Best Shaving Brush- Synthetic and Badger Shaving Brush Reviews

Updated Date: by Reet Patel

The shaving journey is incomplete with a single tool, it requires a set of tools and accessories for the best results.  This includes the best traditional or electric razors, razor blades, shaving creams, and brushes.  With the help of all the mentioned things, you will be able to achieve a clean and close shave.

Searching for the best shaving brush means you have already started adding other grooming products into your arsenal.  And this is where you get stuck or confused.  Don’t worry, we know the pain of looking at different articles for a particular thing, and ending up with either incomplete or insufficient information.  That’s why we decided to make a complete guide on grooming products.

Talking about this article will deliver a quality and relevant wealth of information sufficient enough to make a decision.  It consists of a quick comparison with an in-depth review, types, and benefits to evaluate, must-have accessories for a smoother experience, steps to follow, and the differences.  So, keep reading and add the brush to your grooming kit.

How Do We Choose The Best Shaving Brush?

Our research includes ample factors to sort out the best one for you:

  • Firstly, we considered bristles as it is the main pillar on which the purchasing decision depends.  Looking at this point, the badger hair brush is an outstanding tool but we still want to extend our list with different types of bristles.  So, we added another bristle hairbrush as well.
  • Lather quality is another factor that we ponder upon when reviewing shaving brushes.  Undeniably, lather quality is something that gives the closest and possibly the best shave
  • Price is definitely a considerable factor because if it is out of budget then, however, the product is good, it won’t make it to the grooming kit.  We prefer to include the products that are in a good range.  Neither do you have to break the banks, nor should it be too cheap.
  • Quality construction is also an evaluating factor as anything that does not last long or is fragile should not be taken into consideration for bringing home.  Here, the handle construction requires attention as the best shave is possible if the handle is quite comfortable in the hand.  So, it is important to check the quality of making.
  • Last but not least, our research also includes reviews that users across the globe give to the product.  This way, we gather a wealth of information from different sources and then decide to write up by compiling everything.

It is impossible to try all the brushes available on the list but whatever is best we include it in our list and leave no stone unturned to fetch the precise and accurate details of it.

So now you know how we work, let’s start by comparing different brushes.

Quick List of Best Shaving Brushes

Omega 11712 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

Omega 11712 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

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Kent BK8 Shaving Brush

Kent BK8 Shaving Brush

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VIKINGS BLADE 'White Knight' Luxury Shaving Brush

VIKINGS BLADE ‘White Knight’ Luxury Shaving Brush

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Semogue, 620 Shave Brush - Boar Bristle

Semogue, 620 Shave Brush – Boar Bristle

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Simpson Special 1 Shaving Brush

Simpson Special 1 Shaving Brush

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Perfecto 100% Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Perfecto 100% Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush

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G.B.S Stylish Grooming Shaving Set

G.B.S Stylish Grooming Shaving Set

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Shaving Brush #10048 Boar Bristle Aka The PRO 48

Shaving Brush #10048 Boar Bristle Aka The PRO 48

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Omega Professional Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Omega 11712 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush
  • Bristle Type: Boar Hair
  • Colour Variant: Black, Red, White, Chrome
  • Handle Material: Black Resin

Omega is one of the renowned and oldest shaving brush manufacturing brands in Italy.  It was established in 1931 to craft high-quality and budget-friendly shave brushes for its users.

This professional shave brush is made of natural boar hair attached to a black resin handle that is long enough for a comfortable hold.  The handle is inferior to the wooden handle yet it delivers a superior grip, which many other models fail to deliver.  Also, the brush ensures value to an investment.

Talking more about the bristles,  the more Omega Professional boar bristle is used the better it becomes with time.  Also, it takes a lot of time to break in which makes it a long-lasting product and worth every penny.  The bristles are softer than other boar brushes which makes it an outstanding product as it does not scratch the skin.  

Omega Professional boar brush makes a rich lather enough to cover your beard, mustache, and sideburns.  This makes the brush a great exfoliating tool that makes your skin and face smooth and refreshing during a shave.  What makes the Omega professional shaving brush a preferable product is, that it is not so pricey and ensures the quality that many other pricey brushes aren’t able to meet.

