Is Minoxidil Beard Worth The Buck? Rogaine Beard- A Facial Hair Growth Booster

Updated Date: by Jeel Patel

Hair loss is a common problem, regardless of gender.  Technically, it results due to genetics, age, hormonal imbalance, and alopecia areata.  Patchy and uneven beard growth can result in embarrassment, just like having a pimple on the face.

To overcome the problem, many men undergo hair transplant surgeries and start taking beard growth products.  And after all the efforts go in vain, some give up while some still look for a solution.  For both audiences, science has brought an effective and affordable supplement.

Minoxidil Beard is a product (initially prescribed for hypertension) found effective in stimulating hair growth.  It may sound unbelievable, but the studies support it, and thousands of men who opt for Rogaine beard have seen satisfactory results.

Now, you must be baffled with what Rogaine is? It’s a product that contains Minoxidil, and many experts recommend it for hair loss problems.  The results of Rogaine indicate that it can activate dormant hair follicles by promoting blood flow and supplying essential nutrients.

The idea of using Minoxidil for beard growth was once nowhere on the internet or pages. Recently,  it came into the limelight when many FB groups with thousands of active members found using it for beard growth.  Even scientific studies also support it by indicating it to be safe and effective for facial hair growth.

After reading this, you must be having a set of questions, out of which the first could be, can I use rogaine on my face? Of course, you can use it, and if you are in a hurry, you can go through the link to quickly buy one for yourself.

The other set of questions are:

  • How does Minoxidil grow facial hair?
  • What are the Minoxidil side effects?
  • Are the results permanent?
  • Any examples?
  • Lastly, how to use or apply Minoxidil?

To gain answers to your questions, you need to go through the article.  So, sit back and read it completely, as the next few minutes will load you with a wealth of information.

What is Minoxidil (Rogaine)? Does Minoxidil Work For Beard?

As you already know, Minoxidil treats high blood pressure, but it is one of the ingredients whose side effect is the talk of the town.  It grows hair on different parts of the body, especially the face.  Due to this, the FDA announces Minoxidil as a potential hair growth product.

The process of growth is still a mystery even to researchers as well.  Fundamentally, it extends the Anagen growth phase that looks after hair growth. 

Minoxidil comes in a topical solution to bolster hair growth.  It is an ideal solution for treating male pattern baldness.  Even women dealing with thin hair can use 2% of Minoxidil as a treatment.  

Perhaps you can apply Minoxidil for promoting hair growth or solving thin and patchy beard issues, but considering it for hair growth on the already bald areas could be a common misconception.  It can make your beard look fuller and complete.

Pros and Cons of Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Every product has its benefits and pitfalls, and as an investor, it becomes your duty to know so that you can prepare yourself proactively.

  • Curbs male pattern baldness and thinning hair
  • Bolsters beard hair growth
  • Extends Anagen phase to let the facial hair grow
  • Easy and simple application
  • Promising results in 4 months
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Facial skin irritation and redness might occur to sensitive skin guys

Now that you know both sides of the coin- let’s also get familiar with the Minoxidil beard side-effects of Minoxidil.

Minoxidil Beard Side Effects

minoxidil beard side effects

You might be thinking hair growth itself is a side effect of minoxidil, so what could be the other side effects? Moreover, isn’t the FDA doing a quality check?  These are common questions for which you will get the answers.

You must remember one thing every medicine has side effects. Besides, getting a nod from the FDA doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe for everyone.  Talking about minoxidil, then it is considered “off-label use,” and the minoxidil beard side effects are the same as you could experience with head hair growth drug.

Some common side effects are redness, itching, skin irritation, and weight gain.  You can stop using the product if it causes severe side effects, but that will not be the case with Minoxidil.

If Minoxidil causes itching, you can buy quality beard oils and let the main product do its job of growing a beard.  Still, there are some side effects that you must keep in mind so that whenever you experience them, you can take the necessary actions.

Dry Skin

Skin dryness is one of the common side-effects of Minoxidil, especially the liquid type.  It is due to the blend of Alcohol and Propylene Glycol, carrier ingredients essential for absorption.

Due to this, you might experience dryness, which is quite natural.  To combat it, you can use beard oils or moisturizers.


