List Of 8 Best Shavette: Everything You Must Know

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The above image looks like a straight razor, but there is a difference, which gave it the term Shavettes.  Besides, there’s a real-life story and a theory based on it.  

A few decades ago, when barbers used to shave with the same shaving tools (due to lack of alternatives), blood-borne diseases and skin disorders were easily transmissible.

Considering it as a major risk, a men’s grooming German-based company named DOVO introduced the first Shavette in the grooming industry.  It is different because it has detachable blades.  You can switch blades after every use so that there won’t be any spread of diseases. 

After hours of research and analysis, we have curated some high-quality best shavettes on the market.  You can use it at home or on the go (especially barbers).  The list includes veterans and newbies of the men’s grooming market. 

We also have discussed the difference between straight razors and shavettes.  So don’t miss anything and keep reading the entire article.

Quick Comparison of Best Shavettes

DOVO ShavetteDOVO Shavette
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Facon Straight RazorFacon Straight Razor
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Equinox ShavetteEquinox Shavette
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Classic Samurai CS-102Classic Samurai CS-102
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Parker SRW Stainless-steel ShavetteParker SRW Stainless-steel Shavette
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Feather Black SS Folding Handle RazorFeather Black SS Folding Handle Razor
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Parker SR1 ShavetteParker SR1 Shavette
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DOVO Olivewood ShavetteDOVO Olivewood Shavette
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DOVO Shavette

DOVO Shavette


  • Handle Material: Synthetic
  • Mechanism: Slide
  • Blades: 4 Disposable Blades

Straight razors have a steep learning curve than cartridge razors.  Also, it has a high-upfront cost than cartridges.  Since straight razors are time-consuming, only a few wet-shaving enthusiasts show interest in it.  However, this shavette from DOVO is convenient and easy to learn.  It features high-end shavette specifications.

Blade Carrier

The blade holder (spine) is made up of stainless steel that lasts long without rusting.  The blade mount is universal, which means it fits both single-edge and double-edge razor blades.  The company offers 4-disposable razor blades with the shavette to kick start the shaving journey.  The sliding mechanism is well-constructed to fit the blades securely without dropping off.  However, you must be careful when replacing dull blades since they have sharp square ends.


The disposable blade cut-throat razor features a plastic handle that is lightweight and easy to use.  Unlike heavy shavettes, it won’t be a problem when maneuvering on the face.  Also, it ensures a firm grip when gliding on the face.  Besides, the tang features jumps that ensure smoothness and better control over the razor.  There is a stainless steel handle option, which is slightly more pricey than this model.  The company also offers two extra black blade inserts.

Best for: Beginners shaving for the first time

  • Lightweight build quality
  • Irritation-free shave
  • Universal blade fitting
  • Blade carrier for easy blade placement
  • Better Grip
  • Rust-free spine material
  • Plastic handle
  • Pricey shavette
  • High long-run ownership cost


If you are a beginner looking for an easy-to-learn shaving tool, this shavette is worth your investment.  Though it is expensive on the list, it still is affordable than most traditional straight razors.

Facon Straight Razor

Facon Straight Razor


  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mechanism: Slide
  • Blades: 100 Starter Blades

After going through the veteran of the men’s grooming industry, let’s welcome the new entrant in the industry.  Facon is a grooming company founded in 2016 to deliver quality grooming tools and accessories.  And it seems they have succeeded in doing that as well.

When reviewing this Facon Straight Razor, we found some astonishing features:

Durable Build Quality

This Facon razor contains 100% Japanese stainless steel with a black powder coating that offers a matte finish and prevents rusting or tarnishing.  It also prolongs the shelf life of the shavette shaver.

Besides, we found two things similar between this shavette razor and its peer Parker SR1, i.e., rounded tip and swing-lock system.  It ensures safety from incidental cuts or nicks and quality shaving results.

Moreover, you will find an adjustable screw that joints handle and a spine to each other.  You can adjust that screw at your convenience.  Lastly, the tang offers comfort by allowing the finger to rest.

Mechanics aside, all the Facon premium razors offer 100 single-edge blades.  However, the quality is still questionable as they are thin and bend easily.  Also, the Facon razor works well with only single-edge blades.

Lightweight & Balanced

It is something where the Facon shavette stands apart from Parker SR1 or Equinox on the list.  The professional-grade shavette razor has a hollowed-out handle that makes it lightweight and balanced.  It offers a comfortable grip over the shavette, which ensures the best performance.

Lifetime Guarantee

Despite being a new entrant, Facon offers a lifetime return guarantee without asking even a single question.  It shows how much a company trusts its products, builds quality and performance.  Moreover, the company claims to have faced the lowest defective rates of this razor in the industry.

