How to Shape a Beard That Suits Your Face?

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Many men often complain about their beards not being in good shape; some say it grows more on one side, while some complaint about patchiness in their beards.  Therefore, it becomes important to learn how to shape a beard.  Besides, you must also know what beard shape looks good on your face for which, you will require to know your face shape.

Moreover, what set of beard grooming tools you should have and which will require when is important for you to know.  So, keep reading the article and understand how to shape different beard lengths and other facial hairy parts.

Determine Your Face Shape

Before knowing how to shape your beard, you must determine your face shape.  Sculpting your beard without knowing the facial shape may ruin your look, so it is better to know how much beard length to keep and what suits you the best.

Oval Shape

Men with the Oval face shape have a wider forehead with slightly narrower cheekbones and rounded jawlines.  Count yourself lucky if you are oval face-shaped since it is the most versatile shape on the list.  Any beard style suits this face shape, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Keep the bushy beard on the sides (cheeks) and short hair on the chin area for an even and voluminous finish.  Also, you must straighten your facial hair if it gets frizzy.

Square Shape

A square face shape is wider at all angles, including a wider forehead, cheekbones, and jawlines.  In our opinion, the circle beard with chiseled jawlines and elongating chin best suits the shape.  It balances out the square proportions.  Balbo beard is another beard shape that square facial features men can wear.  It has no floating and trimmed mustache and sideburns.

Tip: Do not form sharp angles when shaping square faces since it can ruin your overall shape.

Triangle Shape

Men with wider cheekbones, prominent chins, and smaller foreheads are known as triangular face shapes.  Generally, bushy hair doesn’t look nice on a triangular face shape because of the wide chin area.  Also, this face shape should not be emphasized on the chin beard.

The triangular face must wear a stubble beard and a mustache to draw attention toward the upper area of the face.  

Round Face Shape

You will find round edges from all sides with a softer jawline than other face shapes.  It works well even with a triangular face shape.  Keep short hairs on your cheeks and sideburns.

You must grow hair on the neck and chin to elongate your face.  You can also try a chin strap and goatee as a beard style to match the round face shape.

Diamond Face Shape

The narrow jawline and forehead with wider cheekbones are known as Diamond-shaped faces.  Such face shapes can wear a full beard, chin strap and mustache combo, and goatee.

Another thing you can do with a Diamond-shape face is to grow hair on the cheeks and chin.  Do not grow whiskers too long on the chin; just make it a square shape on the chin.

Oblong Face Shape

A tall and rectangular face with rounded corners is known as an oblong face.  The forehead is broad and equivalent to jawlines and cheekbones.

This shape gives you the freedom to grow a beard on the sides and cheeks.  However, the chin beard should be short.  Moreover, you need to keep your neck clean and neat.  The famous beard style you can wear is mutton-chops, goatee, and a full beard.

Heart-Shaped Face  

A wide forehead with rounded cheekbones and a small chin are features of Heart-shaped faces.  It is also known as an inverse of a triangular shape.  

We suggest growing a full beard, especially below the chin and jawlines, to give an angular look to heart-shaped faces.  Growing hair on the chin will fill out the weak chin and jawlines.  You can also grow a long and thick beard on your Jawline.

Now that you know what shape your face is, you must know what tools are required to sculpt your beard according to these shapes.

Gather Beard Shaping Tools

beard shaping

Beard shaping will be a dream if you remain unequipped with the right set of beard shaping tools.  Here, we are going to discuss the four vital tools that will help you shape your beard.

Beard Shaping Tool

Talking about shaping facial hair and not giving credit to a beard shaping tool is not worthy.  The shaping tool will allow you to style your sideburns and beard.  Also, it will help you carve your cheek lines on both sides of your face.  Furthermore, it will help you create a clean beard neckline.  Just place the tool on hair that you neither want to shave nor trim.

Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer is one of the men’s grooming tools that has gained popularity within a few years of its inception.  A high-quality beard trimmer lets you clean and trim the stray hairs and shapes your beard the way you want.  

