Ways To Soften Beard Hair In 2020

by Jeel Patel

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If you are a guy with an amazing beard then you understand the importance of soft beard hair. But the question is How to soften beard hair?

Generally, beards are unruly, itchy, and full of dandruff. There are also many other problems that make it really hard for men to attract girls. But don’t worry, we got you by highlighting all the steps and products necessary to make your beard smooth and more attractive. You can also use our grooming tips to soften beard hair.

There are many do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind when you are taking care of your beard. In this blog, we cover many topics like how to grow a beard properly, how to maintain a beard, how to straighten beard hair, and how to take care of a beard. These are just some of the highlighted guidelines to make your lives easier, keep reading for a lot of more information.

Why Is Your Beard Not Soft And Attractive?

There are many things to consider when addressing the question of rough and unruly beard. Usually, men who don’t take care of beard on a regular basis, have a rough beard. Some problems associated that can cause a rough beard are highlighted below-

why is your beard not soft

      • Lack of Attention– This is one of the main reasons behind a sandpaper-like beard. Note, when I compare a beard to sandpaper, it just means rough and itchy. Nowadays, we are really busy with all sorts of things like office work, family and much more. This leads us to neglect the condition of our beard and we end up not taking care of it. So, this is one of the main reasons that doesn’t keep your beard soft and attractive.
      • Irregular schedule for applying grooming products- Consistency is the key to make your beard soft. People buy different products like beard oil, beard balm, beard shampoo, etc. but they forget to apply it on a daily basis. Just as you wash your hair daily to keep it smooth and free from dandruff, one needs to apply grooming products on a regular basis for good conditioning of beard.
      • Dryness– Just as everything needs some moisture to survive and be fresh, facial hair also needs to be moist, soft, and dandruff-free. There are many ways that can treat dry beards which will be highlighted in the next sections. But, you might be wondering what leads to dryness. It is just a condition that can occur when there is some dehydration in the body, or proper care is not taken care of.
      • Split ends– This is another reason that your beard might not be soft. Irregular trimming of beard will make facial hair grow in some areas and not in others. So, this would lead to a rough beard.

5 Ways To Make Your Beard Softer

This is the part we have been waiting for a long time. The secret that unifies all the topics surrounding beard. These 5 ways are what you can do at home to make beard smoother. Though all these ways can be performed individually, they really happen in a sequence and are interconnected to each other. So without wasting any time, let’s jump into it.

ways to make beard soft

1)Use Best Beard Trimmer to trim and shape your beard – The first important step behind a so-called successful beard is trimming beard regularly. When we say regularly, it does not mean every day. It can be twice, thrice, etc. times a week depending on your beard. But it is not just about trimming the beard, it is about doing it right. There are some things that you should know before trimming a beard. We recommend that you read our blog on best beard trimmers to use in 2020 that would give you a lot of detailed information on beard trimmers, beard styles to achieve, and a lot more.

Trimming beard makes sure that all your facial hairs grow in a specific direction and all the unruly hairs are removed. It also plays a minor role to soften your beard. It will reduce split ends and will give you a quality beard that men deserve.

2) Wash your beard regularly with best beard shampoo and conditioner – The second step behind softer beard starts with washing beard at regular intervals. Applying beard shampoo 2 to 3 times a week will remove all the dust and dandruff from the beard while leaving a smooth scent behind.

But it is not just applying shampoo that will do you any good, it is how you apply it. Properly scrubbing and applying a good beard shampoo is an important step. We recommend that you go to our blog on beard shampoo, where you would find a detailed guide on how to choose a good beard shampoo, how to use it effectively, and much more.

Proper scrubbing is an important part because it will remove all the dist and food particles that have stuck into your beard. If you are confused between using a regular shampoo vs a beard shampoo, then make sure of using one for beard because that supplies all essential oils and nutrients.

3) Apply Beard Oil and Beard Balm – This is the third way to soften your beard. After washing the beard with shampoo and conditioner, your beard needs essential oils and nutrients. Beard Oils are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that your beard needs. Massaging the best beard oil on facial hair solves many purposes. It supplies essential oils to beard and moisturizes it, which will act as a beard softener. Secondly, it makes it easy for you to comb beard, ultimately removing all the dust and dandruff. So, Beard oils are a must in your grooming kit.