Best for: Men wanting to try a shavette

  • Less long-run ownership cost
  • Less upfront-cost
  • Beginner friendly
  • Blade-lock system
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Flexible maneuvering
  • Questionable blade quality and performance
  • No color variant
  • Starter blades not ideal for experts
  • Works only with a single-edge blade


If you are looking for sturdy build quality at a low cost, Facon shavette is for you.  Also, if you are a beginner and confused about which straight razors to use, you must give it a try.

Equinox Shavette

Equinox Shavette


  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mechanism: Clasp
  • Blades: 100 Derby Professional Blades

We saw how the design was a differential factor in the previous product review wherein the product was compared to Equinox shavette.  But apart from it, Equinox remains ahead of the list.


Let’s figure it out.


Quality is where Equinox Professional straight edge razor ahead of other shavette razors on the list.  Also, it is one of the classic straight razors that is even ahead of multi-blade & modern razors for men.

The disposable blade straight razor contains the finest quality stainless steel with a clasp mechanism.  The stainless steel construction never rusts nor tarnishes.

Razor Parts

The spine features an open-blade guard, handle loop, and protection cap.  It securely places the blade, and the protective cap will hold the razor blade safely to prevent incidental cuts and nicks.  The handle loop allows you to rest your finger for better control over shaving.

Value for Money

Apart from offering quality shaving, it adds value to your investment.

The cut-throat razor offers 100 Single-edge Derby blades that last for at least 2-3 shaves before getting dull. The straight razor blades are individually wrapped in wax paper for hygiene purposes. The superior blade quality, durability, and affordability are what men expect from shavettes.  The company claims that the stainless-steel blade offers 200+ shaves.

Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the shavette set, the company offers a 30-day guarantee so that the users can have a sense of satisfaction.

Best for: Beginners and experts

  • Ergonomic design
  • Blade guard
  • Low upfront cost
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Heavyweight
  • Some users complain about blades falling out


If you want a traditional straight razor feel, you can try Equinox professional straight razor.  It is one of the best shavette straight razors on the list that beginners and experts can use.

Classic Samurai CS-102

Classic Samurai CS-102


  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mechanism: Slide
  • Blades: 100 Single Edge Razor Blades

Classic Samurai professional barber shavette is known for its style and effective shaving convenience.  Other popular features are:


The disposable blade razor contains Japanese-quality surgical-grade stainless steel.  The rust-free build quality and clean finishing ensure durability and smoothness.  Also, it offers a comfortable grip that ensures entire control at the time of shaving.

Blades, Compatibility, and Technology

Straight razor by Classic samurai comes with 100 Lord Single Edge Razor Blades that lasts long and delivers a comfortable shaving experience.  The shavette straight razor features a 3-step locking technology wherein you need to place it against the tabs and flip a lever to lock it.  It will hold the blade securely with no chance of falling out.

Unlike other top shavettes, this one is compatible with all double edge blades like Derby, Shark, Wilkinson, and Astra.  All the shavette razor blades offer at least 3-shaves per blade, which means you don’t need to worry until 300 shaves.  However, you cannot shave the tricky areas with this disposable straight razor, for which you will have to use the best safety razors.

Moreover, the straight razor has got rounded exposure that prevents cuts and shaves perfectly.  The company also offers Classic Samurai razor instructions with which any newbie could even kick start a shaving journey. 

Best for: Barbers, Beginners, and Experts

  • Blade locking system
  • Universal blade fitting
  • Long-lasting & durable blades and shavette
  • Baby butt smooth shave
  • Dull blades


In our opinion, it is one of the shavettes, especially for beginners, since it has an easy learning curve.  It is safe and best for the starters.

Parker SRW Stainless-steel Shavette

Parker SRW Stainless-steel Shavette


  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mechanism: Slide
  • Blades: 100 Single Edge Razor Blades

Parker is another veteran grooming brand serving the industry for more than four decades.  Parker believes in hand-crafting all its grooming products to ensure the finest quality construction.  Also, they do rigorous testing of their products.

What else we like about this Parker Straight Edge Barber Razor is:

Build Quality

Parker uses the finest quality material, which is one of the reasons for its durability and sturdiness.  The stainless-steel material spine and handle are rust-proof and lightweight.  However, the handle has a resin cover.  Though it looks like Aluminum, it contains stainless steel.

The straight edge razor has a rounded tip at the end of the blade compartment, which prevents cuts and delivers excellent shaving performance.


The straight razors feature a blade casing that securely places the blade without causing injury.  Besides, the company offers a pack of 100 Parker Premium blades that deliver a comfortable shave.  Moreover, the straight razor works well with all safety razor blades.

