The Best Shaving Kits: A Complete Guide

Updated Date: by Reet Patel

Shaving isn’t a cakewalk, and a lot is required to achieve the best possible shave.  It includes picking up the right grooming tools and accessories to master it.  The shaving routine is a responsibility that every man should follow.  And any compromise is strictly intolerable.

As a bearded guy, it is natural to receive shaving kits as a gift on different occasions.  And, it’s worth every penny even if you don’t receive it as a gift.

Shaving consists of multiple steps, such as preparing your facial hair, lathering it with shaving cream or soap, selecting the right razor or shaver, and applying the post-shave balm.  To your notice, the shaving kit checkmarks all the steps with its variety of products.

After reviewing many brands and their products, Tomfw is happy to list down the best shaving kits that you can bring home or gift to your dear ones.  It’s a 13 best shave kits list, so there are high chance that you will get your budget-friendly shave kit.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks

Quick Comparison of Best Shaving Kit for Men

Gillette ProGlide Shield Premium Edition

Gillette ProGlide Shield Premium Edition

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Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Check Price
Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set

Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set

Check Price
Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor Kit

Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor Kit

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Gentleman Jon Deluxe Shaving Dopp Kit

Gentleman Jon Deluxe Shaving Dopp Kit

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ACRIMAX Luxury Shaving Kit for Men

ACRIMAX Luxury Shaving Kit for Men

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Bevel Shaving Kit for Men

Bevel Shaving Kit for Men

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Merkur 5 Piece Shaving Gift Set

Merkur 5 Piece Shaving Gift Set

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Maison Lambert Shaving Kit

Maison Lambert Shaving Kit

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Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

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River Lake Safety Razor Shaving Kit

River Lake Safety Razor Shaving Kit

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Merkur Futur 4-Piece Shaving Set

Merkur Futur 4-Piece Shaving Set

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Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set

Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set

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Gillette ProGlide Shield Premium Edition

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide disposable razor is made for early birds in the wet shaving world.  Of course, a bearded man can always use it, but why it becomes ideal for beginners due to improvements in the blades that have left no room for cutting or nicking.

The cartridge razor of this shave kit has lubricating strips on it, which will push the skin flat down so that you get a smoother and irritation-free shave.  Additionally, a precision trimmer on the back of the razor works well in styling and detailing.  The Flexball head is versatile as it can follow the contours of not only the face but also the chest and other areas as well.

The shave kit comes with 8-blade refills and 1 Travel case so that any shaving enthusiast can travel with the razor without any worries. 

The razor features a premium matte black handle with a rubber grip for better control.  However, you cannot use it under the shower as the grip becomes weaker and slippery when it comes into contact with water.

Any Fusion blade is compatible with this cartridge razor.  And the replacement blades are also affordable, making the entire shave kit budget-friendly.  Also, it comes in a box that you can even wrap with the gift paper.  Therefore, it is the best Gillette shaving kit for beginners.

  • Lubricating strips ensure better shave
  • Versatile Flexball head
  • Satisfactory shave
  • Slippery razor handle when wet

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Job brings you a complete wet shave kit that includes a men’s safety razor, a stainless steel shaving bowl, soap, a badger bristle shaving brush, an alum block, and a pack of Astra razor blades.  The said items are essentials with which you can get a clean and close shave.  And all this comes at an affordable price.

You have seen the list of things that come with the shaving kit.  Now, let’s see it one-by-one:

  • The safety razor that this shave kit contains is specifically built to deliver comfort and close shave.
  • The shaving brush is made up of black badger hair that quickly lathers and lifts the facial hair.  It helps the razor to cut maximum hair from the skin.
  • A sandalwood-scented and naturally-made shave soap to create a lather for shaving, a stainless-steel bowl to keep the shaving soap, an alum block to relieve you from razor burn, and a pack of 5 Astra Double-edge blades make it the best shaving kit.  The DE blades are made up of stainless steel.

The packaging of the kit is quite impressive as every product in the box is perfectly accommodated.  Gentleman Jon aims to deliver a classic shaving experience to its users, and that’s why they are making shaving kits that include anything and everything.

  • Ideal for gifting
  • Antiseptic alum block reduced skin irritation
  • No chemical blend products
  • No major disadvantages

Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set

Undoubtedly, it is one of the attractive 4-piece shaving sets that will not only enhance your shaving game but also upgrade your bathroom.  With not-so-ample attachments, it becomes a compact shave kit with sufficient equipment for shaving.

