Buyer’s Guide To Beard Shaping Tool and 3 Best Beard Shaping Tools

Last Updated: 2021-10-21

by Jeel Patel

Looking for perfection is the only way to motivate yourself. – Ronnie O’ Sullivan

From making your bed after you wake up to grooming and shaping your beard to leave for office, everything requires perfection.

But what if any mishap or uneven trim job happens?  Your entire effort of 3-4 months of growing beard goes in vain.  And only a bearded man or the one who has gone through such hassle can feel it.

I’ll share my experience with you.  Once I was trimming my 4-month old beard to an extent so that I can style it.  And after a while, I got a call from someone that distracted me and ruined my beard trimming.  It was a terrible situation for me as I over-trimmed one side, and the other side was already shaped and styled.

That’s where I felt the importance of the beard shaping tool.  No matter how straight or intact you keep your hands, a slight disturbance or unsteadiness welcomes disaster.

So, it becomes vital to add this nifty tool to your shaving kit as it can guide your safety razor or a beard trimmer to carve out the best style that suits your face.

In a hurry? Buy the below-mentioned shaping tool:

Keep reading the article, and know every detail about the small, handy, yet versatile shaping template.

What is a Beard Shaping Tool?

First of all, it is important to know that both beard trimmers and shaping tools are different not only in terms of appearance but also in functionalities.  

While a beard trimming tool cuts down the unwanted, unruly, and stubborn facial hair, a beard shaving template allows you to craft the best beard style using your electric tools.

The beard shaping template restricts beard trimmers or razors from over trimming your existing facial hair.  Also, it directs the beard trimmer to cut down the hair in a symmetrical way.

Learning beard shaper is not rocket science, but trimming precisely without it is a matter of concern.  You require patience, steadiness, and no distraction if you want sharp cheek lines, jawlines, necklines, and sideburns.

Beard shaping templates have either a single arc on them or multiple arcs with measuring marks and combs.  In simple words, it is a scale for beard trimming.

How are they built?

Beard shapers are thin sheets of wood, plastics, or metals with curves, angles, and measurements on edges.  Some of them are rigid, while a few beard shapers are flexible.  You can press against your face to draw an outline that can help you while trimming or shaving.

Talking about edges in detail, the common beard shaping tools often have 3-4 tapered edges on each side.  It will help you in carving necklines, cheek lines, mustaches, and sideburns.

Here are the following edges:

  • The Curve Cut
  • The Step Cut
  • The Gentle Curve Cut
  • The Curve Step Cut

And not only it comes in two material types, but there are also different colors and types as well. 

Tip: Always look for a transparent beard shaping tool to get an idea about the leftover beard shape and density. 

It doesn’t mean you should not buy the coloured beard templates, but a see-through shaping tool is a much better option.

Note: Try avoiding metal and wood-based shaping tools due to their rigidity and non-transparency.

Now that you know about the functionality and build quality, you must also know the different types to sort out the best one at your convenience.

Types of Beard Shaping Tool

Finding the best beard shaping tools requires evaluation of a lot of things.  Besides, if it has different types, it requires more time in sorting out the one that matches the requirement.

So, here is the list of 3 different types of beard shaping templates you must know about:

beard trimming tool

Multi-Angled Shaping Tool

As the name says, it has more than 7 different angles to choose from and shape the beard.  It is also known as one of the versatile shaping tools, allowing you to choose the best beard shape to wear.

Everything is fine with the comb except for the fact that it doesn’t have a comb within, which means you won’t be able to comb and shape simultaneously.  What you can do is; comb your beard, hold the shaping tool, and then start trimming accordingly.

  • Exposure to different beard shapes
  • Consumes time in handling all the accessories

Flexible Beard Shapers

If you are a penchant for detailing and carving the best shapes out of unruly beards, then a flexible beard shaper is for you.  It will match the contours of your face and adjust accordingly.

