DIY Beard Balm Recipe: How To Make Beard Balm?

Last Updated: 2021-07-24

by Jeel Patel

Would you be tempted to make the beard balm at home if the same ingredients and process will cost half the price you pay in the market?

Is it possible? It could be the first question to cross your mind.  Well, beard balms are nothing but a blend of butter, beeswax, carrier oil, and essential oil.  And making it at home could save a lot of money, which otherwise, you would spend on buying beard balms or other beard care products every month.

And we are not saying because of the information available on the internet; we have made one for ourselves, which turns out to have the same holding capacity and moisture sealing ability.

The cost was comparatively less, and even we benefited from the quantity as well.  That means whatever you pay for a can at Walmart, you could make double the amount of balm with the same money.  Isn’t it cost-effective?

DIY Beard Balm (Do it yourself) is easy to make with just a few key ingredients.  It is a lot similar to lip balm using different ingredients.  

But before how to make one at home, we will make you familiar with the importance of making beard balm at home.

So, let’s get started!

Why You Need a Beard Balm recipe?

Before we jump into different recipes for beard balm, first, we need to understand the psychology behind making a beard balm at home.  As said earlier, there are few advantages of making a facial hair balm at home.


beeswax beard balm

It is the main advantage of homemade beard balms and beard oils since it saves a lot of money.  Not everyone has the luxury to spend bucks on fashion products.  But that does not mean that they cannot use beard hair balm.  

Homemade beard balm can cost you less than 10 dollars compared to beard balms that range between 20 to 40 dollars.  So why not save money where you can.

However, you have to keep in mind that not all DIY beard balms end up delivering qualitative and expected results.  It may vary depending on the ratios of ingredients and skin type.  The beard balms that you buy undergo multiple testing standards.

Coming back to our topic, let’s understand with a simple case study.

Honest Amish beard balm costs somewhere around $15, which will last for approximately one month, depending on usage.  Assuming that homemade beard balm with the same ingredients costs somewhere around $20-30. Now, these ingredients ensure 5-6 time usage, which is 7-8 months worth of beard balm. So you see $30 is a lot cheaper than $100.

Tailor-made Beard balm

Another main advantage of homemade beard balm is that you can customize it according to your needs.  

If you are allergic to some products, then it is easy to exclude those products.  If one wants a beard balm recipe with shea butter, then he can add it.  

On the other hand, if a person wants a beard balm recipe without shea butter, he can prepare it without including a particular ingredient.

If you are looking for a beard balm recipe for growth, then add shea butter or look for shea butter as the main ingredient.  Looking for fragrance in your balm, then increase the ratio of the essential oil.

Customizing according to the need is one of the strong reasons we feel to support the DIY beard balms.


Sometimes while buying a product, we often neglect the ingredients or the purpose of the product. 

Contrary to this, when you make a balm at home, you know what it carries, and so you have a feeling of owning it.  This feeling will make you happier to use the product.  Also, you know that there are no harmful chemicals in it.

These are the benefits of DIY beard balms that can give you the surety of quality and ownership.

What do you need for the Beard Balm Recipe? (4 Main Ingredients)

There are a few main things that are needed to make a good beard balm or beard oil.  And it is not at all hard to find.  All the key ingredients are divided into four main categories, i.e., Beeswax, Organic Butter, Carrier Oil, and Essential oils.

beard balm ingredients

So let’s start discussing why you need these products and where can you get them from!

beard balm ingredients

Beeswax- The Binding Agent

It is one of the main ingredients for making a good beard balm.  It is like a seed to a plant that holds the responsibility of growing. Beeswax is a common ingredient found in any ready-to-use beard balms.  It does certain things that are important for the beard.  It is required to give a beard balm the appropriate hold that one desires.  If one wants more hold from beard balm, then he can add more beeswax.

You cannot make a beard balm without beeswax, but it does not mean that you use it more than the requirement; too much beeswax will result in beard wax and not beard balm.

There are a few options available to buy beeswax, which include pellets, bars, sheets, etc.  Buying a beeswax bar is a good choice because you can cut multiple pieces as you desire.  However, you can also buy beeswax pellets, which are also worth every penny.

Note that beeswax is available in two colours- white and yellow.  However, colours do not matter for a balm.  Another key point is that a beard balm recipe without beeswax is not possible as excluding it could make it just another liquid, which is hard to apply. Beeswax is not necessary for a beard oil recipe style=”font-weight: 400;”> since the ingredient focuses on making the product thicker and offers a holding ability.

Besides, you might also think that if beard oil also contains similar ingredients, then why not make beard oil?

Well, it is not difficult to make beard oil at home, but that would only have a liquid consistency without any styling properties.

Besides, it even lacks holding properties that are essential to tame your wiry and unruly hair strands.  It can train your stubborn hair to stay in a particular direction.  Of course, it won’t act like beard wax, but beard balm will do wonders to your facial hair.

Organic Butters For The Spread

Now you might be wondering what is organic butter and how to use it?  While beeswax caters to holding, butter makes it easier to spread.  Butter provides some moisture to your beard and hydrates it.  It acts as a bridge between harder beeswax and a liquid carrier oil, which makes it possible to spread balm.

