Top 20 Best Beard Styles To Have In 2024

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Your stubble isn’t just a bunch of hair on your face—it mirrors your persona. Much like how a signature reveals much about a person, your beard is a testament to your character and the image you choose to show the world. In this manual, we will navigate through a variety of beard styles, each with its distinctive combination of allure and character.

No matter if you’re chasing an untamed, adventurous appearance or a clean, refined demeanour, there exists an ideal beard style tailored for you. Prepare to delve into the facial hair universe and unveil the style that resonates with your uniqueness and way of living.

Embrace your beard as the ultimate expression of your identity, letting each hair articulate the essence of who you truly are!

Beards Through Time: A Brief Journey

Having laid the groundwork with our opening, it’s time to delve deeper into the realm of beard maintenance. The practice of beard shaping goes beyond mere looks—it’s a cultural movement that has been developing for ages.

From the societies of antiquity to the fashion statements of the contemporary era, the methods by which we tend to our facial hair have consistently been linked with ideas of manhood, identity, and personal expression. Delving into the extensive history and cultural importance of beard maintenance offers valuable perspectives on why some styles remain popular while others have disappeared into the annals of history.

Thus, before we dive into detailing short beard configurations, we should pause to honour the enduring craft of beard maintenance.

Next, we’ll uncover the top 10 short beard configurations that have withstood the passage of time.

Top 10 Short Beard Styles

1. Stubble Beard:

stubble beard style

Cultivating the effortlessly cool 5 o’clock shadow bestows a natural, confident aura with its low upkeep yet significant impact, sculpting your facial outline.

Its versatility shines, fitting perfectly whether it’s a laid-back weekend or a more refined daily look. A mere few days of growth can gift you the enviable 5 o’clock shadow that boosts your facial characteristics and radiates a masculine vibe.

  • Requires minimal upkeep
  • Sculpt the facial outline
  • Strikes a balance between casual and refined
  • Flatters a variety of facial shapes

2. Chin Curtain Beard:

chin curtain beard style

Choosing a jawline beard projects sophistication and maturity. This style emphasizes clean, sharp lines that frame the face with finesse and elegance. Cultivating your beard to trace your jawline and maintaining it with regular trims lend a polished and commanding presence.

This beard is versatile, making a bold statement in the corporate world or social settings, showcasing your confidence and readiness for any challenge.

  • Defines the jaw with clean lines
  • Highlights facial contours
  • The epitome of elegance and maturity
  • Demands consistent grooming

3. Petite Goatee Beard:

petite goatee beard style

The petite goatee injects a mix of edginess and personality while keeping things subtle and classy.

Crafting a small but precise patch of hair on the chin puts your face’s architecture into the spotlight, lending a touch of refinement to your look. Ideal for a laid-back denim day or an elegant evening out, the petite goatee caps off any outfit with grace.

  • Compact and tidy
  • Highlights the chin as a focal point
  • Easy to groom and versatile
  • Fits both formal and casual styles

4. Anchor Beard:

anchor beard style

The anchor beard, with its striking resemblance to its namesake, marks your presence with bold confidence. Merging a neatly trimmed mustache with a pointed beard that traces the jawline, it crafts an impactful and cool demeanour.

This beard style makes you stand out, whether on an urban adventure or leading in a professional setting, signalling a person of determination and boldness.

  • Distinctive, anchor-like shape
  • Features a mustache and pointed chin beard
  • Bold and unique image
  • Precision trimming needed

5. Balbo Beard:

balbo beard style

The Balbo beard, through its neat and precise accents, adds a layer of fineness to your appearance, adaptable to any occasion. It includes a carefully trimmed mustache disconnected from a chic chin beard, embodying both a classic and modern allure.

Keeping it well-defined ensures a polished and professional image, perfect for elevating your style whether at formal events or casual outings.

  • Separate mustache and chin beard
  • Classic with a modern touch
  • Elevates sophistication
  • Best for formal occasions

6. Zappa Beard

zappa beard style

Channelling the free-spirited vibe with the Zappa beard, inspired by the iconic Frank Zappa, merges boldness with finesse. This style stands out with a voluminous mustache and a neatly trimmed beard, mirroring Zappa’s distinctive aesthetic.

Maintaining a lengthy mustache while keeping the beard short and clean-cut delivers a look that’s audacious yet refined, ideal for making an impression in any scene.

  • Voluminous mustache with a tidy beard
  • Reflects Frank Zappa’s iconic look
  • Bold and refined projection
  • Edgy, distinctive style

7. Hollywoodian Beard:

hollywoodian beard style

Revisiting classic glamour with the Hollywoodian beard, marrying a trimmed mustache with a lush, rounded beard offers a timeless yet updated style. This look, reminiscing about Hollywood’s golden era, pairs a neat mustache with a full beard for a sophisticated flair.

By refining the edges while allowing moderate beard growth, you capture a balance between the past and present, suitable for a range of occasions.

  • Trimmed mustache paired with a full beard
  • Inspired by classic Hollywood
  • Timeless, sophisticated vibe
  • Adds a polished touch to your looks

8. Chin Puff Beard:

chin puff beard style

The chin puff introduces an element of mystery and intrigue, centring around a distinct patch of hair beneath the lower lip. Keeping the face otherwise smooth while spotlighting the chin puff generates a look that’s subtle yet compelling, imbuing a dash of edgy elegance to your persona.

  • A singular patch of hair under the lower lip
  • Understated, yet compelling
  • Brings an edge to your presence
  • Low-key maintenance required

9. Handlebar Beard:

handlebar beard style

Exhibiting sophistication and virility, the combination of a neatly tailored mustache with a compact, rounded chin beard makes a polished and assertive declaration. Drawing inspiration from the classic handlebar style, this beard look is marked by a long, neatly groomed mustache and a petite, rounded beard.