You have full freedom to draw lines either on cheeks, sideburns, or neckline and mustaches.  Unlike wood or metal facial hair shapers, you can even press them against your face for better detailing.

The only disadvantage of the flexible beard shaper is it has its types.  For instance,  a flexible cheek beard shaper doesn’t help drawing necklines and vice versa.  You will require to buy a separate flexible beard shaping tool for each facial hair area.

  • Flexibility at its peak
  • Not versatile
  • Costs more in buying specific flexible beard shaping tool

Comb-Shaper Tool

The most common and versatile beard shaping tool is the comb-shaper combo.  It is available in wood, metal, and plastic material with curved shapes on the edges.

With only a single piece, you get a guide and a comb to save your time and offer you error-free beard trimming.  Also, you don’t need to worry about handling different things together.

Apart from these advantages, a 1 or 2 angle with less freedom in shaping is the only disadvantage.  You will have to look for alternatives, which could not be a budget-friendly option.

Furthermore, you must also look at the comb teeth as some of the comb-shapers have wider teeth, while a few come with fine teeth.  It is important to check which teeth suit your facial hair strands.

  • Versatile
  • No hassle in handling
  • Limited angles
  • Less freedom in shaping

So, these are the types of beard shaping templates out of which you can select the one that meets your requirement.  Now let’s look at the benefits you can achieve from the best beard shaping tools.

Benefits of Using Beard Shaping Tools

There is a list of benefits of using a beard shaping tool, and you must know it before buying one for yourself.  After knowing them, you will want to add the beard shaper to your beard care kit.

beard shaper

Symmetrical Beard

With the use of beard template tools, you get a symmetrical beard with perfect shape and angle.  It offers the best angles that will make your beard look well-groomed.  Contrary to this, if you don’t use a beard shaping tool, you will need to concentrate and go through a lot of pain and discomfort.

Easy To Use

A small nifty beard shaper tool is quite easy to learn and use.  You can achieve the best shape and results, which would be difficult and unimaginable without it.

Trim Like Experts

Barbers have practice drawing lines and giving you the best shapes that you always desire, but what if you can achieve a barber-like cut and shape? Isn’t it time and cost-saving?  Well,  you can use the beard shaping tool and draw the best lines out of the scruff without any expert’s help.

No Overtrimming

You will be saved from an uneven trim job that happened with me.  Also, no accidental cuts will harm you.  If you use the best beard shaping template, then you will achieve an accurate beard line and neckline.

Tip: Use beard line up tool for achieving the Goatee line or Van Dyke beard style.

Now that you know everything about beard shaping tool, you must know the right way to achieve the best beard shape.  So, keep reading the next section.

How to Shape Beard Using Shaping Tool?

Achieving the best beard shape is incomplete without the use of the best beard shaping tools.  This guide will teach you how to shape your beard with a beard shaper. 

Before starting to shape your beard, you must use a beard brush to exfoliate and straighten your beard hairs.

Step 1: Wrap Beard Bib Around the Neck

beard template

First of all, you must wear a quality beard bib to avoid the post-trimming or shaving hassle.  Wrap your neck with a beard apron and tie the other two ends with suction cups. Stick it onto the bathroom mirror and start trimming.

Step 2: Place Beard Shaping Tool on the Face

how to use a beard shaper

Now place the beard shaper tool alongside your face so that you can style your sideburns.  You must ensure that the curved edge of the tool is adjacent to the ears.  It will help you trim the sideburns.

Step 3: Use Beard Trimmer or Razor on Cheeks

how to use beard shaping tool

Use a narrow blade beard trimmer for trimming down the stray hair on the cheeks. Press the beard shaping tool against your face and use the right cut edge for creating a cheek line. You can use your beard trimmer upside down for easy maneuvering.  Be sure to keep the trimmer straight and steady.

