How to Clean Beard Brush in 5 Steps?

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You show all tenderness, love, and care towards your beard, and put all possible efforts into keeping it clean, uniform, and thriving.  But what about the tools that are real heroes behind your healthy-looking beard?

We are talking about one of the silent heroes in your beard-cleaning journey, i.e., beard hairbrush.  Just the way it cleanses your facial hair, it also requires the same treatment.  It means you must know how to clean beard brush.

This article is all about sharing a few brownie points with you for all the efforts you put into keeping your beard healthy.  Plus, we, your friends at TOMFW, also intend to ensure that you do not invest in the wrong products, which is why we are here with the best beard brush suggestion.

So, gently caress your beard and know the right technique to clean your facial hairbrush.

Benefits of Cleaning a Beard Brush

Every beard care product has its own set of benefits to offer but only if they are well-maintained.  Talking about a beard hairbrush; this facial hair care product also has several benefits, which are only enjoyable if you timely clean your brush.

No Transfer of Pollutants

Having dirt, debris, dead skin cells, excess natural oils, and food particles could make your beard smell bad and look messy.  But thanks to a beard brush that does the cleaning part amazingly well.  Just like the beard, the brush should also be cleaned timely.  Otherwise, your efforts in keeping your facial hair clean and odourless would go in vain.  A clean beard brush would ensure clean facial hair.

Long Shelf Life

Since beard brushes are slightly pricey, you would want them to last long.  Now, they do last long but if the bristles are made of boar’s hair.  So, choose a boar bristles beard brush for brushing your luscious facial mane.

Evenly Distributes Beard Care Products

A clean beard brush is great at distributing beard oils, balms, and moisturizers evenly.  That’s what it is made for and that’s what it does excellently well.  Apply quality beard care products and use a beard hairbrush to ensure every hair strand receives nourishment.

So you want to reap all those benefits mentioned above but don’t know how to clean your beard hairbrush.  Don’t worry.  Just gather a few things and you are ready to clean your facial hairbrush.

Essential Tools for Beard Brush Cleaning

Before you start cleaning a dirty beard brush, you must have the following things handy to kickstart the cleaning process.

Small Comb/Old Toothbrush

A comb or toothbrush is essential to clean the brush from the roots.  Since it is a hard-to-reach area, you need something that easily reaches the spot and does washing without much effort.

Cotton Swab/Cleaning Brush

Since the bristles are long and fitted close to each other, the roots are difficult to access.  Cleaning the roots of the bristles is hard, which is why it requires something with a soft head that can reach easily.  A cotton swab does the job well.  Besides, you can even use a brush that comes along with a beard trimmer.

Beard or Baby Shampoo

Use a gentle beard wash or shampoo to clean the bristles thoroughly.  Don’t use a harsh and chemical-packed cleanser.

Cleaning Pick

Another item you could add is a cleaning pick.  Made with a wooden handle and metal rake, it easily gets rid of dirt, links, hair strands, and impurities from the roots of the bristles.

Small Cloth

It is just to gently rub the brush for proper cleaning.

Small Bowl

This is to fill the warm water for cleaning a beard hairbrush.

Now that you have all the essential tools, let’s begin cleaning your beard hairbrush.

How to Clean Beard Brush? (5 Steps)

beard brush wash

Step 1: Start With Bristle’s Tips

If you have a beard-cleaning pick, you can gently start by picking up the hair strands from the tip of the beard brush.  Doing so will clean most of the top layer of the beard brush.  Plus, it prepares you and a beard hairbrush for a thorough cleaning.

As said earlier, if you have a beard bar cleaning tool, you can proceed with this step.  Otherwise, you can start with the next step.

Step 2: Clean the Bristle’s Gaps (Roots)

Use a small comb or cotton swab to insert into the roots of the brush.  This way, you would be able to reach the lower part of the beard brush where most of the gunk is collected.  Slowly, pull the comb or swab upwards, ensuring all the dirt and hair strands are lifted.

You can even use Q-tips or an old toothbrush to scrub away impurities.  Make sure whatever tool you use gets you quick access to dense areas (roots of the brush).

Replace a cotton swab at regular intervals to maintain the cleaning work quality.  You can even shake, blow or tap with your fingers on the head of the brush when the bristles face downwards.

Step 3: Dip Beard Brush in Soapy Water

Take a bowl and fill it with warm water and not hot water since it could damage the brush’s bristles.  Then add some beard shampoo or soap to make the water foamy.