The shave kit includes a cartridge razor, a bowl, a shaving brush, and soap.   These are the main requirements for achieving a close and better shave.  A shaving bowl will accommodate soap through which you would be able to create a lather with a badger hair shaving brush.

You will easily be able to get rid of the stray hairs that appear after shaving.  Also, it is easy to clean the shaving kit without any major precautions.

  • Looks amazing
  • Compatible with any refill
  • No need for shaving cream as it comes with a soap
  • Heavyweight
  • Require more control to hold

Vikings Blade The Godfather Safety Razor Kit

Our research doesn’t go by the product name, and we consider all the products equal.  After reviewing the Vikings blade The Godfather, we can say that it deserves to be one of the best shaving kits.  You can count on the shaving kit as it is made up of premium quality and heavy-duty material.

It indicates that whatever products are included in the shaving kit are high-end and qualitative.  Talking about the safety razor, it is sturdy, durable, and built to last long.  This means it can survive even serious wear and tear encounters and is ideal for the one who frequently shaves.

A pack of 5 Swedish Steel Blades that come with this shaving kit offers an amazing shave that suits your face and/or occasion.  Additionally, the Leatherette or Alcantara storage case makes the safety razor portable and a travel-friendly product.  

The design is irrelevant, but the way it shaves makes it an ideal piece to reserve a place in the shaving kit.  All thanks to superior engineering as you would love to hold this safety razor.  To your notice, the shaving kit has received thousands of positive reviews from customers who enjoy using this shaving kit.

It indicates that the product is made out of superior quality material, and there is no compromise with it.

  • Premium blades
  • Great aesthetics
  • Ample positive reviews
  • Rusts with the time

Gentleman Jon Deluxe Shaving Dopp Kit

What do you mean by a shaving kit? In simple words,  a kit that consists of a trimmer/razor, shaving cream/gel/foam/soap, a shaving bowl to create a lather, a shaving brush and a storage bag.  These things make a complete shaving kit.

All thanks to the Gentleman Jon Shaving Dopp kit that includes everything essential for shaving.  A double-edge safety razor crafted to deliver an ultra-close shave.  And that too, without razor burn, irritation, razor bump, or any other skin-related issues that you generally encounter with ordinary cheap razors.

For the safer side, the company offers an Osma block/Alum Block to relieve you from any irritation.  Another grooming accessory that will catch your attention is shaving soap and a bowl to accommodate it.  Also, the kit has a badger hair brush that effectively removes dead skin cells and dirt.  At the same time, you can also use it to create a perfect lather for shaving. In addition to that, the Dopp kit also provides a shave stand to hang razor and shaving brush.

Lastly, the Dopp kit contains 5 blades to start your shaving session as soon as you receive them.  This will make sure that the kit lasts long and you don’t need additional purchases.  What makes it enticing is the best men’s toiletry bag that stores everything in it, making it ideal for travelling.

You might be glad and overwhelmed to know that the company also offers a money-back guarantee, which means if you don’t like the product, you can return it.  This says a lot about the product and the material. 

  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Quality shaving experience
  • Unscented shaving soap

Acrimax Premium Shaving Kit For Men

Like Gillette ProGlide, this is also a beginner’s product, which means any newbie can try their hands on the Acrimax Premium shaving kit.  The shaving set is chrome-plated, making it durable and sturdy which is important for a newbie.

As said, the shaving stand is chrome-plated and can lift the weight without falling off.  The stand is designed in such a way that it can accommodate all the essentials that a shaving kit comes with.  

The cartridge razor that comes with the shaving set makes sure you get efficient shaves, but it requires replacement with time.  It will only last for a few shaves, and after that, you need to replace the cartridge razor head.  Thankfully, the Mach3 cartridge razor head fits on the razor, and you don’t need to purchase expensive razor heads.

The shaving kit includes a badger bristle hairbrush, which is not of supreme quality but can create a lather to cover the face.  You get a shave that you desire for the occasion. As a beginner, you can consider this shaving kit for yourself, and it is even worth a gift as well.