There is a point where Omega professional shave brush falls short only for one reason, i.e., strong smell.  Yes, this boar bristle shaving brush generates a strong smell when open for the first time and also at the time when it starts breaking in.  However, it becomes odorless the more you use it.  It is one of the best boar shaving brushes available on the market.  

  • Builds rich lather
  • Makes your skin feel good aftershave
  • Bristle becomes soft and easy with the time
  • Build with a quality handle
  • Strong odour at the beginning and during the break-in period

Kent BK8 Brush

Kent BK8 Shaving Brush
  • Bristle Type: Silvertip Badger
  • Colour Variant: White
  • Handle Material: Synthetic

Another oldest serving company in the grooming industry for more than 250 years, Kent has been delivering quite qualitative grooming products.  It has helped the men who lost their charm and spark.  The Kent BK8 brush has been leading the charts for offering a traditional experience.  And the reasons are:

  • Soft moppy brush

Boar bristle brushes are excellent in exfoliating deep into the pores of the skin, while silvertip badger does the opposite.  It simply glides over the skin surface like the mop, making you feel comfortable and smooth.  This is called the polarizing feature that comes only with such shave brushes.

  • Storage case makes it a travel shaving brush

You might have seen trimmers and razors with storage cases, but even the brush companies offer storage cases.  This leather-made carrying case is lined with soft red velvet and attached with a button snap closure for protecting the brush.  This is ideal for frequent travellers and to gift your loved ones.

  • Lathering cost

Undoubtedly, Kent BK8 is one of the pricey shaving brushes because of its features, but what might be a drawback for this shave brush is its lathering cost.  As it is built with a moppy head, it will require more than the usual amount of cream to form a rich lather.  This can be nothing for the men who use high-quality cream but can negatively impact those who are price-conscious.

  • BK2 vs BK4 vs BK8

The primary difference between the three models is the bristle length and badger hair.  The Kent model has a variety of lengths and bristle hair, and those are:

  1. Kent BK2: Medium Bristle Length/ Pure Badger Hair
  2. Kent BK4: Medium Bristle Length/ Pure Silvertip Badger 
  3. Kent BK8: Long Bristle Length/ Silvertip Badger
  • Moisture-centric design for men with dry & sensitive skin
  • Resin made ergonomic handle
  • Quality brush material
  • Expensive
  • Travel-case cannot be purchased

VIKINGS BLADE White Knight Luxury Shaving Brush

VIKINGS BLADE 'White Knight' Luxury Shaving Brush
  • Bristle Type: Top End Synthetic Fibre
  • Colour Variant: White, Blue
  • Handle Material: Acrylic & Swedish Alloy

Silver Badger is one of the premium materials for shave brushes that has millions of loyal customer base.  Being a premium model makes it costly, which means you always have to look for a price tag when buying VIKINGS Blade brush.  The company does not target a specific group of customers but expects a wide range of audiences to use it.  

To make this possible, the company has made a high-quality synthetic version of the original silvertip badger bristle shaving hairbrush.  The synthetic brush falls short in heating and retaining water but they aren’t the worst at all.  Even the shaving purists don’t like it but nothing is disliking about it.  VIKINGS Blade, one of the prime companies, has built a brush with synthetic fibre.

The synthetic shaving brushes are made of top-quality fibre that delivers a soft and luxurious experience.  Also, while building the shaving brushes, water retaining is a key factor that was kept in mind.

Talking about the structure of the brush,  the base is made of heavy stainless steel and Premium Swedish Alloy.  It gives you the utmost control and makes you feel manly.  The handle is made of Ivory Tusk Acrylic ensures a good trip, even after being dense and durable.

What noticing the point is that the synthetic fibres do not shed as much as natural ones do.  You might praise its aesthetics as the shaving brush is packed in a Swedish case, allowing you to take it anywhere without any hassle.