There are many different types of butter that one can use in a beard balm.  The most common one is shea butter.  Shea butter provides many benefits to your skin, like making skin underneath the beard smoother and preventing beard dandruff.  

As a common ingredient in many body products like lotions, beard shampoos, and beard balms, shea butter works well in your beard balm recipe.

It is a high-quality butter that comes as a bar, which makes it easy to use.  It will make your skin smoother and reduce skin irritation.

There are many other kinds of butter, which you can use for easy spreading of beard balms, this includes-

Cocoa Butter

Beard balm recipes containing cocoa butter are a great idea.  Cocoa butter is really good for dry skin because it hydrates it and then smoothes it.  It contains high levels of vitamin E oil that uplifts beard health and allows you to shape your beard.

Mango Butter

Mango butter is another organic butter that you can include in the beard balm recipe.  It acts as an antioxidant with a good smell that works well with sensitive skin as well.  This butter helps uplift sensitive skin and works perfectly with beeswax.

There are many different types of butter available in the market, but mainly in any beard balm, we would use cocoa butter and shea butter, which brings smoothness to the balm and make the balm easy to spread.  Other kinds of butter like Mango butter, almond butter is optimal to use.

Carrier Oils For Nutrients and Moisturizing

It is one of the natural ingredients needed to make a good beard balm.  Now you might be wondering what carrier oil does in balm and how it helps?

Carrier oils are like food to your body that supplies essential nutrients.  Carrier oils bring smoothness to the beard and moisturize it.  It helps the beard get rid of dandruff and itchiness.  Ultimately it will make it easier for you to shape and comb.

There are different carrier oils that you can use, depending on your needs.  Below is the summary of some of the main oils that you must use.

  • Avocado oil- Reduces wrinkles on the face and acts as an anti-ageing agent.
  • Coconut oil- helps in Hair Hydration and promotes moisture on the face.  You can also use it as a dilution agent for essential oil.
  • Argan oil- helps smoothen the beard hairs and helps reduce skin underneath beard irritation.  It also reduces wrinkles on the skin.
  • Jojoba oil- is like coconut oil, which moisturizes and hydrates a beard, making it easy to shape and comb.  It quickly absorbs into the skin and beard, and that’s why it is always a good choice.
  • Sweet Almond oil- helps reduce skin inflammation, which will make you look more handsome.  It will also promote beard hair growth.

As said earlier, many different kinds of carrier oils are available in the market, but due to obvious reasons, we did not mention all of them.  If you find any specific oil that is perfect for your beard, feel free to use it.

Essential Oils For The Scent

It might be difficult to differentiate an essential oil from a carrier oil.  Essential oils are just as important as the other three ingredients.  Beeswax, Organic Butter, and carrier oils do not have any scent to themselves.  So making beard balm scented is the job of essential oils.

Similar to carrier oils, there are many different types of essential oils that you can use.  We won’t bore you by listing and specifying all the oils here.  The choice of essential oil is more personal touch because everyone likes different smells.

There are different kits available for a DIY balm recipe with essential oils, which can be expensive.

But essential oils like olive oil, grapeseed oil, bourbon oil, and kukui nut oil not only provide a great smell to beard balm but also do amazing things to your beards.

One of them being batling against bacteria on the skin underneath the beard to reduce irritation and dandruff.   Some oils rich in Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative to make sure balm lasts long.  There are also some oils available that you can use for the vegan beard balm recipe.

These are the ingredients that make beard balm superior to beard oil.

Additional Things you need to get started with DIY Beard Balm Recipe

There are a few more things that you need to get started with DIY beard balm.  

Don’t worry; you would not need crazy and expensive things.  These things are cheap and easily available. One does not even need to buy these things because they are just regular kitchen utensils that you use in day-to-day chores. But if you don’t have them with you, please buy them because they will make your life easier.

diy beard butter

In addition to all the four items listed above, you need these things to get started with-

  • A vessel to cook beard balm– One can use a pot, glass bowl, or metal tin, or any glass container that works well with heat.  Make sure you use a vessel that you can easily clean or can throw it after using it.  A pot works best, but the only concern is that it is hard to clean.  So after making beard balm, you will not be able to use the pot for cooking.  You can use a metal tin as it quickly gets heated.  It is also called a metal pot, which is easy to use and clean.  Make sure to buy a cheap pot, which can be thrown or disposed of after use. A metal spoon can be of use here.
  • Funnel– It is to pour the hot balm into a container, so you can store them for future use.  It is not essential on your list, but it is good to have it.  One can get a good funnel for a good price online. A kitchen scale might be a useful tool too.
  • Container– It is an important consideration when making a DIY beard balm.  Think about where you would store beard growth beard balm after it is ready.  Get a metal tin or dark container to restrict UV rays to pass through the container because too much light can make your beard balm go rancid.  Get a container that can be easily packed and can be airtight. It will allow you to keep it at room temperature.

How to make Beard Balm?

Making beard balm at home is quite simple and straightforward.  All it requires is a blending of different ingredients.   However, you may face challenges when deciding the quantity because it varies from balms to balms.

