Wahl Color Pro vs. Chrome Pro: Which Trimmer is Right for You?

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You will find Wahl products at the salons, and it’s not a surprising thing.  I mean, just tell me, would you not prefer a product that is budget-friendly and at the same time high-quality to your grooming arsenal?

Of course, you will, right?  Wahl is a brand loved by professionals across the globe.  And when it comes to hair clippers or beard trimmers, no other brands can even think of competing with Wahl.  It becomes a daunting task when choosing Wahl beard trimmers or hair clippers from this brand.

In this article, you will get an in-depth comparison between the two popular Wahl products, i.e., Wahl Color Pro Vs Chrome Pro.  Keep reading the article for the next few minutes and make up your decision on which one to buy.  It’s because the products from this brand are known for durability, performance, and versatility.

Quick Comparison Between Wahl Color Pro Vs Chrome Pro

FeaturesWahl Color ProWahl Chrome Pro
MotorHeavy DutyPower Drive Heavy Duty
Attachments14 Color Coded Guards13 Secure-fit Guards
Cord Length7 Feet7 Feet
HeadsNeck Duster2 Heads

Detailed Wahl Color Pro Review

wahl color pro review

Wahl Color Pro haircutting kit is a complete set of tools and accessories that anyone would want to bag.  The first point of attraction is the color-coded guards that come with the pro kit.  It is something that will attract your kids and make their haircutting or styling hassle-free.  And not only the colored guards but there are other accessories vital for grooming or styling.

  • Clipper Blade Cover
  • Color-coded guards (1.5 mm to 25 mm)
  • 3 Hair Combs
  • Barber Scissors
  • Neck Duster
  • 2 Hair Clips
  • A Barber’s Cape
  • A Blade Cleaning Brush
  • A Blade Oil
  • A Travel-Friendly Case

Touching a bit on the mechanism, it comes with self-sharpening blades and a heavy-duty motor.  It delivers outstanding performance, regardless of hair type.  No matter what hairstyle you want to wear, the Color Pro clipper makes sure its adjustable taper lever does its job for you.

The color-coded guards are the main reason why many barbers and trimming enthusiasts love it.  Each color guard size trims a particular hair length, and that length is imprinted on the body of the Color Pro hair clipper.

The kit also consists of two black guards with R and L marks on them.  It has different shaped teeth that allow you to cut hair over the ears.  These types of flexibility are rare to find, and Wahl makes sure that its hair kit has everything.

Also, the brand makes sure that there are no clogging issues, and that’s the reason the guard combs easily attach to the blade block without leaving space for the residual hair to either stick on the comb or the blade block.


  • Sharp & Long-lasting Performance
  • Easy Blending or Fading
  • 26-piece Grooming Kit
  • Durability
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Close shave possible without attaching combs
  • Heavyweight
  • Cleaning takes time
  • No cordless operation

Now, let’s dive deep into the technicalities to understand the hair clipper in detail.

  1. Motor & Power

The Wahl Color Pro hair clipper comes with a 7-feet cord that gives room to move around and trim.  However, you cannot operate in a cordless mode, which makes maneuverability an issue to an extent.

There is no compromise with the cord fitting, and also it is attached with a rubber ring that allows you to hand it anywhere when not in use. 

The benefit of corded hair clippers is that it has a more powerful motor than most other hair-cutting machines.

  1. Blade & Cutting Quality

Remember, your investment is worth every penny in the case of shaving or trimming tools when their blades are supreme and sharp.  And that’s where the Color Pro stands out different from others.

It allows you to adjust the length settings without attaching a guard.  The minimum length is 0.8 mm, and the maximum is 2 mm without the comb.  All this can be done with the help of the side lever.  It is the level of flexibility that Wahl offers to its customer base.

Talking about the width of the blade, then it is 44 mm which resembles traditional hair clippers.  Therefore, if you want to get a quick haircut, then it’s an ideal trimming tool.  However, the width falls short when it comes to trimming a beard or for a quick trim.

Now that you know the blade width, you should also know what material Wahl uses for the blade block.  It is made of steel with two metal plates attached with screws, making it durable and long-lasting.  However, maintaining blades requires a lot like unscrewing, cleaning, and screwing back in the same position.