Like any other badger shaving brush, it comes with a mild badger smell that isn’t irritative at all.  It is quite durable and sturdy making it an ideal shaving tool for men who prefer to shave every single day.

  • Pleasing and good drip handle
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel base
  • Retains water
  • Synthetic bristle doesn’t scratch or irritate
  • Synthetic hair is not liked by everyone

Semogue 620 Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Semogue, 620 Shave Brush - Boar Bristle
  • Bristle Type: Boar Hair 
  • Colour Variant: Black & White
  • Handle Material: Acrylic

Semogue is not so popular yet as a leader in manufacturing shaving brushes.  It is located and operated in Portugal for more than 60 years.  This much experience is enough to know the tastes and preferences of the users.

Why Semogue 620 boar bristle shaving brush is every man’s choice; an ideal tool for wet shaving, handcrafted brush, and builds rich and sizable lather.  It is efficient in delivering superior results with each shave and without irritating the skin.  

The boar’s hair bristle is the reason for plenty of lather you get from shaving cream or soap.  Of course, it does have a break-in time but not too long.  Just then when you notice it reaches maximum break-in, keep it in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes, the tip of the brush becomes softer and is ready for use.  

What else gains attention is; the sturdy construction.  The handle is made from acrylic ensures no slipping from your hand.  You might also notice how beautifully the entire boar bristle is knotted in the middle of a sterling ring, making it attractive and good-looking.

  • Consistently delivers high-quality shave brushes
  • Irritation-free skin aftershave
  • Nice & rich lather
  • Attractive design
  • No major cons from our side
  • Some reviewers dislike the handle

Simpson Special 1 Shaving Brush

Simpson Special 1 Shaving Brush
  • Bristle Type: Badger/Pure
  • Colour Variant: White
  • Handle Material: Synthetic

Simpson Special 1 is the best badger shaving brush that comes from a popular men’s grooming brand in the UK.  This one takes care of men’s grooming and gives confidence to men who lost the art of shaving.  Why is it one of the best badger shaving brushes?  Below are the reasons:

  • Pure badger bristles

There are chances you might end up damaging your shaving brush, be it at the time of cleaning, storing, or generating lather.  There can be many reasons why you might ruin your shaving brush, but that does not happen with the Simpson Special 1 badger brush, it can handle the pressure and withstand it without compromising on performance.  The bristles are durable and handcrafted.  They are designed to retain water and offer light exfoliation when applied to the face.

  • Gift box for storage

It comes with a storage case that allows you to store the badger hairbrush and make it perfect for travelling.  This container protects the brush and compliments it by properly taking care even during time of travelling.  It is also known to be the best travel shaving brush.  You just need to make sure that it is completely dried out.

  • Simple and sober design
  • Pocket-friendly alternative to boar brush
  • Sweeping curves on the handle makes it comfortable
  • Not an ideal and best tool for shaving expert

Perfecto Shaving Brush

Perfecto 100% Original Pure Badger Shaving Brush
  • Bristle Type: Badger/Pure
  • Colour Variant: Brown
  • Handle Material: Wooden

Perfecto Shaving Brush is ideal for men who are budget-conscious and are also stepping into grooming for the first time.  It unlocks the benefits of traditional wet shaving with minimum expense or spending.  All this is achievable with the below-stated reasons:

  • Real animal hair at a lesser price

The Perfecto Shaving brush does not use cheap and low-quality synthetic bristle or hog hair.  The company stands on its commitment to delivering value to its users, and that’s the reason it uses genuine, pure, and the best badger hair for making the bristles.  How genuine hair can benefit?  It ensures maximum retention and gentle exfoliation.

  • Small handle & maximum control

This best shaving brush has a small handle that ensures maximum control while applying shaving cream on the face. Be it sideburns, cheeks, mustache, or chin – the shorter loft ensures unmatch control.  It makes it more convenient for men who are beginners and don’t want the hassle of a long loft.

