since the 1900s.  During world war 1, horse hair vanished due to anthrax scare. 

Similar to boar’s hair, horse hair is also a natural fiber known for distributing oils.

You might be thinking, even boar’s hair bristles do the same.  Apart from the softness, there are other differences as well.

The horsehair isn’t scaly than boar’s hair, making it more comfortable for a thinner and shorter beard.  In our opinion, horsehair bristles are perfect for men with sensitive skin.

The only downside of the horsehair bristle is that it gets tangled themselves due to being extra softer.

Synthetic Bristles

Though synthetic bristles beard hairbrush is not as popular as the other two types, it benefits men with thicker and coarser facial hair.

Since the thick beards have high chances of getting tangled or knotted, it requires stiff bristles that do not taper or break off easily.

They are made of nylon and are quite compatible with thicker hair strands.  What boar’s hair or horsehair can’t do, synthetic bristles do on thicker beards.  This bristle type will untangle and straighten all the thick or coarse hair strands, irrespective of thicker hair strands or tangled beards.

We hope you know the different types of bristles and the one that is perfect for your beard.  Now let’s unveil a few other essential things to consider before buying a beard brush for yourself.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Beard Brush

kent beard brushes

Before you buy the best beard brush, there are certain things to keep in mind.  These are pointers that will make your buying process easy.

Bristle Cut

It is important to look at the bristle cut because uneven bristles are the best to brush every hair follicle in a single stroke.  Whether it be boar’s hair, horsehair, or synthetic, all bristle cuts should be uneven.

Considering uneven bristle hair brushes will benefit you in distributing beard oil and balm evenly.  

We would advise you to clean your brush regularly to maintain its lifespan and performance.

Handle Type

There are three materials for building the beard brush.  

Bamboo: It is of comparatively good quality but not as good as wood.  

Wood: It is one of the best quality brushes.  The only problem is that it might not work that well with water.  

Plastic: It is usually cheap and not as good quality as wood, but the only advantage is that they are water-resistant.

Apart from this, the shape of the beard brush also matters a lot.  Just like the three materials, there are three different shapes of beard brushes:

  • Oval
  • Round 
  • Handle

Now which one to choose amongst the three depends on personal preference.  However, we would advise you to use a brush with a handle if you are seeking control.

On the other hand, if you want a brush to use on the go, a smaller brush is what we recommend.  Even round-shaped beard brushes are great for traveling, but they are not popular.

Bristle Types

Beard brush bristles use synthetic or natural material.  Beard brushes made of natural materials can be either boar’s hair or horsehair.  We like natural ones because of their softness and natural oil retention capacity.  And not only us, even grooming experts to recommend using natural fibers.

Besides, synthetic bristle brushes are also good because of low maintenance needs.  They tend to have stiffer bristles, which limits the use only on thicker and coarser hair.

Comfortable Grip

You must check for the grip before buying the beard brush.  Not every beard brush has a grip.  A few beard brushes have handles to hold the brush, which not all users find comfortable.

We recommend using a small, comfortable to hold, and the best in quality beard brush.


It is the most common thing to keep in mind before buying a product.  Sometimes people end up paying a hefty amount for cheap quality.  So, buy a beard brush that matches the quality.  A high-quality product does not necessarily mean it is expensive.  Similarly, a cheap product does not mean that it is of bad quality.

Bristle Length

As per our finding, bristle length depends on beard length.  In our opinion, the thick beards close to the skin surface should use a short bristle-length beard brush.

For men with a long and thick beard, a long bristle beard brush is the best for brushing and exfoliating.  Also, the long bristles will reach the skin underneath your beard, which helps in stimulating beard growth.

Beard Brush vs Beard Comb

Now, you might be wondering what’s the difference between these two products.  Below we have highlighted some general differences between these products:

boar bristle beard brush

Beard combs allow you to style your facial hair, while the best beard brushes train your beard for styling.  Beard hair is coarse in the early stages, which is why it is important to train your facial hairs for future styling purposes.  You cannot use a beard brush for styling.

