How to Grow a Thicker Mustache the Way You Want?

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Mustache reinforces and enhances the look of men.  And not only does it improve the appearance but also comes with myriad benefits for the ones who take the responsibility of growing it.  The benefits include gaining trust, building confidence, and attracting women.

Undeniably, the process of growing a mustache is all about persistence and patience.  And the solution to the question ” how to grow a thicker mustache” is not instant.  I’ve seen many articles claiming how to grow a thick mustache at least possible times, but the fact is all it depends on your genetics, diet, skin cells, and how much keratin your body produces.  You also need the help of a good beard growth product to aid you in the process. Besides, if you are an African-American man, you must know the tips to grow a beard.

Talking about a mustache, then you first need to understand how to grow a mustache.  A sheer dedication, patiently trimming the unwanted areas,  and considering the right products for the mustache is a key to sprouting up and wearing a good stache.  It also includes post-growing factors, i.e., maintaining and styling.

So, let’s dive deep and unveil the mustache growth process.

How to Grow a Thicker Mustache? – Understand the Stages of Mustache Growth

As discussed earlier, facial hair growth isn’t an overnight process and one must understand that it is divided into facial hair growth stages. 

Stage 1: Accept the Fact

Growing a mustache is not possible for everyone. While many men like Hulk Hogan or Tom Selleck wear mustaches, someone like James Franco doesn’t even have a beard patch.  So, you must know whether your face falls under the ‘with or without’ mustache category.

The ones who already have a mustache need to just mature it before styling or maintaining it.  Having facial hair means you just need to focus on growing it more so that you can eradicate the problem of patchiness or embarrassing mustache problems.

Stage 2: Prepare Yourself

You must know that facial hair grows at a pace of about 0.4mm every day, which means you need to wait for several weeks before you start noticing a terminal length of your mustache.  In this stage, do not trim your mustache as there is a myth related to it that trimming or shaving will sprout up the next facial hair quickly and strongly.

Also, while growing a beard if you notice that your stubble grows a maximum of up to 6-8mm then you would only have a thin line as your mustache.  On the contrary, if there is a full beard and mustache growth, then you are just blessed.  

Stage 3: Foster Your Mustache

Now is the time of patience – just let it grow, grow, and grow before you take the charge of trimming the excessive hairs.  Once the hairs below your nose start showing a length – an optimum length where it remains atop the upper lip, you must hold a quality trimmer and trim it accordingly.

Trimming the excessiveness will maintain the hair and allow you to shape it the way you want.  This is the stage where you can start giving it a shape so that once it is fully grown and mature, you may have less hassle.   The priority should be a sufficient length under your nose to opt for the best mustache style.

Stage 4: Style Your Beard

Here, the real game begins from where you not only have to consider the growth (obviously, growth is important), but also have to take Jawbones and face shape into account. A strong and sharp jawline guy can wear a full mustache, while an oval-shaped face guy can opt for beard stache style. 

Anything and everything you do in this stage directly impacts your beard style.  Not only the decisions but the styles are also irreversible, so you must brainstorm and decide on something that suits your personality. 

So, these were the stages of beard growth wherein you have seen from the length and growth to how to shape it.  Now let’s see what and how beard and mustache care products contribute to stimulating hair growth.

Top Quality Products for Mustache Growth

Mustache growing part is done, now you have to focus on maintaining, styling, and nurturing it.  And to do this requires different hair care and styling products. To easily understand, we have divided it into two sub-heads:

Facial Hair Care Products

Mustache Wax: While you may have long to medium whiskers, you require a quality product to keep it kempt and intact.  A mustache wax will not only tame the hairs but will also keep the stache in position.  Simply, emulsify the wax between your fingers and thumb and apply it to your mustache.

Beard Oil: You can place your bet on the best beard oils by buying and applying them to your stache to make it soft and smooth.  It saves you from skin irritation and itching.  Pour morning a few drops of beard oil and massage it on your facial hair.  Confused about which one to buy and how to use it? We, your trusted source of information, will solve both problems.

