Beard Neckline 101: How To Shape And Trim A Beard Neckline?

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A well-maintained beard completes a man, but what completes a beard? 

It is a beard neckline that makes your facial hair well-groomed and improves your overall look.  Failing to maintain a beard neckline will ruin even the precisely sculpted beard. Beard Fact is that a well-maintained beard is almost immune to sarcasm!

Therefore, it becomes important for you to shape your neckbeard and get a sharp, crispy look.  But how to trim a beard neckline? How will you shape it?  What will you do if any mishap happens when you trim, shape, or fade your beard neckline?

Answers to all these questions are in this article.  Plus, you will get to know what you should consider before trimming your beard line under your chin.  So keep reading to know anything and everything about beard’s neckline.

Importance of Trimming Beard Neckline

perfect beard neckline

Enhances Appearance

A clear-cut edge will make your beard hair look thicker from the side-view.  Failing to create a neckline accurately can look like a double-chin.  It mostly happens with beginners who unknowingly trim the area where it should not be.

Uplifts Beard Style

You can fade out your neckline without any unique cut, which makes the neckline and beard closer to each other. This way, you will have a distinctive look from others.

Prevents Itchiness

When the neck hairs become untamed and are out of control, they may poke and itch you.  Trimming your neckbeard will keep the stray hairs at bay and control the out-of-control area on an otherwise perfect beard.

You cannot simply trim or shave off everything under your jawline or chin; there has to be a certain area known as the neckline.  Let’s find it out.

How to Quickly Identify Your Neckline?

how to trim a beard neckline

You know the importance of trimming a neckline, which is why you are here to know how to identify the neckline.  There are two methods to find out the neckline.  Let’s have a look at them:

Adam’s Apple Method

If you have got Adam’s apple visible, this is the method you can choose to identify your neckline.  Place your index and middle finger above your Adam’s apple.  The line that forms above your index finger is known as the dividing line (neckline).

Imaginary Line Method

Contrary to Adam’s apple, if you want to find out the neckline, then bend down your head to form a crease (dividing line) where your jaw meets the neck.  Place your index finger on the crease (imaginary line) and straighten your head.  Voila – beard neckline.

Everything below this horizontal line should be trimmed or shaved off to enhance your overall appearance.  But wait, there are a few more things that you must know before trimming or shaving.

Crucial Things You Should Consider Before Trimming Neckline

Before picking up the right tools to shape your neckline, get yourself familiar with the mentioned points:

  • Resist yourself from trimming too high.  Marking a line on the chin or jaw may make your face look big and bushy.
  • Stretch skin underneath your chin to trim accurately
  • Failing to stretch the skin may offer uneven trim or shave.  You might cut or miss spots if you use an electric razor.

So these are proactive measures, which, if taken care of, can offer mind-blowing results.  Now let’s see what tools will be required to sculpt the beard neckline.

Prerequisites for Beard Neckline Trimming

These are the same tools that you would use when grooming your facial hair.  So let’s check it out:

Wooden Beard Comb

A wooden beard comb is one of the grooming products on the list that is essential before trimming or shaving off your facial hair.  It lets you know the actual length and the growth line.  Besides, it will also help you rid them of any tangles of your facial hair.

Shaving Cream & Razor

Shaving cream and razor are grooming products that are made for each other.  Both work amazingly well when combined.  So, it is advisable to use both the products together when shaving off unwanted hair below the neckline.

Beard Shaping Tool

Beard shaping tools offer accurate and sharp lines.  The plastic-made body is transparent through which you will be able to see and sculpt.  It has got four different types of lines and angles to wear different facial hairstyles.  You can use a beard shaping tool to shape sideburns, cheek lines, and necklines.

Flexshaper Beard Neckline

The Flexshaper is a convenient and outstanding beard grooming product.  It goes by its name, which means it is super-flexible.  It has got an elastic band that you attach to your head.  The other side has thin plastic foil, which sets right at your neckline mark spot.  You can then use a trimmer to trim everything below the foil.

Beard Scissors

Beard scissors will help you clean stray hairs around your neckline.  It will save you from being clean-shaven.

