7 Best Shaving Bowl And Shaving Soap Bowl That Is Worth Your Attention!

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If you compare wet shaving with dry, then you get a list of benefits from the former. And to achieve those benefits, you must properly take care of every detail.

From choosing the right shaving cream or gel to whipping it properly for coating the facial hair, each step holds equal responsibility in offering a clean and smooth shave.

Out of grooming accessories for shaving, today, we will discuss the best shaving bowl in detail.

What piece of information you can expect from this article:

  • In-detailed research on the best shaving bowls
  • Importance of shaving bowl in wet shaving
  • Material-wise classification for easy selection
  • Questions that people look around for shaving bowl

Unlike others, we don’t list down multiple products that end up confusing you.  The list consists of shave bowls according to the types and materials.  So, keep reading the article and bring a new shaving bowl!

Quick Comparison Of The Best Shaving Bowl

Edwin Jagger Porcelain with Handle

Edwin Jagger Porcelain with Handle

Check Price
Schone Shaving Bowl with Lid

Schone Shaving Bowl with Lid

Check Price
Parker Mango Wood Shaving Bowl

Parker Mango Wood Shaving Bowl

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AKStore Shaving Soap Cup

AKStore Shaving Soap Cup

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ShaveBowl Modular Shaving Bowl

ShaveBowl Modular Shaving Bowl

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QShave Shaving Scuttle

QShave Shaving Scuttle

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Charmman Shaving Soap & Cream Bowl

Charmman Shaving Soap & Cream Bowl

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Edwin Jagger Porcelain with Handle- Best Shaving Lather Bowl

Edwin Jagger Porcelain with Handle

Material: Ceramic

Type: Bowl

Dimensions: 0.02*4.75*3

Edwin Jagger is one of the grooming product manufacturers that focuses on quality over quantity.  For them, what matters is the product’s longevity and value for money.

This company’s porcelain shaving bowl is one such example of durability that withstands all the seasons and pressures.  Though a pricey shaving accessory, it still manages to win the hearts of millions of shaving enthusiasts.

The bottom of the porcelain shaving bowl has small ridges, which allows you to easily and quickly create decent lather.  Both shaving soaps or creams are compatible with the bowl.  And the shaving brush compliments it very well.

What makes this shaving bowl worth an investment is the heat retention capacity.  It is one of the important factors to form a warm lather.  Plus, there is no hassle in cleaning this shaving bowl.

Talking about the design, it’s quite unconventional as it has a knob on the side with a wider opening.  The knob makes it quite comfortable to hold without slipping off from the hand.  Also, you can carry it anywhere, making it a travel-friendly shaving bowl.

Your one-time investment will last for years without often dropping or scratching.  For wet shavers, this wet shaving accessory will allow you to whip up a rich lather.

  • Builds thick lather
  • Appealing and Durable
  • Quite Expensive
  • Some users find the handle to be inconvenient

Schone Shaving Bowl With Lid- Best Shaving Soap Bowl With A Lid

Schone Shaving Bowl with Lid
  • Material: Metal
  • Type: Bowl
  • Dimensions: 3.5*4*2.25

Schone is a well-known brand for delivering high-quality grooming products.  One such accessory is the shaving bowl that our grandfathers were using.  If you are a fan of traditional shaving, then you will love this product from Schone.

A high-quality stainless steel shaving bowl with a lid to cover the bowl makes it ideal for any shaving enthusiasts.  Unlike chrome-plated bowls, neither will they tarnish nor dull, peel, or flake with the time.  This shininess remains for a longer time.

The wide base can fit almost any type of shaving soap.  And the lid will keep the shaving soaps dry and long-lasting.  Also, you can easily form lather, use, and clean the bowl after shaving. 

The durability of this bowl is commendable as it can also last long after undergoing many impacts.  The shaving bowl is a travel and budget-friendly grooming product.  The durability is the USP of the schone shave bowl.

  • Wide base
  • Comes with a lid for covering
  • Less fragile
  • No peeling off
  • Affordable
  • Quickly heats up
  • Removing the lid could be challenging

Parker Mango Wood Shaving Bowl- Best Shaving Bowl For Cream

Parker Mango Wood Shaving Bowl
  • Material: Wood
  • Type: Bowl
  • Dimensions: 3*4*1.75

Parker safety razor not only invests in building shaving tools but also builds other shaving accessories.  It includes Genuine Mango and Light Colored Honey Mango shaving bowls.