Beard Scissors

Why should you use a sword when the needle suffices; this famous saying closely relates to beard scissors.  Where most beard trimmers fail, a pair of high-quality scissors suffices.  A high-quality stainless steel scissor is the best for trimming and shaping your facial hair.

Razor or Shaver

Traditional razors or electric shavers should also reserve a part of your grooming arsenal since they also contribute to shaping your facial hair.  There are multiple shaving tools to choose from, which are cartridge, safety, electric, and straight.  You can go through each of them to know which one fits your requirement and convenience.

Since you are equipped with the right set of tools, it’s time to consider a few things before getting the right shape for your beard.

Things to Consider Before Beard Shaping 

The actual game begins once you determine the shape of your face:

Let the Beard Grow

beard shapes

Growing a beard is not an overnight job; it requires time and patience.  Besides, it also involves no-trimming for at least 6-8 weeks.  During this time, your facial hair will grow evenly from all sides of your face.

Select the Best Beard Styles

how to trim a long beard

Picking up any beard style is one of the biggest mistakes men commit. Always pick a beard shape that complements your face.  It will enhance your appearance and make you look better.  Symmetry is something that you have to achieve when shaping your beard.  Here, oval faces are advantageous since they can try different beard shapes.  

When & How to Trim

Once you grow your beard to a certain length, it’s time to maintain it with the help of trimming tools.  You also need to wash off your facial hair before starting to trim.  Allow your beard hair to dry before cutting as you don’t want to trim off excess hair.  After drying, use a beard brush or comb to straighten your beard hair.  It will not only give you an idea of beard length but also remove oil build-ups.  Besides, it also prevents knots and gives you an exact idea of beard length.  Lastly, you should apply light pressure when gliding a razor on the face.

Keep Beard Intact

how to shape beard

Trimming is not the only solution; you must also keep your beard in shape throughout the day.  Beard balm or wax will do the job for you.  It will hold your facial hair to stay intact, shape, hydrated, and soft.  Apply everything after washing and drying your beard.  It is a general rule of thumb.

Wash Your Beard

beard shaper

As said, washing is the primary step once you grow your beard.  The new growth will often cause beard itch, so it is advisable to wash your beard to keep the pollutants at bay.  Use a towel to pat dry your beard, and do not vigorously rub the towel.  Once the hair is dry, moisturize them with a good beard moisturizer.  It will prevent dryness and help in shaping your beard, too.

Apply Beard Oil

how to draw facial hair

Talking about moisturizing and shaping the beard and not giving credit to beard oil is unfair.  It is one of the best beard grooming products that you can use, irrespective of beard growth.  It will also help in maintaining the shape of your beard.

Give Beard Appropriate Direction

Once you shape your beard in a way that complements your face, it’s time to maintain the beard shape.  Trim at regular intervals, brush down the beard, and use a soft hold styler to hold your beard throughout the day.

Offer Supplements

beard sculpting

Add milk, nuts, and green vegetables to your diet to offer supplements to your beard.  The beard will thrive with the intake of vitamins and minerals.  Every single step towards caring for your beard will give the best results.

Visit Barber

trimmed beard styles

If you are shaping your beard for the first time, we suggest you visit a professional barber since they have been doing this all the time, so they know how and what to do.  Failing to see a barber may ruin your beard line and mess things up.  

Match Beard Style with Hair Style

Hairstyle is another factor to consider for beard shape after face.  It is important to match the beard shape with your hairstyle to make the appearance attractive.  Besides, weight and symmetry are other factors to consider when matching beard shape and head hairstyle.  For bald guys, we recommend a short beard.  Contrary to this, a full head hair guy can sport any beard length.  

Tools for Your Beard

Trimming and shaping tools are the heart of your beard shaping regimen.  You cannot even think about shaping your beard without appropriate tools and accessories.  If you have made up your mind to do everything on your own, beard grooming tools are the first thing to add to your arsenal.  These are scissors, beard trimmers, traditional and modern shavers.