In the rarest of the rare case, some men may experience fatigue.  Ideally, you should not, but if it persists, start noting the down duration of fatigue.  The symptoms are overly tiredness, sluggishness, or weakness.  If you feel that it is out of control, then stop using Minoxidil and consult your doctor.


The carrier ingredients that cause dry skin dryness are the same responsible for developing acne on the skin.  Applying minoxidil on the face can dry the skin that can cause Acne.  To combat, use moisturizers or beard oil and a diet that reduces the chances of Acne.

Hair Shedding

What if we tell you that a hair growth drug can cause hair loss.  Don’t panic! It’s natural and good for hair.  There are reasons why it happens, so let’s unveil it.

If you are applying minoxidil, it will extend the Anagen phase, which results in more hair staying in that phase.  The same effect happens with the telogen phase as well, and this might cause hair shedding.  It is natural and necessary as it will give room for new hair to grow.

Weight Gain

Weight Gain could be one of the side-effects of Minoxidil.  Though it is not proven, a few groups of individuals noticed it.  It won’t make you like a balloon, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Body Hair Growth

Body hair growth is one of the side effects of minoxidil.  You might experience excessive hair growth on different parts of the body, such as arms, legs, mustache, and pubic areas.  It doesn’t last long, and eventually, it will shed off.

You can either shave or wax to remove or simply ignore it.  Besides, excessive hair growth is a good thing as it indicates that Minoxidil has positively reacted to the body.  You might also see a fuller beard anytime soon as soon as you start noticing excessive human hair growth.


Using Minoxidil or Rogaine can slightly alter high blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow that may cause light-headedness or dizziness.  Minoxidil acts as a vasodilator that may cause dizziness, and there is no need to worry about it.

Dark Circles

Dark circle is another minor side effect that you can overcome by increasing Vitamin C intake or applying concealer.

Heart Palpitation

Minoxidil primarily comes in oral medicine, and its primary function is to take care of high blood pressure.  It is the reason you may sometimes experience fluctuations in heart rate.  If you are applying twice a day, then reduce your dose to once.  

Furthermore, if you are consuming caffeine, nicotine, and beard growth products together with Rogaine, there are high chances of heart palpitations.  Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist for more than two weeks.

Water Retention

Due to Minoxidil, the potassium channels near the beard alters, which may cause a bloating effect on the face.  Any alteration in the dose of Minoxidil can be the reason for water retention.

To overcome this, stick to the doses and do not try to increase or decrease them.

“You might be thinking these are major side-effects, and shall I be worried about it?”

Like any OTC drug, it has side effects that do not restrict it from granting OTC status.  Out of millions of Minoxidil users, only a percent or two contract the side-effects that stop them from using it.

It is safe if you do not abuse the dose, nor do you apply it often.  The common side effect you may encounter could be skin dryness.  Going through all the possible side-effects can make you aware of the least and worst possibilities.

You know how it can hamper if you overdo it, but is it necessary, or should you apply lifetime?  To know more, read the next section.

Is it Necessary to Use Minoxidil Lifetime?

It is quite a common question and a matter of concern for people who plan to apply minoxidil.  Many might have come across the news, stating, “Beard Today, Gone Tomorrow.”

The news accepts that using Minoxidil could grow facial hair, but it also has a word from beard transplant workers, stating the beard will shed once you stop using minoxidil.

Thousands of Minox users have grown a beard and then quit using it.  They came back in support of minoxidil for not being the reason for shedding.

“Why does this news publish such things?”

It’s because they interview the hair and beard transplant owners or workers.  And, they do not want men using it as it has become their biggest competitor.  Unlike costly transplant surgeries, Minoxidil beard is effective and delivers promising results.  It was a fear amongst them, and they did not want to lose customers.

The only case where the minoxidil beard didn’t work is when the user applied it for a month or two and then stopped using it.  An early stop in using minoxidil will not transform vellus hairs to terminal length.

Now that you know how long you have to use Minoxidil- let’s understand how to apply Minoxidil.

How To Use Minoxidil For Beard

As there are two different types of Minoxidil, the application steps will also differ.  And not only that, there are other sets of questions as well like, how long does it take for rogaine to work, how often you should apply, and what is the amount of Rogaine to use per application.

All the questions are under this section, so keep reading and unveil the procedure.

Firstly, we will start with:

How to Apply Liquid Minoxidil in 5 Simple Steps?