  • Compatible with Mach3
  • Soft & Gentle shaving brush
  • High-end design details
  • Premium grade steel bowl
  • Require cartridge head to replace after a few uses
  • Require a shaving brush to replace after a few uses

Bevel Safety Razor For Men

If you are planning to invest in a shaving kit but are confused about which one to try, then you can buy Bevel’s shaving kit.  Several reasons make Bevel Razor shave set a sure shot deal:

  • A complete grooming kit

We have seen a shaving kit on the list that accommodates everything for a complete shave, but Bevel turns out to be offering a complete grooming kit.  It not only supplies essentials but also considers the underrated products in the grooming kit.  Let’s take a look at the tools and accessories:

  1. Safety Razor
  2. Shaving Brush
  3. Pre-Shave Oil
  4. Shave Cream
  5. Post-shave balm
  6. Pack of 40 Blades

Undoubtedly, all the tools and accessories are essential for achieving a better shaving experience.  The pre-shave or priming oil softens the coarse and thick hair and prepares it for a perfect shave.  The shaving brush emulsifies shave cream and creates a rich lather for a wet shave.  An aftershave balm takes care of your skin by soothing and bringing back the lost moisture.

And not to forget the mighty hero of the art of shaving kit, i.e., brass weight safety razor.  The safety razor offers an irritation, razor bump, and burn-free shave.  It does not cut the hair under your skin which causes razor bumps, which makes it an ideal shaving tool for the beginner and professional as well.

What’s more important is the blades that come with this shaving kit.  The pack contains 40 blades with an average life of 5 shaves per blade.  Therefore, you don’t need to worry about purchasing a blade pack for at least 5 to 6 months.

  • Ideal for thick & coarse facial hair

Born with naturally coarse and thick hair, and finding the right shaving tool for yourself?  This shaving kit would be a perfect match for your hair.  The safety razor blade can cut down the hair without causing razor burn or bump.

  • Generates greater results
  • Makes skin smooth
  • Shave Balm moisturizes skin
  • No dependency on costly cartridges
  • Steeper learning curve

Merkur 5 Piece Shaving Gift Set

A long-handled safety razor comfortably fits into big hands, and if you are such a guy with big hands, then this starter kit is made for you.  And not only a long-handle, but there are other essentials as well that are worth mentioning:

Merkur Futur or Merkur Progress might be an intimidating safety razor, but that’s not the case with this closed-comb double-edge safety razor.  It is lightweight and resembles cartridge razors.  Also, the 4-inch long handle is best for wet shaving enthusiasts.

However, it requires additional pressure to cut down the hair follicles.  Professionals who want a quick wet shave with zero effort should look for another shaving kit on the list.  

A shaving brush, being a pure badger hair brush, is worth mentioning, as it manages to create a lather that is perfect for lifting the hair and shaving it.  A rich lather is possible with two things that this shaving kit comes with; a shaving bowl and a soap.  The shaving bowl helps in generating lather with shaving soap.

Also, it is worth investing in as it does not easily rust due to chrome-plated finishing.  Another product from this shaving kit is a stand that has a wide opening to fit the brush it comes with or any other brush that you buy.

Last but not least, the shaving soap made up of glycerin is the one with which you will be able to create a lather.  However, the glycerin-based soaps dissipate quickly.  So, it is advisable to use any other shaving soap or cream for better lathering.

Overall, this grooming kit is worth every penny if you are starting your wet shaving journey.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Quality shaving kit
  • Rust-free shaving bowl
  • Long-handle with good grip
  • Glycerin-based soap dissipates

Maison Lambert Shaving Kit

Maison Lambert comes with an eye-pleasing and attractive shaving kit.  Whatever you pick is remarkable and built with top-notch quality.  This kit for sensitive skin has everything you need to avail the art of shaving.

Firstly, what made me a fan of this kit is the wooden cigar box within which all the grooming tools and accessories are packed and delivered.  The design of the box makes it ideal for Father’s Day or Christmas gifts.

Talking about essentials in the box, then first, we will talk about the safety razor.  The butterfly head double-edge safety razor is compact making it ideal for the newbies.  This razor is also good for the ones who were previously using a cartridge razor as both feature a short handle.  There will be no challenge in shifting from the cartridge razor to this safety razor.

The safety razor in this kit is compatible with any razor blade, and you don’t need to purchase a particular brand.  The kit already comes with a set of 10 Gillette Wilkinson blades to start the shaving.  With this, you won’t need to replace the razor for at least several months.

The shave soap is something I like the most as it includes cocoa butter, coconut oil, and unrefined shea butter as ingredients.  It is 100% natural, has parabens, and harmful chemicals, and is a dye-free product.  The carrier oils play a crucial role in moisturizing and hydrating post-shave.