The bowls include the lid to store and cover the shaving soap.  If you are considering a mango wood shave bowl for yourself, it means you indirectly care for your planet.  It’s because mango wood is the most sustainable wood available on the planet.

The shaving bowl is handcrafted from genuine mango wood with varnishing for a sleek and durable finish.

Note: Do not close the lid until the shave soap is completely dried out.

  • Lathering process is easier with this bowl
  • Retains heat for quick lathering
  • Outstanding durability
  • Dry out the wood completely
  • Expensive

AKStore Shaving Soap Cup

AKStore Shaving Soap Cup
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Mug
  • Dimensions: 2.8*2.1*2.8

Another high-quality stainless steel product on our list is the AKStore- one of the best shaving mugs.  It is a stylish, attractive, and compact shaving cup (not similar to a coffee cup).  Plus, the minimal weight makes the shaving bowl ideal to carry anywhere.

The anti-skid feature makes the AKStore shaving soap mug unique because it doesn’t move while whipping up a lather.  Besides, it assures no spilling.  The shining surface with polish makes it elegant and attractive.

You will see thick and blunt edges that eliminate the risk of cutting your fingers.  And the most important thing while creating a lather is heat retaining performance, which this shaving bowl can easily do.  

There are two sizes in this shaving bowl, so you can choose the one that fits your shaving brush.  Also, it works amazingly well with safety razors.

  • Anti-skid feature
  • Warm-up lather and retain heat
  • Durable
  • Not convenient with shaving soaps

ShaveBowl Modular Shaving Bowl

ShaveBowl Modular Shaving Bowl
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Bowl
  • Dimensions: 7.7*7.3*3.1

Have you ever seen a shave bowl that, along with accommodating shaving soap, also accommodates a shave brush and safety razor?  If not, then check out this polymer-made shaving bowl.

It has a cut on the upper edges to accommodate the brush and razor in it.  This type of versatility will save you from additionally spending on buying a separate stand.

It is made up of a thick and high-density polymer, which is neither heavier nor fragile.  Also, you can wash it under the dishwasher and is also oven-friendly.  It is the only shaving kit with a brush and bowl on the list.

  • Handmade product
  • Contemporary design
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Difficult in retaining heat

QShave Shaving Scuttle- Best Ceramic Shaving Bowl

QShave Shaving Scuttle
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Type: Scuttle
  • Dimension: 4.33 x 4.33 x 3.15

QShave shaving scuttle is known for its unique and attractive design.  It has a handle on the side and looks like a tea kettle.  The wide opening allows you to whip up quickly and easily with your shaving brush.

Many things make this QShave Shaving scuttle unique and a masterpiece for traditional shaving.  

Firstly, the ceramic build quality makes the lathering process easier, making it a worthwhile investment.  This best ceramic shaving bowl has a heat retention capacity that is quite commendable.

Secondly, it is a bowl within a bowl that separates warm water and shaving soap or traditional shaving cream.  The unique bowl within bowl feature is a surprising factor.  You can fill the bottom section with hot water and the upper part for creating a lather.

There is enough space in the upper vessel that it can create a lather for 3 shaves.  With the help of a handle, you get more control while whipping up a lather.  The lower base can be enclosed with a Silicone stopper to keep the water warm.

The shaving scuttle is handmade with excellent craftsmanship.  It is over and waterproof.  And not to forget, you can wash it under the dishwasher as well.  It is one of the best shavings scuttles I have seen so far.

Therefore, you can gift this best shaving scuttle to your near and dear ones or buy it for yourself.  The product will last long and is worth every penny.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Made in the USA
  • The lid keeps dirt and debris away
  • Not a travel-friendly product

Charmman Shaving Soap & Cream Bowl

Charmman Shaving Soap & Cream Bowl
  • Material: Granite
  • Type: Bowl
  • Dimensions: 4.13*4.13*2.48

This wet shaving bowl is handmade from granite stone.  It is durable and long-lasting.  Also, it is a unique material in the sphere of a wet shave world.

There are small ridges on the surface of the bowl that allows you to make the best lather to enhance your shaving experience.  Also, it will keep the shaving lather warm for a close and comfortable shave.

  • Granite stone material
  • Fine texture with small ridges
  • Able to preserve heat for warm lather
  • High chances of chipping off from the sides

So, these are the reviews for the best shaving bowls.  You can select any of the shave bowls at your convenience.  You might have seen type under quick comparison, so let’s understand it deeply.