Step 1: Wash Your Face & Facial Hair

how to apply minoxidil beard

Washing your face with lukewarm water can open the pores and clean facial hair and the skin beneath it.  For this purpose, you can use beard wash or cleanser to prepare the face for the process.

Do not consider ordinary bathing soaps for beard wash as they may deplete your natural oils, making the skin dry and irritative.

Take time to wash your face, and then use a towel to dry the area.  You need to dry the beard before using minoxidil on your face.

Step 2: Take 1ML Liquid Minoxidil in Dropper

how to use minoxidil for beard

Make sure you take 1 ML of liquid minoxidil in a dropper.  It is suggestible to apply twice a day.  

Do not use more than 2ML a day or two doses, morning and evening.  The gap between both doses should be at least 10-12 hours.

For the spray bottle user, spray 7-8 times that sum up to 1ML.

Step 3: Pour the Liquid Minoxidil on Beard

kirkland minoxidil beard

Start applying minoxidil on the patchy beard and the area where you see less hair.  Keep dropping until the dropper gets empty. after at least one bottle down, you will be notice beard and mustache growth.

Step 4: Rub the Solution on Beard

can you use rogaine on your face

Once you coat your facial hair with a solution, start massaging with your fingers.  

Ensure that you massage all the areas of the face, especially the patchy beards.  And then leave it dry so that the skin absorbs it completely.

Applying pressure while massaging so that skin quickly absorbs is a myth.

Step 5: Wash Your Hands

Do not forget to wash your hand after massaging the solution on the face.  Remove excess liquid minoxidil from the hands by using soap and water.

Both liquid and foam minoxidil are similar to apply, but there is a bit of change in technique.  So let’s take a look at it.

How to Apply Foam Minoxidil in 3 Simple Steps?

Washing your face before applying minoxidil is a common step in liquid as well as a foam solution. The change in steps start after this, and those are:

Step 2: Rinse Your Fingers Under Running Water

minoxidil beard review

It is important to rinse your hand in cold water so that it does not remain warm.  The foam quickly gets dissolved if poured on warm hands.

Step 3: Put on Foam into the Container’s Cap

rogaine beard results

Hold the foam minoxidil upside down and dispense the foam into the container’s cap.  Fill it half that measures 1ML.

Step 4: Use Other Hand to Apply

can you use rogaine on your face

Use your hand that you have rinsed off under the cold water for application.  Focus on patchiness and uneven facial hair and apply it.  

Gently start massaging in a circular motion as you have seen the liquid minoxidil steps to coat your facial hair.

Even the last step of both liquid and foam minoxidil remains the same, i.e., washing your hands after application with soap.

Now let’s check the dos and don’ts of Minoxidil.

Do’s and Dont’s of Minoxidil (Rogaine)

minoxidil beard truth

Use the Best Beard Wash or Cleanser before Applying Minoxidil

You must use a high-quality cleanser or beard wash for cleaning the face before using rogaine for beards.  It is advisable to rub your facial hair in a circular motion using the best beard wash or cleanser.

Avoid Altering Dose

You should stick to the recommended dose and do not apply more than it.  Generally, 2ML per day is enough, probably one in the morning and the other in the evening.  Split it into two doses and apply as suggested.  Make sure you maintain at least 8 hours of gap between the doses.

Do Not Touch the Minoxidil Applied Area for At least 4 hours

Both the scalp and facial skin takes 4 hours to absorb the Minoxidil solution.  You should not touch or wash before the time frame.  After the timeline, wash and rinse off your face.

Stick to Healthy Diet

You should not only rely on Minoxidil for beard growth; a healthy diet plays a crucial role in making the hair strong and thick.  Some common vitamins to intake while planning to apply Rogaine for patchy beards are A, B, C, and E.  Also, you should consider Omega-3 fatty acids, Beta A carotene, and a protein diet.

Reduce Your Stress Level

Minoxidil and stress are both contrary to each other.  An increase in stress levels can block the flow of nutrients to hair follicles.  Always engage yourself in stress-buster activities to reduce the stress level.  Doing so will increase the chances of minoxidil beard growth results. 

Avoid Using Bar Soap

Ordinary soaps or bathing bars can deplete the natural oil that comes from sebaceous glands.  Also, it may cause skin dryness.  And a few chemical-blend soaps can also trigger irritation.