It generates a manly and pleasant aroma that is a blend of lime, rosemary, tea tree, cedarwood, and lavender.  What makes the soap more interesting is the wooden soap container.  It relieves you and saves you money in buying an additional accessory for storing soap.

A resin-handle badger hair-made shave brush quickly whips up a lather out of the soap.  Also,  the kit contains an alcohol-free aftershave balm to relieve irritation and burning sensation.  

The only shortfall of this Maison Lambert kit is it doesn’t offer a shaving stand, which can accommodate at least tools.  For this, you need to make a place in your bathroom where you can keep the stuff.  In my opinion, it is the best luxury shaving kit one could get at such a budget-friendly rate.

  • Natural ingredients made shave soap
  • Alcohol-free aftershave
  • Quickly generates lathers
  • No stand

Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

A big brand with a top-quality product and an economical price is what you can expect from the Vikings Revolution.  If you want to plunge your shave journey with any brand, then go for Vikings Revolution.  This kit has everything you need for a perfect shave, and several reasons contribute to making this kit one of the best and most demanding:

  • A comprehensive grooming kit

Vikings Revolution is a company that knows the right set of grooming products, and that’s why it has included only those that are essential for shaving.  You will find the following in the kit:

  • Safety  Razor
  • Shave Brush
  • Brush/Razor Stand
  • 10 Razor Blades
  • Sandalwood Scented Pre-shave Oil
  • Sandalwood Scented Aftershave Balm
  • Shave Soap
  • Shave Bowl
  • Gift Case

There are many products you are familiar with, and explaining every product is a daunting task.  So, we will be only mentioning remarkable points about the product and will not consider all the products.

Safety Razor

As the safety razor has got an extra-long handle, even the cartridge or disposable users can now think to switch.  The safety razor is compatible with any fittings, and the set of 10 blades with the kit makes it a ready-to-use grooming tool.

Shave Brush

The real badger hair shaving brush in the kit excellently exfoliates and creates a rich and thick lather.  There is no compromise in the quality when it comes to the products from the Vikings Revolution.

Pre Shave Oil & Aftershave Balm

The kit includes organically made pre and post-shave grooming products. It makes sure that it does not irritate before or after shaving.   The natural and organic ingredients are sandalwood oil, kernel oil, aloe vera, and shea butter.

  • Products available individually for sale

Many companies do not individually sell the products available in the kit, and in that case, refilling becomes expensive.  Vikings Revolution has all the products available in the market.  You don’t need to buy an entire kit for a single product.

  • Products available individually
  • Great kit for gifting
  • Soaps available in multiple scents
  • Easy drying out the products
  • Budget-friendly
  • Unpleasant scents

River Lake Safety Razor Shaving Kit

Investing in a quality shave kit means securing your next 5-6 years in something essential.  Also, it means putting your hard-earned money into a company that promises to deliver the desired results.

River Lake kit consists of a double-edge safety razor that has a lot of flexibility.  The safety razor has an adjustable length for achieving a close and comfortable shave, regardless of hand size. Not only does it take care of the hand size, but also it makes sure that you get a perfect blade height.

The company makes sure that your product lasts for several years, and that’s the reason it offers a leather travel pouch.  You can keep your safety razor in it when not in use.  This way, you would be able to save your razor from dirt and damage.

In my opinion, this is one of the best shaving kits for beginners.

  • Adjustable DE safety razor
  • Multi settings for adjusting blade height
  • Set of 10 Dorco Blades
  • Leather storage pouch
  • Careful while removing razor from the pouch

Merkur Razor Futur Shaving Kit

Merkur Futur Razor is an advanced-level safety razor for professionals.  This kit is for someone who wants to upgrade wet shaving with newer and better models.  Like the previous safety razor, it also features flexibility in terms of the aggressiveness of blades.

The razor features a dial through which you can adjust the blade for a better and closer shave.  If you are looking for a safety razor that slices down the hair in a single stroke, then this closed-comb safety razor is a better deal for you.

The brushed matte metal design is pleasing and eye-soothing.  It remains unaffected even if you wash it with hard water.  That’s what it is called a premium quality shaving kit.

It would be unfair if we didn’t mention the qualities of other products in the shaving kit.  The bowl, brush, and stand are the other accessories in the kit.  The brush features the same design as the razor and generates a good lather for shaving.

The stand is compact and keeps all the equipment organized.  It makes the razor and brush hang while featuring the bowl at the bottom.