The self-sharpening blades do not require regular oiling, but to maintain their longevity, the company offers lubricating oil with the kit.  Just squirt a few drops of oil on both corners and turn on the trimmer for a second or two so that it spreads evenly.

  1. Design & Size

Handling a trimmer is another factor to consider while buying one for yourself, and the Wahl Color Pro comes with an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.  Though the size and weight are on the heavier side, it still manages to win hearts.  However, it is not ideal for beginners.

The weight includes bulky dimensions and sturdy casing.  An elongated shape with a wide closing to the blade block makes it challenging while maneuvering it on the beard but is ideal for head hair.  It becomes daunting for the one who wants to use it on themselves.  Therefore, it requires experience and knowledge of trimming.

Now that you know everything about the Wahl Color Pro, you must also know about the Wahl Chrome Pro, which comes from the same company’s product line.

Detailed Wahl Chrome Pro Review

wahl chrome pro reviews
Wahl USA Chrome Pro Corded Clipper Complete Haircutting Kit for Men – Powerful Total Hair Clipping, Beard Trimming, & Grooming - Model 79524-2501
  • Includes a battery-operated touch trimmer
  • High-Speed Power Drive Motor
  • High-carbon steel Blades never need adjusting
  • 13 guide combs with adjustable taper control
  • Full-color English and Spanish Instructions / Styling Guide

Wahl Chrome Pro kit is a complete haircutting kit ideal for professional use.  The Chrome Pro kit includes all the accessories that are imperative for a home haircut.  Here are the following things that come with this haircut kit:

  • 13 Attachment Guards
  • Cordless Trimmer
  • Clipper Guard
  • 2 Barber Hair Combs
  • 2 Hair Clips
  • Barber Scissors
  • A Barber’s Cape
  • Cleaning Brush & Lubricating Oil
  • A Storage Case

The Wahl clipper includes a heavy-duty motor, which is superior to its counterpart.  You can expect an amazingly outstanding performance.  It makes sure that it does not pull or tug your hair while trimming.  The motor reinforces the precision ground blades that come with self-sharpening technology.

Similar to the Wahl Color Pro, it has an adjustable side lever for smooth fading and blending.  Have a look at its features:

  • High-quality home haircuts
  • Smooth cut every time you trim
  • Easy-adjust taper lever
  • Carbon blades for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless trimming possible
  • No peaceful operation
  • Heats after sometime
  • Difficult to clean

The accessories come in a soft and travel-friendly pouch.  It packs everything along with hair clippers.  The plastic blade guard saves you from accidental nicks and cuts when not in use.  And there are a set of combs, one trims the hair over the ears, and another is useful in trimming the eyebrows.

The distinctive feature between the Wahl Chrome Pro and Color Pro is the length settings.  It can adjust up to 5 length settings with the use of a taper lever.

Now, let’s see the technicalities:

  1. Motor & Power

Unlike the Wahl Color Pro, the Wahl Chrome Pro comes with two trimming tools; one corded and another cordless.  The cordless hair trimmer requires AA types of batteries to operate.

Touching the Wahl Chrome Pro corded trimmer a bit more, it is known for its engine and performance.  Besides, the Ultra Power Motor ensures high performance with close cuts.  And that becomes one of the reasons why professionals love Wahl. 

  1. Blade & Cutting Quality

The Wahl Chrome Pro combo promises precision and speed, and the credit goes to the wide frame and self-sharpening precision steel blades.  Unlike Wahl Color Pro, this hair clipper can work amazingly well on the beard as well.

You will be able to adjust the cut up to 3mm without attaching guide combs.  It helps in cutting head hair and at the same time trimming the beard as well.  Considering the guide combs, it ranges from 3 mm to 25 mm.  

In Wahl Chrome Pro, the blades require lubrication after every use to retain their condition.  Also, if you want to clean the blades thoroughly, you will need to screw them.  What’s the most attractive part is a small cordless hair trimmer.  It helps in final touchups and trimming other body parts.

  1. Design & Size

The 24-piece complete haircutting kit consists of a hair trimmer and a clipper, which means you would be able to trim the hair from head to toe.  The hair clipper is sturdy yet lightweight, which makes it favourable amongst hairstylists and barbers.

