A Newbies Guide on 10 Best Straight Razor For Beginners

Updated Date: by Reet Patel

Shaving is an art, and you must excel in it.  From picking up the right product to learning how to use it, is a time-consuming process.  And you must be aware that the market is flooded with ample men’s grooming tools that are either manually or electrically operated.

All the grooming tools, be it the best beard trimmers, electric shavers, safety razors, or straight razors are a perfect match for your facial hair.  What matters is your skin and hair type, budget, type of blade, and convenience.

This article is all about a straight razor for men that matches your search result.  FYI, it is also known as an open-blade or cut-throat razor.  The term may be terrifying only if you are negligent while using it, but if you are a professional or know the technique, you will achieve the best possible close shave the way you want.

Your search for the best straight razor for beginners seems like you are looking for it.  We must offer you the best and top-quality straight razors.  You can pick any at your convenience.  And not only will you get what you want, but the article also includes the simple steps to use the straight razor for effective results and prevent you from cuts and nicks.

In A Hurry? Here Are Top Picks

DOVO Inox Straight Razor
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Metal
  • Item Weight: 100 Grams
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 0.74 x 6.9 x 2.2 inches
Parker SRW Straight Edge Barber Razor for Men
  • Color: White
  • Style: Traditional
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3 x 2 x 1 inches

Feather Artist Club Wood DX Folding Handle Razor
  • Material: Wood
  • Item Weight: 0.31 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3 x 3 x 7 inches
  • Handle Material: Wood

Quick Comparison of the Best Straight Razors For Beginners

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor

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Feather SS Black Folding Handle Razor

Feather SS Black Folding Handle Razor

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Classic Samurai Stainless Steel Professional Straight Razor

Classic Samurai Stainless Steel Professional Straight Razor

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DOVO Special Straight Razor with Imitation Tortoiseshell Handle 5/8''

DOVO Special Straight Razor with Imitation Tortoiseshell Handle 5/8''

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Feather Straight Razor with Artist Club Wood

Feather Straight Razor with Artist Club Wood

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Parker SRW Stainless Steel Edge Razor

Parker SRW Stainless Steel Edge Razor

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DOVO Inox Straight Razor with Olive Wood Handle

DOVO Inox Straight Razor with Olive Wood Handle

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DOVO Straight Razor Set

DOVO Straight Razor Set

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A.P. Donovan Straight Razor

A.P. Donovan Straight Razor

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Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional Straight Razor

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional Straight Razor

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Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor-

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor
  • Length: 5 Inches
  • Handle: Steel
  • Add on: 100 razor blades

Equinox is a popular name in the field of straight edge razors.  It is entirely made up of stainless steel and a quality masterpiece that mostly our great grandfathers or his son’s have used for obtaining unmatched close shaves and looking handsome.

Being a steel razor, you don’t need to worry about it getting rusted or tarnished.  And, you don’t need to worry about the exposed blade and cuts and nicks as well.  It comes with a protective guard around the blade.  This will not only help at the time of shaving but also allows you to change the blade easily and safely.

Now let’s have a look at the handle that is ergonomic and doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort.  With the correct positioning of the fingers on the straight razor, you would be able to make a world of difference in shaving your facial hair.  As a beginner, you must know the technique, which everyone will not teach you.

Hold the straight-edge razor in such a way that your pinky finger sits on the back loop and your first three fingers on the top of the straight-edge razor, and the thumb below the finger to hold the razor.  This way, you will be able to shave with minimum effort and pressure.

What if I tell you that bringing home this product means you are making a long-term, budget-friendly, and worthy investment.  But how?  The SE razor comes with a pack of 100 blades that make sure that you get at least 2-3 shaves per blade.

With these many blades, you don’t need to sharpen one each time before shaving.  Just throw away whenever you feel it is dull or delivering an unsatisfactory shave.  You must ensure to squeeze the blade holder to avoid letting the blade fall from the straight razor.  Overall, I feel it the best straight-edge razor on the list.

  • Build with stainless steel and attached with the finest gripping system
  • Ergonomic design handle ensures quick shaving
  • Easy to open mechanism makes it easier to replace blades
  • Unmatched price & superior performance
  • Drying out intricate parts near the blade compartment is challenging

Feather SS Black Folding Handle Razor-

Feather Black SS Folding Handle Razor
  • Length: 7 Inches
  • Handle: Plastic Resin
  • Add on: Unisex

Feather SS is one of the best straight razors for beginners that costs less than $100 bucks and is suitable for professional hairstylists and startups as well.  It works amazingly both under dry and wet shaving.  Feather is primarily known for its blades, and that’s the reason Feather SS Japanese straight razor tops the chart.

