No More Regrets- Best Beard Styles for Fat Guys

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A fat guy with a round face often gets into confusion about choosing the right beard style.  Out of numerous beard styles for fat guys, oftentimes they are not able to decide which is the best style that enhances their appearance and makes the face look slimmer and thinner.

Here, the face cut plays a vital role in deciding the beard style. Keep reading this article to unlock the full beard style for fat guys and try them out. Try the one that suits your face and matches your convenience.

Is Beard Helpful in Making Your Chubby Face Appear Slimmer?

Chubby faces are a result of accumulated fat in cheeks and jawlines. And to make it look thinner is possible with the help of the beard, but only if you choose an appropriate beard style that grows vertically.

Also, make sure that you don’t choose a style that also grows horizontally. It may have a contrary effect to what you have expected. So stick to the type that makes your face look longer and thinner.

With this, you must also know, what are the technicalities of the round face?

Going through the following things will let you know more about your face structure:

  • You can conclude that you have a round face if you notice fewer angles towards the chin. Also, you might see round shape jawlines on your face.
  • The cheekbones and jawlines measure equal, and the forehead to be smaller with the chin part to be larger.
  • Men with a round face can wear beard styles that look angular in shape.

With the comprehensive search related to beard styles for fat guys with round face, we have curated the best styles for your chubby face. Keep reading the article and wear what suits your face.

How Beard Style Will Enhance Your Fat Face?

Choosing the right beard style for men with round faces could be a daunting task, but once you pick up any style for a chubby face, you will notice a significant improvement as well as enhancement in your overall look.

In the beginning, you can experiment with various beard styles. It will let you know which one suits your face. For instance, a long beard with a mustache can make you look thinner and slimmer.

And not only the beard styles but also opting for various techniques could help in slimming and thinning your fat face shape.

Techniques to Make Your Round Face Look Thinner

These techniques will deliver significant results if you strictly follow them. It has some points that ensure maintenance, while a few relate to trimming. So, let’s start going through them without wasting a minute.

Trim Your Beard

chubby beard

Beard trimmers would be your helping hand in the journey of slimming your fat and round face. And learning how to use a beard trimmer is not rocket science if you are a beginner. Trimming at home would be feasible and convenient as it is better to trim oneself rather than depending on a barber.

It’s because you know what you want, but making the barber know and the way he trims would be two different things.

Remember, dusky and heavy beard growth can also make your face look round, especially on cheekbones. It adds up the extra roundness on the face, making it look fat.

Reduce the thickness of the whiskers on the cheeks and make it look like stubble. Do not trim the beard on the jawline, chin, and bottom part of the face. Letting those beards grow longer will offer an angular shape.

Trim Sideburns

how to trim beard to make face look thinner

Along with the hair on the cheeks, make sure you trim sideburns too. It contributes to enhancing the overall look of the chubby face. It is advisable to keep them as short and light as possible to make you look thinner. 

Round faces men should never wear mutton chops as it can worsen the face shape and overall look. Regular trimming sideburns and beard on the cheeks will at least maintain the slimness of the face.

Trim Neckline

fat bearded guy

A longer beard below the jawline and stubble on the cheeks can accentuate the thinness of the face. You can also try fading effects on the cheeks to keep them shorter and let the beard grow under the chin and jawline.

It will make your face look longer rather than rounder. Along with this, you must keep shaving your neckline to make it look clean. Always remember to keep the jawline and chin beard sufficiently long that it hides the neckline. The length plays a role in producing angular face shapes.

Use Products That Straighten Your Facial Hair

fat guy beard

Coarse, unruly, and curly beard accentuates the wideness of the face. Mostly, the beard on the cheekbones and sideburns contribute to it. And trimming with scissors could not deliver the desired results.

It is time to flat the hair down on the skin, and it is possible with the help of 3 beard grooming products, i.e., Beard wax, brush, and straightener.

Your priority should be to straighten the curls with a beard straightener. The heat that this electric grooming tool produces will make the hair flat and straight.

Once you heat all the beard, brush it to make it evenly straight. After that, take a dime-size of beard wax, emulsify it, and apply it to the beard. This way, your unruly and stubborn whiskers will stick to the skin, making a flat layer on the face.

Use Beard Care Products

Along with keeping a check on the unruly beard, you must also prioritize beard health, irrespective of the style you choose to wear. Nourishing your beard is one of the vital things to keep your beard healthy and growing. You can apply beard oil to nourish them. The beard growth will enable you to wear any beard style.

Along with nourishment, moisturizing is also equally important. Ignoring this aspect means making your beard and skin underneath prone to skin irritation and itching. Applying beard oil or balm will retain its shininess and duskiness. Ultimately, it will become a center of attraction, and your chubby face will be overlooked.