Avoid Applying Pressure While Massaging

Make sure you do not apply too much pressure while using minoxidil to grow facial hair.  Focus on the patchy beard area and gently massage it.  You don’t need to apply pressure to make the solution absorb quickly.

Take a Proper Sleep

Insufficient sleep leads to unwanted side-effects, such as less concentration power, lack of productivity, and grogginess.  It can also impact the results of minoxidil.  Lack of sleep means less flow of blood flow, resulting in low testosterone levels.  And it results in slow hair follicle growth.  It can also increase stress levels.

You must know the different types so that it would be easier for you to decide the one that suits your skin type.

Types of Minoxidil (Rogaine) For Beard

Now that you know what it is, you must also know the types of Rogaine for beard growth.  With this, you could make yourself familiar and choose between the most appropriate ones for yourself.

Rogaine Topical Solution (Liquid)- Best Minoxidil For Beard Growth

Minoxidil liquid solution is the original version that comes in a 5% extra strength Rogaine for men.  And for women, as stated earlier, it comes in a 2% version.  You need to apply twice a day for at least three months.  Meanwhile, you will start noticing beard growth from the first application itself.  However, the results may not be the same for every individual.

The original version is quite budget-friendly than the foamy solution, i.e., another type of Minoxidil.  On the other hand, it requires more time than usual to dry and is also greasy.

Rogaine Topical Aerosol (Foam)

Rogaine foam beard growth is famous for its quick dryness and positive results.  Though it is an expensive beard growth product, it still manages to win the hearts of users.  It is a propylene glycol-free product that causes dryness to the skin.

Plus, the absorption rate is half the minoxidil liquid version.  Furthermore, it’s neither a messy nor out-of-control beard growth product.

We have seen Minoxidil prolonging the Anagen phase, but what it does internally will give you a clear understanding of it.

How Does Minoxidil Work? Growing A Beard With Minoxidil

No researchers or scientists have concluded how Minoxidil deals with hair loss problems.  And are only left with the facts to consider as a potential reason for beard growth.

  • The application of Rogaine will activate the potassium channels near the beard area and stimulate the beard hair follicles circulation.
  • Minoxidil mounts up the prostaglandin E2 levels that are responsible for beard growth via various mechanisms.
  • Minoxidil activates inactive hair follicles and sends them to the Anagen phase.
  • After applying Minoxidil to the face, the Anagen phase lasts longer than usual, giving more time for the hair to grow.
  • Using Rogaine regularly could generate new blood vessels as well.

It was all about facial hair, which is not the same as scalp hair.  It would be an entirely different cycle and years for the head hair to grow.  As you know, Minoxidil work as a vasodilator that dilates the blood vessels, stimulating hair follicles to feed the hair during the Anagen stage.

Due to this, you may witness your mane reaching the telogen phase slowly and a decrease in hair fall as well.  It results in the beard looking fuller, thicker, and duskier.  To some extent, the wide blood vessels found on the face also contribute to promoting beard growth.  Contrary to facial hair, scalp hair takes time as it tends to have narrower blood vessels.

Previously, Minoxidil was effective against growing hair on the scalp, but later on, a few researchers from Thailand planned to test the ingredient (3% Minoxidil) on the face as well.  The 4-months of research on 48 volunteers showed positive results.  After that, it was official that rogaine for beard hair growth is effective and safe to use.

The results were in favor, but the mechanism was still unclear.  However, the 3% Minoxidil solution is enough for beard enhancement.

Let’s check out what happens post using Minoxidil.

Minoxidil Beard Before and After (Rogaine Before and After)

minoxidil beard before and after

You can Google and find thousands of users who tried minoxidil for beard growth and were delighted with the results. The above image show minoxidil before and after beard growth. Other products claiming to grow hair cannot present a single before and after image, while minoxidil does it.  It has the potential to turn a beardless guy into a bushy gentleman.

You have seen most of the information part and left with only the pros and cons.  Let’s have a quick look at it and then move forward to the most awaited part.

First of all, we appreciate your seriousness about growing a beard.  As not everyone is as dedicated as you.  It shows you are eagerly waiting to know how to apply minoxidil for beard growth.  Well,  now the real game begins.

