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No shave November is quite near and you might have started keeping your scissors and trimmers away for at least a month.  Well, I have already kept it in my grooming kit and won’t be touching it till mid-December.  But this doesn’t mean that you won’t need any of the grooming tools.

As soon as your beard and mustache start growing, it requires a proper combing to teach it to grow in a particular position.  That’s where the best mustache comb is useful.  A grooming cum styling product.  A mustache comb not only tames your stache but also keeps it clean, kempt, and removes external unwanted elements. It is very different from a regular beard comb.

Best Mustache Combs (Quick Comparison)

Rhode Island Novelty 9 Inch Stainless Steel Switch-Blade Combs Pack of 2

Rhode Island Novelty 9 Inch Stainless Steel Switch-Blade Combs Pack of 2

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Colonel Ichabod Conk Mini Moustache Comb

Colonel Ichabod Conk Mini Moustache Comb

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KENT 81T “Freddie” Handmade Beard Mustache Comb

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Swissco Tortoise Moustache/Boot Comb

Swissco Tortoise Moustache/Boot Comb

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Kent 20T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb

Kent 20T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb

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Bossman Pocket Size Sandalwood Mustache Comb

Bossman Pocket Size Sandalwood Mustache Comb

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Rhode Island Stainless Steel Pocket Comb

Rhode Island Novelty 9 Inch Stainless Steel Switch-Blade Combs Pack of 2
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Functionality: Switchblade action
  • Add on: Comes with a lock switch, mustache comb

A Switchblade comb is probably one of the outstanding beard care products as it is made from metal that is quite attractive to youngsters.  The stainless steel beard and mustache comb is 9 inches when open, and 5 inches when unopened.  

The mustache comb is also good for shorter facial hair.  It can trim your mustache hair.   These types of metal combs are made from high-quality steel and are unbreakable.  Also, it comes at a very economical price but that doesn’t mean that the company compromises on the quality of the product.   It is one of the best beard tools for youngsters.

  • Opens with button
  • Straightening facial hair becomes easy
  • Affordable
  • Not pocket-size
  • Good handle but less space for a beard comb

Colonel Ichabod Mustache Comb

Colonel Ichabod Conk Mini Moustache Comb
  • Material: Plastic
  • Functionality: Combs neatly and has a handle
  • Add on: Ideal for beard and mustache

What I like about this Colonel Ichabod Mustache Comb is it perfectly shapes your facial hair, especially the mustache.  Also, it is compact, lightweight, and easily fits into a pocket.  The length of the mustache comb is 4 inches with 46 teeth and is made from hard plastic, making it durable and long-lasting.

The comb falls short in terms of material as being made up of plastic material, it becomes more prone to static and friction that might cause damage to hair.  However if you are looking for something affordable and handy, then you can go for this plastic comb.

  • Easy to hold onto and durable
  • Pocket size makes it preferable
  • Sturdy & Affordable
  • Plastic made
  • Cannot be used with a blow dryer
  • Static cause damage to hair

Kent 81T Pocket Comb

  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Functionality: Effortlessly comb and removes dirt from mustache
  • Add on: Handmade beard combs with rounded tips

Kent 81T is one of the most versatile beard products on the list as it can comb beards, mustaches, sideburns, goatees, and even head hair.  Its fine tooth covers all the mustache and beard hair and shapes in a particular position.  Kent comb can excellently detangle and make the beard and mustache knot-free.

Kent comb is saw cut with rounded edges, making them smoother and wonderful even on the skin underneath the beard.  It helps in stimulating hair growth.  These cellulose acetate combs are durable and pocket-size.  You might be thinking that cellulose acetate is also known as plastic, but it is non-petroleum high-quality plastic that creates less static.

  • Use it with your best beard oils, beard balms, or beard waxes
  • Straighten your short, medium, and long beard and moustache
  • 3 pack comb set
  • No snagging and pulling off a beard
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Tactile, durable, flexible
  • Too small

Swissco Tortoise Mustache Comb

Swissco Tortoise Moustache/Boot Comb
  • Material: Tortoiseshell
  • Functionality: Rounded teeth to make hair tangle-free
  • Add on: 12-step processing for the finest quality

Swissco beard comb is not only a comb for facial hair but also a conversation starter.  You see it has an attractive handle that is shaped like female legs with boots.  Along with shaping and beard straightening, it holds the attention of users with its design.

