How to Brush Beard? Say Goodbye to Wrong Steps

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Brushing your facial hair has several benefits to offer; for instance, it stimulates the skin’s natural oils production, which is essential for beards to thrive (it makes your beard look full and luscious).  You may even notice several other benefits of beard brushing but only if you know how to brush beard the right way.

Moreover, you also get rid of pollutants and impurities by brushing your facial hair on a daily basis.

This article is all about introducing you to the benefits of beard brushing, quick steps, the number of times to brush your beard, and the right direction.

So, spend your me-time brushing your beard and making it look voluminous.

6 Major Impacts of Beard Brushing

As discussed in the introduction, brushing your beard promotes natural oil production to moisturize your facial fuzz.  But what else does brushing do?

Here is the complete list of before and after beard brush benefits.

Distributes Beard Care Products Evenly

Beard brushing brings to the table is distributing beard oils and balms evenly.  Since these products are slightly oilier, they are difficult to spread.  That’s where a beard hair brush becomes a much-needed men’s grooming tool.  The bristles spread evenly, irrespective of the product.

Gets Rid of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a result of hair strands bending pointing back towards the skin and growing underneath it.  It happens because the hair shafts are not straightened.  Brushing your facial hair trains them to grow in a certain direction (away from pointing towards the skin).  This way, no hair shaft grows back into the skin, and no suffering from painful ingrown or acne.

Slough Away Impurities

Beard hairs often get exposed to environmental impurities, such as dirt, dust, debris, and food particles.  It gets trapped in hair strands, which slowly makes beards smell foul, eventually deterring the beard’s health.  Brushing down your facial hair removes all the pollutants effectively without causing breakage or damage.

Stimulate Blood Circulation

For beards to thrive, heavy blood flow beneath the facial skin is vital.  Otherwise, the beards would wilt just like the flowers without water.  A Beard hairbrush with boar or horsehair bristles could bring a world of difference.  The tips when coming into contact with facial skin stimulates blood flow, bringing all the essential nutrients to the hair follicles to grow to the fullest.  Along with dryness, brushing your beard even removes beard dandruff.

Adds Moisture & Shine

Beard brushes with boar or horsehair bristles are greater at trapping sebum oils than synthetics bristles.  This ability helps in spreading the natural sebum oils from roots to the tips of every single hair strand.  This way, brushing your beard not only adds moisture but also adds shine to your facial fuzz. 

Say no to dull beards and yes to younger-looking healthy beards.

Puts An End to Split Ends & Breakage

If you are suffering from split ends, frizzy hair, or hair breakage, you are not alone.  Many men, including us, have suffered through split ends.  But after using the boar’s hair bristle brush, the complaints were not repeated.  With the use of a beard hairbrush, you would not only treat beard-related problems but also ensure protection from external damage.

So, these are the benefits of brushing your beard.  Now, let’s know how to use a beard brush so that you can make your facial hair look uniform.

How to Brush Beard in 6 Simple Steps?

how to clean beard brush

Step 1: Wash Your Beard

Washing your beard before brushing is vital since it is important to keep your beard free from debris, food particles, and dirt.  Use a beard wash to wash your beard thoroughly.  If you are a long-bearded guy, make sure you make several plaits for easy cleanup. 

Step 2: Apply Beard Oil or Balm on a Slightly Damp Beard

Applying beard oil or beard balm is essential since it plays a crucial part in making your beard thrive.  Make sure you take two to three drops of beard oil in your hands, rub both hands so that it spreads well, and then massage them to your beards.  Post-application, use your beard hairbrush to spread beard oil evenly so that it covers all the hair strands.

Step 3: Brush Beard Upwards

Once you are done applying beard oil, start brushing the beard upwards.  This way, all the hair strands will be in the same direction, making it easier to wear different beard styles

Step 4: Brush Beard by Following the Beard Growth Direction

Now that you have brushed your beard hairs upward, let’s do it in the hair growth direction.  It means you must start brushing from cheeks towards jawlines. Then move to the upper lip to ensure the mustache also remains uniform.  You should also brush your chin and neckbeard.

