How to Use Beard Wax? Make Beards Straight & Uniform

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Just like your scalp hair, you might want to style your beard.  Or maybe you have seen or heard about different beard styles and that tempted you to use wax for your beard.  Irrespective of the case, knowing how to use beard wax is a must before you own beard wax.

This article is all about making your already appealing look much more attractive.  Plus, the benefits that beard wax brings to the table literally turn the tables. Besides, you will also get to know what goes hand-in-hand.  Lastly, is there any other use for beard wax? If not, then how long should you keep it on your beard?

So no more dreaming of wearing different beard styles because the next few minutes will make your dream come true.

Why Should You Apply Beard Wax?

Styling should not be the only benefit; there should be more benefits when you spend a good amount on beard hair products.

So, could you think of at least one or two benefits that beard wax would offer?

Yes, you guessed it right. Making your beard hair look uniform is one of them.

Now let’s see what are the other several benefits.

Tames Your Unruly Beard

Facial hair waxes are known for keeping all facial hairs together to offer a uniform look.  It ensures proper taming of all the scattered and unmanageable hairs.  This happens due to the presence of beeswax in a larger proportion.  Using beard wax would hold your beard hair for a longer time.

Preventing Environmental Pollutants

Just like a face mask protects from viruses, applying beard wax would form a coating to protect your beard from external/environmental impurities.  Be it dust, wind, rain, or debris, stay rest assured with beard wax.  No more dirty beard once you start applying the wax to your beard.

Moisturizes & Nourishes Your Beard

Both beard wax and beard oil have two ingredients in common; essential and carrier oils.  That’s the reason even beard wax moisturizes and nourishes the hair follicles and the skin underneath.  Doing this would not only prevent beard itching but also contribute to beard growth.

Let’s You Wear Different Beard Styles

Of course, allowing you to wear a different beard style is one of the main purposes of beard waxes.  Beard waxes come in three different holds; light, medium, and strong.  Short beards would work fine with a light hold. Medium-hold beard wax is great for slightly longer and basic beard styles.  A long beard grower with a wish to wear a handlebar mustache must apply a strong hold beard wax.

Beard wax does its task amazingly well, but what if you get to maximize it?  Pairing it with another beard product would be a cherry on the cake.

What Goes Well With Beard Wax?

Coupling beard wax with beard oil would take shaping, styling, nourishing, and moisturizing your beard to the next level.

Beard oils and waxes, when combined, also offer proper nourishment and deep conditioning.  Another benefit it brings to the table when applying two beard grooming products together is it soothes dry skin.

Now you might wonder when you should use both beard care products.

Well, beard oil should be used immediately after taking a shower or after rinsing off your beard. Post-applying beard oil, use beard wax so that it holds your beard for the whole day.

Applying both beard products together would leave a greasy residue.  And you don’t want your pillow to have stains, right?

Beard oil can be applied anytime, anywhere since it quickly absorbs into the skin within a fraction of a second.

Just give a nod if you are already using beard oil, so it’s time to pair up with its companion.  If not, you are not alone; many buy beard oil every hour.  Get one for yourself.

Till the time the beard oil reaches you, let’s discuss the crucial steps of how to wax a beard.

How to Use Beard Wax? (Step-Wise Process & Quantity to Use)

Pro Tip

Make sure you apply any beard care product after you wash your beard.

To simplify, we have divided the beard wax application process into two parts.

Part 1: Wash Your Beard

how to wax a beard

Step 1: Rinse off Your Facial Hair With Lukewarm Water

Firstly, wash your beard with lukewarm water to clean your beard.  Run your fingers through your beard for proper cleaning.  Just make sure that you do not use hot water since it can make your beard dry, meaning it strips off natural oils.

Step 2: Use Beard Shampoo/Wash

Washing with plain water and running your fingers through it isn’t enough; you need to do something extra to show proper tenderness, love, and care.  That’s where beard shampoo wash comes into the picture.  Washes that are specifically made for beards retain moisture and natural oils, so don’t worry about dryness. Post-washing, use conditioner to make your beards soft and manageable.

Step 3: Towel-Dry Your Beard

Once you are done washing your facial mane, make sure you use a towel to dry your beard.  Applying beard grooming products on a wet beard could result in leaving a greasy residue.

Other than towel-drying, you can also opt for air-drying your beard.  It doesn’t mean you use a blow dryer since the heat can cause frizziness and deplete the skin’s natural sebum oils.

Step 4: Use Beard Brush to Straighten

Post-drying, use a boar’s or horse’s hair bristles brush to straighten your beard.  Brush your hair downwards starting from your cheeks to make it look uniform. Then start brushing your neck hair outwards towards your chin.  Just ensure that you brush all the parts of your beard, i.e., sideburns, mustache, soul patch, chin beard, neck hair, and cheek area.