Once you are ready, dip the beard brush under the foamy water.  Rub bristles with your fingers for at least 30 seconds.  Do not overdo it nor dunk the brush under the water for too long.  The water may go into the holes and could cause damage to bristles.

Step 4: Rinse off With a Water

Once you are done washing brushes, it’s time to rinse them off.  Just dip the beard brush into plain water and swirl them.  Doing this gets most of the gunk and other dirt washed away from the bristles.  If at all, you are disappointed, repeat all the steps once it is completely dried.

Step 5: Completely Dry Beard Brush

Once you rinse off, shake the beard brush to remove excess water.  Besides, place the boar bristles brush onto a small cloth so that whatever water has seeped into the holes gets dripped off easily.  Keep the brush-facing bristles on the towel and let the brush dry for a day.  It takes a lot of time to dry since the bristles soak a lot of water.  Do not air-dry your brush with a blow dryer. It could cause more harm than good to bristles.

So that’s how you effectively wipe out hairs, dandruff, dust, debris, and dead skin cells.  Now that you know the technique of cleaning a beard brush, let’s know how often to clean the beard brush.

Should You Clean Beard Brush Frequently?

It depends on the purpose that the beard brush satisfies.

Normally, if the beard hairbrush is used for exfoliating your facial hair, then once in a 3-month cleansing practice should be adopted.

On the other hand, if you use a beard brush for distributing beard care products, such as beard oil, beard balm, or beard moisturizer, then we would suggest washing the beard tool twice a year.  And that’s because there is nothing that is going to get stuck in the bristles.

However, if you still want a clean brush, you can use a cotton swab or a small comb regularly to remove hair.  It enhances its appearance and makes it look newly bought.  But do not wash it frequently.

Does the beard brush last forever?  It is one of the important questions since you are spending quite a good amount on it.  If not, then when should you look for another product?  Get yourself answered with the next section.

Should You Replace Beard Brush?

No, beard care products last long and one must replace them after several years.  Now what matters when?

  • When the handle and bristle quality are inferior:

That’s a red flag since it won’t last long, cause harm to your hair and skin, and puts a hole in your pocket.

Such plastic-made beard brushes cause damage to hair follicles, which eventually lead to hair fall.

  • When bristles start shedding:

Even if you buy a high-quality beard hairbrush, it requires a replacement if you do not put the effort into upkeeping it.  Keeping your premium beard hairbrush dirty and unhygienic could deter its performance, plus, your money goes into vain.

We hope you know when to say goodbye to the old one and welcome a new facial hairbrush to your cleaning regimen.  Now let’s quickly look at some do’s and don’ts.

Do’s & Don’ts of Beard Brush Cleaning

  • Ensure that you do make a habit of dry-cleaning your beard brush at least twice a week.  A daily dry cleaning would be much better.
  • Don’t shampoo your beard hairbrush excessively since it softens the coarseness of your brush.
  • Don’t brush your beard when wet since it can cause hair fall, hair loss, or shedding.
  • Do make a habit of storing your brush under proper air circulation.
  • Don’t wash your brush using hot water.
  • Don’t let your brush be exposed to debris and dirt.
  • Do make sure that you dry your beard brush for a day since it retains a lot of moisture.

So, these are the do’s and don’ts to consider before, during, and after washing a brush.   Now that you know how to provide proper care to your brush for the facial mane, let’s quickly answer some frequently asked questions.


  1. Which is the best beard brush?

    If you are asking for one of the beard brushes that stands out from the rest, then it is a Cremo beard brush. It is made from boar’s bristles and wood. It works amazingly well on beard lengths. Plus, it spreads any given beard care product without messing with products. Lastly, it is durable, easy to use and wash.

  2. Can I use a beard hairbrush in the shower?

    No, you cannot use a beard hairbrush in the shower. It may cause breakage and damage to your facial hair follicles. You must only use the brush when both the beard tool and hairs are dry.

  3. How to clean a dirty beard?

    Shampooing is one of the best ways to clean a dirty beard. Another best way is to run a comb or brush through the beard to remove all unwanted external impurities.


With this, you know every single detail of beard brushes. From bristle types to washing and from maintaining to do’s and don’ts, nothing is left to uncover.  Bring the best-in-class bristle brush and start to clean as discussed in the article.  Plus, it doesn’t take much of your time.  A clean brush promises a clean beard – what else do you want!

Share this article with your bearded friend, dad, or any man who’s finding a solution to remove impurities from both brush and beard.


Published Date: Feb 15, 2024

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