Step 5: Brush Down Your Moustache

As discussed in the above point, you must also brush your mustache downwards and towards the outer corners.  If you find any hair strand coming into your mouth, cut it down with scissors.

Step 6: Clean Your Beard Hairbrush

Keeping your beard brush clean is equally important since it collects all the bacteria from the beard, and not cleaning would transfer the same bacteria to its old place.  Use a paper towel to clean your beard hairbrush so that it remains clean every time you brush facial hair.  For more details, you can go through a detailed blog on how to clean beard brushes.

So that’s how you would be able to brush your beard and reap the benefits.  Do you think brushing often means more benefits?  Or should there be any limitation on brushing a beard?  Let’s find it out.

How Often Should You Brush Your Beard Hair?

Many men think brushing often would make the beard clean and promote beard growth.  But that’s not true.  Brushing too frequently in a day could cause hair loss or split ends.

So, it is advisable to brush only once per day.  Doing it after taking a shower will straighten all your hair properly.  But do not brush it immediately post-shower.

Now that you know how often to brush your beard, let’s also know the right direction to train your beard.

Which is the Right Brushing Direction?

After analyzing a lot of professionals and their techniques, this is what you must follow to tame all your hair and give a great finishing touch.

Firstly, start from the neck area and brush towards your chin.  This way, you get a fuller and voluminous look.  Plus, it solves all the tangles.  Sometimes, you may even come across snags, which is when you should not pull but slowly try to solve them. Do not roughly brush or brush too hard.

Once you are done with the neckbeard, start brushing your cheek facial hair in a downward direction towards your jawline.  Do it the same with mustaches but brush towards the outer corner of the lips.  Doing this would train facial hair to not go into the mouth.

So this is how you will explore all the directions when you decide to brush your facial mane.  With this, we end our article here and hope you are ready with your beard hairbrush.


  1. Should you comb or brush your beard?

    The decision to comb or brush depends on what beard length you have, meaning if you are having a shorter beard or just starting to grow, use a beard hairbrush. On the other hand, if you are having a long beard that’s almost four months old, you can start using a beard comb.

  2. Does brushing the beard promote beard growth?

    No, beard brushing doesn’t promise to grow facial hair, but it can ensure blood circulation stimulation. Besides, brushing makes facial hair grow in a natural direction. This way, it ensures a thicker and fuller beard.

  3. How to clean a beard hairbrush?

    Cleaning a beard brush is tricky as well as complicated at times. Most of the time, it is done with the use of a small moustache comb and a small cloth.

  4. When should you brush your beard?

    The best time to brush your beard is after taking a shower. However, do not start brushing a wet beard since there is a high chance of breakage or beard hair loss. Due to this, it is advisable to beard air dry and brush them.

  5. Which bristle type is the best for a beard brush?

    Boar’s hair brush is one of the best bristles types to look for when buying a beard brush. It closely resembles human hair which is great at preserving natural sebum oil. These bristles are also great at detangling puffy facial fuzz.

  6. How to brush a short beard?

    Brushing is advisable when a beard starts to grow. Short beards are the best time to train because once they are long, they do not stay uniform. Brush your beard in a downward direction from the cheeks. Make sure you follow the same practice when brushing on the upper lips. This way, you make a uniform look and expect a neat and clean beard.

  7. Is it good to brush your beard?

    Yes, many men neglect this important grooming step considering it to be less vital. It is one of the biggest mistakes men commit to not brush their beard hairs. If you skip brushing your facial hair, your beard hair traps dirt, dust, debris, and food particles. Brushing once a day would make your beard healthy, neat, and clean.

  8. How should you brush your beard?

    The best way to brush your beard is when it is dry. Brushing your beard wet would damage the hair follicles, leading to breakages and hair fall. Give some time to dry your beard post-shower. While the beard is slightly damp, apply beard oil to soften hair strands.


We hope now you know how to brush beard, plus, the benefits it brings with brushing.  Besides, you also know the best fibre for bristles.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your beard brush and start brushing for a uniform look.

Don’t miss out on applying beard oil for a healthy beard.

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Published Date: May 3, 2024

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