Best for: Novices and Barbers

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Questionable resin handle


If you are looking for traditional straight razor shaving, try this razor.  After all, it’s worth every penny.

Feather Black SS Folding Handle Razor

Feather Black SS Folding Handle Razor


  • Handle Material: Resin
  • Mechanism: Slide
  • Blades: No Blades Available


Feather is a Japanese company that believes in delivering top-of-the-line quality and sharpness.  Barbers around the globe choose this folding handle razor for various reasons, which are:

Professional-Grade Quality

This unique shavette is for the ones who want to have a clean shave look but fail to achieve like barbers.  Feather has crafted this razor that works amazingly well with disposable blades.  The blades are easily replaceable, which means you don’t need to worry about sharpening or honing blades.

The razor contains stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion.  It also ensures the longevity of the folding handle razor.  Unlike other shavettes on the list, this razor doesn’t offer blades along with the packaging.  You will have to buy disposable blades. It works well with Professional, Super, Light, and Pro-Guard blades.  Besides, the slide mechanism is easy to settle the blades without worrying about cuts and nicks.

Resin Handle

The ergonomic handle offers comfort and a secure grip, which is important at the time of shaving.

Besides, the resin handle is heat resistant, which gives you the freedom to shave under the shower.  The folding feature makes the razor safe for children.  You can disassemble the entire razor and disinfect the parts under boiling water or ethanol.

Best for: Barbers and Experts

  • Close shave
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Convenience to shave under the shower
  • Do not disinfect with sodium hypochlorite
  • Poor handle quality
  • Limited blade compatibility
  • No blades availability with the razor


If you want a barber-like shaving experience at home, try Feather Black SS folding handle razor. 

Parker SR1 Shavette

Parker SR1 Shavette


  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Mechanism:  Clasp
  • Blades: 5 Parker Premium Blades


Another best shavette straight razor from Parker’s product line is Parker shavette SR1.  It is superior to Parker SRW and a perfect competitor to Dovo Shavette straight razor. It is a budget-friendly way of getting into straight razor shaving. The features that make it a tough competitor is:

Build Quality

The Parker SR1 has a stainless steel body and is one of the tested shavettes by shaving enthusiasts.  FYI, it has gained much popularity, as initially, it was amongst a few shavettes to go public.

Though it looks heavy, it weighs just 50 grams and is quite comfortable in hand.  The shavette delivers a clean and close shave.

The SR1 spine features a lock blade holder that places blades well and locks in to prevent accidents.  Besides, the blade arm has rounded tips to ensure double protection from cuts.

Premium Blades

The company offers 5 Parker Platinum disposable blades that last for at least a few months for a quick start.  Moreover, you don’t need to worry about sharpening or honing the blades.  Just use & throw when it gets dull or deliver poor shaving results.

Stylish Design

The design will remind you of a traditional straight razor, but it looks like today’s generation shaving tool.  Also, there are some engraving on the shavette that makes it look different from others and stylish.

Best for: Novice and barbers

  • Sturdy construction
  • Sharp blades
  • Rounded exposure
  • No stropping or honing
  • Sufficient heft
  • Stainless steel clip to securely hold the blade
  • Stylish & Attractive
  • Plastic made scale
  • Quite expensive


If price is not a concern for you, then this shavette is the best deal.  It has got everything a shaving enthusiast expects from the investment in the modern straight razor.

DOVO Olivewood Shavette

DOVO Olivewood Shavette


  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Mechanism: Insert 
  • Blades: None

Dovo brings in another shavette that stands apart from others on the list.  And once again, the reasons are:

Superior Handle

What we like about this Dovo shavette is the Olivewood handle.  Unlike stainless steel, this is sturdier and more durable.  Also, the wood handle is lightweight and feels comfortable when shaving.  The handle isn’t slippery and offers a firm grip.  However, it gets damaged if exposed to too much moisture, so it is advisable to store it in a cool place.  You can dab olive oil when not in use to protect from humidity. 

Build Quality

The Dovo shavette spine contains Stainless steel with an insert mechanism, which safely inserts the blade into the blade holder.  However, it can cause an accident if it fits properly, so be cautious when replacing a new blade with an old one.  

Dovo shavette is compatible with all the double-edge safety razor blades and longer blades.  The mild aggressive exposure of the straight razor blade offers a close shave.  It includes adaptors for double-edge blades and shavette blades.

Best for: on-the-go shaving

  • Travel-friendly
  • German-Craftsmanship
  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Delivers closer shave
  • Not ideal for wet-shaving


Men wanting to have barbershop-like shaving can give a try to the cut-throat razor as it cuts facial hair without pain and discomfort.