This mustache and beard comb is made of strong imitation tortoiseshell, individually cut, and given rounded edges so that it doesn’t scratch away hair or scalp.  Unlike other beard combs, it has quite a longer handle, giving a comfortable and attractive hold onto it.  It simply glides through and removes tangles, knots, and unwanted particles.

  • Made from tortoiseshell
  • Individually cut and polished
  • Works well on shorter beards
  • Undergoes 12-step process for the finest quality
  • Doesn’t work well on longer & fuller beards
  • Not pocket-size

Kent 20T Folding Comb

Kent 20T Handmade Folding Pocket Comb
  • Material: Cellulose Acetate
  • Functionality: Perfectly styles and detangles, pocket-size
  • Add on: Foldable comb with rounded teeth, mustache & beard comb

Kent folding beard comb is known for its superior quality.  This folding comb is finely-toothed and made of cellulose acetate.  Another compact product from Kent is only 3 inches making it comfortable to hold. The folding best beard comb is pocket-size and is perfect to include in a beard grooming kit.

The handmade beard comb comes with rounded edges, making it smoother to stimulate mustache and beard growth.  The folding hair comb is equipped with a clip so that you can clip it into your pocket.  Clipping it into the pocket will save it from falling off from the pocket.

  • Hand polished pocket comb
  • Qualitative product
  • Saw cut & folding comb
  • Expensive product
  • Quality of clip is not superior

Bossman Wooden Comb

Bossman Pocket Size Sandalwood Mustache Comb
  • Material: Sandalwood
  • Functionality: Anti-static, detangle and tames unruly mustache hair
  • Add on: Comes with a leather case, pocket-size, beard and mustache comb

Bossman’s sandalwood mustache comb is double-sided and made of the highest quality red sandalwood.  It is efficient in taming facial hair and shaping a beard in a particular position.   The beard comb caters to any type of hair as it has fine and wide teeth that can smoothly untangle and make your mustache or beard knot-free.

This sandalwood beard comb guarantees its durability and untangling and delivers effective results.  The size of this beard mustache comb is hardly 4 inches, making it one of the finest pocket beard comb products.  Also, it is quite affordable.  What falls short is the sandalwood may change its color with time.

  • Budget-friendly comb for mustache
  • Comes with leather case for the safety of comb
  • Convenient & Portable
  • Fine & Wide teeth
  • Beard mustache comb may change colour with the time

Looking at the in-depth review, you might be confused with the material, features, pros, and cons.  And that’s why the types of beard combs are separated to simplify your journey and knowledge.

Types of Mustache Combs

Brushing your beard and mustache with a regular beard brush or hair comb may result in hair loss.  If you are dedicated to growing your facial hair and giving it proper combing and styling, then you should capitalize on high-quality mustache combs.

There are different types of mustache combs in the market based on the material. These are wooden, metal, and plastic combs.  And choosing the best beard combs out of it could be time-consuming.  But you don’t need to worry about it, this article will give you a wealth of information, and make your decision easier to buy.

types of mustache combs


Wood is one of the preferred materials while crafting mustache combs.  It’s because the wooden combs are saw-cut and polished.  And its rounded teeth make sure that it smoothly works on the beard and skin beneath it.  The rounded edges of the wooden beard combs gently massage and stimulate hair growth.

Also, it is anti-static material, meaning it doesn’t damage the beard and mustache hair.  The only drawback of the wood comb is; it is fragile and would easily break off as compared to the other material used in crafting the beard and mustache combs.

Bossman wood comb uses sandalwood for crafting wooden comb.


Plastics are of two types; synthetics and original plastic.  Synthetic plastics include cellulose acetate as a material that is stamp-cut and polished with rounded edges. It works similarly to wood combs, stimulating hair growth.  But they are durable as compared to wood.

On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid original plastic combs because of their cheap quality and sharp edges.  Also, it can cause static that damages the hair scalp, resulting in skin irritation and hair loss.

Kent 81T is made of synthetic plastic material.


Durability is not at all a point of consideration if your wishlist has a metal comb in it. This beard comb is a thin and minimalist design, making it lightweight and easy to use on your beard and mustache.

