How To Wash Beard? The Right Way to Keep Pollutants Away

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You must have heard this famous quote “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.”

But do you know what is behind a healthy beard?  Its:

  • Regular washing
  • Use the right products after you wash your facial mane
  • Avoiding some common mistakes when washing (We’ll discuss later in the blog)

Doing so would let you sport a great beard that you could have just seen actors flaunting.  Besides, a healthy beard also brings a lot of advantages to the table.  So what are those benefits and how would you enjoy them, keep reading this article to know.

So let’s understand how to wash beard in quick and simple steps.

Benefits of Washing Your Beard

daily beard wash

Removes Environmental Impurities

If you are a frequent traveller or a foodie, there are high chance that your beard hair will carry many things.  It includes:

  • Food particles
  • Dead skin cells
  • Dirt
  • Bacteria

All of the external pollutants would not only make your beard unkempt but also ruin special moments.  That’s the reason cleaning your beard should be a high priority at the beginning and end of the day.

If you clean beard hair regularly, you stay free from those impurities, and your partner remains happy as well.

Removes Beard Dandruff

Beardruff is one of the challenges bearded men suffer from, and the only solution is to wash your beard regularly.  Incorporating quality beard shampoo, wash, or soap is the solution through which you can get rid of dandruff hassles.

Reduces Beard Itch

Along with beardruff, beard wash on a daily basis could also help you get rid of an itchy beard.  Itching could become one of the reasons for shaving off your dusky beard. So you must wash to flaunt your facial mane.  A clean and good beard is just a quality grooming process.

Stronger & Healthier Facial Hair

Not only does beard hair require all your attention, but the skin underneath also needs tenderness, love, and care.  A daily beard wash keeps facial skin pores clean and clear. It even prevents split ends and promotes better growth.  This way, beard grooming products like beard oil and balm would easily penetrate the skin.

So these are the benefits of washing your beard properly.  Now let’s understand how to clean your beard so that you can reap the above-discussed advantages.

How to Wash Beard? (Step By Step Guide)

Beard washing is a task that requires precision. Unfortunately, most men fail to meet the guidelines and end up harming their beard hair.  Since you are proactive, you would not commit such mistakes.

So let’s know the exact approach towards beard washing.

Step 1: Wet Your Beard With Lukewarm Water

Beard washing should be done at the right water temperature.  Too hot water could make your hair follicles brittle, and too cold water would not do anything beneficial.  Wash your beard with warm water to open up skin pores, promote blood circulation, and remove all pollutants.

Step 2: Use Beard Soap/Shampoo/Wash

The next step is to bring in beard wash products, such as beard shampoo, wash, and soap. You must use beard wash products and not any regular shampoo or soap to wash your beard.  Take a small amount and gently massage your beard.  If you wish to grow thicker and longer beards, you will require a good quantity of beard wash products.

Step 3: Rub & Create Lather

Rub the beard wash, shampoo, or soap into your beard hair and create a rich lather.  Use your fingers in a scrubbing motion to remove all the impurities.  Besides, massaging keeps skin clean, and dry skin hydrated, boosts blood circulation and overcomes dryness.

Step 4: Wait For a Few Minutes

Once you are done applying the beard wash products, it’s time to leave them for a while.  It will ensure that you get the best out of your beard shampoos, soaps, or washes.

Step 5: Rinse it off

When rinsing off the beard wash product, massage in a circular motion under lukewarm water.  This way, you will be able to rinse off the entire shampoo.

Once you are done shampooing your beard, apply beard conditioner or shampoo to condition and moisturize your facial mane.  After applying the beard conditioner, leave it for a while to absorb, and then rinse it off.

Now that you know the right way to clean your facial fuzz let us familiarize you with the best beard wash products to achieve a good wash.  These are:

  • Beard Shampoo
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Beard Soap
  • Beard Wash

So this was all about how to keep your beard clean but do you know how many times you should wash your beard?  Learn about how often to wash your beard in this article.

Once you wash, it is essential to dry your facial hair, but how will you do it?  And what are the consequences of not drying facial fuzz post-wash?  Check out the next section.

How to Dry Your Beard?

Before letting you know how badly it impacts not to dry your facial hair, let us share the information on how to dry your facial mane.

Pat Dry with a Towel

Drying facial hair with a towel is one of the ways, but you must know what type of material to use.  A cotton towel leaves lint post-rubbing on the beard, while a microfiber towel is way too convenient.  It keeps your beard clean by removing any leftover dirt and doesn’t even leave a lint.  Plus, it even dries your beard hair more quickly than cotton ones.

Use a Hair Dryer

You can opt for a blow-drying beard if you are running out of time.  It is simple, quick, and time-saving.   But there are consequences too.  Blow drying can make your beard hair dry and brittle.  That’s the reason you must keep the blow-dryer 5-6 inches away from your face.

Just the way you need shampoos or soaps to get your beard washed, you will require a couple of things to dry your beard.  Those are:

Brushing your beard would straighten and detangle your whiskers.  Besides, it even dries your beard in no time.