It becomes difficult to shape your hairstyle using a beard or a mustache comb if hair grows in every direction.  So, a beard brush will lead to all the facial hairs in one direction.

A good beard brush lifts facial hair away from the skin, while a beard comb pushes hair downward.

Experts say beard brush is used in earlier stages of beard growth, generally the first two months.  On the other hand, you can use a beard comb once beard hairs have a considerable length, i.e., after 2-3 months.

Both products cater to different purposes, so we cannot be biased.  In our opinion, if you have just started to grow your beard, you must add a quality beard brush to your grooming routine.  But as said, there is no bad choice from both products.

Now, let’s answer some commonly asked questions, which you might also have in your daily routine.

How To Use Beard Brush in 5 Steps?

It is important to know how to brush your beard because that is what it is all about.  After all, you should know the right way to brush your beard.

horse hair vs boar hair beard brush

You should brush daily, but if you over-brush your beard, there would be few consequences.  We won’t bore you by listing all the negative effects of over-brushing here because you are smart enough to figure it out yourself.  So let’s jump into the using process.

  • Decide when to use it– You must decide a time to use the beard brush.  Most people use it in the morning because that’s when they apply beard grooming products.  Additionally, one can use high-quality beard oil before using a beard brush for the best results.  A quality brush will help you spread beard oil evenly through the beard and allow you to get a quality beard.
  • Start brushing your beard after applying oil– Start brushing the bottom part of the beard using soft bristles.  Then slowly move upwards to cheeks and the upper part of the face.
  • Go slow with knots, tangles, and other obstacles– Pulling through obstacles won’t clear it.  So go slow over these parts and try to solve the knots and tangles without pulling hair.  This step will also reduce itchiness and dandruff.
  • Make sure your beard is just moist and not wet– A wet beard has a lot of loose hair, so brushing while it’s wet will increase hair loss.  So just make your beard moist and not wet.
  • Clean your brush – After brushing facial hair, one can just put the brush on the side.  But it is important to clean it every ten days.  One can just dip the brush in a mixture of beard shampoo and water for 15 minutes and then dry it.

It is just a general guideline.  You can alter one of these steps to fit your needs.  We would also love to know how you use your beard brush.  Contact us to share any advice! Lastly, brushing after trimming your beard will make your beard perfect.

Here is a a good video for reference!


1. What is the right way to use a beard brush?

There is no harm in brushing the beard either upward or downward. We recommend an upward direction for making the beard look fuller and detangling your facial hair. After detangling, brush downward to shape your facial hair.

2. Where to buy a beard brush?

You can buy beard brushes from Amazon. You will see its links throughout the article as we pick products from Amazon for our beard enthusiasts.

3. Which is better: horsehair vs boar hair beard brush?

Both the horsehair and boar hair have natural fibers and do an excellent job of spreading oils throughout the beards. However, there is a difference that separates both the natural fibers. Horse hair is scaly than boar hair, making it natural bristles for thinner beards.

4. How often should I brush my beard?

Brushing your beard twice a day is advisable, once in the morning and the other before going to bed. It will not only exfoliate your beard but also massages the skin underneath your beard to boost blood circulation.

5. Will brushing help the beard grow faster?

Regular brushing can stimulate facial hair growth and exfoliate the skin underneath your beard. However, it depends on how the skin reacts to the brushing. The benefit of the regular brushing is that the skin-producing oils reach every beard follicle. This way, your beard follicles (roots) get enough nutrients and moisture. It increases the chance of stimulating growth too.


If you want to grow a healthy and luscious beard, buying the best beard brush is one of the options we recommend.  If you ask us whether buying a beard brush is worthy or not, we would say, yes, it is a worthy option.  It not only helps in keeping your beard kempt and in shape but also offers a manly look.

You can count on the best beard brushes given in the article as we did thorough research in gaining information about every beard brush.  And we can say that all the beard brushes work as described, and that’s why we dive deep into the reviews to know how the product works.  We hope this article finds you well and you made up your mind to pick one for yourself.

You can share your experience with us and let us know how the selected product helped you. Also, you can share your concerns, thoughts, and suggestions with us.


Published Date: Jul 7, 2021

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