Beard Relaxing Cream- Is it Worth Your Investment?

Last Updated: 2021-10-21

by Jeel Patel

Curly beard is a common phenomenon found in almost all men on the earth.  Some grew it naturally (African American), while some experience it in the beginning stages of beard growth.  It is advisable to take extra care of this type of hair growth so that it remains tangle-free, kempt, neat, and clean. But should you use a beard relaxer to keep it healthy?

Besides, ignoring the advice could welcome unwanted hassles, such as ingrown hairs, coarse and rugged beards.  Also, it will always fail to show the real length of your facial hair.

Thankfully, there are solutions to straighten curly hair, and not one, two, but three different methods you can choose from:

  • Beard Relaxing Cream: Keep reading the article for an in-depth wealth of information
  • Beard Straightener: Heated beard combs, electric pressed combs, or mini flat irons (Recommended)
  • Blow-drying Beard: Traditional method to quickly wet hair, and use a blow-dryer and comb to straighten curls

Though I haven’t used straightening cream, I still managed to write down an article including all the pros and cons with the help of extensive research, analysis, reviews, and ratings that I gathered from the users.

What can you expect from this article?

  • Introduction to beard relaxing cream
  • Pros and cons
  • Methods to straighten your curly beard

Unlike others, we don’t believe in beating around the bush or easily come to a conclusion; we dig deep into the facts and then make decisions.

So let’s start the article.

Get Yourself Familiar with Beard Relaxing Cream

A facial hair relaxer or beard texturizer is a unique and creamy solution with alkali chemical as a primary ingredient.  It helps in making your beard follicles straight without letting you suffer from the pain and discomfort of tangles.

Also, this beard hair relaxing lotion contains moisturizing and styling properties, which play a crucial role in straightening curly facial hair.  It makes the beard hair straight and allows you to style the way you want.

What is an alarming thing in the beard relaxing cream?

Alkali chemical is an ionic salt derived from alkaline metal with a pH value of 7.0.  A high PH level means the hair relaxer strips away oils and dirt from the skin.  Besides, the facial hair relaxer contains Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, or Lye.  You may find these chemicals in soaps and shampoos.

Now let’s also look at the pros and cons of Beard Relaxing Cream.

beard relaxer before and after


  1. Easy Detangling

Straightening your curly beard requires a lot of exercise.  Thanks to facial hair relaxers that not only save time but also relieves you from pain and hassle.  Applying the beard straightener cream on the facial hair will make the hair strands straight and easier to detangle and comb.

  1. Tames Facial Hair

Curly beards are difficult to tame as they need something strong and hard to hold in a position.  High concentration beeswax-made beard wax is ideal for such beard types.  On the other hand, a beard relaxing lotion is another option to tame your wild, stubborn, and coarse facial hair.

  1. Moisturizes Facial Hair

Along with alkaline chemicals, facial hair relaxers also have moisturizing agents, such as Argan, Apricot, Grapeseed, Kernel, and Jojoba Oil.


  1. Harsh Chemicals

A blend of harsh chemicals is a concerning ingredient that raises an eyebrow due to various skin-damaging effects.  And that’s the reason why a facial hair relaxing lotion can cause severe damage to the skin as compared to a beard straightener or blow-dryer.

  1. Destroys Natural Keratin

Due to the presence of alkaline chemicals, it can deplete your keratin layer and weaken your hair follicle.  It is the only reason you may notice more hair on your beard comb or brush.

  1. Unresponsive Beards

Apart from being a beard texturizer and straightening your beard, it makes your beard look unnatural and unresponsive. 

  1. Depletes Amino Acids

If you use beard relaxer cream to make your facial hair strands straight, then there are chances that you may lose essential amino acids that prevent hair from being frail and damaged.

  1. Risk of Losing Natural Qualities

The presence of alkaline chemicals may damage your beard in various ways, such as dandruff, split ends, and frizzy hair.

So these are the pros and cons you need to know before using a beard relaxer.  Now let’s look at the core benefits of a beard relaxing lotion.

How Beard Relaxing Cream Benefits Your Facial Hair?

Beard maintenance is extremely important, and ignoring this vital step could make your beard grooming session painful.  The curly beard tangles in itself and makes the combing or brushing job difficult.  Here, if you use a beard relaxing cream, then you would gain several benefits:

Resolve Curly Beard Issue

Beard relaxing creams will straighten your beard so that passing a beard comb or brush would be easier.  A little cream goes a long way in keeping your beard straight and in position.

Easy to Clean

Many unwanted particles settle on your beard hairs, such as dirt, debris, food particles, and dead skin cells.  And with curly beard strands, it becomes difficult to remove and exfoliate.  A straight beard has no such hassles and can quickly get combed or brushed.

Moisturizes Your Beard

The market is flooded with beard relaxing creams, out of which most of them contain moisturizing properties.  The hair needs nutrients to make the hair follicles stronger.  And the hair curls require more moisture as compared to normal straight hair.

Knot-Free Curls

As discussed earlier, the hair straightener cream easily detangles curly hairs and makes it knot-free.  You will notice a significant change after using a beard straightening cream as it will make the facial hair soft and smooth.

Now that you have made your decision to buy a beard relaxing lotion, you must know different types of beard relaxers.

Types of Beard Relaxers

Choosing the one out of numerous could be a daunting task, and that’s the reason we have created a list of the best beard relaxers:

Beard Balms

Beard balm or Beard conditioner is a styling and moisturizing grooming accessory, which primarily aims to condition, style, soften, and seal the moisture to hair follicles.  

Beard balms made up of natural ingredients positively affect facial hair and skin.  Also, it releases a pleasant smell as it has got a perfect combination of carrier and essential oils.

