5 Best Beard Straightener For Black Men This Year

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Growing a beard is the first task.  But did you ever think what if it grows curly? This type is mainly found in African-American men wherein some guys enjoy curly beards, while some look for the treatment to straighten black beard hair.

In this article, you will get the beard straightener for black men that is not only worth a try but could also be one of the best investment decisions.

Our research methodology for compiling beard straighteners for men includes the quality of straightening, heat settings, and performance.  You may also find ratings for the factors in each curly beard straightener review.

According to us, HSI Professional Glider is the best African American Beard Straightener! It not only takes care of your curly strands but also your hands, and that’s why the company offers hand gloves to prevent burning.  Even if you have the coarsest or curliest hair, this straightener straightens will straighten them amazingly well.

Black men tend to have oval-shaped and asymmetrical hair follicles, which no beard grooming products can transform into symmetrical ones.  Straightening can be added as an everyday grooming process as it makes the facial hair look fuller and thicker.

However, the downside of the curly beard is ingrown hairs, razor burns, and itchiness.  Besides, it fails to show the actual length due to the oval-shaped follicles.

Evaluating all these aspects that black men have to deal with, we have written an article on it.  So, keep reading the article and add one of the beard straighteners for yourself.

Quick Comparison of the Best Beard Straightener For Black Men

HSI Professional Glider

HSI Professional Glider

Best for: Damaged Hair
Heat Setting: 140-450 F
Technology: HeatBalance to Distribute Heat Evenly

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Comfomedic Electric Hair Beard Straightener Brush

Comfomedic Electric Hair Beard Straightener Brush

Best for: Curly Frizzy Beard & Scalp Hair
Heat Setting: 100-130 F
Technology: Negative Ion to Prevent Hair Damage

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Pterxiog Beard Straightener

Pterxiog Beard Straightener

Best for: Sensitive Skin
Heat Setting: 350-450 F
Technology: PTC Heating Technology to Distribute Heat Evenly

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Arkam Premium Beard Straightener

Arkam Premium Beard Straightener

Best for: Frizzy Hair
Heat Setting: 350-430 F
Technology: Cutting-Edge

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DOLIROX Beard Straightener

DOLIROX Beard Straightener

Best for: Coarse Hair
Heat Setting: 150-410 F
Technology: MCH Advanced

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HSI Professional Glider

Manufacturers: HSI Professional

Plate Material: Ceramic & Tourmaline Crystal Ion Plates

Best Features: The professional-level beard straightener comes with 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to distribute the heat evenly.

Expert Score
Drying Power8.5
Heat Resistance9

HSI professional is widely known for delivering salon-level grooming tools and hair care products.  Talking about the beard straightener for black men, it is safe and easy to use, which is why not only professionals but also beginners can straighten their curly locks of facial mane without worrying.

Thanks to the heat-resistant gloves that protect your hand and skin against the hot iron plates.

Besides, the tourmaline-infused ceramic plates are what we’re a fan of, and there is a reason for it.  The market is flooded with coated plates, but we suggest using built-in ceramic plates.

Why? What’s the difference between the two?

The reason for suggesting built-in ceramic plates is it never gets worn out, so there is no risk of your curly locks of facial mane getting fried between the plates.  Also, the 1-inch plate comfortably carries your curly facial mane, irrespective of length.  Coated plates wear out easily, and you might need to replace them time and time again.

It was all about plates, but what is Tourmaline?

According to research, Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that coats the plate of flat irons.  They are mostly infused into Ceramic and Titanium plates to deliver straighter and shinier results.  If you have curly and frizzy hair, use a Tourmaline beard straightener to reduce the frizz and flatten the whiskers.

And yes, it has 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors.  It is one of the fascinating features as it will benefit you in straightening your curliest strands.  The ceramic plate uses 8 micro-sensors to distribute the heat evenly, which reminds me how we use beard brushes or combs for distributing beard care products evenly.

We must say, with the use of modern technology, it only requires fewer passes to straighten your beard.  All the credit goes to adjustable temperature settings that range from 140-4500F and gives entire control to you.  It quickly heats the iron plates and shuts off when not in use.

Now that you can straighten your beard, you must also know, does it come corded or cordless.

The African-American beard straightener comes with a 360-degree swivel cord, which gives you greater flexibility.  Plus, worldwide voltage compatibility is the cherry on the cake.  You can travel along with your beard straightener to any part of the world, bringing convenience to the table.

