Beard Line Up 101: How to Line Up Beard?

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We hope you wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes in the morning for a beard lineup, and that’s why you are here to know how to line up beard, right?

Well, it’s important to keep the stray hairs at bay, cheek lines rounded or straight, and necklines in shape.  All these things make up a well-groomed beard that will not only make you a center of attraction but also give you a sense of confidence.

So, let’s get started. 

Prerequisites For Beard Line-Up

beard line up

Since you have to trim and shape your beard hair, you will require tools like:

  • Beard Trimmer
  • Beard Comb
  • Beard Shaping Tool

Many grooming experts suggest expensive beard trimmers that come with several attachments, but honestly speaking, those attachments are of no use when drawing beard lines.  However, the beard trimmers with attachments are good when you want to trim long beard short or short ones to stubble.  So, it entirely depends on you which one to choose.

How To Line Up Beard? (5 Steps)

As we always say, before starting to do anything with your beard, you must wash your facial mane, then be it is trimming, shaving, or moisturizing.

You can use a mild shampoo or soap to wash your beard thoroughly.  Washing will remove all the pollutants that can be a hindering factor when lining up your beard.  Besides, it even makes your facial hair soft and smooth, which will eventually lead to achieving a clean beard line.

Once you wash your beard hair, it’s time to let it dry naturally, or if you are in a hurry, you can towel-dry it.  Blow-drying is also an option, but it isn’t suggestible to sensitive skin men.

Wondering, what happens if you start working on wet hair?

Wet hair gives an illusion of being longer than actual hair, and you may over-trim or shave it.

We hope you now know the importance of washing facial mane.  Once that part is over, the main 5-Step game begins.

1) How to Trim a Beard Cheek Line?

beard cheek line

A cheek line is probably a representation of your entire beard line.  Any mistake in your cheek line will ruin your efforts in sculpting your beard.  Therefore, you must carefully trim the cheek line.  There are several ways to groom your beard growth and your face shape.

With that being said, let’s understand how to line up your cheek line:

Since we have already discussed how to wash your beard, we will discuss other steps:

Mark a Line

Draw an imaginary line from the bottom part of the sideburns and connect it to the tip of the mustache.  Besides, you can even use a beard comb to draw a line connecting sideburns and mustache.

Note: The beard comb should have a straight handle that can help you to create a straight line.

Mark a Round Line

It is another way to draw a cheek line wherein instead of straight, draw a slight curve or round off from the sideburns and connect it to the tip of the stache.

If you have an angular face, then curved or rounded cheek lines will smooth sharp facial features.  Contrary to this, straight and well-defined lines enhance round face shapes.

Trim Hair

Once you determine an imaginary straight or round cheek line, start trimming the hair above it.  You can shave downward or in the hair growth direction.  Since cheeks are prone to sparseness, you can try to keep the bulk of your hair by adjusting with your natural cheek lines.

Do it on Both Sides

Once you carve the cheek line of one side of your face, keep it as a reference and repeat the same thing on the other side.  Your aim should be to keep both sides symmetrical as it makes your face attractive.

Trim to Maintain

You cannot leave the cheek line by trimming it once in a while.  You will have to do it every 2nd or 3rd day.  Keep doing it every alternate day if the hairs are growing quickly.

So this is how you will be able to line up your cheek line, and while doing this, you also shape up your sideburns, not entirely but bits and pieces.  Now let’s know how to do it completely.

2) How to Line Up Your Sideburns?

side beard

 Since you have done most of the work on the outer part of the sideburns, it’s time to craft the inner side (near the ear area) of the sideburns.

Draw A Straight Line Down Your Sideburns

Use a comb handle to draw a straight line on the inner side of the sideburns (as shown in the picture). It is not necessary to draw a straight line; you can even round edges from the bottom.

Comb hair out from sideburns so that you can trim the stranglers out of the line.  Do it on both sides and keep it symmetrical.

Now that you are done with sideburns- it’s important to take care of your mustaches.

3) How to Line Up Your Mustache?

mustache lineup

A lined-up mustache looks impressive and well-defined.  For that, you will need a comb, scissors, and clippers.  So let’s know the technique to line up the mustache.

Comb Your Mustache

Run a comb through the mustache and downwards to remove tangles and pollutants.  It will straighten the hair and offer you the actual length of your mustache.

Go With the Lip Line

You must consider the top lip line as a reference when chopping your mustache.  Anything over and above the upper lip line should be trimmed off.  You can use scissors to chop the hair above the lipline.