So these are the best shavette razor reviews that have got maximum sales and popularity.  All because of outstanding construction, quality shave, and blade compatibility.  Read on more to know how we found these disposable straight razors.  It will also help you to research on your own.

Buying Guide

There are always a few things to consider before buying something.  The same goes for shavette as well.  So let’s look at those crucial factors.

shavette razor

Types of Blade

There are three types of blade:

Square Point

These blades offer a precise shave when using it on to shave sideburns or small spots. However, they have sharp edges, which can cause disaster if not handled with care.

Oblique Point

These are sharper than square point blades, and they are mostly used to shave the hair under the nose and the chin.

Round Point

These blades are forgiving and won’t cause cuts since it has rounded edges.  It is best for beginners.

Shavette Material

Most straight razors are made from stainless steel due to their resistance to corrosion and rust.  However, shavette razors use different materials for handles, such as Woods, Ebony, Ash, and Resin.  Many brands also use different materials for blade casing like stainless and carbon steel.  However, carbon steel gets rusted if exposed to water.


Price balance on multiple things, such as if you are a professional, you can make a good investment since you are going to get a return in a short time.  However, if you are a beginner,  you must fix a budget and do not buy cheaper ones since they can be expensive in the long run.


You might have read this term multiple times in this article but would be wondering, what is the mechanism?  The different methods to place the blades in the shavette like, sliding in, clasp, and inserting in, are different mechanisms that brands use to fix the blade in the shavette.


It is one of the essential factors as the entire shaving job depends on the weight of the shavette.  A heavyweight shavette may fatigue your hand, while a lightweight could not let you balance properly.  It is advisable to buy a medium-weight shave that offers a perfect shave.

We hope you have got a clear idea as to how to select the best shavette for yourself.  You have also seen a major point of difference between shavette and straight razor, but is that the only difference?  Read on to know more about it.

Shavette Vs. Straight Razors

Though it may look similar, it still has differences. One of the key differences that we pointed out is that the Shavettes use disposable blades.  Now let’s look at other differences.

shavette straight razor

Blade Size

Another important difference and again related to the blade is the size of it.  Shavettes use shorter blades, mostly safety razor blades. These are easier to replace between customers.  However, it will require multiple strokes to offer a clean shave. Contrary to this, straight razors will have longer and non-detachable blades that require honing and stropping to sharpen them.

Upfront & Long-run Ownership Cost

Unlike straight razors, shavettes need not require maintenance.  You will always use new disposable blades, so there is no question of stropping as well.  Besides, the blade replacement cost is much lower, which does not require breaking the bank.  Moreover, it has a lower upfront cost, which makes it quite affordable than straight razors.

Who Can Use?

In our opinion, learning shavettes will take time because they have sharp and exposed blades.  It will also help you use any new razor.  You must have patience and concentration when using shavette as it will not forgive any mistake.


Shavettes carry thin replacement blades, and the material also varies in making the body, resulting in lightweight. On the other hand, straight razors are heavier since the blade contains stainless steel, which balances and reduces pressure.

So these are other differences between the two look-a-like razors.  Now let’s answer some commonly asked questions.


1. How often should you change a shavette blade?

To be honest, it entirely depends on your skin and hair type. We have seen many beardsmen claiming to shave tens of times with a single blade, and there are even a few bearded guys who have to change the double-edge blade after every shave. Technically, you must change the blade as and when it starts tugging or pulling your facial hair.

2. How to use Shavette?

The use of shavette is quite similar to straight razors. The only difference would be applying multiple strokes when shaving with a shavette. Rest prepping the skin, applying shave cream or soap with a shave brush remains the same. When using a shavette, you will require to apply shave cream after each stroke for a perfect shave. Also, you must shave with the grain until you excel the skin of shaving against the grain.

3. What are the benefits of Shavette?

The benefits of shaving with a shavette are you will not require to strop or hone the blade. Secondly, you can always achieve a close shave since the replacement blades are sharp. Thirdly, using a new blade after every shave means maintaining hygiene level. Lastly, you can also carry it wherever you want.


You have seen the 8-best shavettes on the market that are ideal for beginners and professionals.  Also, they last long and are affordable.  Besides, you have seen the factors that are important when selecting the best shavette.  Lastly, we have discussed the major differences between shavette and straight razor shave.

With this, we end our article and hope it finds you well.  It would be great if you could share your experience with us for any of the shavettes.  You can also share which one suits your skin type.  Lastly, you can even share photos post-shaving with the shavette to get an exact idea.


Published Date: Jul 5, 2021

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