What are the Different Types of Shaving Bowl?

Undoubtedly, shaving bowls have been replaced by the evolution of technology in the shaving sphere.  But it remains popular to date, and there are reasons to support it.

As a beginner, you need to choose between a mug, bowl, or scuttle.  You can also choose both a bowl and a scuttle or mug.  Why?

It’s because the shaving scuttles or mugs can comfortably hold the puck of the shaving soap with an amount of water to soften and warm it up.  

So, let’s know each one separately:

shaving bowl

Shaving Bowls

You might think why buy a shaving bowl separately when any ordinary vessel can build lather.  Well,  there are benefits of shaving bowls that you must know in detail.

Firstly, the shaving bowls are divided into two categories; one to create lather and the other to store shaving soap.

You must not fall for the shaving bowl that comes with soap.  There are again two reasons;  one they are demonstrated to entice you and the other that they are pricey.  Our list of shaving bowls consists of only bowls and no additionals.

On the other hand, a lathering bowl should not be used for storing shave soap.  While picking the best shaving bowls, you must check the material, comfortability, and convenience.  Falling for shaving bowls that come with soap will be a worthless investment.

Also, do not forget to check the size as it should be comfortably fit in your palms.  A shaving bowl with a good texture surface and floating ability in hot water can make your lather warm while shaving.

Shaving Mugs

Unlike bowls, shaving mugs are one step ahead in allowing you to control and form a lather.  If you use shaving mugs, then you can build quality lather.

You might think why don’t we use a coffee mug instead of buying a separate shaving mug.  Well, there are many disadvantages to using a coffee mug.

Firstly, the mouth isn’t wide enough to insert a shaving brush, which can ultimately damage your bristle.

Secondly,  the coffee mugs are not ideal for creating a lather as they are small in size to accommodate both shaving cream and brush. Shaving bowls are just the right size for both of them!

On the other hand, shaving mugs come with a wider mouth, bumps, and ridges through which you would be able to create a better lather.

Shaving Scuttles

Shaving scuttles resemble a tea kettle with the handle on the side and spout to cover with a silicone stopper.

Earlier, the spout was used to dip the brush for soaking water.  Nowadays, both the spout and bowl are separate, so that the water remains warm and can create lather easily.

It becomes the USP of the shaving scuttle.  Just like the mugs, the best shaving scuttles have ridges inside to allow you to create a warm lather.

So these are varieties of shaving bowls, out of which you can bring any to decor your bathroom counter.

Now, let’s look at the different materials or build quality of the shaving bowls.

Which Shave Bowl Material is Perfect for You?

Shaving bowls are made up of various types of material by doing market research.  While low-budget groups choose stainless steel bowls or polymers, some people opt for ceramic-made shaving bowls. Out of 7 bowls, it is a personal preference on which one to choose!

Here is the list of materials you can check out and choose the best for yourself.


Due to the finishing that wooden bowls offer, it makes your bathroom counter look classic and stylish.  It is one of the materials well-known for making rich and good lather.

When you come across a wooden shaving bowl, you might see them with shaving soap.  Many companies tend to sell combo, but that makes it costlier.  

Also, wooden bowls soak heat amazingly well, which is why you can have a warm lather while coating your beard.

It isn’t fragile, which means your investment is worth every penny.  What I don’t like is the water-soaking capacity of wooden material.  If you do not let it dry completely it can warp and release an unpleasant smell.

Finding a single piece would be a daunting task.   The wooden bowl in this article is a single piece if in case you want to add luxury to your bathroom.


Ceramic shaving bowls are one of the preferable materials when it comes to choosing a shaving bowl.  Several benefits contribute to making this material the most favorable.

Firstly, it retains heat to deliver the best shaving experience. Secondly, there is no harm in soaking it completely under hot water.  You can clean it easily without leaving any stains on it.

As every coin has two sides, the disadvantages are; the material is fragile, and you need to hold it carefully.  The smooth surfaces make it challenging for you to create a rich lather.  However, many companies build ceramic shaving bowls with ridges inside them.

Stainless Steel

Unlike ceramic shaving bowl, stainless steel shaving bowl is hard and durable.  The chances of breaking are zero.

Stainless steel shaving bowls don’t rust as well, which makes their life span longer.  

For the one who wants to enjoy a warm lather would have to look for other materials as the stainless steel shaving bowl cannot retain heat for a longer duration.


Metal-made bowls are easily available.  They are stronger and long-lasting.  Also, they are superior to plastic, they are also budget-friendly than ceramic materials.