  • Stands on expectations

We will not rank it as the #1, but it is the best shaving brush, considering the price, it delivers the best it can. There are complaints about the softness of fibres and knot quality but these are only considered if you break the bank to buy this one.  This saves the bucks that you might spend on an overrated shaving brush.  It comes with a sturdy backbone and quite a long break-in period. The biggest disadvantage is, it isn’t handcrafted and the bristles will be shed over time.

  • Comes with a clear coat to preserve the wood and prevent rot
  • Budget-friendly for the beginners
  • Real badger hair
  • Easy to use and control
  • Not an ideal tool for long-run
  • Bristles may shed over time
  • Complimentary drip stand for drying out the brush

GBS Premium Shaving Brush

G.B.S Stylish Grooming Shaving Set
  • Bristle Type: Badger/Pure
  • Colour Variant: Black
  • Handle Material: Resin

GBS does not come with only a shaving brush but it is an entire grooming kit in itself.  This could be a perfect kit and worth an investment.  If you buy this premium and the best shaving brush then you get a complete kit for shaving.

This badger hair shaving brush comes with a brush stand, a ceramic soap cup, and 4 ounces of shaving soap.  Let’s first understand the shaving bowl:  the bowl is traditionally designed, comes with a 

horizontally side-mounted handle, and attractive ceramic construction.

The bowl is durable and can work for years, yielding a good value for money.  Talking about the soap that this package has, it works well but you can even get the best beard soaps online.  Soap in the kit doesn’t hold much attention and you don’t need to worry about it.  

We are focusing on a brush that is made of the best quality materials.  This badger hair brush is made of a pure grade of hair.  It holds a better material tag than any other competitor’s badger hair brushes.  

Last but not least, a high-quality mug and storage stand make it an ideal shaving brush kit that is budget-friendly and anyone can afford it.

  • Quality pure badger hair
  • Worth every penny
  • Ideal grooming kit
  • Inferior quality

Omega Shaving Brush Pro 48

Shaving Brush #10048 Boar Bristle Aka The PRO 48
  • Bristle Type: Boar Hair
  • Colour Variant: Chrome
  • Handle Material: Chrome Plated ABS

As we have started our list with Omega’s grooming product, we will end with the same brand’s product.  Another Omega’s boar hair brush is well-known for its superior quality and professional grades.  Though it comes with real boar hair, it doesn’t have a premium price tag for which you need to empty your wallet.

Undeniably, boar bristles are inferior to badger bristle shaving brushes because of rough bristles.  Even, they are not as durable as synthetic fibres.  This is the reason it carries a small fan base.  Accepting all the drawbacks, it still comes with Omega’s trust and brand image that you cannot deny or neglect.

The company is known for its sturdy construction and the use of superior-quality materials.  Also, there is no fancy design to attract the audience.  A simple design brush is sufficient enough to lather and help in offering a clean shave.  

Talking about the material used in making this boar hairbrush, the handle is made of ABS plastic plated with chrome.  This makes them lightweight and offers better control.  And it isn’t a fragile material as well.  Also, the bristles are made of top-quality natural-farmed boar.  Boar bristle hairbrush is always dense and soft.  Last but not least, the price tag is just below $20 which makes this brush affordable.

  • Expect a quality lather
  • Durable and lightweight handle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Inferior to badger hair bristle
  • Small customer base

So, these were the best shaving brush reviews from which you can select one.  Now, let’s see what are things to consider before you make a purchase decision.

Things to Evaluate Before Buying a Shaving Brush

best badger brush

Wet shaving is a serious task just like beard trimming.  You need to be careful and cautious while shaving your facial hair with shaving cream.  But how would you lather up your beard?  There is always confusion between hand and brush.  Obviously, the hands will not lather up in such a way that a shaving brush does, and that’s why you need it.

You might have used shave brushes in the past but were you sure that it was delivering results as expected?  Or were they rightly chosen considering the evaluating factors?  If not, then no issues.  You will get a wealth of information to sort out the best shaving brush as per your needs.

