How to Use Beard Balm in 6 Simple & Easy Steps?

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Your search on how to use beard balm shows how much you love and care for your beard.  And your sheer dedication will help you achieve the results you want.  Assuming you are either having a short beard or a dusky bearded guy who has naturally made beard products but is confused with its application.

Don’t worry!  In the early days, I was in the same situation, and that struggle made me urge to pass on the information.  And not only is the beard balm usage, but you can also check out the best beard balm that your beard deserves from the linked article.  

Applying beard balm and that too with proper and detailed steps is not everyone’s cup of tea.  And even if someone might teach you, they would not tell you which ingredients to look for, its benefits, and what are the necessary things to look for before applying beard balm.  This article is a curation of everything one might require in the journey of using beard balm.

Things to Consider Before Applying Beard Balm

Appreciate that like millions of others; you too, consider applying beard balm as a best practice to groom your beard.  But before that, you should be updated with several points before using a beard balm.  And you can gain the optimum advantage if you consider these points:

  1. Firstly, you should always use naturally processed beard grooming products and not artificial or synthetic ingredients. 
  2. Using synthetic ingredients means not caring for your beard and opting for unkempt and unhealthy beard life.
  3. A sealant is a synthetic ingredient that you should always look for in a product ingredient, and if found better, avoid buying it.
  4. Ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, carrier oils, essential oils, and butter (shea or mango) are all-natural ingredients.
  5. Buy such products that boast of being 100% natural ingredient-processed products.
  6. Natural ingredients will ensure smoothness, eliminate skin irritation, moisturizes skin, and thoroughly hydrate it.
  7. For a patchy beard, you may opt for a product that contains shea butter. It will ensure a fuller and thicker look.

Note: If you do not consider these points, it may have a contrary effect, resulting in split-ends, damage, and breakage.

Along with the points to consider before using beard balm, when to use a beard balm could turn out to be a cherry on the cake.

When To Use Beard Balm?

Ideally, you can use beard balm on a neat and clean beard, i.e., after a shower. And not only us but even the bear grooming experts recommend it.  Towel dry your beard so that it can rub off excess moisture and leave it a little damp. Now, you can easily use a beard comb or beard and hair brush to remove stray hairs and make your beard neat and clean.

Note: You may lose hair when you comb, but that’s not a worrisome situation.  It is natural, and still, if you find an ample amount of hair than usual, try changing your comb and use a beard brush.

Ensure the grooming tool ( beard brush) you use is made up of boar’s hair and not the plastic-made combs. 

Now, apply beard balm to moisturize your skin underneath your beard and roots as the natural ingredients can locate and seal the moisture. 

How Often Should I Use Beard Balm?

Using beard balm solely depends on your necessity, beard length, and the look that you’re aiming to achieve.  But a daily application of beard balm isn’t harmful unless it has natural ingredients. 

You can apply beard balm on your beard, depending on the length of the beard.  Here is a quick guide to understand:

Beard LengthRequired Amount of Balm
Short (1-5cm)Small scoop (Marble sized)
Medium (6-9cm)Medium scoop (1 Marble sized )
Long (10+)Large scoop (2 Marble sized)

The above graph is an estimated figure.

Slowly and gradually, you will master the skill of the amount of beard balm required for application on the beard. 

Can I Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm Together?

It is a debatable topic as a group of grooming experts suggests using beard oil and beard balm together, while a few still doubt it. Some believe using separately could deliver better results while some say a combination is unbeatable.

So, let’s understand it with simple points:

  • Apply beard oil once you have your shower.  A few drops are ideal for nourishing your medium beard. If you have a long beard, then you add more drops to suffice it.
  • After massaging your beard, rub your fingers so that the oil is evenly spread on your beard.  You can use a quality beard brush with boar bristles or beard comb to straighten your beard hair and spread the oil across the board.  The beard comb helps massage the skin underneath the beard so that there is proper blood circulation to a particular area.
  • Now scoop out a beard balm through your fingers and spread it across your palms, and then gently rub it on your beard.  Brush your beard so that the beard balm also gets spread evenly.  The balm ensures moisturizing and taming so that the stray hairs are in the correct position.

This is one way wherein you can use it simultaneously.  Another way is to separately use it, i.e., one in the morning and the other in the evening.  

Beard oils are great to use in the morning as the aroma it spread are perfect for anyone to get attracted.  And the beard balm at bedtime so that sufficient nutrients are absorbed by the facial hair and skin beneath the beard.