The Downside of HSI Professional

Some reviewers complain about the heating issue.  The straightener takes time to heat up, and after several months, it stops straightening beards.

Since it contains Tourmaline, it doesn’t work well on thick hair, which is a disadvantage for African-American beards.

Besides, some users on Amazon complain about not getting straight hair on the first go, which means it requires multiple passes.

  • Quickly heats up & retains heat for a long time
  • Durable construction at an affordable price
  • No snagging or pulling of facial hairs
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Flexible cord & portable straightener
  • Not ideal for thick beards
  • Not ideal for wet hair


As a curly bearded guy, this HSI professional glider has won my heart.  The company is going above and beyond in offering value to its customers.

Undoubtedly, there are other contenders with similarities, but this beard straightener is a deal-breaker.  Along with the beard straightener, it offers a 1-year warranty, a bonus travel pack of argan oil, and a storage bag.

Due to reasons like offering quality heating surface material and price point, it wins the top spot on the list.  We consider it the best African-American beard straightener.

LARMHOI Beard Straightener Styler

Manufacturers: Comfomedic

Plate Material: Tourmaline and Ceramic Coated Heat Plate

Best Features: The multi-purpose beard straightener prides itself in combing, straightening, flattening, and fixing messy beards.

Expert Score
Drying Power8.5
Heat Resistance7.5

Another beard straightener sounds similar to the previous one to some extent but is quite distinctive.

While the beard straightener from HSI professional focuses on long and curly beards, this beard straightener ensures taming and controlling shorter facial mane.

The one-sided flat-iron and beard straightening comb heats up and smoothes your unruly beards.  15-seconds is what this straightener takes to heat, which will help you for quick touch-ups.

Another eye-catching feature of this flat iron is the multi-use.  It allows you to straighten your beard, scalp hair, and sideburns.  Besides, the beard comb attachment helps you detangle tangles and knots, which the African-American guys mostly struggle with.

The removable comb protects your skin from the heating plate.  It allows you to take the beard straightener as close to the skin as possible.

The ceramic coating is a plus point as it seals moisture under the skin, making them shiny and soft hair.

Unlike other ordinary beard straighteners, this has an insulated handle, which protects your hand from hot iron plates.

And not to forget the negative ion technology that prevents your beard hairs from being damaged.  In addition, it makes your hair hydrated and moisturized, which becomes easy for the heating tool to straighten.

The fascinating feature of the beard straightener is it even tames and straightens the side hair which is impossible even with the use of wax or spray.

Talking about the comfortability and grip, let me tell you, my bearded friend, the handle is designed according to the average hand size of men.

The Downside of LARMHOI Beard Straightener

Since the heating surface material contains a coated plate, there are higher chances of wearing out.

Besides, you cannot travel along with this beard straightener as it doesn’t support 220V.  

Talking about how well it works on beard straightening products, you must know that the straightening work should be done first and then apply any grooming product.  Doing vice versa may deter the results.

  • Protects skin and hair against burns
  • Quickly preheats
  • Comfortable grip
  • Multi-use straightener
  • Not ideal for thick and dense beards
  • Not compatible with 220V
  • High long-term ownership cost
  • Requires multiple passes


The only thing we like about this straightener is its versatility.  In our opinion, the beard straightener is good only against shorter facial hairs.

Pterxiog Beard Straightener

Manufacturers: Pterxiog

Plate Material: Ceramic-coated 

Best Features: The 2-in-1 beard comb and straightener feature three adjustable temperature settings.  And most importantly, it works amazingly well on sensitive skin.

Expert Score
Drying Power8
Heat Resistance8

Another straightener that not only allows you to straighten your facial but also scalp hair.  It comes with three adjustable temperature settings for small, medium, and long facial hair.

What sets this straightener different from others is even women can use it to straighten their head hair, which brings more convenience to the table.

The straightener is accompanied by PTC technology and a ceramic-coated plate.  The plates are anti-scald and antic-static, which make hair frizz-free.

The straightening and styling become easier as the scalp hair or beard remain in shape throughout the day.

Talking about the heating, it takes only 60 seconds, which is more than a LARMHOI beard straightener, yet manages to heat up.

The auto-off feature is something that catches the attention.  Even if you forget to switch it off, it automatically turns off after 60-minutes of dormancy.