Types of Shaving Brush (Discussed Below)

This factor is important and should always be the top priority when planning to buy a shaving brush.  Here, what type of hair to choose from is important.  And mostly shaving brushes have 4 types of bristles, and they are boar hair, badger hair, synthetic, or horse hair brush.

We are going to discuss the types of shaving brushes in a later section.  Just to brief you, boar hair brushes are easily available as compared to horse hair brushes.  They are a bit difficult as they are made from a horse’s tail or mane’s tail.

Note:  If you are an animal lover or vegan then you must choose horsehair or synthetic shaving brush.  The badger or boar hair requires animal killing.

Components of Shaving Brush

When buying a shaving brush, you need to go through different terminologies, such as backbone, loft, knot dimension, and handle design.  You should understand it in detail so that you can have a clear idea about it.

  • Backbone

The backbone refers to the bristles and their sturdiness.  You can evaluate this by pushing a shaving brush on the face, if it splays out then it is flexible and if it doesn’t it is probably stiff.  The backbone isn’t measurable in terms of units like the lofts.  It is advisable to use a medium to a soft backbone shaving brush.

  • Loft

Loft means a distance between the tip of the bristles and the top of the handle. It might sound unimportant but in reality, it matters a lot.  Where does it matter?  Well,  the loft comes into the picture at the time of lathering or applying.  

The loft length differs from brand to brands.  Usually, a loft length of more than 55mm is considered as long and anything less than 45mm is short.  A medium ranges between 45mm to 55mm.  The longer the loft quicker the lathering.  However, it may seem a bit difficult to control a shaving brush with a longer loft.  Always opt for medium to short loft length for shaving brush.

  • Knot Dimension

A knot means the mouth of the handle where the bristles of the shaving brush are packed.  Here, the knot size ranges between 15mm to 30mm.  The larger the dimension the more it takes cream in the bristles.  With this, knot density is also considered.  Some shaving brush comes with a dense knot while a few have a bit sparse.

  • Handle Design

Handle length is an important factor to consider before buying a shaving brush.  The larger hands will require a long handle while smaller hands would prefer a short handle.  However, the too-short or too-long handle will not deliver effective results.  An ideal handle is such that is measured between the tip of the thumb to the center of the palm.

  • Shedding

Shedding is common in any shaving brush and should not be a matter of concern at the initial phase of use.  The brush will end up shedding anytime soon but to Fast Track the process you wash your shaving brush or comb it.


What contributes to the price of a shaving brush is the quality of bristles and handle material.  In some cases, an additional piece of attachment also fairly contributes to the price.  The minimum price of a shaving brush is $15 and the maximum depends upon the brands and attachments it comes with.  

For a beginner, it is advisable to buy a shaving brush that may cost you around $15 or $45, while a top-quality silvertip badger hair brush may cost $150.  Boar hair brushes are quite inexpensive, while synthetic brushes range between $30 to $150.

Tip Shape

Tip shape also carries weightage as it varies from brush to brush.  Traditionally, the shaving brushes are designed with a tip shape of either Fan or Bulb Style.  The hybrid tip is quite common when it comes to synthetic bristle shaving brushes.  There is no major difference as all the shapes are capable of lathering and covering the face.

Now that you know the factors to evaluate, you must also know the benefits of using a shaving brush.

Benefits of Using Shave Brush

Shaving brush comes with several benefits that are worth pondering.  Below is the list of benefits you can avail of the shaving brush.  

benefits of shaving brush

Water Retention

Bristles are made in such a way that they can retain a lot of water to form a great lather.  The retained water mixes well with shaving cream or soap and forms a great lather.  The lather will make an easy way for the shaver or razor to glide over the skin and offer a close and clean shave.  Also, it minimizes irritation and gives a smooth shave.


A shaving brush is an excellent grooming tool for exfoliating the skin.  The bristles of the brush very well generate lather, and the same is used in removing dirt and dead cells.  This way, your skin will be acne-free.

Heat Adding Feature

It is advisable to pour hot water on a shaving brush as the bristles can retain heat that will help in opening skin pores.  This will allow you to moisturize your face for a closer and smoother shave, avoiding skin irritation, razor burn, and bumps.