A thin lower base with a comfortable grip makes sure that it won’t slip off from your hand.  The power cord is 7 feet long, ensuring you get the freedom to maneuver.  Just like Wahl Color Pro, this Wahl clipper also has a sturdy cord attachment.  And a hook to hang it anywhere when not in use.

A cordless trimmer allows a 1-inch cut, making the task of precision easier.  Therefore, you can use it to trim sideburns and under ear parts.

So, this is the Wahl Chrome Pro review that has everything from hair clippers to trimmers and other accessories as well.  Now, let’s see the key differences between the Wahl Chrome Pro and Color Pro.

Differences Between Wahl Color Pro & Chrome Pro

wahl elite pro vs chrome pro

Having differences would separate the products from each other.  It will let you know which one is better amongst both and will clear doubts and confusion.


The Color Pro clipper comes with a heavy-duty motor that is more powerful and effective than the battery-operated hair clippers.  Though the Chrome Pro is corded, it uses PowerDrive Plus technology that makes the motor more powerful than other Wahl clippers.


If you are picking the clipper by its color, then Color Pro is quite eye-soothing and more appealing than other common clippers.  The unit is big and heavy, yet it seems comfortable while holding due to its ergonomic grip.  Contrary to this, the Chrome Pro comes with a standard design and rugged build, offering a professional design.

Size & Weight

Undoubtedly, the color pro is on the heavier side than the average clippers.  It’s due to the bulky design, wide top, and skinny bottom, making it difficult to handle.  On the contrary, the Chrome Pro is lightweight, yet bulky.  It is easy to maneuver.


Both the Wahl clippers serve different purposes.  The Color Pro comes with a color-coded design that attracts younger ones and kids, making it ideal for home use.  On the other hand,  Chrome Pro is for every standard consumer who is looking for all the clipping needs.

Now that you have seen the differences, let’s also look at the similarities between them.

Similarities Between Wahl Color Pro & Chrome Pro

wahl deluxe chrome pro review

We have seen how both the clippers are different from each other, let’s look at the similarities of them.


Both the clippers come with a heavy-duty motor that ensures maximum performance as compared to the cordless trimmers.  They do not only clip facial hair but also do an effective job of body grooming.


It comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use.  Both are heavier units than other clippers.  And not to forget the adjustable lever for blending fading hair.


Both the clippers use blades made of high-carbon steel that ensure the best overall performance.  Also, the long cords are made of sturdy material.  


Both Wahl clippers come with 14 & 13 attachment guards that allow you full-body grooming.  Both the haircutting kit consists of more than 20 accessories.  Also, both the haircut kit comes with a storage case that fits all the accessories in it.


As you know both the clippers have a 7-feet long cord, which manages to allow the freedom to move at home or the barbershop.  Color Pro is corded, while Wahl Chrome Pro has both a corded hair clipper and a cordless hair trimmer (similar to the Wahl peanut trimmer)


1. Is Wahl Color Pro good for fades?

Yes, Wahl Color Pro is the Wahl’s Best Clipper for Fades due to its adjustable taper lever, which allows for smooth blending and fading of hair.

2. What is the best hair clipper for home use?

Both the hair clippers are ideal for using at home, but if you are a newbie seeking a lightweight product, then Wahl Chrome Pro could a worthy investment.

3. What is the difference between a hair clipper and a trimmer?

A clipper tends to cut the bulky hair but does not cut close to the skin. On the other hand, a hair trimmer intends to design, outline, dry shave, and light shape the tricky areas, such as neckline, sideburns, and around the ears.

4. Can these trimmers be used for body hair?

Both the Wahl Color Pro and Chrome Pro trimmers can be used for body hair grooming. With their versatile attachments and powerful motors, they are capable of trimming various lenghts of hair on different parts of the body.


Both the kits from Wahl are commendable.  If you are an experienced guy, you will love to use the Color Pro clipper, and if you are a beginner, then the Wahl Chrome Pro is perfect for you.  Both are easy to use and have received amazing reviews from users globally.

We hope that this comparative review of the Wahl Color Pro vs Chrome Pro has given you a wealth of information.  You can share your feedback and suggestions.  Also, you can subscribe to our website for more such good reads.

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