Honest Amish Beard Oil is our pick as the best beard oil.  It is a blend of all-natural ingredients and essential oils.  Already, you want something effective, and offering you a list of beard oils will be another task for you to sort out.  That’s why we recommend using Honest Amish Beard oil for fuller growth and better nourishment.  Using beard oil might even answer your question of how to grow a thicker beard?

You got the right product but it’s only half battle win unless you know how to apply beard oil and that too, in simple steps.  Relax, just go through the linked article and you are pro.

Supplements:  Biotin is something you must add as a supplement if after all the efforts show slow results, i.e., vitamins and a protein-rich diet.  Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that helps in converting food to energy.  Biotin makes sure that you don’t need to wait for more days to style or shape the beard. Products like minoxidil also help! You can go through the minoxidil beard review.

Styling Products

Mustache Comb: Mustache combs work well when you have longer mustaches.  It straightens the hair and aware you of the actual length.  The best mustache combs are the ones that evenly spread the beard oil, wax, or balm so that it reaches every corner.

You might also have a question; how to grow a mustache faster? Well, a regular combing would stimulate hair growth as it spikes up blood circulation.  Also, it activates your sebaceous gland (responsible for hair growth.) 

Mustache Scissors: Adding these small mustache scissors to your grooming arsenal will benefit you a lot.  How?  It cuts the stray hair that comes on your upper lip and also helps in snipping a straight line to give the best shape to a mustache.  It is advisable to cut down the pesky stray hairs over the upper lip before close encounters to avoid irritation.

Beard Trimmer: This powerful electric tool is something you must add to your grooming kit.  It is worth every penny as the use of a trimmer is not limited to mustaches but even you can use them to trim your beard, sideburns, and hairs on tricky areas as well.  Ideally, you should trim the stray hairs every 3rd or 4th day to maintain the shape.

Now that you know the potential tools and accessories to keep a spot-check on the style and care, you must know which style suits you.  We have added a piece of information for you on different mustache styles and how to wear them so that it would be easier for you.

Determine The Best Mustache Styles That Suit Your Face Shape

We have not restricted ourselves to just delivering the names and a bit of information about the different styles.  We have considered the face shape and curated the different mustache styles.

Handlebar Mustache

how to grow a mustache

Face Shape: Diamond & Triangle

Growing a handlebar mustache is a huge responsibility as any negligence in shaping will welcome a disaster.  So, one needs to be extra careful while opting for this style.

Step 1: No trimming

You should let your mustaches grow sufficiently enough to be called matured ones.  Meantime, you should neither trim, nor shave it off.  It will take six complete weeks to fill the below-the-nose area.

Step 2: Comb it regularly

Always use a wooden comb to regularly comb the stache.  This way, you would be able to properly shape and style your mustache to look like a handlebar.

Step 3: Apply mustache wax regularly

Now, you must have got an idea of why grooming products are necessary.  You must apply wax just after taking a shower for effective results.  Apply the wax on the mustache’s upper edge and spread it evenly.

Step 4: Twist & Shape it

Now the real game begins – you need to shape your mustache like a handlebar.  Take some wax apply it to both the ends of the mustache and twist it as shown in the picture.  You must twist the ends in such a way that they are upwardly intact and inward.  You can also use a ball pen to create curls at both ends of the mustache.

Step 5: Maintaining handlebar

Anyone can shape the mustache but only a few succeed in maintaining it.  Handlebar mustache style is a bit difficult to maintain so you need to regularly wash, comb, wax, and curl to maintain the shape and style.

Horseshoe Mustache

mustache growing tips

Face Shape: Square & Round

Wearing a horseshoe mustache is easy but only for the ones whose hair grows on the corners of the lips.  This full mustache with vertical extensions heading down to the sides of the mouth to the jawlines.  You will notice an upside-down U shape or reverse horseshoe.  FYI, whiskers grown on the side are known as pipes.