What you cannot do with your hands, a shaving brush does it with its bristles. Yes, it is important to lather your hair on the face before shaving to avoid irritation and easy shaving, and that’s what a shaving brush does excellently.  It quickly lathers up by reaching all the areas of the beard and gives a convenient shave.

Better Shave

What you expect from a shaving brush is what is indicated here.  And using the listed shaving brushes can achieve all the results.  It exfoliates well, is fast and convenient, easily opens up the pores, and promotes a smooth shaving experience.

As you have already read about the types of shaving brushes earlier, in brief, let’s understand it in detail so that you can have an idea about which is the best for you.

Types of Shaving Brushes

types of shaving brush

The entire shaving depends on the brush material.  Since it is one of the deciding factors when it comes to buying a shaving brush, you must know the types and materials used by brands.  Gone are those days when you were not having fair choices but now there are plenty of choices.  

Now you have synthetic material and animal hair brushes as well.  Let’s dive deep into different types of material used in making shaving brush bristles.

Best Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

Boar brushes are known for their inexpensive price tag and easily available features.  You can find it almost in any shop or departmental store.  They are also known as Pure Bristle or Natural Bristle and are comparatively less pricey than synthetic fibres.  

Also, it stands out differently in providing lather that no other non-animal hairbrush would have provided.  Undeniably, there are a few points where the boar bristles fall short; harder bristles are prone to breakage, water retention capacity is low, and a shorter lifespan.  However, the boar bristles remain stiff and become soft with regular use.

  • Budget-friendly as compared to badger hair
  • Effectively raises the hair for a close shave
  • Softens bristle with the time
  • Stiff and uncomfortable in the beginning
  • Retains less water
  • Bristle shedding is quick
  • Boar’s hair is brittle in nature

Best Badger Shaving Brush

Badger brushes are known for the longest water and heat retention and lifespan.  A pure badger shaving brush is famous for its smoothness as with that, it can even massage and lift hair from the skin.

What’s more?  A perfect brush for sensitive skin, lathers well, and comes in four different types of badger hair brushes.  Take a look at the different types;

Pure Badger Hair

This badger shaving brush is made of the lowest quality and is quite inexpensive.  The color of the bristles is dark brown and the bristle is made out of the belly of a badger.  The bristles aren’t ultra-soft but considerably soft to provide a close and comfortable shave.

Best Badger Hair

After a pure badger hair brush, next is the best badger shaving brush according to the grade-wise selection.  This best badger shaving brush is long and the bristles are lighter in color as compared to pure badger hair.  And the noticeable thing is the softness delivers excellent results.

Super badger Hair

As the name says, it is far better in terms of quality and bristles.  They are smoother and softer than the previous types.

Silvertip Badger Hair

The silvertip badger bristle shaving brush is qualitative as the hair is taken out from the neck of the badger.  Unlike the other body parts, the neck has ultra-soft hair that is difficult to find and can detect in winter.  This is the reason why silvertip badger bristles are costly.

  • Available in pure, best, super fine, and silvertip badger hair brushes
  • Water retention capacity is high than boar or horsehair
  • Not coarse on the skin
  • High-density badger hair contributes to making rich lather
  • Difficult to find in the market
  • Expensive and not suitable for beginners

Best Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Spain is the country that produces a large part of horsehair shave brushes.  They are difficult to find as compared to the easy availability of other brushes.  The wet shaving enthusiast prefers a horsehair brush primarily due to its medium softness.  Though the horse hair shaving brush bristles are stiff, the tip remains pleasingly soft.

  • Softer as compared to boar hair brush
  • Water retention capacity is less than badger hair shaving brush
  • Smelly when brings it close to the nose at the initial phase but can be removed by washing it with pet shampoo
  • Horsehair can shed or can suffer premature bristle loss if properly not taken care of

Best Synthetic Shaving Brush

Synthetic shaving brushes are ideal for vegans and the ones who don’t want to lather with animal hair bristles.  This is a substitute option and is the least expensive than other bristles. The synthetic brush is widely popular and the reasons are; long-life than boar bristles, outperform badger hair brushes, high-quality lather, and most importantly cruelty-free synthetic brushes.

