Wahl Peanut Trimmer Review: Is It Worth It?

by Jeel Patel

Wahl comes with the best quality grooming products suitable for every age.  The contribution to the grooming industry with consistent quality tools and accessories is remarkable.  Today, we are going to review one of the heart-winning electric gadgets from Wahl’s product line, i.e., the Wahl Peanut Trimmer. Wahl Peanut trimmer review is one of our bests! It has some differences from any other beard trimmer on the market.

Wahl Peanut Trimmer model comprises 8685 and 8655.  Both the models are corded, whereas there is one more product from the Peanut family, i.e., Peanut cordless beard trimmer

Wahl Peanut 8685 vs. Wahl Peanut 8655

Similarities Between Wahl Peanut Trimmer #8685 & #8655

Both the peanut clippers are similar in terms of appearance.  It comes in two different colour variants, i.e., black and white.  You will have an option to choose from, and add it to your grooming arsenal.  The subtle marking on the body makes them look like a peanut.

Wahl professional peanut clipper’s body case is made of sturdy material, making it durable from drops and shocks.  Also, they are lightweight and compact that easily fits into the palm.  It weighs 4oz and is 4 inches long.  With the longer session as well, your hands won’t fatigue.  This is why the peanut clipper is popular amongst professionals, barbers, and hairstylists.

Beard trimming and head hair cutting are two different things that require different comb sizes.  Both the peanut clipper comes with similar attachments, i.e., 4 attachment combs that range from ⅛ inches to ½ inches.  

Not only the grooming kit consists of guide combs, but it also has a cleaning brush and blade oil.  Wahl professional’s products, especially beard trimmers come with a brush and lubricant.  This is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the trimmer.  Oiling at regular intervals maintains the trimmer and a cleaning brush cleans the stuck hair in the steel blades that increase the life-span of the hair trimmer.

Lastly, these peanut clippers are attached with a 7-foot flexible cord that ensures easy maneuverability.  Also, the cord relieves the hassle of charging the peanut trimmer.  Just a plug-in and it’s ready for use.   Unlike battery-powered that requires charging, this clipper is far away from such hassles.

Differences Between Wahl Peanut Beard Trimmer Review #8685 & #8655

As discussed earlier, the Wahl trimmers are quite similar in terms of design, but what sets them apart is discussed below:

The #8685 is white in colour and has a smooth handle, while the #8655 looks like a peanut as it has a subtle design.  Both the trimmer has a name crafted on the side of the clipper.  And both look eye-catching not only to adults but also to kids.  The design of the clipper is such that it can easily win hearts. It is similar to Wahl color pro but not same!

The white trimmer is sleek, thin, and straight which sets it different from the black one.  This is a point where you would be able to see a major difference. The black peanut clipper/trimmer has a curved body that comfortably fits into the palm.  The comfortability is the major difference that comes from its design.

You might come across many trimming and cutting jobs like shaving your head, trimming your facial hair, and cutting your son’s hair.  These many jobs require a comfortable grip that becomes a high priority as you might encounter tricky areas where it would be difficult for you to reach. 

The #8685 is the older version and considering an increase in demand, Wahl introduced the #8655 model.  The newer model is advanced in terms of technology.  And of course, the key difference lies in the ergonomics of the clipper/trimmer.

So this was the comparison between two corded peanut clippers.  Now, let’s look at the Wahl professional’s peanut cordless clipper/trimmer.

Wahl Professional Peanut Cordless Trimmer Review

Wahl’s professional cordless trimmer is different from the original version in terms of cord type.  This peanut clipper is cordless, meaning not dependent on the wire and easy maneuverability.  You can use the peanut clipper the way you want, and also it becomes a travel-friendly grooming product.

The company has left no stones unturned to win the hearts of users and knows pretty well the taste and preference of the users.  Just like Peanut’s corded model, this clipper/trimmer also comes with 4 attachment combs, ranging from ⅛ inches to ½ inches.  It gives you the freedom to trim or cut not only your head hair or beard but also your son’s hair as well.