These are beard shaping tips you must keep in mind to learn how to trim and shape a beard. Since you know how to do it theoretically, let’s also know it practically.

How to Shape a Beard?

Beard shaping session includes trimming cheek line, neckline, and mustache.  They are essential parts of your face that need to be shaped and trimmed to maintain the shape of your beard.

So let’s understand it step-wise:

Step 1: Sideburns

Most men neglect the sideburns, but it plays a crucial role in shaping your beard.  Also, it is confusing since it can be the beginning of the beard or merely an extension of head hair. Therefore, we recommend trimming your beard not too much at the beginning to be on the safer side. 

Trim your sideburns in such a way that it looks more like a beard and not a normal head hair extension.  Though you shape it to make it look like a beard, you still need to match it with your hairstyle.

If you are planning a short hairstyle, shave off the hair at the top of the ears.  On the contrary, if you’re growing longer hair, let the sideburns grow.

Step 2: Beard Neckline

The neckline is responsible for your beard to offer a more natural look.  Failing to keep an eye on the beard neckline can ruin your overall appearance.  If you know where to start cutting off, you can begin trimming or cutting the neckline.  According to experts, the neckline should be 1-1.5 inches above Adam’s apple.

Step 3: Jawlines

It is important to maintain a strong jawline for a manly look.  You can achieve it by trimming and shaping jaw angles near your ear lobes.  You can also create a more prominent look by fading away around the beard neckline.

Step 4: Cheeklines

You must start shaping your beard from the cheeks since it has less bulk than the chin area.  Also, it doesn’t require maintenance, and the facial hair starts sprouting up more without going shorter with time.  Keep an eye on stray hairs and cut them as and when you see them.  You must maintain a balance between tidiness and volume when shaping cheek lines.

Here is the video tutorial:

So these were general steps to shape your beard, which we hope, you know how to do precisely.  Now let’s go one step ahead and see the shaping of shorter beards.

How to Shape Short Beard?

Short beards are easy to shape and maintain than longer beards.  Also, they are widely accepted and suit any dress code.  Besides, they do not require heavy spending on maintenance.  So, let’s know how to shape them:

how to shape a short beard

Step 1: Cut off Unwanted Hairs

Unwanted hairs include excess hair or fly-aways, which grow in opposite directions and remain different from other facial hair.  These hairs should be cut on to maintain the look.  And it is only possible with trimming tools, such as trimmers or scissors.  The trimmer or scissor cuts the stray hair to a certain length wherein it matches other hair.  

Step 2: Start Trimming Your Beard

Using a trimmer will give you an advantage in length settings.  Initially, it is advisable to use guards for less hair removal and then start trimming on each side of the face.  Continue trimming till you achieve a short beard look.  

Another way is trimming using scissors; you can comb beard hair against the grain and start trimming.  Be very patient when working with scissors and achieve a shorter beard.

Step 3: Have A Plan In Mind

It is important to know what beard you want before starting the trimming sessions.  You must know how your beard neckline should look and what amount of thickness you want on your facial hair.  You can also trim the above cheeks to keep your beard neat and clean.

Step 4: Start Shaping

After setting up your expectations, start trimming and giving shape to your neck and cheek line.  Do not forget to trim the hair on the soul patch.  You can also use a comb to trim your beard as short as possible.

So this is how a short beard will shape, but what about long beards.  Doesn’t it require trimming and shaping?  Read on to know more about how to trim a long beard.

How to Shape Long Beard?

Growing a longer beard requires patience and maintenance, which not everyone does with discipline. In addition, there are many beard-related hassles one has to face while growing a longer beard.  To keep everything in check, you must follow the steps:

how to shape a long beard

Step 1: Wash & Exfoliate

Your facial hair collects dirt, grime, dead skin cells, and pollutants throughout the day, which needs to be timely removed to maintain the health of a longer facial hair.  Skipping this step and directly starting to grooming and shaping will ruin all your efforts.