Step 4:Use Beard Trimmer or Razor on Neckline

beard angle comb

Now use the longest angle of your beard shaping tool to place right above Adam’s apple.  Start trimming the stray hair underneath your shaping tool.  This way, you will be able to create a sharp and crisp neckline.

Step 5: Comb After Trimming to Check for any Excessive Hair

After trimming with a beard trimmer and a guide shaping template, use the comb on the tool to untangle the knot and remove excess stray hairs.  

In the end, clean the comb with lukewarm water to make it ready for use. 

Here is a video tutorial on how to use a beard shaper/how to use beard shaping tool:

We hope the above theory and tutorial have provided you with a sufficient wealth of information on using a beard shaping tool, now let’s look at the beard styles with the tool individually.

Curve Cut

Did you dream of the sharp and precise curve cut alongside the cheek?  If yes, then you can achieve this using a beard shaping tool.  You need to place the curved edge of the shaping tool adjacent to the ears and start shaving through the tapered edge.

By placing a beard shaper, you will not achieve the desired curve but also save your cheek beard from trimming.  As discussed earlier, use a transparent shaping tool to make sure that you placed it correctly.

Trim A Neckline

It is important to shape the neckline as those hairs below Adam’s Apple are visible.  If it is left unshapen, then it can ruin your overall look and style.  

You can achieve neckline by pressing the shaper tool somewhere between the jawline and Adam’s Apple.  After pressing it perfectly, start trimming or shaving with the respective grooming tool in an upward direction.

You must ensure that you completely clean the neckline below the beard shaper to achieve a cleanly shaven neck.

Trim Sideburns

Trimming sideburns is as simple as trimming the neckline.  Just place a shaping tool over the hair near to your ear, which you want to remain unshaven.  After that, use an electric razor or stubble trimmer to cut down along with tapered edges of the tool.

It is advisable to use a stubble trimmer that has multiple settings to trim your facial hair.  You can even use a comb on the shaping tool to evenly straight the sideburns.

Now that you know how you can trim the important parts of your face, you must also know the right time to buy the shaping tool for the grooming arsenal.

When to Start Using A Beard Shaping Tool?

There is no specific time to start using a beard shaping tool. It’s just that you need to let grow enough facial hair to carve out the sharp lines from the scruff.

No matter what length of beard you wear, this nifty shaping tool will help you in creating precise lines whenever and wherever you want on your face.

Ideally, a beard takes one to two months to grow, so it is advisable to wait for two months and then buy a beard shaping tool.  In some beard styles like Ducktail or Garibaldi, it takes more than four months to grow.

With this, you know when to start, now let’s know, essential things to consider before buying.

What to Look For When Buying a Beard Shaping Tool?

So now is the time to ponder upon the things to consider when buying beard shaping tools.  We made this list based on personal experience and research.  We try to include all the possible points that are imperative to consider.

buyers guide for beard shaping tool


It is one of the important aspects to look for when planning to invest hard-earned money.  The material used for making the beard shaper should withstand the pressure and deliver results.

Here are the three types of materials used for making beard shaper:

  • Wood

The wood material lasts long and looks classic.  Apart from this, there are no other advantages of wooden beard shapers.

It isn’t durable, nor is there any flexibility.  Due to the rigid nature, you cannot press against your face.  Besides, it even starts getting scruffy and scratchy with time.  And not to forget, it gets heated up quickly when it close to electric tools.  

Lastly, you might not get a transparent wooden shaping tool, which means you would not be able to see through it and get about the hair.

  • Plastic

Oftentimes, plastic-made products are advisable to avoid but not in the case of beard shaping tools.  Here they offer more benefits than pitfalls.  They are lightweight and available at a pocket-friendly rate.

You get different colors and styles to choose from.  And most importantly, you can have a transparent beard shaper to see through what’s behind it.  It will help you while trimming or shaving.  

What I would suggest is to buy a plastic-made transparent beard shaping tool for precise and symmetrical cutting.  If you handle them with care, it lasts long and worth every investment.