It is noteworthy that the textured glass bowl is both a hazardous and quality product.  It is easy to clean and does not require polishing to retain its shiness.  However, you need to need to be vigilant while creating a lather in the bowl.

  • Compact shaving kit
  • No watermark on either razor or brush
  • Quickly creates lather
  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • Glass material bowl
  • Not optimal for bathroom

Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set

Parker 29L comes with a minimalist and attractive design.  The compact cradle-like shaving stand ensures both the razor and brush remain clean and dry.  The company carries a good reputation, and a wide customer base trusts the products from Parker.

The safety razor features a long handle that becomes an ideal product for those who are already using a cartridge or disposable razor.  It has an easy butterfly opening that allows you to change the blades safely.  And, there is no restriction on the brand.  It depends on you to select the blade for shaving.

Furthermore, the safety razor shave brush does a commendable job when whipping up the lather.  However, it feels stiffer when it comes into contact with the skin.  The handle is long, and the bristle part is short, offering complete control while lathering shave cream on the face.

What you might feel missing is the bowl that every other grooming kit offers.  It might be a matter of concern if you are a regular shaver and something to create lather.  But it should not be a decision changer.  This safety razor shave set is ideal for normal skin.

  • Long-handled safety razor
  • Short bristles for quickly creating a lather
  • Safe blade replacement
  • No shaving bowl
  • Stiffer bristles
  • Long cradle makes it difficult to hold

So, these were the reviews of different shaving kits that you can either buy for yourself or gift to your loved ones.  Many things are similar, and that makes up a buying guide.  You must know the essential points that are mandatory while looking for the best shaving kit.

Essential Products to Have In Best Shave Kit

mens shaving kit

The shave kit consists of multiple essential products that play a vital role in offering a close and smooth shave.  On the other hand, several factors hold equal importance that you shouldn’t neglect while making a purchase decision.

Firstly, we will look at the products that are compulsory to have in the kit.

  • Razor/Shaver
  • Shave Brush
  • Shave Bowl
  • Shave Stand

1) Types of Razors/Shavers

types of razor

You have seen double-edge safety razors and cartridge razors on the list.  Here is a quick comparison for quick selection.

Safety Razors

Best Known For: Fixed budget & Old-School Guy 

What can it Shave?

Safety razors work amazingly on facial hair and primarily focus on shaving a beard and mustache.  However, many experts claim that it can even shave head hair, but that is not suggestible and let it remains to the experts.


When you purchase it for the first time, it will require a budget, and that too, is not hefty.  After that, the only expenditure you should keep in mind is refilling blades.  And, it will also be quite affordable.


Safety razors come with a universal fitting which means any blade can work and fit into it.  And, you are not bound to limit yourself to only expensive blades. 

How easy is it to operate a safety razor?

Undeniably, safety razors require time to learn and excel in it.  It’s not an overnight journey to learn and operate it.  It would be unfair to compare it with a cartridge razor, as it already comes with fixed blades and an angle that offers a desirable shave.  

Starting from holding a safety razor to gliding it at an angle, you need to master a safety razor for a better and closer shave.  Cartridge razors come with a 30-degree angle blade that ensures a perfect shave.  At the same time, a safety razor depends on how you glide it on your face.  Therefore, you need to dedicate sufficient time to master a safety razor.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Traditional Experience
  • Compatible with any blade
  • Best for sensitive skin

Cartridge Razors

Best Known For: A young generation who want a quick shave and also frequent travellers.

What A Cartridge Razor Shave?

Cartridge razors are known for their versatility.  Along with the hair on the face, it can shave the hair on the head, arms, legs, and underarms as well.  Also, the design of a cartridge razor protects you from cuts and nicks.


Refill replacement can cost you heavily, which ultimately increases the overall cost of cartridge razors.  The average cost of a cartridge razor with its blade is somewhere around $100 per year, but it may vary, depending on your shaving habits.

  • Easy learning curve
  • Quickly shaves 
  • Versatile shave tool
  • Cartridges available globally
  • Carry it anywhere

2) Types of Shaving Brushes

types of shaving brush

A quality shave cream offers its best lather when a quality shaving brush emulsifies it.  A sensitive skin guy prone to cuts and nicks must use the brush to lather and cover the beard with shave cream.  It will bring a world of difference to your shaving routine.

If you are unaware of the types of shave brushes, this piece of information will suffice to help you in selecting the best shaving brush.  For more information, you can go through an article on it.