With this wealth of information, it’s time to unlock the best beard styles for fat guys. So, do not miss this section.

What are Different Beard Styles for Fat Guys?

Chubby guys with beards will need to take care of certain things, such as lighter facial hair on the upper cheekbones to make it look flat, long chin hair to add length, and a jawline with an angular shape beard to reduce the roundness of the face.

This section will let you know the best beard styles for fat guys.

beard styles infographic

Van Dyke Beard Styles

For the one with lighter beard growth and still want a beard style, Van Dyke is one of the best beard styles for fat guys as it requires a clean cheek for accentuating. Just let the mustache and chin beard grow to the fullest, and keep shaving the cheek beard. Make sure you have a pointed and sloppy chin beard. A quality shaver will offer a clean shave on both sides.

Boxed Beard

For wearing a boxed beard style, you must neatly shape and trim with ½ inches length that it resembles a box. Doing so will make it look more box-style and reduce the roundness of the face.  

Undoubtedly, it is one of the beard styles for fat guys that allows having hair on the cheeks and using it for reducing the round shape of the face. Many chubby bearded guys (or used to be round-face guys) have once worn this beard style. They are Jonah Hill, DJ Khalid, and Baadshah.

The Ducktail Beard

If you don’t want to shave off your beard and still enjoy your face to look slimmer and thinner, then the Ducktail beard style is one of the beard styles for fat guys with no losing and only gaining.

To wear this beard style, you must make your chin angular in shape and leave a 4-inch length upwards. The angular pointy chin should replicate like the ducktail. Do not forget to keep the sides short and the jawline square in shape.

Most men with round faces wear this beard style because of its concealing round and soft face features. Also, having short sides would not widen the face shape. Apart from this, what the ducktail beard style is known for is the pointy chin, which contributes to the face’s vertical length. Lastly, the trimming and shaping work on the jawline makes it more square than rounded.

Technically, it will take 8 months to grow the beard sufficient enough to wear the beard style. It is one of the beard styles that requires training and experience. For the first-time guys, it is advisable to get it done with the help of experts.

The Verdi Beard

The Verdi Beard style is nothing but a full beard on the face with some modifications. These are curls at the end of the mustache, short sides, and dusky growth on the jawline.

For the fat faces guys, the Verdi beard style comes with multiple reasons to love it:

  • Short sides that suits chubby face
  • Long and dusky mustache conceals roundness
  • More than 2-inch beard length for a vertical look

These are the reasons why it is known to be a great beard style for fat guys.

Goatee Beard Style

A fat guy with goatee styles enhances confidence and ensures a dusky and bold look. For wearing a goatee style, you must have a mustache and beard on the chin. The rest of the face should be cleanly shaven so that it highlights the goatee clear and boldly.  

There are fewer efforts in wearing the goatee style. Also, a goatee look is popular and attractive amongst men with round faces. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fancy beard styles for fat guys.

Pointed Beard

Pointed beard styles are also known as devil’s beards, and you can achieve this style in two ways. The one way is by growing a long beard on the chin in a triangular shape, and the other method is by drawing a cut at the center of the triangular beard on the chin.

The guys who want to have a full beard and slim face can ponder upon this style. It has turned out to be one of the preferred and excellent beard styles for fat guys. Most of the fat guys with beards opt to wear this.

Horseshoe Mustache Style

It is one of the best mustache styles for men who prefer to go clean shave with only a mustache on the face. A fat guy with a mustache and that too horseshoe is a deadly combination. It is a style where there will be no facial hair except for the mustache. You can wear this style without much effort. Therefore, it turns out to be favorable beard styles for fat guys.


1. How do I choose my beard style?

To choose the beard styles, you can do these things; start shaving near cheekbones and keep the sides short and longer chin beard so that you can reap the benefits of a square jawline.

2. Can a fat guy wear a stubble style beard?

In my opinion, stubble style is the quickest beard style for fat guys that you can achieve in the least possible time. The men with a lighter beard can wear this style. It also offers a handsome look. What I would suggest is clean shave, and wait for a few days.

3. What is the ideal time to style the beard?

It takes 4-6 weeks for men to know how a beard will sprout up and grow. Meantime, you should not trim or shave and let the beard grow.


So these are the top beard styles for fat guys. You can choose any of the beard styles that make the cheek look slimmer and enhance the appearance. Also, the beard styles that show the height of the face should be taken into consideration. Above everything, as a fat guy, beard styles, you must focus on maintaining it to look way more attractive.

As stated in the beginning, face cut matters a lot in wearing these beard hairstyles, and if you follow the tips styling, you will achieve the desired results. With this, we end the article and hope it finds you well. You can share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. For more good reads, you can subscribe to our website.


Published Date: Feb 13, 2024

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