  • Metal

Metal is the most durable material on the list.  Also, it is heavyweight and cold to touch.  The material isn’t transparent but is available in many different colors.  

There is no flexibility with this material, which means it won’t be able to match the contours of your face.


Combs are for styling purposes and beard shaping tools, usually have at least one comb on the wings.  It helps you straighten, style, and exfoliate your beard hair and shape it in a position.

The noticeable thing is that not all beard shapers come with a single comb; there are a few crafted with more than one comb on each wing.  You can merely use it for positioning your hair.  So, if it doesn’t come along with beard shaping tools, you can buy it additionally.


Beard shaping tools cost you somewhere around $10-20 and even less. But do not buy a beard shaper that costs less than $5 as they are fragile and made up of poor quality.  

It is suggestible to not spend more than $20 on a beard shaping tool.  So, be price conscious and make the best decision.  A one-time investment could save you from lifetime spending at professionals.


Beard shaping tool kits come with accessories that include beard scissors, measuring marks, and a travel-pouch.  Many men consider it useless but trust me, they are quite useful.  

The beard scissors will quickly trim the stray hair while measuring marks let you know the exact length and thickness of your beard.


Size does matter when it comes to grooming accessories.  A big beard shaping tool becomes difficult to carry and store, whereas a small size is easy to use and store.  You can travel along with a small beard shaping tool.

Another factor affecting the size of the beard shaping tools is how frequently you use them.  If it’s just once or twice in a month or two, then you must buy a big beard shaper with more features.


Another crucial thing to consider before buying a beard shaping tool is Angles.  It is the main reason why men should buy a beard shaping tool.  The primary area that beard shapers cater to is cheeks, jaws, neck, and sideburns.

And a professional and more advanced level beard shaping tool may also have mustaches, goatees, and forehead shaping curves.  So, make sure you buy that matches your requirement.

Shapes & Lines

Technically, a beard shaping tool has a curved edge for the cheek, a long curve edge for the neckline, and a straight line for sideburns.

Shapes and lines depend on the complexities of your beard pattern that you wish to wear.  Every day there is a new trend, and sporting different looks becomes difficult with only a single straight, steep, or curved line.

You need a beard shaping tool that has multiple curves, steep, or straight lines.  Besides, a comb on shaping tool would be a cherry on the cake.  You do not need to hold an additional accessory in hand, however, the tiny comb on the shaping tool becomes useless on a thick and dusky beard.

So, this is how you can select the best beard shaper tool for yourself or your loved ones.  Let’s unveil the best beard shaping tools to buy in 2021.

Reviews on 3 Best Beard Shaping Tools

Beardclass Beard Shaping Tool – Beginner’s Tool

Beardclass beard shaping tool is the first beard shaper to bring innovation to the facial hair grooming industry.  Being the first tool, it didn’t disappoint the users and has received hundreds of positive reviews.

It is built with 1-mm tapered edge technology, which determines that all the sides have equal thick edges.  It allows precision cutting with your beard razor or shaver.

It features a full-size comb on one side that not only shapes your beard but also straightens and styles your beard.  Additionally, you get a mustache comb that is specifically made for facial hair on the upper lips.

Even the thick beard guys can use the beard shaping template as the comb has dual gaps on either side.

The super-thin plastic-made beard template is transparent and available in three different colours; blue, green, and clear.  All of the colours allow you to see through it.  Apart from this, the material is durable and shock-proof.

The USP of the beard shaping template is it caters to four different tasks; clean neck shaping, creating goatee, step-cutting, and offering curves.

Though the large size makes it difficult to carry anywhere, it comes with a storage pouch.  The pouch includes accessories, such as a pair of scissors, a keychain, and an extra comb.

Verdict: it is one of the affordable beard shaping kits ideal for beginners and experience as well.  The kit will be worth every investment and good for even thick size beards.