Ensuring the mustache remains elongated with curled tips while the beard stays well-trimmed presents an aura of elegance and masculinity, spotlighting your taste wherever you go.

  • Elegantly groomed mustache with curls
  • Petite, rounded chin coverage
  • Merges vintage charm with a contemporary twist
  • Styling products needed for maintenance

10. Sparrow Beard:

sparrow beard style

Embrace an adventurous spirit with the Sparrow’s beard, sculpting your lengthy beard into a sleek, tapered profile for a daring and robust expression. This choice suits those unafraid to make a statement, characterized by its extended, tapered form that culminates in a sharp point.

Letting the beard flourish while carving it into a dynamic, sleek form showcases an untamed, masculine edge, ideal for the fearless at heart.

  • Extended, sharply tapered design
  • For the bold and intrepid
  • Conveys a rugged, compelling charm
  • Regular grooming to maintain form and volume

After exploring the top ten styles for short beards, our attention now turns towards the longer, bolder beard options.

Top 10 Long Beard Styles

1. Ducktail Beard:

ducktail beard style

Adopt a look that’s as unique as you are with the ducktail beard, shaping your lengthy beard to a pointed finish, creates an aura of sophistication and rugged beauty. It’s a celebration of personal flair, ensuring your personality gets the spotlight it deserves.

  • Grows long and finishes with a sharp point
  • Blends toughness with sophistication
  • Enhances your face’s visual appeal
  • Demands consistent trimming to keep its shape

2. Dutch Beard:

dutch beard style

The Dutch beard makes an impactful declaration, pairing a full beard with the mustache, resulting in a look that’s both eye-catching and enigmatic.

  • Maintains a lush beard while eliminating the mustache
  • Presents a bold and dramatic visual
  • Draws focus to your facial structure, adding mystery
  • Needs meticulous shaving for sharp demarcation

3. Bandholz Beard:

bandholz beard style

The Bandholz beard loudly pronounces your presence, its unfettered long and full growth embodying rugged charm and self-assurance.

  • Celebrates untamed, masculine growth
  • Emphasizes ruggedness and masculinity
  • Patience is key to achieving volume
  • Dominates any room with its commanding aura

4. Verdi Beard:

verdi beard style

The Verdi’s beard captures elegance through a neatly trimmed mustache paired with a compact, rounded beard, offering a blend of ageless grace and modern finesse.

  • Showcases a tidy mustache and a curved beard
  • Timeless, elegant presentation
  • Lends a sophisticated edge to your look
  • Perfect for upscale events

5. Extended Goatee Beard:

extended goatee beard style

The extended goatee keeps things sleek yet adds a sophisticated flair by allowing the beard and mustache to grow longer, presenting an evolved take on the classic goatee.

  • Enhances the traditional goatee with length
  • Subtly sophisticated
  • Adapts well to various settings
  • Regular grooming needed to maintain form

6. French Fork Beard:

french fork beard style

Embrace a look that’s out of the ordinary with the French fork beard, its split bottom offering a distinctive, rugged vibe.

  • Ends in a unique, forked split
  • Stands out as bold and non-traditional
  • Brings a wild charm to your look
  • Requires upkeep for a sharp appearance

7. Warrior Beard:

viking beard style

Inspired by ancient warriors, the warrior beard, or Viking beard, showcases a long, majestic flow, signalling unyielding grit and determination.

  • Long and majestic, embodying the warrior spirit
  • Represents strength and endurance
  • Commands attention with its presence
  • Growing it out takes time and care

8. Yeard Beard:

yeard beard style

A testament to patience, the Yeard demands letting your beard grow freely for a whole year, embracing its wild, untamed character.

  • A year’s worth of natural beard growth
  • Reflects commitment to the beard journey
  • Results in a rugged, natural look
  • Patience and endurance are necessary

9. Garibaldi Beard:

garibaldi beard style

Named after the iconic Italian general, the Garibaldi beard’s full, rounded form communicates boldness and masculinity, ensuring you stand out with a commanding vibe.

  • Full and rounded, oozing with character
  • Rugged and masculine
  • Enhances your face with a burly charm
  • Regular trimming is required for neatness

10. Wizard Beard:

wizard beard style

The wizard beard, long and flowing with an unrestrained feel, captures the essence of mystique and wisdom, perfect for those inclined towards an enchanting appearance.

  • Long, flowing, with a natural look
  • Breathes an air of mystery and wisdom
  • Adds personality and depth to your appearance
  • Minimal grooming for a liberated style

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1. How do I choose my beard style?

Selecting the ideal beard style involves understanding your face shape, preferences, and grooming ease. Trying out various styles or consulting with a professional can further personalize your choice.

2. What is the most popular beard style?

Beard styles’ popularity fluctuates with trends and cultural shifts. Staples like the stubble, ducktail, and goatee remain beloved choices, though preferences vary widely.

3. What length of the beard is most attractive?

Attractiveness is subjective, varying between shorter, groomed beards and longer, fuller ones. The key is finding what boosts your confidence and suits your style.


To put it briefly, your beard goes beyond merely acting as facial hair—it’s a medium for expressing yourself. Each displayed style, be it sleek and short or wild and lengthy, presents its way to enhance your personality and declare your unique style.

Thus, dive in, tinker, and pinpoint the beard style that truly echoes with you. Allow your beard to evolve into your hallmark feature, portraying your distinctiveness through every hair.

Please, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below! We’d love to hear about your beard adventures, your top picks for styles, or which one you believe matches you the best. Your stories and preferences are invaluable, they might motivate someone else in their pursuit of the perfect beard.

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Published Date: Feb 21, 2024

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