Run Clippers

Run clippers in the downward direction.  For the hairs that don’t lie flat, you can use a longer guard.  Contrary to this, if you want thinner mustaches, use a shorter guard.  We recommend longer guards to beginners to avoid over-cutting.  After using a clipper, again comb and chop the hairs with scissors that pop out of the comb teeth.

Now that you completely lining up with the upper part of the facial hair- let’s start creating the beard neckline.

4) Sculpt Your Beard Neck Lines

neck line up

Just like the cheek lines, if you commit any mistake in drawing the neckline, it will ruin your facial appearance.

Mark the Neck Line

An ideal neckline is the one that forms U-shaped, which starts below one ear and connects to the other ear.  It is 1 inch above your Adam’s apple (a small rounded bone under the skin on the front side of the throat).  You can use a white pencil to draw that imaginary line.

Mark the Midpoint

To find out the neckline, you must place two fingers above Adam’s apple.  The line above your index finger is the neckline.  Also, the centerline is the midpoint of the neckline.

Trim Your Beard Below Neck Line

Once you determine the midpoint, which is right below your chin and 1 or 1.5 inches above your Adam’s apple, use a beard trimmer to shave or trim everything below it.  If you are shaving, use shaving cream to clean the area.

Trim the Intersecting Area

Now you can slice hair below the jawline of either side.  Also, trim off the area closest to the ear lobe.  You can keep it straight or round off on both sides.  We recommend a straight cut for an angular look or a square-shaped jaw.

Trim Beard Neckline Regularly

You can maintain the neckline by trimming every alternate day.  If your hair keeps on growing at a faster pace, you need to do it frequently.

We hope you have got your desired look by going through each section.  If you want professional lines and cuts, you can use a beard shaper.  Read on to learn more about how to use the beard-shaping tool.

5) Utilize Beard Shaping Tools

There are two ways to know how to line up beard; one is manually, and another is by using a tool.  Professionals prefer using beard shapers to commit no mistakes and deliver the best results.

They are quite inexpensive and require no special training to use them.  Just place it against your face where you want to create a beard outline.  Unlike the manual method, it doesn’t require visualizing the beard line or putting in extra effort.

It is a versatile tool that can line up your cheek line, neck, mustache, and sideburns.  The tool will tell you exactly where you should trim or shave.  Besides, the beard shapers have a comb on them, which have teeth close to each other.  It is not ideal, and we do not suggest using it for combing.

Since both sides are operable, you can use the tool either way.  You can expect a natural curve style or straight edge with this beard-shaping tool.

However, you must not forget that the tools work best when paired with a beard trimmer or shaver.  Therefore, you must add those nifty products along with this to your grooming arsenal.


1. How should a beard be lined up?

A meticulously trimmed beard should feature prominently defined lines along the cheecks and neck. The cheek lines trace the contours of each cheekbone, stretching from the lowerend of the sideburn to the mustache’s boundary. Meanwhile, necklines extend from one ear acroos to the other, situated under the jawline and converging just above the Adam’s Apple in the middle.

2. When should you line up your beard?

It is advisable to wait for at least 6-8 weeks before lining up your beard. During this time, you will get to know how your beard is growing and what shape it is taking. Once you grow full beards, then start shaping up your beard. In short, put your razor or trimmer aside for 2-months and just wait for your beard to grow fully.

3. Is a curved or straight beard line better?

For individual with a rounded facial structure, creating a cheek line that is straight and angled sharply can counterbalance the face’s circularity. Conversely, for those with a face that is elongated and angular, opting for a beard cheekline that is more rounded can help to soften the face’s pronounced edges.

4. How do you take care of facial hair?

Once the beard is two months old, start washing it with beard wash or shampoo. Then, keep trimming it to make it look uniform. This way, you can take care of your beard.

5. Does a beard make your face look bigger?

Yes and No. If you don’t groom your beard regularly, it will make your face look fat and unkempt. The main reason is the hair covers the jawline, which is why your face looks fat. Therefore, you must try to trim your beard regularly to keep your face clean, tidy, and thin.


So this is how to line up beard at home without even having to visit barbers.  You need some nifty tools during your beard line-up journey, which we have discussed in the article.  Moreover, we have discussed each beard area specifically for a better understanding.  Lastly, we have also discussed how to effectively use beard shapers to get clean and crisp beard lines.

We hope you found this article well.  You can share your experience like, how you shape your cheek line and neckline, and what beard style you are wearing.  Also, let us know which method you prefer: manual or the use of a beard-shaping tool for lining up your facial hair.

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Published Date: Apr 10, 2024

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