What sets this peanut clipper apart from others is, it is a corded beard trimmer that runs on a battery and not a power supply.  Unlike corded trimmers, this Wahl professional trimmer operates on 2 rechargeable AA batteries.  The peanut clipper trimmer comes with a charging stand and 2 AA batteries.

As compared to a corded trimmer, the cordless peanut clipper is a bit expensive but that’s worth your investment.  What might leave you frustrating is the availability of this cordless Wahl professional trimmer.  The trimmer isn’t easily available and you need to wait if you are looking for a cordless peanut trimmer.

Now that you know everything about the Wahl peanut clipper (corded/cordless), you must know the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros & Cons of Wahl Peanut Clipper

Every coin has two sides where on the one hand if you see a good, the other consists of bad.  Similarly, Wahl professional peanut clipper has both advantages and disadvantages. 

Pros & Cons of Wahl Peanut Clipper

So, let’s start with the pros of peanut clipper :

  • Light-weight

The trimmer is sleek, compact, and not bulky.  It weighs around 4 ounces and measures in length 4 inches.  You won’t feel discomfort while operating it.

  • Easy to use

The trimmer has got a good grip that allows you to glide the trimmer easily without any hassle.  With the help of grip, you would be able to handle the trimmer and operate it for longer sessions.

  • Easy Maintenance

There is no heavy investment in maintaining the beard trimmer.  Just regular oiling and removing stuck hair from the blades is enough to maintain the trimmer and increase the life-span.

  • Trimming, Cutting, Detailing

As discussed earlier, the peanut hair clipper is a versatile product as you can use it for trimming your facial hair, cutting head hair, detailing work, and as an electric shaver.

  • Corded/Cordless

This is something amazing as the company caters to all the groups of people – be it travellers or the one who prefers grooming at home.  The company has built corded as well as a cordless trimmer for different users.

  • Powerful rotary motor

There are three types of rotary motors out of which the Wahl peanut clipper trimmer is equipped with a powerful rotary motor.  This powerful motor ranks higher in terms of blade speed, power, and life-span.

Now let’s see the Cons:

  • Vibrates

You might feel a vibration a bit because of its small size and weight.  And you have to get used to the vibration.  Though there is no risk of falling or slipping off from the hand still you have to hold it carefully.

  • Limited guide combs

Wahl peanut guards are something to look upon as it does all the jobs that you wish to do.  There are only four-guard combs that limit your trimming and cutting hair.

  • No storage pouch

The peanut clipper comes with a corded or cordless trimmer, 4  blade guard combs, a blade oil, and a cleaning brush but no storage pouch.  This is where Wahl falls short.  You need to manage the trimmer and accessories in your luggage wherever you go or buy a storage case.

  • Single voltage

Be it corded or cordless, it operates only on a 120V outlet, limiting the use of the electric gadgets to only the USA and Canada.  You cannot travel to any country with this trimmer as it is not a dual voltage trimmer.

  • Bulky charging unit

Talking about the cordless model, the charging unit of the cordless hair trimming tool is heavier than the trimmer.  Even the peanut clipper is light-weight.


1. Is the Wahl peanut a good hair clipper?

Wahl is loved by professionals, barbers, and stylists across the globe. The lightweight hair clipper comes with removable blades that make it easier to clean. The hair trimmer is a versatile product, compact and rotary motor-operated grooming gadget.

2. How short hair does the peanut clipper cut?

The peanut clipper comes with 4 guard combs out of which the longest combs ensure ½ inches length and the shortest comb leaves ⅛ inches length.

3. How to oil the clipper?

The clipper should be held in an upside-down position where the blades should face the floor. Pour 2-3 drops of oil on both the corners of the blade and turn on the clipper. This way the oil will spread evenly on the blade.


The small size of the Wahl peanut trimmer should not be considered as a drawback as it works like a full-size trimming tool.  The clipper is easy to use, operate, and clean.  It can cut hair, trim a beard, and work as a shaver.  However, it is not suggestible to use the trimming tool to cut thicker, duskier, or wet hair.

You can buy for close shaving and detailing work.  Also, if you want a good control tool then this is for you.  Try using this Wahl peanut trimmer and share your experience with us.  You can also subscribe to our website for more such good reads. 

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