Now let’s take a look at the few common questions related to post Minoxidil beard before after application.

How Long Does Minoxidil Take To Work On Beard? Does Rogaine Work For Beards?

does rogaine work for beards

Growing a beard using minoxidil differs from person to person as every man has a different beard growth pattern.  For some, it may take months, while there are a few for whom patience could be the only option left.

Due to this, it becomes difficult to answer how long does rogaine takes to grow a beard?  However, the results across the globe can assure you of a rough timeline. 

Generally, it takes somewhere around 12 to 24 months to grow a full beard with continuous use of minoxidil.  Also, you might see quick beard growth if your beard hormone levels are on the higher side.  

Contrary to this, a beardless guy with a slow hormone growth level needs to wait for some time to see the vellus hairs transforming into terminal length.

A quick note for Eastern Asian and Northern American genes, you are required to wait for the hair to sprout up from the skin due to the difference in your androgen receptors sensitivity than other males.

Many of you might think that applying once can stimulate beard growth, so why not apply it twice or thrice?  Well, there are some guidelines on the use of minoxidil to grow a beard.  It raises a common question; what is the exact number of times to use minoxidil in a day?

How Many Times Per Day Should You Apply It?

As stated in the steps, it is advisable to apply minoxidil beard twice a day, morning and evening.  And there should be a 12-hour gap between both applications.  It goes the same with the scalp hair as well.

It becomes a daunting task to manage the gap, and so, what we would recommend is, to apply before going to the office and then at the end of the day.  This way, you would be able to manage all your routine without modifying anything.

If the routine is unmanageable, consider applying rogaine once every day.  Though the results may take time, it’s not a bad option.

Another confusing question that might arise is what is the right amount of Rogaine to use per application?

How Much Rogaine Should I Use on the Beard?

The recommended measure is 2ML in two doses per day, i.e., 1ML per day.  The liquid minoxidil pack contains a bottle and dropper with a 1ML mark on it.  The foam minoxidil could be confusing, but a half cap of foam measures somewhere around 1ML.  For spray users, 7-8 sprays could make 1ML of liquid.

A lot goes into taking care of facial hair, especially if you opt for medication.  What to opt for and what to neglect, you must know about it.

If you adhere to the piece of information stated above, you will get the desired results.  And if you want twice the results in a single effort, then do read the next section.

Must-Know Methods to Boost the Beard Growth with Rogaine

Use L-Carnitine

Our research concludes L-carnitine to be an amino acid that aids in faster beard growth.  Combining it with Minoxidil can increase the potential, influencing it to produce effective results.  There are two mechanisms with which L-carnitine along with Rogaine can stimulate hair growth:

  1. One is by making all the androgen receptors of your body sensitive to testosterone and DHT.
  2. And another way is by transferring the fatty acids to beard hair follicles, supplying energy to activate the dormant hair follicles.

Avoid DHT Inhibitors

DHT is responsible for female or male pattern baldness, and it is the same hormone that stimulates beard growth.  While using the DHT product, make sure you use the right product for the right area.  For instance, using a product specifically made for the scalp on the beard could be abysmal.

Though DHT is bad for the scalp, it works amazingly well on the beard.  Therefore, you must be vigilant about the DHT blocker or inhibitor products or supplements.  For example, tea tree oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, copper peptides, saw palmetto, rosemary oil, and lavender oil.

The products containing these ingredients should not be in your bucket or grooming kit until you use rogaine for a patchy beard.  Instead, you can use beard growth products that include boron or creatine to bolster beard growth.

3% Peppermint Oil

Minoxidil will turn the skin dry, for which you will require a premium moisturizer to combat the dryness.  Peppermint oil could be a low-cost yet effective moisturizer if you combine it with a Jojoba carrier oil.  

You will require a dropper bottle, Jojoba Oil, and Peppermint Essential Oil.  Fill 1 ounce of Jojoba Oil in the bottle and add 18 drops of peppermint oil to it.  Now apply this blend on your facial hair once your skin absorbs 100% of minoxidil solution, i.e., after 4 hours.

It will maintain hygiene and beard care routineAdddouble the chances of beard growth and moisturize the facial hair and skin underneath.

Derma Roller

Derma Roller is a device used in micro-needling the area where hair grows.  In speeding up the minoxidil beard growth process, you need a derma roller with a needle size of 0.5mm to 0.75mm.