Type of Fibers:

The most popular type of fibre is badger hair.  It creates a classic rich lather and also helps in clearing dead cells and dirt.  It is extracted from various parts of the badger.  Also, it comes in multiple grades, such as Pure, Best, Super, and Silvertip.

Many companies offer an inferior category of hairbrush, i.e., Pure.  You should check at the time of buying which type of brush is the brand offering.  Ideally, a superior quality (Silvertip) hairbrush might cost you approximately $50 to $300.

Loft Length:

You must know the bristle length before buying it.  It is a fact that long bristles can carry a larger amount of shave cream than shorter ones.  On the contrary, a short bristle brush ensures great control when applying shaving cream.


Another feature to look for in the brush is handle length.  For big hands, a long to medium-length handle is perfect, while men with short hands would prefer a short handle for better grip and control.

3) Shaving Bowl

Shaving bowls that are known as scuttles are often not taken into consideration but play a vital role in whipping up a lather.  If you apply the shaving cream on the face or brush and then emulsify it on the face, you’d not get such a creamy lather without a shaving bowl.

If you choose metal bowls, then you get the benefit of retaining heat when mixing up the shaving cream with warm water in it.  You would be able to easily cut the whiskers.

4) Shaving Stand

In my opinion, a shaving stand keeps shaving tools and accessories neat and clean.  Also, it is ideal for your bathroom countertop.  It will let the tools dry quickly and moisture away from them.  

Metal stands are heavier but last longer and do not fall apart.  Even stainless steel stands are suggestible as they neither rust nor corrode.

Now that you have seen the product’s part let’s dive deep into other several factors that play a vital role in choosing the best shaving kits for men.

Also, consider buying a shaving mirror for better accuracy!

What to Look at Before Buying a Good Shaving Kit?

man shave kit

Shaving Style

It is a crucial factor to ponder upon before buying a shaving kit for yourself.  If you are unsure about which style to keep and regularly experiment with new beard styles, then you must choose versatile products.

Many men do not change their beard styles. For such men, any grooming kit is perfect.  It raises an eyebrow.  Technically, men sticking with only one style do not require multiple attachments or other stuff.

On the other hand, if you want to cut your beard to a particular length, then you must require a specific instrument.  This is the thing you must keep in mind while buying a shaving kit.  If not, then you will end up purchasing useless things.


Budget is a crucial factor when it comes to buying anything.  Always remember, you should not buy what is fancy or attractive, you should always look for the benefits it offers.  If you buy blindly, then you will soon fall short of cash.

You must set a budget for your shave kit so that you bring home a qualitative product.  You should always try to buy superior quality products available in your range and not go for cheaper products that do not even withstand a season.

If you tend to save bucks by purchasing a cheaper quality kit, then you will have to be ready for another purchase as the existing one isn’t going to last more than a week or maximum a month.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can tell you a lot about the product.  The way it works is how to use it and is it worth it? They may be fake or paid, but not all the reviews are such.  The reviews are free to read, and you should at least look at them.

A man shave kit with an overload of positive reviews and photos is worth every penny.  You must see that is the ideal worth for you.  Similarly, if any shave kit that you are reviewing has negative reviews, then you should not consider it.

Quality Product Over Cheaper Ones

If you are buying a quality shaving kit, then you have made a good decision.  All the kits are not qualitative and you must know how to distinguish them.  A quality shaving kit will ensure an amazing shaving experience, while a cheap kit can irritate, razor burn, razor bump, or allergy.

Also, a good kit is known for offering quality shaving, and there is a high chance that you would be free from irritation or other issues.  A quality razor will not pull or tug the hair.  You should always opt for quality products against the cheaper ones. 

Brand Recognition

You should always trust the renowned brands in the industry when it comes to buying shaving kits.  If you buy from an unknown brand, you are not only draining your money but bringing home a set of disasters out of which results are unexpected.

A shaving kit should be worth every penny, and that is possible if you choose a brand that you are comfortable with and is also popular in the market.  A trustworthy brand means one step closer to a better and more comfortable shave.

An unpopular brand can bring you a lot of risks, instead, you can go with the brand that gives you a warranty.  This way, you will get risk-free shaving products.  In case, if the product fails to deliver or breaks, then you can replace or get a new one free of charge, or in a rare case, a full refund.

Shaving Kit

Whether you have a shaving kit or not, you must go through this for a better idea.  Before you buy a shaving kit, you should at least have an idea about what products you are looking for.