The closely placed comb teeth ensure that each hair strand is pulled straight and exposed to the straightener’s ionic heating technology.  The V-shaped frame protects your skin from getting burnt.

There is a LED display on the straightener that shows the temperature levels.  You can even switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.  If you are a person who likes flexibility whenever straightening, we recommend using this straighter as it has a 360-degree swivel cord that allows you to move freely.

The Downside of Pterxiog Straightener

Though the cord is 360-degree rotatable, the length of the cord is the downside.  It is small and makes the hovering questionable.  

Some reviewers even complain that it does not work well on shorter beards, but that might be the case when the beard is too short.

Another downside is the coated plate, which comes with the risk of easily wearing out.  

  • Multi-use and Unisex
  • Anti-static & Anti-scald
  • Auto-off Design
  • Quick Heating
  • Prevents hair and skin from damage
  • Coated plates
  • Small cord


In our opinion, it is one of the best beard straighteners as it works well on all beard types, irrespective of length.  Since it has coated plates, you need to be prepared for the additional expense of replacing them.

Arkam Beard Straightener

Manufacturers: Arkam

Plate Material: Ceramic

Best Features: The Defiant straightening speed consistently delivers heat that ensures one-stroke straightening.  The cutting-edge technology is the reason why you get the best results in a fraction of minutes, no matter how long or coarse facial hair you have.

Expert Score
Drying Power8
Heat Resistance9

With almost 4000+ reviews and 500,000 units sold worldwide, the company prides itself on being the most loved straightening tool.  The product undergoes rigorous testing, which makes it qualitative, yet it offers a 30-days guarantee.

Unlike other heating tools, this beard brush straightener caters to saving your time and helps you achieve the best beard style you can maintain throughout the day.

We like it because it serves a dual purpose; straightening your head and facial hairs.  It not only tames your unruly, wiry beard but also styles them appropriately.

Another deal-breaker feature is the breakthrough ion technology and MCH heating technology with dual ceramic flat straightening irons.  It works in such a way that not only does it help in straightening hair, but it also protects skin from damage and burns.  The technology does amazing jobs such as:

  • Maintain shapes
  • Makes the hair smooth and shiny
  • Reducing frizz
  • Sealing moisture

The combination of technology and material makes the look that you have always dreamed of.

Besides, the company offers a wooden comb, with which you can maintain your look throughout the day.  The pocket-size comb comes with both wide and closed teeth for combing any type of facial mane.

Lastly, it only takes 30 seconds to heat up, which is quite less than its peer, Pterxiog.  And don’t forget the auto-shut-off feature, which leaves you worry-free even if you forget to turn it off.

  • Single stroke straightening ability
  • Consistent results
  • Worldwide voltage converter
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • No major cons


To sum up, this African-American beard straightener has no major disadvantages and is the best beard straightener for black men.

Dolirox Beard Straightener

Manufacturers: Dolirox

Plate Material: Ceramic

Best Features: Dolirox beard straightening beard brush comes with quick heating features. It lets you quickly straighten your facial hair even if you are running out of time.  It is specifically made to straighten coarse facial hair.  Plus, it helps add volume to your hair.


Expert Score
Drying Power7
Heat Resistance8.5

Dolirox beard straightening brush straightens beard and scalp hair.  Along with hair straightening, it even simply brushes and adds volume.

It is built with MCH advanced technology that takes less than a 1-minute to heat up and is ready for use.  No matter what your facial hair length is or what type of beard hair is, this straightening tool does its job amazingly well.

The straightening tool comes with three temperature modes for soft, thick, and long beard lengths.  Also, it works on dual voltage, meaning go anywhere in the world and you can style your facial and scalp hair as well.

The heated comb comes with an anti-scald feature, which means it hydrates and smoothes while also ensuring a healthy and shiny look. The design will save your face or scalp from heat.  Besides, the MCH technology ensures the heat is evenly distributed.

Moreover, the beard straightening tool comes with a beard balm that moisturizes and conditions your facial hair.   The beard balm helps you to style and shape your facial hair.  No matter what facial hair type you have, it ensures proper shape.

The beard straightening tool comes with intelligent safety protection and an auto shut-off feature.   It means the straightening tool turns off after 30-minutes of no use.  Also, the beards straightener comes with a rotatable swivel cord that rotates 360-degree.  Lastly, it comes with 78 inches long cord that lets you freely move.