This will last long forever, but the drawback of the comb is; that it is made from steel, and there are chances of rusting if exposed to water for a longer duration.  Also, it is not static-free, which means it might damage hair.

Rhode Island uses metal for crafting beard comb


Bone or Horn, especially ox horn beard combs aren’t easily available at the beauty salons or men’s accessories stores.  But they have gained a lot of popularity.  A part of the men’s population preferred to use ox horn comb for styling and shaping their long beards and mustache.

You can expect a smooth, comfortable, and amazing combining experience as it is hand-polished and mostly handcrafted.

The badass comb uses Ox Horn for crafting beard comb.

Now that you have seen everything about a mustache comb, the only information that you must know is the importance of the mustache comb.  So, let’s have a glance over it.

Benefits Of Mustache Comb

A mustache is a part of facial hair and should be given equal importance.  Often, people neglect the mustache and it starts growing wildly.  You have to keep an eye on your beard as well as your mustache, and should not compromise on beard and mustache care.

Washing, trimming, and applying beard wax, beard oil, or beard balm–  all come under the beard regimen but what is left is proper mustache combing.  If you forget to comb your beard regularly, you might see stray mustache hairs tickling your nose and lips, and curls entering your mouth.

These stubborn stray hairs will help you in the future so you should avoid trimming at the earlier stages.  What you can do is train your hair to grow in a particular direction.  And for this, you can either use a quality mustache comb or apply the best beard wax for men.  Applying wax directly isn’t advisable.  You need to clean your mustache with a comb.  

Along with cleaning debris and dirt, there are many other benefits, which are as follows:

benefits of mustache comb

Whiskers-free mouth

Beard combs are useful when you want to restrict your whiskers from entering or tickling your mouth and nose.  And when you want to shape your beard and mustache.  Also, when you want to keep your beard and mustache kempt and away from food particles.  Basically,  beard combs are multi-use and take proper care of your beard and mustache.

Restricts Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are those whiskers that are curled and grown under the skin.  It is a horrendous experience that I have gone through, and that’s why I suggest you regularly comb and restrict these hairs from growing under the skin.  Regular combing trains your beard and mustache to grow in an appropriate direction.

Detangles Beard & Mustaches

Beard brushes are good till the point when the beards grow longer and you find it challenging to reach deeper hairs.  As the beard brushes are restricted, there are chances of beards or mustaches getting tangled and knotted.  Here, a quality mustache comb with finely-toothed will detangle and make it look free.  It can reach deeper hair, making it knot-free.

Distributes Oil Evenly

There are two types of oil; beard oil & sebum oil.  Sebum oil is a natural oil that comes out of the skin that fulfills the nourishing and moisturizing needs of facial hair.   On the other hand,  beard oils are a blend of natural ingredients that cater to the skin’s requirements.  Now the question is; do both the oils spread evenly?  Here, a mustache comb plays a vital role in distributing the oil evenly.  Glide it through your hair and let the nutrients reach the hair roots.

The article ends here but I know you must have a few lists of questions.  So, let’s answer those


How often should I comb my mustache?

If you comb thrice to quadruple times a day, that’s totally fine. It won’t damage your beard, rather it will keep it neat, tidy, and straight. Besides, if you use beard brushes to brush your beard more than one time a day, you are damaging your beard. Combing is good but brushing excessively isn’t advisable.

Which material to choose while buying a mustache comb?

Basically, there are 5 types of combs; wooden, metal, plastic, bone/horn, and heated comb. And for proper beard care, you must use either a wood beard comb or combs made of cellulose acetate. The wood comb is anti-static, and cellulose acetate has less static, which won’t harm or damage hair.

How should I comb my mustache?

You should face your mustache downwards, and then comb it on each side out. You can also use beard scissors to cut, in case, you encounter stray hairs.


A single Beard comb can bring a lot of changes to your look. From looking shaggy to a perfectly groomed man, combs play a crucial role in beard and hair care.  This should be in your beard care kit without a miss.  You should look for beard comb materials and teeth while buying a perfect comb for yourself or for your loved ones.

We, at Tomfw, strive to gather a wealth of information for our readers to turn customers so that they won’t find any hassle while purchasing.  Also, you can share your valuable feedback and suggestions. We’d wholeheartedly welcome it.  Do connect with us for more such good reads and join our customer league.

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Published Date: Apr 12, 2024

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