Be sure that you are not allergic to fragrances as beard oils carry strong scents compared to beard balms.  Also, your date might not like such a strong fragrance, and it might ruin your data.  Ensure that whatever you are applying is suitable for the occasion.

To sum up, applying oil and beard balm together isn’t that much advisable as using it separately advised.

How to Use Beard Balm in 6 Steps?

what does beard balm do

Step 1: Wash & Dry your beard

As said earlier, using a beard balm requires a clean and combed beard.  It should not have any tangles or knots.  Also, we don’t recommend using beard shampoo every day.  Hence, an ideal way to achieve this type of beard is by washing, drying, and combing it out.

You should wash your beard with lukewarm water twice a day to maintain its smoothness.  Regular washing will not allow any dirt, dust, or grime on your beard.

Step 2: Comb your beard

Combing can get rid of tangles and knots that may lead to hair damage, hair fall, and split-ends.  Combining your beard every day is a must as it makes all the hair perfectly groomed, and when applying the balm, you won’t face any problem.

Step 3: Scoop out beard balm

Now is the time when you need to open your beard balm tin and scoop out the balm.  For this, you can use your thumb or fingers to scoop out a thumbnail size balm out of the tin.  

Here, you need to be very sure with the amount as the lesser, the better works.  Again, it depends on your beard growth, but the user should be limited.  If you find the balm thicker, you can make it pliable by rubbing your fingers clockwise or anti-clockwise until it softens.

Step 4: Emulsify it

After taking out the beard balm with the help of your fingers, it’s time to emulsify it on your palm.  Rub your palm until both the palm and its fingers are oily.   Ensure it is completely melted and spread across your palm so that you can use it on your beard efficiently.

Step 5: Run your hands through

Now that you’re both the palms are completely covered with the beard balm, it is time to apply the balm on the beard.

For this, start applying balm from the neck and slowly move up to the chin.  If you feel that the balm amount isn’t sufficient to make you completely masked, then scrap out some more from the tin and follow the same procedure mentioned above.

After masking the portion, move your hands to sideburns and way down. After a proper application of beard balm on your beard, sculpt your beard so that any loose hair could be well-treated.  Now you will see better manageable hair and shiny gloss on your beard.

Do not excessively use the balm. If there is leftover, then apply it on beard skin so that the essential nutrients reach the skin pores, and your skin gets sufficient nourishment to grow and glow.

Step 6: Comb it once again

Comb it once again so that all the facial hair is in the same position, and you get a perfect look.  Also, the excess balm will be automatically applied to the other part of your beard. 

Beard Balm vs. Beard Oil vs. Beard Butter 

when to use beard balm

Beard Balm

Beard balm is nothing but a blend of beard oil and beard wax, where oil contains conditioning ingredients, and the hold is achievable with a beard or mustache wax.  Most beard balms contain beeswax and butter, i.e., shea, mango, or cocoa.

The consistency is rather lighter than hair wax or lip balm, which allows you to apply on your beard easily and shape it as per your choice.  

Talking about the ingredients, it is loaded with carrier and essential oils that you might also find in beard oils.  It may sound and feel that there are many similarities between beard oil and beard balm, but beard balm is one step ahead of the former.  It comes with the holding ability that holds your beard in the shape you want.

Here, the secret recipe behind the holding formula is beeswax, which is found more in beard wax and comparatively less in a beard balm.  Though it is inferior to beard wax, it can still give enough hold that your stubborn and flyaway hair sticks in one place.

Another ingredient is butter which ensures moisture both to your beard and the skin underneath it.  The nature of butter makes it easier to emulsify and cover the entire board. Shea and cocoa butter serve the same purpose, i.e., softening, healing, and preventing the skin from itching and irritation. Also, the use of butter keeps hydrating skin which is a must for a beard.

Ideally, beard balm best works on longer and thicker beards, but its moisturizing quality makes it worth buying for shorter beards as well.  Therefore, the beard oil vs. balm battle is won by beard balm for beard enhancing and promised grooming.

Beard Oil

As discussed, cheap beard oil cannot provide the hold that beard balm offers, but beard oil ensures nourishment due to its ingredients. You can use beard oil for making your beard softer and smoother to touch

We recommend using quality products for grooming.  It is a quality beard oil that reaches the skin’s roots, nourishing it, and ensuring sufficient oil that mimics natural skin oil.