Beard Trimmer

A Beard trimmer is a go-to grooming tool that comes with multiple guards and length settings.  A beard trimmer always guarantees consistent lines if you have a steady hand. Also, it saves time and is quite efficient.


A three-way mirror would be good when shaping a neckline so that you can have an idea of different angles.

Beard Bib

Beard bib saves you from post-shave or trim hassles of cleaning your bathroom and your sink area.  It collects beards and saves your drainage pipe from clogging up.

From the above discussion, we hope you are convinced, but wait, what’s next?  Well, it’s time to begin the game and understand how to trim a neckbeard.

How to Trim A Beard Neckline?

We hope you have found out the beard neckline and are ready with the grooming arsenals.  Now let’s start creating a well-groomed beard neckline with the help of a trimmer.

how to trim neck beard

Step 1: Mark Your Neckline

Draw a vertical line below one ear lobe and extend it to the jawline to connect your neck (two fingers width above Adam’s apple) and move towards another ear lobe.

Step 2: Set Trimmer’s Length

Set the trimmer length two settings shorter than the actual facial hair length.  Locate the central point, which should be exactly two fingers above Adam’s apple.  

Step 3: Create a Neckline

Trim your beard neckline from the center point above Adam’s apple.  Always hold your horse, and don’t be impatient.  Besides, you should not make the round lines – keep an aim of a gentle curve.  Keep both sides symmetrical considering the neckline as a reference.

Tip: For a hairy chest, clean up your whole neck area to avoid hairs popping out of your shirts or tees.

Trimming is one of the safest options as it creates a perfect neckline and saves you from cuts and nicks.

Now you might be wondering, can’t we use shavers or razors?  Well, the answer is yes.  But the question arises which razor type is suitable for shaving your neckline?  Besides, how to shave a neck beard is another question that follows the first one.

Keep reading to know more about it:

Single-blade razors are better off than multiple-blade razors.  Also, they deliver a close shave and do not clog up as easily as cartridges.

However, the single-blade razors should be combined with shaving cream to achieve the finest quality results and avoid irritation.  Also, you must keep your skin taut with another hand for a risk-free shave.

Besides, you can even trim the beards using high-quality stainless steel scissors.  They will chop hair without tugging or pulling them.

So that’s how you would be able to trim a beard neckline using grooming products.  Now let’s add one more accessory to make the beard line sharp and straight.

How to Trim Your Beard Neckline Using Beard Shaping Tool?

where to trim beard

If you are a perfectionist, you would love the beard shaping tool since it will create an even, symmetrical, and crisp line.  Besides, it eliminates the risk of shaving at the wrong angle or place.  

There are two sides to beard shapers, and you are supposed to choose the one that matches the contours of your neckline.  Hold it in a position so that only excess hair is visible below the neckline.

Since the beard shaping tool is small, you will require to shave off the hair on one side and then the other side.  When done on both sides, you will require to shave a minor part in the center of the neckline, which you can do with free-hand.

Till now, you have seen how to create a sharp neckline, but that’s not the only way all men love; some men even prefer a faded neckline.  Now let’s know how to fade the neckline.

How to Fade Beard Neckline?

Neckline fading is an art, and if executed well, it will enhance your overall appearance.  It will offer a gradual change in the beard length from the cheeks to the neck and vice versa.

A proper beard neckline fading is when you notice the hair length slowly starts decreasing from cheeks to the neck.  Contrary to this, there should be minimum hair length near the neckline and should increase till it reaches the cheekbones.

Beard neckline is achievable with trimmer and guard settings.  So keep the tool handy and start following the steps:

Step 1: Evaluate Beard Length

Determine your beard length and then set your clipper two settings shorter than beards.  Trim everything below the neckline.

Step 2: Trim

Once you trim everything, switch to settings lower to one or two to trim the area between Adam’s apple and neckline.

Step 3: Trim Beard Under Jawline

Again switch to a shorter setting and trim the bottom half.  Leave the top half that is above the jawline as it will require an original setting.  It will create a natural and gradual end.

Step 4: Clean Away Fuzz Below Adam’s Apple

Do not forget to shave off all the hair (if any) between your neckline and chest hair.