Part 2: Use Beard Hair Wax

using beard wax

Now that you are ready with a tin of beard wax, and washed plus a straight beard, let’s apply them.

Step 1: Use Index Finger or Thumbnail to Scoop Out Beard Wax

Scrape out a fingernail-sized amount of beard wax into your palms. Due to its hardness, a small amount is sufficient enough for shorter to medium beards.

Step 2: Spread the Wax Between Your Palms

Since it has a thicker consistency, it needs to be melted for an even application on the beards.  You can spread the wax between your palms, rub both palms together, and soften them up.

Step 3: Apply Wax in Downward Motions

Apply facial hair wax to your beard in a downward motion.  Ensure that all your hair strands are covered with facial hair wax. This way, you are not only styling but also adding shine to your beard shafts.

Step 4: Use Beard Comb to Spread Wax Evenly

Once you are done applying beard wax, take a small comb and run through your beard using gentle strokes. This way, you would be able to spread facial hair wax evenly so all the hair strands and the skin underneath get proper nourishment.

Once you are done applying, styling, and shaping your facial hair strands, you must know how long you should keep it.

Should You Remove Beard Wax?

Yes, you must remove facial hair wax or any beard grooming products that you use in your daily routine.

Reason for removal:

These beard products can weigh your beard down or even block skin pores.

So how will you do it?

Traditionally, men used to wash their facial hair with hot water and soap to remove all the gunk accumulated. However, the use of ordinary soaps has put an end since it contains harsh chemicals that can strip natural oils.  Moreover, there are chances of split ends and dryness.

To make the process hassle-free and easily remove the gunk, here is what you can do:

  • Take a small amount of hair conditioner or beard wash and massage it on your facial mane.  This way, you would be able to remove all the messy substances from your beard hairs. 
  • When washing, use a beard comb to remove the gunk out of your beard. 
  • Rinse off your beard with lukewarm water using conditioner to keep it soft and smooth.

Now that you know all about facial hair wax and application, let’s put some light on mustaches and should you use the same wax on your mustaches that you would be using for your beard.

Can You Use Beard Wax on Moustache Hair?

Since there are separate mustache waxes made for your upper lips’ facial hair, it’s not wise to apply moustache wax on your beard and vice versa.

Though they have similar ingredients, they are still meant for different purposes.  Moustache waxes offer a stronger hold when it comes to taming stray hairs.  The high proportion of beeswax brings a world of difference.  Another reason why you must use moustache wax for your mustaches is it contains sap (resin) that adds extra hold to your hair.

No matter if you want to wear a handlebar or horseshoe mustache, applying mustache wax makes your dream come true.

Lastly, both beard and mustache waxes prevent environmental pollutants from settling on your facial mane. So, get your moustache wax today!


  1. When should I use beard wax?

    The ideal time to use facial hair wax is in the morning before stepping out of the house. Apart from this, you can use facial hair wax throughout the day either if you are going on a date or attending a meeting.

  2. Can I use beard wax every day?

    If you have a beard or mustache, and some free time, you can easily add beard balm or mustache wax to your daily routine.

  3. Is wax good for your beard?

    Reach for the wax when you want to really style your beard – it’ll help you define its shape and tame strays. Pair it with beard oil to get the perfect balance of moisture and styling hold.

  4. How much beard wax should I use?

    The quantity depends on how long your facial mane is; if you have a shorter beard, then 1-2 grams is enough. But if you have a long beard, then you would require more quantity.

  5. What is the purpose of beard wax?

    The primary purpose of facial mane wax is to style and shape your beard, meaning it lets you wear your favorite beard. No matter how short, long, thin, or thick beard you have, it properly styles your beard. Moreover, it even lets you style your mustaches.

  6. Are beard wax and beard balm the same?

    Almost yes, the only difference is the holding capacity. Beard balms offer less of a hold as compared to wax for the beard. But it offers more moisturizing than strong beard wax. It all depends on the quantity of facial mane wax added as a natural ingredient.

  7. What is the use of beard wax?

    The main use of applying wax is for wearing different beard styles. Apart from this, conditioning and moisturization are the other two uses if you choose to wax your beard.


Having facial hair wax is not important; what’s important is to learn how to use it without committing a mistake.  And now that you know how to use it, try your hands at styling your facial mane and wear different styles every new day.

Let your friends be amazed at how you are able to wear different beard styles and then share your story or this article if you are trying to wear a new beard.

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Published Date: May 6, 2024

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