For instance, if you want extra hold, adding more beeswax is suggested.  And if you love sniffing different scents, you must focus on picking the best essential oils. In short, it depends on your choice of what to include and exclude from your recipe.

Best Beard Balm recipe includes many different steps that are as follows:

how to make beard balm

Measure the Appropriate Quantity of each Ingredient

To measure all ingredients like beeswax, kinds of butter, and carrier oils, you must use a scaling spoon. 

Do not mix essential oils at this moment.  Collect them in the pot you have chosen and after having all ingredients in the pot, mix them properly using a spoon or any other tool.  Make sure the tools used are clean and bacteria-free; this directly impacts your beard balm quality. Measuring is an important step because you don’t want too much of something.

Start heating and mixing

Add water about half an inch in the pot in which you have your mixture.  Then start heating the mixture and keep stirring it until it fully melted.  

Remember not to boil your mixture as it will kill all the essential nutrients.  Stirring is an important part of your recipe to thicken your beard balm.  It will also decide the spreadability of beard balm.  So make sure to stir gently and then turn off the heat source once it is all liquid.

Mix Essential oils before it cools down

As soon as the mixture melts, add the essential oils.  It is important to add the appropriate quantity of essential oils; too much of something is not good.  It will lead to a stronger smell.  It is important to include essential oil before the mixture cools down because once the mixture cools down, it would be hard to mix.

Pour the mixture into a container and let it cool

As said earlier, use a funnel to pour the mixture into an appropriate container.  After pouring, let it cool for a few hours before using it.  You can cover it with a lid and then leave it overnight.

It is a general beard balm essential oil recipe. It can help you achieve an Honest Amish quality beard balm.  If you do not wish to include any essential oils in your balm, then it can be done by skipping that part.  Below we have highlighted some more specific recipes that you can use for a good beard balm.

Beard Balm Recipes That You Can Try At Home

There are many different recipes you can try with different ingredients. Here are different recipes for you.  You can customize it according to your needs.

Cedarwood Beard Balm with Coconut oil

Premium Beard Balm with extra hold For Beard Lovers

The Handsome Men’s Formula

Vanilla Scented Toronto’s Beard Balm

Highlighted above were just a few of the beard balm scent recipes.  As said earlier, you can customize your own best beard balm recipe that fits your needs.  Make sure that you don’t add too much of any ingredient, which would just make your best beard balm recipe worse.

Here is a quick video tutorial for DIY beard balm:

Tips for DIY Beard Balm Recipe That Are Very Helpful

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before and during the making of the recipe.  These tips will make it easy for you to make beard balms. Tips are as follows:

  • Have a full plan before starting– Sometimes people start making a recipe that we suggested above, and then they realize that an ingredient is missing.  So before you start your recipe, have a good plan with all the necessary ingredients. 
  • Plan a budget before buying ingredients– The whole point of homemade beard balm is that you want to make it cheaper in the long term.  So have a fixed budget in mind before shopping according to your needs.  A good budget is what accommodates your needs.
  • Take an appropriate quantity of each ingredient– too much of something can make your best beard balm recipe worse.  So, have an appropriate quantity that is just enough for your product. If you want a certain quantity to act as an anti-inflammatory, the appropriate quantity needs to be used.


1. How to make beard balm creamy?

To make Beard Balm creamy, we suggest you add more shea butter or cocoa butter.  Shea butter makes beard balm creamy and makes it easy to spread on your beard.  It also helps treat dandruff and reduce inflammation.  Shea butter achieves many things, but its main function is to turn beard balm creamy and easy to spread.

2.How do you make beard balm?

In this article, you will find a few steps and ingredients required in making a good beard balm.  The main ingredients in a beard balm include beeswax, organic butter, carrier oils, and essential oils.  Using these ingredients and by following the steps highlighted above, you can make a perfect beard balm.

3. Which is better beard balm or butter?

Both products cater to different purposes, though having some similarities.  Beard balm is for holding and shaping, making it easy for you to comb.  Beard butter nourishes your beard by making it smooth and moisturizing it.  It also promotes beard growth.  The fragrances of both products can be similar.  So, there is no better option when compared to each other because they achieve different functions.

4. How do you make beard balm with beeswax?

Beeswax makes beard balm thicker, giving it the required hold.  It is one of the main ingredients used in beard balm, which differentiates it from beard oil.  Mixing and heating beeswax with other ingredients highlighted above will give a good beard balm.  You can read the blog above for a detailed process and steps.


In this blog, we discussed DIY beard balm.  Other things we learn from this blog are; what ingredients are required to make the best beard balm, where can you buy these ingredients, and how to use them to make a perfect beard balm at home.  We provided some of the recipes that we like, but that doesn’t mean that those are the only best recipes. You need to learn how to apply balm to get good results. 

We would like to hear from you! One can contact us with any better ideas or suggestions by dropping their name, email address, etc.  There are certain other fields to contact us, like email addresses, which would not violate your privacy. We will surely get back to you through your email address.


Published Date: May 10, 2021

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