Beard Balms are also good because they contain beeswax, an ingredient known for holding stubborn and coarse hair for a longer period.

However, if you didn’t achieve results in the past does not mean that beard balms are less effective; it just needs to be combined with mustache wax.  

Now you might think, is it fine to apply mustache wax on beards?

It is safe and suggestible to use mustache wax with beard balm to tame and control the coarse and curly beards.  Make sure you don’t excessively apply it.

Flat Irons

A Beard straightener is one such thing that has flat iron plates on it.  The physical look closely resembles hair straighteners that women use.  The size differs as men need small flat irons for beards as compared to women.

Beard straighteners are effective hair straightening iron that gets the job done quickly within no time.  They are compact and travel-friendly.  What you must take care of it is, you do not excessively use it as it can burn the follicles.

Beard Brush or Comb

Beard brushes or combs are not only known for exfoliation, but they also help in evenly spreading the beard relaxing cream.  Oftentimes, men commit a mistake by neglecting the importance of comb quality, and that’s where they welcome unwanted problems.

It is advisable to buy wooden-made beard combs as they aren’t cheap and low-quality. 

On the other hand, a beard brush made of boar bristle or badger hair is way more preferable and favourable.  The bristles evenly spread the product, i.e., beard oils, balms, or moisturizers.

For curly beards, brushes are ideal and help the follicle to grow uniformly.  Most of the men have curly beard strands, and so beard brushes will help them in every step.  It will help in training the curls to stay in a firm position.

To conclude, beard combs are ideal if you have more than 4-5 months old beard.

These are different beard hair relaxer products, which you can choose at your convenience.  Let’s see how they work.

Do Beard Relaxers Work?

If you have curls, you often complain about beard tangling issues, and the reasons are:

  • The shape of hair follicles decides whether the strands will be curled or straightened.  Oval shape follicle determines curly beard, while round shape follicles offer straightened beard hair.
  • The Keratin bonds are also another reason why you have curly beard shafts.  If your keratin bonds are tighter, then there are high chances that you will have curly beard strands.

Here, a beard relaxer can somewhat modify or alter keratin bonds, making the strands straight.  Alkali chemical makes the alteration possible by breaking the keratin bonds, which coils up beards. This will ultimately help you get rid of curls! So the short answer is, that it does work to some extent but read the next section for more clarity on if you should buy one?

Till now, you have seen how it benefits different types, but it is important to also check for the damage it causes to your beard.

How Beard Relaxer Damages Your Facial Hair?

Before answering how-to, let’s first know, does it actually damage your beard?

The answer is yes.  To some extent, it does damage by an increase in shedding or split-ends.

Now, let’s look at a broader aspect:

From beard straightening iron to electric brush and blow-drying, every single beard relaxing tool and accessory damages your beard.

Some damages to a large extent, while some at a small scale.  Out of multiple beard straightening accessories, facial hair relaxing lotion makes more damage.

The reason is the inclusion of harmful chemicals that are responsible for the damage caused to hair.  It is so potent that it breaks down the natural keratin bonds that primarily focus on curling hairs.

Note: Beard relaxing creams no longer pamper your beard from inside; they literally make your beard unresponsive and flat.

Unlike beard creams, the other tools don’t damage your beard to such an extent.

To know the results of the hair relaxer, we found one of the users online who tried and tested the product.  This is what the user says about the product.


For more details, you can look at this review.

As per the article, it states that the user tried a lye-free relaxer and still suffered.  Now imagine, what damage a lye-contained formula could make?

Besides, the chemicals will result in losing amino acids that make the beard damaged and brittle.  The reduction in cysteine levels makes it possible.  

Another study claims that prolonged use of relaxers can result in beardruff, frizzy hair, and split-ends.

Aside from considering that the analysis was done on the scalp hair with the same hair relaxing product, we cannot conclude or believe that the effect of a beard relaxing accessory could be the same.


1. How to get the beard to lay flat?

Firstly, you must wash your beard and apply beard oil. After this, comb and apply beard styling balm and shape your beard with a brush in a downward position. This way, you will be able to get a flat-lying beard.

2. Can I put hair relaxers on my beard?

The answer is yes. It will straighten your beard and make it long enough to flaunt the actual length. For maximizing the effects, try using a beard comb to evenly distribute and make the beard curls straight and downward.

3. Is a relaxer good for beards?

It will make the beard look straight, limp, and longer. The stubborn curls also get straight with help of relaxing lotion. On the other hand, it will weaken the follicles, make the beard dry and damage, and can also cause skin burns and beard loss. You need to properly apply the lotion without any compromise.

4. How can I make a straight beard?

To make the beard softer, you must avoid rubbing too much silicone cream and using a blow-dryer. Always use quality beard oil and regularly clean and maintain your beard.

5. How much time is it advisable to brush the beard?

I’d say to brush a beard once in a day as brushing often can damage your beard. Combs are good, and you can use them four times a day. It would be counted as overcoming if you do it more than 4 times. Are beard straighteners good or bad? If you don’t know how to use a beard straightener, then it might cause damage to your beard. Also, if you set the temperature at maximum, then there are chances that it might burn your facial mane.


The best beard relaxing cream is the one that effectively helps you straighten your beard, which satisfies the primary objective.  But, if you use it continuously, then it would cause damage not only to your facial mane but also to the skin beneath it.

And the reason is Alkaline Chemicals that come in various forms, such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or lye.  It results in breaking the keratin bonds and making your beard straight.

To sum up, it would be advisable to only use after concerning your dermatologist.  With this, we end the article and hope it finds you well.  You can share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.  

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Published Date: Mar 1, 2021

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