The microneedle punctures the skin and reaches its epidermis.  Don’t worry about pain or discomfort.  It shuttles the fresh blood, nutrients, and hormones to the area where the beard hair grows.  This way, it will double the chances of beard growth.

Spike Up Your Collagen 

The amino acids found in Collagen are one of the essential ingredients for building up Keratin.  Keratin is responsible for beard growth, and an increase in Collagen means an increase in Keratin, resulting in new hair growth.

Also, the spike in collagen production, along with minoxidil, could prevent hair follicles from thinning.  As a result, you can expect speedy beard growth.

So these were the methods through which you can reap the results in half of the time expected.  Now let’s see how to maintain the Rogaine post-application.

Beard Care Products to Maintain Rogaine Application

This section has nothing to do with minoxidil, as the products or other factors included are anyway a general recommendation to apply to your beard.  As far as Minoxidil is concerned, the products will reinforce the solution and make sure that it grows a healthy and flourishing beard. But apart from that, you also need to follow beard care and growth tips for the best results!

Beard Shampoo & Wash

Would you like to carry food particles, dead skin flakes, or unwanted flecks on your beard?  No, right?  Beard can be a nest for these things if proper hygiene is not maintained.  

Contrary to this, a clean, long, and thick beard can be a center of attraction.  It enhances the overall appearance, making an environment for further growth.

Add a quality beard shampoo or wash to your grooming arsenal to maintain hygiene and beard care routine.  It will not only remove the unwanted particles but also reduce irritation and itching.

“Do not use head hair shampoos as their purpose is different from beard shampoos.”

Beard shampoos are chemical and alcohol-free.  It’s because the big brands know the potential of sebum oil that skin produces.  Unlike head shampoos, they don’t want to delete this natural oil, so it is advisable to use separate shampoo for beards.

If you are ready to spend a bit more, then Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo could be a treat to your beard and worth every penny.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is another worthy product that you must add to your grooming kit.  It comes with ample benefits, including moisturizing, nourishing, preventing itching and irritation, and softening the whiskers.  Adding beard oil to the kit means showing love towards your facial mane.


Exercise daily will spike up your blood flow and reduce your stress levels, which increases testosterone levels.  It will pump up the hair follicles, making it spur beard growth.


If you are a guy who doesn’t want a long beard or doesn’t like hair growing in different directions, you must regularly trim your beard.  Now you might question; is it okay to trim a minoxidil applied beard?  

Trimming has nothing to do with minoxidil, and it won’t hinder Minoxidil performance.  Do not forget to set the lowest length settings until you grow a full beard.

Last but not least, check out the permanency of Minoxidil.

Minoxidil Beard Infographic

Minoxidil infographic


1. What are the best brands for Minoxidil?

The best brands that offer 5% Minoxidil are Tugaine, Foligain, Equate, Rogaine, and Kirland.

2. How long does Minoxidil take to work?

The results may vary for individuals. Most men get a growth within 3-5 months of application, while a few men may have to wait for a longer period. Do not lose hope or quit using minoxidil.

3. What happens if you quit using Minoxidil?

There won’t be any severe impact if you have already grown a full beard using minoxidil. Also, you might not shed hair if you stop using it.

4. Is shedding normal?

Yes. If you are experiencing shedding in the middle days of using Minox, don’t worry about it. It is a natural process and a sign that Minoxidil is working and making space for new hair to sprout up by shedding the older ones.

5. When to wash your face after applying Minoxidil to the face?

You need to wait for at least 4 hours after the application as the skin takes time to absorb the solution. After that, you can wash your face.

6. Where to buy Minoxidil for the beard?

You can order online through Amazon or your preferable site. Also, you can buy over the counter from the nearest pharmacy.


Patchy beard restricts whiskers to achieve their full length, and Minoxidil promotes beard growth, eliminating patchiness.  Many users have experimented and are happy with their results.  We’d love to hear about your experience of using minoxidil. Apart from that, if you are looking for an alternative to minoxidil, then check out the beard grow xl review!

Share your experience, suggestions, and feedback.  We hope you find this article informative.  For more such good reads on grooming tools and accessories, you can subscribe to our website.


Published Date: Jul 14, 2021

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