Essential oil caters to delivering nutrients and minerals, and a decent and tranquil aroma.  On the other hand, carrier oils take care of the beard by moisturizing and softening it.  Again, you should not excessively use beard oil for nourishment.  Remember, too much is not advisable.

Beard balms work best on longer and thicker beards, whereas oils are effective on shorter facial hair.  Although, it can be applied to any type of beard length.  However, beard balm is preferable if you are expecting moisture or your skin lacks moisture.

Beard Butter

The vital ingredient of beard butter is shea butter and carrier oils. Of course, there are many other ingredients in this product, but these two are the pillars.  The purpose behind including shea and carrier oils is to entice the users as these two are best for healthier growth.

Shea butter is known for its moisturizing elements, but what’s fascinating is it quickly absorbs into the beard, making it look dusky and thicker in no time.  Here, the butter can be made of synthetic elements such as alcohol and fillers, but you very well know how harmful it is to use.

The natural ingredients included in the beard butter are Vitamin E, natural oils like Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut oil to keep you updated.  These ingredients are the reason you get healthier and fuller growth.

Homemade Beard Balm – Do It Yourself

As we have talked a lot about the natural ingredients that are core elements of beard balm, we have specially designed this section for you.  You can do it yourself by bringing the ingredients, efficiently picking, blending, and preparing the beard balm at your home.

Of course, this will not have that attractive bottle and cover, but you will get what you want.  Also, this is for the sake of making it at home.  You can always go ahead and buy a readymade beard balm.  

So, let’s begin with the beard balm recipe:

  • 4 Tablespoon Shea Butter
  • 4 Tablespoon Sweet Almond Oil
  • 4 Tablespoon Beeswax
  • 2 Tablespoon Jojoba Oil
  • 2 Tablespoon Cocoa Butter
  • And lastly, 2 Drops of Sandalwood Oil

After mixing everything in a bowl, it requires proper heating so that all the natural ingredients are properly melted and mixed up for a proper batter.  Allow the beard balm to cool, and it is ready for use.


1. How long beard balm lasts?

The durability of the beard balm is dependent on several factors which are- Type of balm you use for maintaining hold (high/medium/low); Amount of balm; External elements The first two are in your hands, but what is beyond your reach is external elements. If you are a field worker, you cannot avoid your beard from exposure to these elements. And that’s where your beard balm’s durability compromises.

2. What does beard balm do?

Beard Balm ensures a perfect, fuller, and healthier beard. Also, it holds your flyaways and stubborn hairs to one place, giving you a complete look. Apart from holding and taming, it also promises to offer essential nutrients for the beard’s all-around inner and outer growth.

3. What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Beard balm & beard oil have a major difference, and that is its texture. Beard balms are comparatively heavier than beard oils. Also, beard balm contains beeswax that offers hold to your beard, whereas beard oil is a blend of natural oils that boast of providing vital minerals. Furthermore, if you are keen on beard growth, then beard oil is a go-to option for you. And if you want complete nourishment, then beard balm should be in your grooming products list.

4. Why is beard balm important?

Here are the points to look at for understanding the importance- Healthy and kempt beard, Unruly hairs are better controlled because of its thicker texture, Eliminating the beardruff/beard dandruff hassle by providing sufficient nourishment, Prevents beard itch by moisturizing facial hair, A pleasant aroma for enjoyable beard routine.

5.Is it safe to use beard oil and beard balm together?

The answer to this question is still debatable. As discussed earlier, using beard oil and balm together could be good once in a while situation, making it regular practice might tamper your beard health. Also, what is a matter of concern is that both the products contain natural oils, and applying it together means burdening your beard and skin with excessive oils. And too much natural oils means breakouts and clogging pores. It is only advisable to the man who has a dusky beard and dry skin.


I hope this article finds you well and you must be satisfied with the information. Beard Balm is a topic interrelated with other parent and child products, so that becomes mandatory to discuss.  The benefits and points to consider should go hand in hand following the use of beard balm.  If you know beard balm’s advantages, then only you consider it as your beard grooming product.

We, at Tomfw, strive to deliver accurate information by gathering or sharing personal experiences.  We either use the product or collect the information from the ones who are loyal customers of it.  Our research also includes online product reviews, which give us a piece of information about the product.

Feel free to contact us and share your experience with the grooming products you buy through us.  Also, we would be more than happy to listen to suggestions and feedback from you guys.


Published Date: Oct 8, 2020

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