How to Use Beard Oil in 6 Easy Steps? The Full Guide

by Jeel Patel

Let’s accept the fact that oil is important to your beard care routine.  We all love our beard and want it to grow flourishingly. So, to grow your beard, beard oil plays an essential role. It not only stimulates growth but also fights against itching and irritation.  Also, it moisturizes and conditions your beard so that any external element won’t dry it out, nor damages it.

There are numerous advantages a beard oil offers, but do you know how to get the maximum of those advantages?  Don’t get disappointed if you don’t know, the article will answer all your questions.  But first, let’s understand what it is and how to use beard oil.

What is Beard Oil?

It is a blend of conditioning carrier oils as well as essential oils.  The conditioning oil agents are jojoba, almond, avocado, and argan, while the essential oil agents include lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and cedarwood.  The main purpose that oil serves is to moisturize the beard and skin underneath it.

And that’s the reason it should be in your purchase list.  Numerous oils in the market come with different fragrances, but are all the scents processed of natural elements?  Fragrance oil contains synthetics that are harmful to skin and beard, causing redness, drying and irritation.  

We recommend using oil made with natural ingredients for achieving healthy facial hair.  We do not promote unnatural grooming products.  You can have a look at the best beard oils for yourself, or for your loved ones.

How to Use Beard Oil?

how to apply oil

There is always a right way and a wrong way to apply oil, but this step-wise guide will ensure the perfect application of oil on your facial hair.

Tip: Apply beard oil at your bedtime because it needs 3-4 hours to completely absorb, and the night time would be perfect for the application.  Also, the beard won’t come into contact with outside bodies and remain untouched for several hours.

Step 1: Wash your beard

Your work might ask you to travel or do a field job, which can expose your beard to dust and dirt, resulting in damage to facial hair.  To keep your beard kempt, it becomes necessary to regularly oil it.  But before oiling, you need to completely wash it off.

Use lukewarm water to wash your beard as it will clean and open up the pores.  You can get the best result if the beard is clean and dried out with the towel.

Step 2: Towel dry beard

You should never apply oil on a wet beard as oil and water don’t mix well, and your skin pores will not get a sufficient amount of oil.  Always dry your beard with the use of a towel before applying beard oil on it.

Also, you should not completely dry your beard out with the towel.  Keep it slightly damp as a completely dry hair will be difficult to oil it.

Step 3: Pour 4-5 beard oil drops on your hands

Take your oil bottle and put 4-5 drops of beard oil on your palm.  Now, gently rub your hands together and distribute the oil evenly on your palm.  This way your palm will be completely covered with beard oil.

The oil amount varies on the length of the beard.  Ideally, a new beard would take up to 2-3 drops, while a 1-2-month-old beard will require 3-4 drops.  On the other hand, if you have a medium to long beard, then you should take 4-6 drops, and gradually increase the drops with the length of the beard.  Remember, less is always better as the greasiness will last long.

Step 4: Massage oil on your beard

Now that you have beard oil all over your palms, start massaging it over your beard. Start from sideburns sloping it downwards, and then the chin area.  Gently apply oil on mustache but do not rub it recklessly.

Ensure your beard is completely oiled.  The skin pores are equally important to get beard oil as if that remains dry, then there will be no moisture, resulting in skin-damaging and slow growth.

Step 5: Use a Beard Comb

Combing your beard after applying beard oil is a good habit.  It has multiple benefits such as lining up your beard, preventing ingrown hairs, making it look fuller, and keeping stray hairs away from the mouth.

You should buy a beard comb made up of boar’s bristle as it is one of the best beard grooming tools that one should have in the kit.

Step 6: Leave it for 3-4 hours

After applying beard oil, comb it to make it look perfect.  You need to keep your beard untouched for the next 3-4 hours.  This is because the beard oil takes time to be absorbed in the skin.

This is the reason, it is suggested to apply beard oil at nighttime so that you will not touch the beard frequently, nor it gets exposed to external elements.

Here is a video that might help you understand the process better!

What are the Benefits of Using Beard Oil?

So, now that you have made up your mind, it is your right to know the benefits that you can avail of using beard oil.

benefits of using beard oil

Moisturizes skin

If you are an outdoor guy or a frequent traveller, mostly exposed to different temperatures, then beard oil is a must for you.  A harsh climate condition can easily dry the skin, which requires hydration.  There can be a negative effect if you leave your beard unkempt.

Beard oil excellently does the job of moisturizing the beard and skin beneath it.  It hydrates the pores so well that you won’t face hassle with your beard the entire day.  Just a few drops of beard oil and you are good to go.

Fight against beard itch, irritation, beardruff

The occurrence of beard dandruff is common if the beard is untidy, or isn’t getting enough supplement.  And not only beardruff but irritation, beard itch are other common problems that you might face.