Beard Balm can also be used as a styling agent. Mostly all beard balm brings the great scent to your beard, while also making it easy for you to shape your beard the way you want. There is the right way to massage beard balm on your facial hair, which you can read in our blog on beard balms. One can also make a good beard balm at home while saving some money.

4) Use a Beard Brush or a Beard Comb – This is the most important step to soften your beard. Combing or brushing a beard using the best beard comb or the best beard brush achieves many purposes at the same time. Firstly, the boar bristles help treat split ends and make it easy for you to shape your beard. Using a beard brush or a comb effectively will evenly distribute natural oils on the skin underneath the beard. Split ends make your beard look messier, so it is important for you to treat these split ends using a beard brush or a comb.

If you are confused about using a beard comb or brush then please read our blog on the best beard brush, where you would find a detailed comparison. But mostly beard brush is used in earlier stages of beard growth, especially for short beard lengths. While beard comb can be used for any beard lengths, but most effective results are shown on long beard lengths. Ultimately, beard combs also act as an important part to soften your beard.

5) Develop good habits- Nothing in this possible if you do not develop good habits. When I say develop good habits, it means getting good sleep, eating good food and much more. Getting sleep will reduce stress levels in your body, and this will reduce facial hair loss. It also plays an important role when talking about how to care for a beard.

It is also important to eat good food. Good food includes food that has important nutrients, vitamins, etc. that your beard needs. Consuming this kind of food will increase the likelihood of a soft beard.

Now you might be wondering where to buy the right products for your beard, and what are these right products. Don’t worry we have a blog on every way to soften the beard, that is listed above. If you want to buy the best beard oil, beard balm, beard comb, etc., then just read that blog where we give you detailed reviews on best products, and also a guide on how to make beard soft using those products.

It is important to wash your beard regularly, to find the best results of these products. Reading reviews of all the products archives many purposes. Firstly it will give your few options to compare the products from. You would not be limited to just buying one product, there would be few options available. Secondly, when comparing alternatives you would know what is the best product for your needs. Don’t just buy any product that you think might be good, look at our review for that product and then buy it so you don’t waste money buying something you don’t like.


1. How do I make my beard softer?

Making a beard soft is not that difficult, only if you have the right products to use and you know how to use these products effectively. There are 5 ways to soften your beard, all of which are connected to each other in some way. These ways include trimming your beard, washing your beard using a beard shampoo and conditioner, applying beard oils and beard balms, using beard brush and beard comb, also developing good habits. This all will smoothen both beard and skin underneath it.

2. Why is my beard hair so rough?

There are many reasons behind a rough beard. It can be because of lack of attention, irregular schedule for applying grooming products, dryness, or split ends. One can just improve facial hair condition by paying more attention to it and regularly applying grooming products. Grooming products will supply essential nutrients to beard and treat dryness. Reading the guide mentioned above will help you a lot to soften your beard.

3. What home remedy can I use to soften my beard?

There are multiple home remedies that you can use to soften your facial hair. The best one being, DIY beard balm recipe and DIY beard oil recipe. These easy to make recipes will supply all the essential nutrients to beard and make it softer. Though you need some ingredients to make these products, they are cheaper in the long-term when compared to buying ready-to-use products. Other home remedy includes washing your beard regularly. When you wash and massage the beard, it removes all the dust and dandruff from the beard. This will reduce itchiness in your beard, ultimately making the beard soft.

4. How long does it take to soften your beard?

It depends on many factors like the size of your beard, your sleeping and eating habits, and the grooming products that your use. Facial hair can be soft within one month if you essentially take care of a beard every day. Otherwise, it can take a few months too.


Only men can understand the importance of a soft and itch-free beard. That is why we wrote this blog on how to soften beard hair. You should not have any more reasons for a rough beard, because we supplied all the information that your need for a soft beard. If you still have any more questions then feel free to contact us, and we would love to hear from you. We hope that you gained some knowledge from this blog because a beard is what defines a men’s impression.

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