  • A nice product for vegan and don’t want animal killing
  • Comes in myriad ranges
  • Lasts long
  • Feels rough on the skin
  • Water retention and lathering quality is low
  • A silvertip badger bristle brush is superior to a synthetic shaving brush

You have seen everything that is important if you want to buy a shave brush, now let’s see the accessories that bolster performance.

Accessories for Shaving Brushes

As having a good companion is important to complete life happily and cheerfully, the brush also requires supporting grooming accessories that add beauty to the look and make a man look handsome.  Keep reading and go through the accessories.

Shaving Cream or Soap

Undoubtedly, a shave brush requires a shave soap or cream to form a really nice lather.  Not an ordinary shave cream should be included that comes in a can, instead, you should bring home a shaving cream that is packed in a tube.

These shaving creams for men are free from chemicals and prevent skin irritation. Also, it hydrates and nourishes the skin and offers a pleasant smell.  Talking about shaving soap that is triple-milled or glycerin-based, a shave brush excellently makes a rich lather out of it.

Shaving Brush Stand

If you are really planning to invest additional cash, then a drip stand could be a worthy investment.  With the help of it, you increase the lifespan of your shave brush and prevent it from bacteria.  Using a drip stand you ensure that the brush properly dries out.

A shaving brush made of animal hair is prone to bacteria that can develop at the base of the loft and in the knot.  A reduction in the growth of bacteria means less irritation to the skin.

Pre-shave Oil/Cream

It is a must to apply men’s pre-shave oil or cream to the skin.  This provides a lubricating base to ensure no irritation or itching.  It also softens whiskers that protect from tugging or pulling the hair as soon as the electric or disposable razor passes through.  

Quality Razor Blades

Expecting a comfortable shave?  Then you must have quality razor blades in your grooming shaving kit.  It ensures no tugging or pulling.  The quality massively impacts the performance of shaving.

Understanding the nitty-gritty about the quality brush that you use for wet shaving is important.  And with that, you must practically know the use of a brush.

How to Use & Maintain A Shave Brush? (Step-by-Step)

Using a shaving brush doesn’t necessarily require any high degree from well-known institutes, but it surely requires a technique to get the most out of a shave brush, i.e., quality lathering.

Step 1: Preparation of bowl & brush

how to use shaving brush

For shaving, you need to fill a bowl with hot water (not the boiling one) and put your shave brush bristle side into it until it is completely wet.  And leave it for a minute or two, this way the bristle will become soft and the lathering process considerably easier.

After a minute or two, once you determine that the brush has soaked enough water, take it out and squeeze its bristles to remove the excess water.  Apply minimum pressure to drip down excessive water and still maintain its moisture.  Empty the bowl for further use.

Step 2: Build Lather

mens shave brush

Now the real game begins.  Building lather depends on what product you use with a shave brush, i.e., shave soap or cream.  Both have their way of forming a lather.  Let’s have a look at it:

  • With a shave soap

Generally, shave soaps are a bit harder than shave creams and require a few drops of water to moisten them.  Add a small portion of shaving soap along with a few droplets into the bowl and swirl it well with the help of a shave brush.  After a few minutes of swirling, you will notice a considerable amount of lather both in the bowl and on the brush.

  • With shaving cream

First of all, place some cream in the bowl and add a few drops of water.  This way your cream will get the thickness you want, and also the texture as you wish, and blend it with the brush.  

Remember the lather should not be foamy, you need to make it creamy and that is possible only with the right amount of air and water.

The rich lather hardly takes a minute or two and is easily achievable if you apply the right technique, use quality products, and a shave brush.

Another way you can create a lather is by placing a small amount of shave cream on the brush.  And start rubbing it on your face.  It is advisable to mix it in the bowl and not on the brush.