Step1: Trim your hair

You must trim hairs to about ⅛ to ⅕ inches, and if you want to produce whiskers around the mouth, try trimming more than ⅕ inch.

Step 2: Create lines

You have to create a straight line that measures around 1.5 inches with a precision trimmer.  You can initiate from the outside corner of the lips and make sure you create a line that reaches the tip of your chin.  Now create a straight line from the inside corner of your bottom lips and mark it to the chin.

Step 3: Upper edge trimming

Now you must make sure that you trim the upper edge but only to some extent and not the major part of it.  

Step 4: Shave the additionals

You must use a foil shaver to shave off the spaces that lie between two vertical extensions on both sides of the chin.  You must clean it for the best possible results of the horseshoe mustache.

Step 5: Shave cheek, chin, and neck

Use a rotary shaver for shaving off the hairs on the neck, chin, and cheeks.  You must move the rotary shaver around these areas with a bit of care and precaution.

Pencil Mustache

how to thicken mustache

Face Shape: Heart & Oval

This is a simple and time-efficient style that anyone can quickly opt for.  The pencil mustache lies adjacent to the upper lip area of the mouth.  It will grow as a normal mustache grows but you will require tools to maintain the pencil mustache.  So, growing is easier but maintaining takes effort and time.

Step 1: Grow your mustache

Let your facial hair grow fully that might take around 6 to 8 weeks but your patience will give you the best results.  No trimming idea should come to your mind during this time.  

Step 2: Start clipping your hair

Once you notice the hair has covered half of the face, start clipping it.  Be extra cautious while clipping so that you do not ruin your pencil mustache.  It should naturally look like it is drawn with the use of a pencil.

Step 3: Draw the necessary design or pattern

As shown in the picture, you must leave a wide gap between the nose and the upper line of the pencil mustache.  Here, you can either make your mustache straight adjacent to the upper lip or you can unbridge the philtrum by extending vertically to right below your nose.

Step 4: Style your moustache

It entirely depends on you how you want to style, color, shape, or form your pencil mustache.  But yes, you first need to wait for a month to grow your mustache and achieve the best results.  By the end of the month, you will have long hair for styling.

The above-mentioned styles are a few you can opt for as it covers almost all the face shapes.  The purpose of this article is to let the readers know how to grow and how to make facial hair grow thicker.  Now let’s walk into some of the commonly asked questions. 


1. How can I make my Moustache thicker naturally?

A regular intake of vitamins, taking proper care of skin, and reducing stress levels are a few factors that can make your mustache grow faster and thicker naturally.

2. How can I make my Moustache bigger?

To make your mustache bigger, you need to understand the rule of thumb of the grooming world, i.e., do not trim and let the hair grow fully. You can also use castor oil that enhances hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

3. How long does a mustache take to grow back?

Ideally, it will take around three to four months for a thick mustache and a look like Tom Sellack. You must understand that facial hair grows quickly and is 3x faster than the growth of head hair.

4. How long does it take for a mustache to grow back after the first shave?

Several factors determine how much time a mustache takes to grow back, i.e., diet, environment, stress, and genetics. There are chances of a full beard in colder climates or a person taking protein-rich foods. In case, your father or his father has longer beards, then chances are high that the mustache will take minimum time in growing back.

5. How to make my beard thicker?

If you want to grow a beard thicker then you have to give some time to it. Initially, you may not find the thickness you want but that’s not a reason for concern. Just have patience and take proper care of it.


How to grow a thicker mustache is a worldwide question and there is no sure shot answer to it, but if you implement the steps mentioned above, you will definitely grow a beard.  Then you just need to have patience and add tools and accessories to your grooming kit.  

You need to understand that only the hair on the cheeks, chin, or above the lip isn’t responsible for growth.  Your skin should also get proper nourishment for stimulating growth.

With this, we end this article and hope it finds you well.  Also, we would love to hear from you as your suggestions, feedback, or concern is valuable to us.  For more such good reads, you can subscribe to our website.


Published Date: Dec 16, 2020

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