The Downside of Dolirox Beard Straightener:

The beard straightener by Dolirex is corded.  Plus, it is not ideal for short hair.  Some users even complain about the fragile construction quality.  Lastly, the product is not good if you prefer keeping your beards short.

  • Quickly heats up
  • Straightens long facial and head hair
  • Great for coarse hair
  • Swivel cord
  • Protects your skin from heat
  • Offers beard balm
  • Not ideal for short facial hair


In our opinion, it is one of the best beard straighteners for coarse hair.  It helps in shaping and styling your hair.  Plus, the beard balm ensures all your stray hairs at one place.

So these are the best beard straightener reviews that match the requirements of an African-American beard.  Now let’s see the factors on which the listed heating tools fit the best.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hair Straightener for Black Men

african american beard straightener

The Length of your Beard

Beard straighteners deliver optimum results when there is a long facial mane.  Shorter beards are harder to grasp by the flat irons.  Undoubtedly, longer hair can withstand efficient beard oil and balm.

Shorter beards are better off with boar hair bristle brush comb or comb and can be controlled with a high-concentration balm.

Are You Running Out of Time?

Do you consider the morning grooming routine to be essential?

Do you love styling your curly and coarse facial mane?

As said earlier, longer and thicker curly beards require a straightener to control and straighten them.  We suggest cleaning and drying your coarse beard before gliding the beard straightener on it.  African-American men have hair prone to dirt, grime, and debris, which is essential to remove to keep them healthy.

Another reason that straightens your curly beard is the presence of moisture levels.  Make sure you wash your beard, towel dry, and then blow-dry at low heat temperature modes.

Straightening your curly strands with high heat can cause breakage and frizz.  Black men with long and curly facial hairs, who do not want to use straighteners, can apply beard straightening cream.

Do You Want it to be Corded?

Most beard straighteners come with a cord as it gives plenty of runtime without compromising on performance. 

On the other hand, cordless gives your freedom to straighten your curly beard anywhere, anytime.

To sum it up, you must check for runtime when considering cordless beard straighteners, while cord length, in corded beard straighteners.

Do You Have Damaged Hairs?

We do not suggest using a high-heat straightener on the frizzier and unkempt beard.  The result will be curlier and wiry beards, i.e., difficult to straighten.

We recommend buying adjustable temperature modes beard straighteners to prevent black men’s beards.

In our opinion, set the heat setting at the lowest and don’t allow the particular area of facial hairs to overheat.

Also, you must not use grooming products containing harsh chemicals, especially when you are already suffering from split-ends or shedding.

According to the medbroadcast study,  the protein bonds present in hair follicles are responsible for a curly beard.  Beard relaxers containing harsh chemicals weaken the protein bond, making them smooth and silky. 

Although it may make your beard straight, the hair suffers from split-ends and breakage.  And the continuous use of beard relaxers can shorten the lifespan of hair and make the texture scruffy and harder to even comb.

These factors best fit the listed African-American beard straighteners.  Now, let’s answer commonly asked questions.


1. How do you straighten African American beard?

There are two ways to keep your beard straight: one using a beard straightener and the other by silicone cream for beards. You can also use black men’s beard relaxer cream, but you must buy it only if it contains natural ingredients.

2. Do beard straighteners work?

Yes. It works amazingly well on coarse, curly, and frizzy hair. Instead of using beard oils and balms, we recommend flat irons to do the job. Besides, it saves time and does the work in a fraction of a minute.

3. What is the best beard straightener for African-American Guys?

In our opinion, HSI professional and Arkam are the two suggestible brands in the men’s beard hair straightening sphere.

4. Can a black man straighten his hair?

Yes. A black man can straighten his hair using natural or chemical ways. The chemical method can permanently change the hair texture. We do not recommend it that way. Rather, you can straighten your hair as and when required using the flat straightening irons.


We hope the article has answered the most asked questions about how to straighten black beard hair.  Like all others, this African American beard straightener also has heat settings and temperature modes that you can set according to your skin and hair type.

In our opinion, a beard hair straightener for black men works amazingly well on the texture and delivers extraordinary results.  You must use a beard straightener after you wash your beard as it removes all the dirt, debris, and grime, which may deter the performance.

You can choose any one option based on your requirements, design, and temperature settings.  Share your comments or favorite beard hair straighteners in the comments. Also, you share your experience of any of your beard hair straighteners that you loved the most when straightening your curls.


Published Date: Nov 30, 2021

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