Therefore, it is best to wash your facial hair with high-quality beard wash or shampoo to remove everything unwanted from beards.  Let the beard dry before combing to measure the actual length of hair and prevent overcutting.

Step 2: Comb Your Beard

After drying out your beard, you can start combing your facial hair.  Comb in a hair growth direction to know the exact length and stubborn stray hair.  The comb also helps train your facial mane and lets you know the stray hair so that you can cut hair.  Combing also helps in spreading the natural oils of your skin.

Once you know the stray hair, you can pick your best grooming tool, i.e., scissors or trimmers.

Step 3: Trim & Shape Your Beard

Trimming comes into the picture when you want to make your beard look even and uniform.  You can use a trimmer, clippers, or scissors for trimming and shaping purposes.  

Step 4: Maintain Jawlines & Cheeklines

Jawlines are where you will find most whiskers, which you can cut with the help of a trimmer and scissors.

For cheek lines, you can use a more extended guard setting to avoid cutting too long hair.  Also, you must take care of sideburns and maintain the same length of facial hair.  Besides, you can fade your cheek line with the help of clippers.

Step 5: Trim Mustache

Many men often forget to work on mustaches and end up not maintaining them.  Beard maintenance includes trimming stray hairs on mustaches as well.  For this purpose, you can use scissors or lower guard settings. 

Step 6: Final Touch Ups

We recommend applying beard oil or balm once you finish trimming your beard. It will nourish and hydrate your beard and the skin underneath it.

Trimming is not a one-time activity, and it tends to be occurring every time you grow facial hair to maintain the look.  It may vary from man to man since everyone doesn’t have the same growth.  Ideally, you must trim your long facial hair once a week.

From the above discussion, we hope you know how to take care of a long beard and when you should trim them.  Now let’s talk about sculpting a square beard.

How to Shape Square Beard?

A Square beard is a unique facial hairstyle, which is easy to shape and sport.  It also offers sharp and clear lines on the corner of the facial hair.

We have discussed a stepwise method to wear a square-shape beard:

square beards

Step 1: Start with the Sides

Start with the sideburns and trim downwards straight towards the jawline near the ears.  It will remove excess hairs and give a uniform shape. 

Step 2: Brush Your Beard in Downward Direction

Start brushing your hair downwards to know the exact length.  However, do not trim when you are brushing your hair.  Once you brush down all the hair, use a detailer to shape the beard. It has got multiple length settings and is quite versatile to do smaller trimming jobs.  The detailer can help you create a sharp borderline around the cheeks and ensure a crisp look.

Step 3: Straighten Your Lines

You must maintain the box shape of your beard.  You can comb down and make a square shape underneath your jawline.  Instead of rounding the edges, you must sharpen the edges to make your beard look square in shape.

Step 4: Define Neckline & Trim Excess Hair

You must keep checking on stray hairs and continue trimming them to maintain the square-shaped beard.  Also, do not let the hair grow beyond the defined neckline.

Step 5: Trim Regularly to Maintain the Shape

Hair growth varies from man to man, and if you are someone who has faster hair growth, you will need to keep trimming your beard. Also, keep an eye on excess mustache hair and trim whenever you find them hanging above your upper lip.

So this was all about sculpting and maintaining a square beard. You might have read many times about trimming and keeping a beard in shape.  We will let you know how to do that part as well.

How to Trim Mustache?

how to draw beards

As said earlier, most men often neglect mustache hair, which may end up ruining your efforts in shaping your beard.  You must determine the length of your mustache in the same way you do for your beards. Mustache trimming is as important as a beard!

Wash your mustaches and let them dry.  Comb it as soon as it gets dried to measure the exact length.  

It is a rule of thumb that the mustache should not go into the mouth, and if you find one, it isn’t well-maintained.  Besides, the corners of the lips have a curvy shape, which is why you will have to use scissors for trimming.

Tip:  Consider the line of your lips as a reference when trimming or shaping a mustache.