The brush or dryer would soak water and turn wet hair into dry, but what if you skip drying?  So this happens to your hair:

  • Hair gets tangled up
  • Increase in hair fall and breakage
  • No proper shape

So that’s why it is important to dry facial mane, but what to do once you dry it?  Is that all you are supposed to do, or is there anything left?  To learn more, continue reading the next important section.

How to Maintain Your Beard?

Your duty towards your facial mane doesn’t end at washing daily; you are also required to maintain it.  So how will you do it? And what shall you add?

Firstly, let’s know what to do after your facial wash mane:

Moisturize Your Facial Mane & Skin

A well-groomed beard is just a proper regime away.  For that, you will require beard oils or balms that add moisture to your skin. These moisturizing agents have vitamins and minerals that make your fuzz soft and nourished.

Now which one to use depends on personal preferences.  Most men with beard length use beard balms for a firm hold and to keep the unruly whiskers in one place.  On the other hand, men with shorter beards prefer to apply beard oil since they are lightweight and absorb quickly.


Both beard oil and balm should be made up of all-natural ingredients. It should include carrier oils, essential oils, shea butter, and beeswax.

Straighten Your Facial Mane

You must incorporate a beard comb in your grooming regimen to straighten your facial mane.  This way, you would straighten hairs and not end up tangling them.  Start combing from chin to downwards and inside to outside.  A beard comb brings a world of difference once you start combing it.

Trim Appropriately

Now that you are all set, it’s time to pick a good-quality beard trimmer, set the right length for trimming, and start chopping down stubborn whiskers.  If you want to wear any beard style, you must choose one that matches your head and face.

So that is how you would be maintaining your facial hair and the skin underneath it.  But what would you require to maintain your beard?  These are the tools to add to your grooming routine:

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Trimmer
  • Beard Comb

From washing to drying and maintaining your facial mane, you would be showing some love to your beards. However, you must also know some mistakes that men commit, but you shouldn’t.  Continue reading the next section to save your facial mane from hassles.

Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Your Beard

clean facial hair

Clean facial hair is just a quality grooming routine and regimen away.  Not only products, but sometimes even not following the best practices could make your efforts go in vain.

Mistake #1: Relying Only On Shampoos or Conditioners

Some men think using only shampoo or conditioner would work for their beard and mustache.  However, the products aren’t a substitute for each other.  Both have their uses.

Beard shampoo removes pollutants while beard conditioners soften your hair.  The problem of a dry and itchy beard is solved by a beard conditioner.  Therefore, it is essential to use both products for a perfect balance and not rely only on a single one.

Mistake #2: Over-Washing Your Facial Mane

Overwashing your facial hairs could strip natural oils and shed sensitive hair from its roots.  Now you must be thinking about how much to wash.

Well, it depends on your hair type and environmental factors.  If you have oily skin, then you must wash your hair frequently.  Another time you are supposed to wash frequently is when you live in a humid climate.  Contrary to this, if you are dealing with dryness, then wash it once a day. 

Mistake #3: Using Hot Water for Washing

Many men think using boiling water for beard wash can make beards and mustaches clean.  But that’s not true.  Hot (boiling) water is no lesser than harsh chemicals for your skin.  It causes irritation and inflammation.

Mistake #4: Using Chemical-Packed Products

All your efforts can go downhill if you are not using quality beard care products.  A few ingredients like Isopropyl alcohol and polyethylene alcohol should be kept away since they strip away natural oils and even cause dehydration.

Avoid these mistakes for a healthy beard and skin type.  If you still have any questions, go through the next section.


  1. Can I Use Regular Shampoo On My Beard?

    No, regular shampoos are not meant for removing build-up caused by your facial fuzz. Instead of cleaning, these shampoos can even make your beard frizzy and brittle.

  2. How Can I Clean My Beard Naturally?

    You can use two teaspoons full of lukewarm olive oil to massage into your hair and leave it overnight. Wash it in the next morning, and it will eventually clean your facial mane.

  3. How Often Should Beards Be Washed?

    You are supposed to wash your beards twice to thrice per week. For oily skin men, it is advisable to wash thrice per week. On the other hand, if you live in hot weather, wash only twice a week.

  4. When Should I Start To Wash My Beards And Staches?

    As soon as hair starts to pop out of your facial skin, you must add beard wash products to your routine. The products will disallow any bacteria build-up from the skin.

  5. Is Baby Shampoo Safe For Facial Hair?

    Yes, the baby products are gentle and free from chemicals. It also ensures to deliver quality results and moisturizes your facial area.


Beard care is one of the essential tasks, and keeping it clean comes as a priority.  All of your beard grooming products fail if the facial mane is not clean.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro, taking care of your facial mane becomes vital.  Choosing the best product for cleaning is another priority task.

We hope this article finds you well and you now have sufficient information on how to clean your beard properly.  Do like, share, and subscribe to get similar articles.

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