You must know what you are looking for, and should be clear with your requirements.  On the contrary, if you heavily invest in multiple products, you may end up being confused.  If you are buying something useful, you will love to use it.  It will always offer you an amazing shaving experience.

So these were important products and factors that did an amazing job.  Now let’s see the not-so-famous yet powerful shaving accessories without which you would not be able to achieve the best results.

3 Underrated Accessories for the Best Shaving Experience

These products are the true reason for gaining a desirable shave.  They are unsung heroes of a close, smooth, and irritation-free shave.

Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-shave oil brings a world of difference when it comes to offering an overall shave.  If you are tired or frustrated with dry skin, then this pre-shave oil is worth it for you.  Even the safety or cartridge razor works well with this pre-shave oil.

With the increase in lubrication, there are fewer chances of tugging, pulling, or discomfort.  And the reason behind no irritation is the ingredients.  The pre-shave oil includes carrier oils, essential oils, and vitamins.  You will be glad to know that these ingredients provide ample skincare benefits. 

Shave Cream

These underrated products are a magic wand that can offer a close shave if you use quality products.  A shave kit without shaving cream is incomplete and would not be able to offer the best shave.

In a wet shaving world, shaving cream is an important thing.  And if you find something that is made up of chemicals, it will not only harm your skin but also disappoint you.  Avoid chemical blend shave cream for a better and smoother shave.

Chemical-contained shave creams can cause itchiness and dryness.  On the contrary, the shaving cream that is made up of natural ingredients will moisturize, nourish, and create a good lather.  It results in a close and irritation-free shave.

It is suggestible to avoid chemical blend shaving cream and always buy shave creams that contain organic and natural ingredients.

Aftershave Balm

Post-shave balm or lotion relieves you from a burning sensation post-shave. What you might not like after shaving is the discomfort that is caused by to razor or shave cream.  But post-shave balm is effective against those irritations and itchiness.

The post-shave balm offers ample benefits by moisturizing your skin pores.  It is alcohol-free and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.  

These are the three heroes of the shave world that are less likely to come with the shaving kit but adding them to your grooming accessories would only benefit you.

Must-Follow Tips for Irritation-free Shave

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If you don’t follow these tips while shaving, you are likely to suffer from serious consequences.  These are proven tips that make sure you get a comfortable and smooth shave.  And, it’s not rocket science that you will not be able to learn.

Say “NO” to Dry Shave

The situation which I’m going to narrate is the most common and might have happened to us.  You have a meeting at the office which you are going to represent, and that day you wake up too late.  It‘s already too late and you see your need to shave your face before attending the meeting.

In such a situation, you start dry shaving without applying shave cream to save time.  You get a rough and close shave that might irritate you and you may suffer from pain and discomfort.

A dry shave is something you should always avoid as the skin might not be prepared for it.  An electric shaver is a tool through which you can dry shave your facial hair as it only glides on the surface of the skin.  

Exfoliate Your Skin Before Shaving

You should always exfoliate your hair as there are many dead skin cells, dirt, and clogged pores that get stuck in the beard or mustache.  If you do not exfoliate your beard then the skin absorbs a lot of dirt, which will result in making the hair unkempt.

Many benefits of exfoliation that you and your skin deserve, out of which is letting the skin breathe, and the other lowering the chances of irritation.  Try it and you will get the best possible results.

Close Your Pores

Washing your face with lukewarm water is the best practice that one should follow before shaving.  It opens up the skin pores once it feels comfortable which makes it easier to shave and pamper your skin.

These open pores attract dirt that you should try to avoid as it only negatively affects your skin.  The dirt is the reason why you suffer from ingrown hair issues and skin irritation.  This can be avoidable if you close your pores by washing your skin with cold water.

Try Using Shave Soaps

Many of us might be using ordinary soap or face wash for washing skin and facial hair, but what If I tell you this is a wrong habit and we should avoid it?  High-quality shave cream will make a massive difference in shaving.

You must invest in top-quality grooming products that offer an irritation-free shave.  For instance, if you apply shaving cream before shaving off your facial hair then while shaving you will feel moisturized and have smooth skin.

On the contrary,  a shave with ordinary soap as a lather will result in a bad shave with a lot of skin issues.

Give Yourself A Time

Impatience leads to negative and not-so-desirable results, and men often commit the mistake of being impatient guys.  You should dedicate time to shaving so that you will be able to achieve the best and smooth shave.

You must know how the hair grows and how to take care of it.  This thing will make you more cautious about shaving and caring for your beard.  You must find what is the best possible area for you to start shaving and consider it as your ideal way of shaving to gain the desired results.