Use scissors to trim long hair below lower lips, i.e., near the soul patch.  Once long hair is well-trimmed off, you can start trimming with high-level guard clippers.

Lastly, start trimming the area from where your mustache starts to grow.  It is the final touch-up to your mustache grooming.  You can do it with the help of clippers.

Now that we are discussing each beard area part- let’s discuss the neckline as well.

How to Trim Beard Neckline?

Like all other beard areas, you cannot tolerate mistakes in shaping the beard neckline. It has to be artistically shaped to make you look bold and manly.  Let’s discuss them in detail:

how to shape your beard

Step 1: Define the Line

Of several methods to define the beard neckline, we consider two methods to be easy and effective:

  1. Adam’s Apple Method

Place your index and middle finger above Adam’s apple and mark the point right above your upper finger.  That’s what is called a beard neckline.  Here is the caveat, finger width may vary, so it is advisable to use only an index finger if it has too much width.

  1. Double Chin Method

In this method, just tilt down your hand to create a double-chin and find the curve where the neck meets the double-chin; the spot is your beard neckline. Then, trim all the hairs below the beard neckline and keep it clean.

Step 2: Shape It

To shape your beard neckline, you will require some trimming tools, such as a beard trimmer, clipper, or razor.  A beard trimmer is an ideal choice to shape your beard neckline since it lets you cut hair of varying lengths.

A beard shaping guide is another handy tool you can have with yourself.  It contains transparent plastic that helps to shape the beard neckline.  

Step 3: Do Not Get Tempted

Don’t over trim as you may end up losing a bulk of beard neckline hair, which results in making your face look too big for fat man beard styles. Instead, after shaving off facial hair below the defined beard neckline, use clippers in upward strokes to shape it.

So this is how you can shape your beard neckline- now let’s see other beard areas.

How to Trim Jawline and Sideburns?

which beard style suits me

Most men misinterpret neckline and jawline to be the same; you must understand different beard areas.  You cannot trim the beard neckline too high or the lower jaw too short; it will make your face look small.

You must maintain your jawline for a manly look.  Since you cannot expect a chiseled jawline without whiskers, you need to know some techniques to shape your jawline.  You must make sure that you shape your beard so that it makes the jawline near your ear more prominent.

Besides, you must also take care of sideburns since avoiding that part may ruin the overall beard appearance. Finally, in our opinion, you must use a fine-toothed beard comb and clipper to taper the long strands near the ears.  


1. At what age does the beard grow fully?

In today’s age, fuller beard growth is noticed even at the age of 18. However, some men still struggle to grow a beard and grow it when reaching 30.

2. When should I start shaping my beard?

We recommend waiting for at least a month before shaping your beard. Failing to wait may make your beard lopsided.

3. How to style your beard?

Firstly, find a suitable beard shape that suits your face and hair as well. Then, start brushing your hair outward to know the excess hair. Start shaping sideburns as mentioned in the article and remove extra hair on cheeks and beard line. Lastly, define your neckline and keep everything below it neat and clean.

4. How to shape a beard cheek line?

We have discussed how to sculpt a beard cheek line in this article, so please go through it. We have also attached a video for a better understanding and clarification.

5. How to shape a full beard?

Firstly, wash your beard to remove pollutants to avoid obstruction in the shaping process. Comb it down to straighten all the facial mane and then trim the extra hair. This way, you will be able to shape your facial hair and achieve even hair length.


In our opinion, beard styling is a cakewalk if you follow all the steps precisely.  There are different face shapes, but then there are suitable beard shapes, which you can achieve with a few minutes of sculpting.  We hope this article finds you well since we have discussed each beard area separately to understand how easy it is to shape your beard.

Besides, we have also mentioned the tools required for shaping your beard, so do not miss out on them.  Plus, we have discussed some fantastic things.  You can share your facial shape and beard shape with us.  Also, you can share your experiments with beards, which you think may be helpful to others.  We will try to add them to our article.


Published Date: Aug 2, 2021

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