Fading and maintaining a neckline requires a lot of time and effort, and if you have shorter facial hair, the time and effort required to maintain are double.  It is not the case when maintaining a long beard since the neckline will not be visible too much.  In both cases, you can apply beard oil for conditioning.

Men with longer beards can just trim the contours without requiring to shape the neckline regularly. 

So that’s how you can pick your grooming tool and start sculpting the beard neckline.  Now let’s see what you can do if mistakes happen during trimming, shaving, or fading neckline.

Tips On Fixing Beard Neckline

neck shave

No matter how much you take care of your beard neckline, mistakes do happen, but you don’t need to worry about it.  We have got you covered with some amazing solutions to fix the problem.

Fixing neckline post committing mistake consists of two methods:

All-in-one Method

Before shaping beard neckline like a professional, you might trim your chin beard or jawline excessively.  That’s where this method will be a savior.  All you need to do is to keep patience and wait for at least two.  Let the beard grow out for these two weeks so that you can alter it later on.  

Longer bearded guys will require trim once they notice new beard growth to match the existing beard shape and style.  Besides, a newbie should not start creating the neckline as soon as the beard grows out.  Once the bushy beard grows out, start trimming and create a well-defined neckline.

Iterative Method

The Iterative method is for the ones who keep patience in growing a beard.  Once you notice there is a mistake that happened, maybe over trimming or setting a higher neckline, you don’t need to shave for at least two days.  After the period, again create a neckline below the existing one.

Once you create a new neckline, wait for new hairs to grow out and see if a newly, well-defined neckline suits you or not.  If not, then repeat the whole process.

Besides, you must wait for new hairs to grow out evenly once you are satisfied with whatever mistake you’ve committed.  Let’s answer some commonly asked questions to clear all doubts and concerns.


1. How to prevent irritated skin while making a neckline?

We recommend shaving in the hair growth direction to prevent irritated skin. Doing the opposite means shaving against the grain can cause ingrown hairs. Finding grain is an easy task; run your fingers around your neck to feel resistance and smoothness. With the grain is when your fingers will feel smooth, and when the hair pokes your fingers, it is against the grain.

2. Where should the neckline be?

To find out your neckline, place your two fingers above your Adam’s apple. The spot above your index finger is your neckline. Visualize a line that connects both your ears.

3. How to trim under beard?

Firstly, wash your face with warm water or take a warm shower. You can also dab a warm towel to open up the skin pores. Apply shaving cream to glide the razor/trimmer effortlessly and shave with the grain. Stretch the skin when gliding a razor to shave off hair under the beard. Once you finish trimming or shaving, wash your face with cold water and apply Aftershave.

4. Should you shave your neck during the beard-growing process?

Yes, shaving enhances your looks, and neckline shaving will uplift your entire beard appearance. Besides, you must not touch the neckline, but you must shave everything below the neckline.

5. How do beard shapers work?

Beard shaping tools are templates through which you will be able to craft your beard. Using it will ensure a perfect neckline.

6. How to line up beard?

Lining up a beard means making it even from all sides, but it requires the right set of tools. A wooden beard comb to straighten and untangle all hairs. After which, you will have to visualize a sharp line from sideburns that meets the mustache. You can use eyeliner to mark it. Lastly, a trimmer to trim off all the hairs above the beard line to make it look tidy and sophisticated.


We have decided to bring anything and everything related to the beard neckline to the table.  The beard neckline guide includes its importance and identification.  Besides, it will also have a list of certain things that professionals do before trimming.  Of course, a beard neckline will require some tools, which is also part of this article.

After gathering stuff, we have also discussed different ways to create a beard neckline.  It includes the use of trimmers, razors, and shapers.  Moreover, we have also considered a fading method.  Lastly, some tricks to overcome the mistakes that unintentionally happen.

That’s all from our side, and we hope this article finds you well.  Share with us your favorite grooming tool with which you create a beard neckline.  Also, you can share your best practices that you feel can be helpful to others.  We will definitely try to include it in our article.


Published Date: Aug 3, 2021

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