Step 3: Lather Your Face Using Shave Brush

badger shaving brush

Now apply the lather on your facial hair (as shown in the picture) to begin shaving.  Here, you need to take care of a few things that are listed below:

  1. Wash your face or take a shower with lukewarm water.  It is necessary and we often repeat in our article to wash the face before you begin trimming or shaving.  This will help in softening the hair and make it pliable or the trimming or shaving tool.
  2. After washing, slowly move your shave brush in a circle and anti-circle way to ensure that it covers all the hair.  Do not apply a lot of pressure, just move your brush in a circular direction.

Step 4: Shave & Reapply Lather

best synthetic shaving brush

Once you determine that your face is completely covered with cream and is ready for a shave, start gliding your razor in up and down motion.  This way it will smoothly remove the cream along with the hair on the face and deliver a comfortable shave.  Also, you won’t find any hassle, irritation, or trouble.

Now that you are done with a single application and shaving, it is recommended to re-apply cream and glide the razor over the face and neck.  It is also known as one of the best practices to ensure a close shave.

Step 5: Wash Shave Brush with Lukewarm Water

best badger shaving brush

Maintaining your brush is also a part of the grooming routine.  So, let’s understand how you can offer the best cleaning to your brush.  Rinse it underwater but do not shake it excessively in order to remove excess water.  Instead, you can squeeze the water to dry the brush.

Once you make sure that the water is completely squeezed out, hang it on the drip stand upside down.  It will help prevent the brush from bacterial buildup that can form at the base of the brush.  Also, it will make sure that bristles remain intact and in the knot. 

Now that you are a master in using a shaving brush, you must know why it is good to use a brush and how it is different from a hand.

Difference Between Shave Brush and Hand

best type of shaving brush

It is totally fine if you also quickly place the cream on your hands lather it up and apply it on the face.  Many men do it and that’s not wrong, and will continue doing it.  This is not going to end anytime soon.

This is probably one of the simplest processes you could find for creating a lather.  It is quite simple and hassle-free.  No need for a bowl or dry brush, just place the cream on your hand, emulsify it and it is ready to cover your face.

What is the advantage of palm lathering; there will be no wastage of cream as you might have noticed while using a bowl.  However, this simple process isn’t applauding or rewarding if you are expecting a luxurious lather for wet shaving.

So, let’s see how the brush is one step forward than the hand.

  • Exfoliating is a part of grooming and that must be done before you plan to shave off the hair from your face.  The shave brush market has seen a steep increase in sales because of exfoliation as the primary reason.  During wet shaving, a hand will not be able to remove dead skin cells but a brush does it excellently.
  • A hand will not be able to lift your mane but a brush is made considering this as one of the processes for cleaning the face.  Also, there will be no irritation or itching.
  • A better lather will only be achievable with a bowl and brush.


1. How do I choose a shaving brush?

There are many evaluating factors to consider before choosing a shaving brush; bristle stiffness, handle shape, animal hair usage, or synthetic fibre. After evaluating this, you can conclude with the best brush for yourself.

2. How long does a shaving brush last?

A quality brush can last for 10 years if maintained properly. It generally takes years to wear down and become shorter. Always remember, the use of a brush indicates its life span. The rough and hard use may shorten the life of a brush.

3. What is the best badger brush?

The list has a few top badger hair brushes that you can consider for a clean and close shave. To name a few, Omega professional, Kent BK8, and Parker Silvertip badger hair brush (not available on Amazon) are a few best shave brushes.

4. Which is the best shaving brush?

If you want the best shaving brush and is confused, then go through the article that includes lists of brushes out of which you can select the best for yourself.


This list of shaving brushes is sufficient enough to make a decision and you would be able to pick the best one out of the list.  Reviewing these brushes was an amazing experience as not only the brushes but many other products hold equal importance.

Now is the time, we welcome feedback and suggestion from our valuable readers cum potential customers.  You may have found many pieces of information from here and there but at Tomfw, you would get a wealth of information as we believe in delivering accurate information to our readers.

Pick any of our reads on grooming products you would be satisfied reading.  Also, you can subscribe to our website for more such good reads.

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