If you regularly use beard oil then within a few months, you will notice the change.  Your beard will start growing, promoting thickness and ensuring expected results.  Beard oils help you eliminate those pesky white flakes from your beard hair, saving you from the embarrassments.

Aromatic fragrance

Beards can stink and there can be a number of reasons for it.  From dirt that your beard collects to the pollution it is exposed to, and the food that you spill on to the sweat your body produces.  The reason can be any for stinking.  And you will not be able to deter it. 

If you regularly wash your face with beard wash and apply beard oil, then it won’t ruin your day, nor your special date.  Beard oils come in multiple scents – from mint to sandalwood, to lavender and aged bourbon. Regular use of oil makes your whiskers smell good.

Tame the whiskers

You might have found it odd, how a hair gel can easily tame the head hair but is not the same with whiskers. First of all, hair gels aren’t made to tame the whiskers, and secondly, the texture of both beard and head hair is different.

Beard hair is rough as compared to head hair, and requires oil to soften it.  Hair gels won’t meet the expectations.  Also, it adds shine to your beard which can make them look luscious.  And the beard oil also takes care of scraggly and rugged beards, making it look neat and kempt.

Treats patchy beard

Initially, everyone has a patchy beard but with time, it grows fuller and thicker.  Well, beard growth depends on genes, diet, and proper supplements.  And even after taking extra beard care, if it still disappoints you, then don’t worry my friend –  beard oil will rescue you out of this situation.

Patchiness is treatable with the therapeutics beard oil.  It moisturizes the skin within and heals the issue related to the patchy beard.  It boosts the beard growth and beard health, too.  Beard oils are the reason why hair follicles keep growing and flourishing.

Improves appearance

If you are someone who is concerned about your appearance with your facial hair, then beard oil is something you should ponder upon.  And not only it straightens the beard, but it adds shine, solves tangles and knots, and makes it soft to easily comb.

With the help of beard oil, your hair follicles get sufficient supplements timely and boost beard growth.  It enhances your looks and gives an attractive personality.  A personality that you always wish for.

How Often Should You Apply Beard Oil?

how often should you apply beard oil

Beard oil is made up of essential oils and carrier oils that are considered to be part of the ingredients list because it caters to many problems that beards face daily.  It includes pollution, dryness, temperature, and even the length of the beard.

The pollution or temperature causes dryness that leads to irritation and itching, and to get rid of it, you need to use beard oil.  Now, if you are a frequent traveler, it is advisable to use beard oil daily as the hassle your beard faces needs to be pampered with good beard products.

On the other hand, if you have a long beard, then also you should use oil every day.  The long beard easily gets dried and often requires oiling it.  A dry temperature and a long beard will even require oiling twice or thrice in a day.


1. What is the meaning of beard oil vs no beard oil?

Beard oil adds moisture and keeps your beard hydrated, which can also be done with the help of beard balm. On the contrary, if you don’t use beard oil or beard balm, then you choose to stop providing supplements to your beard, leaving it to become unkempt, frizzy and brittle.

2. When to apply beard oil?

The answer to the question depends on the condition of your beard and its surroundings. Ideally, you should apply oil once at bedtime, but then if you have a long beard it will require oiling twice a day. On the other hand, if you find that the hair follicles depletes the sebum oil, then you should regularly use beard oil.

3. How much beard oil to use?

Again the answer depends on the length of the beard. You can pour 4-5 drops of beard oil on your palm, distribute the oil evenly, and massage it. It will take care of the medium-length beard.

4. Does beard oil have side effects?

Beard oils are made up of natural ingredients like coconut oil and there are fewer chances of having side effects. But if your skin is prone to allergies, then you might face side effects. Also, the beard oils that have synthetics will definitely have side effects. You should check the ingredients before purchasing the product.

5. How do I fix my patchy beard?

Beard oil can be one of the solutions for fixing a patchy beard. The reason for a patchy beard can be genetics, insufficient skin producing oil, or untidiness. The oil will provide sufficient supplements to heal the patchiness of a particular area so that the follicle will let the oil reach the skin pores, allowing it to grow hair.


Applying beard oil isn’t rocket science, but it needs to be applied in the right manner.  You have to follow each and every step to gain the desired results.  And considering large chunks of information available online that might confuse you, we have added crucial points to master your skill and enhance your knowledge about grooming.

It is important to know the quantity and quality of the oil that you use and what essential ingredients it should have. I hope the article suffices everything and you are happy with the information.

Feel free to share your experience.  And if you want to offer suggestions, we whole-heartedly welcome it.  Also, if you like our blog, then don’t forget to subscribe to it.


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