Do Not Burn Your Skin

Washing your face with lukewarm water is advisable and not hot water.  You must know the ideal temperature of the water before splashing it on your skin.  If you just wash your face with water that is too hot, then there are chances that you may burn your skin.

You should always use lukewarm water to wash your face.  It will not burn your skin and open up the pores comfortably.

Do Not Forget to Replace Blades or Charging Batteries

It depends entirely on the product you choose for shaving.  If it is a safety or cartridge razor, then you must replace the blades.  On the other hand, if you opt for an electric shaver, then you fully charge it before using it.

An old blade or less battery will never deliver optimum results because they start losing their newness. The blades will start getting dull and you cannot expect a sharp performance from it.  This is the reason you should always have an extra blade to start your shaving.  For electric shavers, you must charge them fully or replace them with new batteries.

If you follow these tips, trust me, you will get the results.  As a youngster, you might be confused between razors and trimmers.  It’s quite natural but both the shaving tools are different from each other.  So, let’s know the major differences.

Difference Between Classic Razors & Electric Trimmers

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You have seen myriad grooming tools and accessories in the market, and choosing one out could be a daunting task.  That’s the reason we have made it easier for you.  Just go through the differences, and you will be able to quickly select the best shaving tool for yourself.

Classic Razors

If you are a clean shave lover, a classic razor is the best choice for it.  It is built to offer a clean and smooth shave.  It closely encounters the skin and slices down the hair as short as possible.

Classic razors come with an adjustable blade, however, it doesn’t offer the versatility that an electric blade does.  These blades make sure that they leave a minimum length.  A razor ensures that there is no hair left on the face, while an electric shaver leaves stubble.

Electric Trimmer

As the name itself explains, it trims your hair and does not shave it.  It is not made for shaving facial hair, still, it offers a cut that replicates the classic razor cut.  If you start trimming with the lowest setting on the trimmer, you will be able to gain a cut that is as close as a classic razor’s cut.

Electric trimmers are one step ahead of classic razors as they can even shave on dry skin.  Of course, classic razors can shave without shaving cream but then it might cause irritation or other skin issues.  With the help of electric trimmers, there are fewer chances of cuts and nicks.

Many men use both tools together, while some men opt for only a single tool.  It depends on what type of shave you want.  So, think over it and choose the best possible shave tool.


1. What is best for men to shave with?

A manual safety razor stands as the perfect tool for classic shaving techniques. Sporting a single blade, it delivers sharper accuracy and a higher safety margin compared to its counterpart, the straight razor. Apart from its precision, this razor is a champion of eco-friendliness. With appropriate maintenace, it promises to serve you for an eternity.

2. What is the best option for shaving?

Shave along the Grain with a Clean, Sharp Blades. Many of us have been raised using cartridge razors, but considering safety razors could be beneficial, particularly for those who tend to suffer from ingrown hairs, possess thick or rough beard hair, or are extra sensitive towards blades.

3. What razor to use for first shave?

Opting for a cartridge razor is a widespread choice, yet newcomers to shaving might feel apprehensive about potential scrapers or wounds. If this you, considering an electric razor could be advisable, especially if it’s your first attempt at shaving and you’re in pursuit of a pleasant experience.

4. Is foam or gel better for shaving?

Both gel and foam are designed for a similar reason yet possess distinct consistencies. Many find gel to be superior due to its better lubrication and ability to hydrate the skin, while the foam is favoured by some for its straightforward application and speediness.

5. How often do you need to replace razor blades?

Ideally, the frequency at which you replace your razor blade should depend on how many times you’ve used it, rather than the weeks that have passed. It is recommended to switch out your blade between every 5 to 10 shaves. According to Gillette, the optimal range is between 5 to 7 shaves, although this is a general suggestions. The real deciding factor lies in the thickness and density of the beard hair.


A shaving set with different products brings a lot of flexibility.  It has everything you need to enhance your beauty.  For this, you need to learn the art of shaving to gain the benefits of these shaving products.  The shave problem you must suffer like ingrown hairs, compatible with sensitive skin is all resolved with the shaving supplies.  You don’t need to use face wash or any chemical-blend products.  The kit takes care of everything related to wet shaving.  It is also the best gift set that you can consider for your loved ones.  Vikings Revolution or Maison Lambert could be the best shaving gift set for him if you are planning something this Christmas.

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