One thing that you should look into while buying metal bowls is the rusting ability.  Always go for stainless steel as it does not rust.

A few inferior quality metals tend to dent if dropped often.  The quality that makes it stand above the ceramic material is they aren’t fragile.  And what makes it inferior to ceramic is the heat retaining capacity and doesn’t have ridges inside them.


Rubber is sturdier, affordable, and has a heat retainer.  These shaving bowl features make it superior to even ceramic material.  Also, it doesn’t absorb the water, making it superior to wood material.


Plastic is the most common and cheapest material that you can find in any corner of the world.  And not only in the grooming industry, but it also rules most other industries.

The minimal weight, sturdiness, and affordability make the material the most favorable and easily available.  If you specifically find a plastic shaving bowl, then it becomes difficult as there are various sizes, and it becomes a daunting task.

The smooth surface and heat-retaining capacity are the biggest downsides of plastic shaving bowls.

These are the best shaving bowl materials that can offer a traditional shave.  Now let’s look at the buyer’s guide, which will help you to sort out the best shaving bowls.

Buying Guide for Your Research

shaving soap bowl

Heat Retaining Ability

For a close shave with your shaving soap, you must look for a bowl that retains heat.  With this, you will be able to know how to make your lather thick.

The best material that can make your lather warm are ceramic and wood.


You have seen several materials in the above section, out of which you can select one for yourself.  In my opinion, stainless steel turns out to be an affordable and sturdy material for shaving bowls.

On the other hand, a ceramic shaving bowl would easily heat up but is a fragile material.  Furthermore, the wood material can retain heat but also tends to absorb water.


Weight depends on your comfortability and sink area.  If you love a heavyweight shaving bowl, then you can go ahead with ceramic bowls.

Contrary to this, if you want a small and lightweight shaving mug or bowl, then you can buy a wood or stainless steel shaving bowl.


If you prefer to shave with a warm lather, then go ahead with a ceramic bowl as it has the best heat retention capacity. If not then you can choose a separate bowl!

Unlike warm lather, if you would like to shave with cold lather, then materials like plastic, rubber, or low-quality metal can be the option.

Ridges or No Ridges?

If you choose a ridged surface shaving bowl, it will not allow air to mix with the lather, allowing you to make a rich and luxurious lather to coat your facial hair.

Due to the smooth surface, it would become a challenging and time-consuming task to create a lather.  Also, there ain’t any surety for the quality of the lather.


One should never underestimate grip or handle.  It is important to have a handle on the side for better grip.  

Imagine investing your hard-earned money into something that breaks off easily just because it slips off from your hand is not a worthy investment.

You must buy a shaving bowl that has a comfortable handle or grip to hold.


1. How to use a shaving scuttle?

The first step is to fill both the inner and outer bowl with hot water. After this, soak your shaving brush under hot water. Now empty both the bowl and load the upper bowl with shaving cream or soap. Also, add hot water to the lower bowl. Start whipping up with your shaving brush.

2. What is the best shaving bowl?

The best shaving bowls are usually made of ceramic, stainless steel, metal, and wood. You can invest in other materials as per your convenience and budget.

3. Do I need a shaving mug?

Yes. it creates lather easily without any hassle. If you are new to the traditional wet shave world, then you must buy shaving cream.

4. Do you leave shaving soap in a mug?

There is no harm in putting soap in a shaving soap bowl or mug unless it doesn’t dry out. Just make sure you easily whip up and create a good lather.

5. How do you shave with a bowl?

Whether it be a shaving cream bowl or shaving soap bowl, what’s important is how quickly you can create a lather. With the bowl, start whipping up with a brush in a clockwise motion. Swirling the cream with a shaving brush and bowl for a few minutes will keep your lather thick and foamy.


The best shaving bowl is the one that has the best heat performance with ridges inside and offers quality shaving.  The article consists of the best shaving soap bowls that are made with all types of material.

A high-quality shaving bowl is one that ensures warm and thick lather.  Many men consider it non-essential, but only a few know the importance of it.  You must have a shaving bowl at your side to upkeep your shaving routine.

With this, we end our article and hope it finds you well.  You can subscribe to our newsletter for more such good reads.  Also, we are happy to answer your questions, queries, and concerns.  We would love it if you share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. Learn more about shaving mirrors in this article. It will help you shave precisely without any cuts and nicks.


Published Date: Aug 11, 2021

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