  • Shapes to achieve multiple cuts
  • Measuring marks
  • Transparent and thin edge
  • Different colors
  • Edges to line up facial hair
  • Brittle plastic
  • Fragile material
  • Poor quality extra comb
  • Average quality scissors


Megan Beard Shaping Tool – Professional’s Tool

Megan beard shaping tool kit has got everything a beginner or even a professional bearded guy requires in the grooming routine.  A perfect kit with a perfect price will add value and worth every penny.

First of all, it has got a stainless steel straight edge razor, which will offer a close and comfortable shave. 

A pair of scissors for quick chopping of stray and unwanted hairs.  And a pack of double edge blades that are sharp last long.

Lastly and much-awaited, a metal-made versatile shaper for shaping your beard is easy to use.  It offers navigation to craft curve or straight cut, mustache, goatee, forehead, and neckline.

It makes it easier to style beards at home without a barber’s help.  Also, the kit doesn’t require much maintenance.

The downside of this shaping kit is it isn’t transparent, nor does it lasts long.  Also, it won’t match the contours due to rigid material.

Verdict: it is one of the best beard shaping tools with high-quality material.  You get tools that you don’t need to additionally purchase.

  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Classic finishing
  • Multiple cutting angles
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good edge comb
  • Non-transparent
  • No measuring marks on a comb
  • Heavyweight


Beard Nation Beard Shaping ToolBeginner & Professional Tool

Last but not least, a beard shaping tool made of wood is our final product for shaping your beard.  It is pocket-size and with no accessories, making it a perfect travel partner.

It is a multipurpose tool with a unique and attractive design that will allow you to style your beard like professionals.  With the curved edge, you can create a clean and crisp cheek and neckline.  And the straight line will help you in achieving the sideburns.

Another benefit of the wooden shaper is it is anti-static, so you can enjoy a frizz-free styling experience.  The pearwood comb is made up of high-quality wood to ensure smooth styling.

As said earlier, it is easy to carry, which means it is pocket-size and does not weigh too much.  With exact requirements and no additional accessories, I find the wooden shaping tool to be much beneficial and affordable.

Verdict: if you are someone who is stepping into the styling world for the first or want to travel with only a few or no accessories, then this one is for you.

  • Anti-static
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Durable
  • Shapes cheek, neck, and sideburns
  • Non-flexible shaper
  • Quite Expensive


Effective Technique of Using Beard Shaping Tools

Comb Your Facial Hair

Combing is a crucial step as it will not only exfoliate but will also give you a proper idea about the length of your beard.  It will untangle your facial hair, which is a crucial step before starting to trim.  

Stay Calm While Creating Lines

Now the real game begins when you lift shaping tools to start styling your beard.  You have to be careful as even an inch of mistake can ruin your entire effort of months.  It can go all your efforts in vain.

Use Measuring Marks

Measuring marks are accurate, and you can count on them. It helps in trimming your facial hair precisely.  Many beard shapers with measuring marks in them.  It makes it easy for you to trim and shape your beards.

Chop with Scissors

Lastly, you should keep a pair of scissors handy to cut down the stray hairs that were left when trimming.


1. Which is the best beard shaping tool?

The best beard shapers are the ones that are transparent, versatile, and made up of high quality. In my opinion, both plastic and wood beard shapers are the best shaping tools for men.

2. Are beard shaping tools worth it?

If you like styling and shaping your beard, then the tools work incredibly well. Contrary to this, they don’t offer any value.


So, this was an in-depth guide on beard shaping tools where no piece of information is left uncovered.  From the basics to uses and things to consider, we tried to cover every bit of information.

The product description includes every detail about beard shaping.  Our extensive research has left no stones unturned in presenting accurate and precise information. 

With this, we end our article and hope it finds you well. You can share your thoughts, suggestions, feedback with us. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter for more such good reads.  You will get a notification in your mailbox as soon as we publish an article.


Published Date: Feb 19, 2021

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