The body of the SE razor is made up of stainless steel which makes it easier for a close and comfortable shave.  You can count on this straight edge razor as it won’t rust, nor is it affected by chemical harshness.  And it ensures 2 years of unmatched and unaffected performance.

A quality performance doesn’t mean you simply glide over the skin, and it removes the mess.  You need to learn the technique of holding and angle with which you would be able to achieve the best possible shave.  Holding a plastic resin handle won’t water or wet your hands, nor does it hamper your shaving.  It has got a comfortable grip and has control over every movement.

The resin handle allows you to shave for a long period and protects the skin from cuts and nicks.  Also, the plastic resin can handle the soaring temperature.  What’s more enticing is the spring mechanism, with which you would be able to easily load or unload the blades.

And, if you are thinking about how to clean the straight blade razor, then you can even sterile it.  Just don’t use Sodium Hypochlorite as a disinfectant.  In fact, you can simply rinse it off under the running water.  The water doesn’t get blocked, nor does it rust or tarnish.

  • Durable & lightweight
  • Slip-resistant & heat-proof plastic resin handle
  • Easy to remove and replace the blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Clean and comfortable shaving without applying pressure
  • Replacement blades are expensive

DOVO Inox Straight Razor Review-

DOVO Inox Straight Razor with Olive Wood Handle
  • Length:  5.8 Inches
  • Handle: Olivewood
  • Add on: Heavyweight

DOVO is a German-based company known for building high-quality grooming products.  DOVO INOX straight razor is one of the sturdy tools and also a high-quality straight razor for novices.  Since 1906, the German craftsman has dominated the grooming industry by matching the demands of quality straight razors. 

If you are using the DOVO products, then you don’t need to hone or strop (depends on personal preference.) These are ready-to-use straight edge razors.  And, the blade attached to the razor is sharp, hollow, and light.  Also, there is a rounded point on the blade that makes it ideal for the newbies to use.

Talking about the build quality of the blade, it is made up of stainless steel that is durable, hard, and elastic as well.  You can easily clean the blade without worrying about the water remaining inside it.  What attracts the attention is the Olivewood handle that has got a strong grip and is not prone to slip from the hands.  

Dovo straight razor 41 Inox features a simple yet attractive design that retains attention.  All the straight razors from DOVO work great.  It is lightweight and the best DOVO straight razor on the list.  Both the beginner as well as professional can use the DOVO SE razor.  

  • German-craftsmanship build
  • Ideal tool for beginners
  • Wooden Olive handle with comfortable and slip-proof grip
  • Repetitive strokes for clean & close shave

Classic Samurai Stainless Steel Professional Straight Razor

Classic Samurai CS-102 Stainless Steel Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor
  • Length: 8.1 Inches
  • Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Add on:  100 razor blades

You might have seen other open razors to be costly, but this classic samurai straight-edge razor is not cost-effective but also ensures to deliver an amazing shaving experience.  Being a low cost doesn’t mean a low-quality straight razor, however, it is known for its easiness and is loved by experts.

The straight razor is built with stainless steel material that is easy to assemble and reassemble.  The build quality is user-friendly, considering the beginners as primary customers.  Along with the SE razor, the company gives a plastic pouch to carry or store, when not in use.

As the primary users are newbies, the blades are rounded and come in a variety of colors.  It is not mandatory that newbies should only use it, even the professionals or barbers can also add it to their grooming arsenals.

  • Weight & balance combination
  • Worth every penny
  • Ideal for straight shaving
  • No major cons

Feather Straight Razor with Artist Club Wood

Feather Straight Razor with Artist Club Wood
  • Length: 3 Inches
  • Handle: Artist Club Wood
  • Add on: Unisex

What if I tell you that this Feather Artist club is only built for the enthusiasts like you?  Yes, a serious shaver who cares for both his facial hair and a quality straight razor should buy Feather straight razor. 

It has got a wood handle that makes it look classic, and a replaceable round point blade is something good for newbies as well as professionals.  The company has been serving the industry with quality products for more than 80 years, and that makes it a respectable and trustworthy leader.

Unlike normal or ordinary straight razors, the feather artist club has got sharp blades that require no honing or stropping.  The best part of the shavette straight razor is the one-touch mechanism on the blade head.  It allows you to easily replace or remove the blades.   The pivot screw keeps the handle at the desired angle, and also maintains the tension.

The handle is made up of resinated wood aka, polymer.  The polymer is chemical and waterproof and is also built to succumb to the heat.  Also, you can easily sterile the open razor into boiling water.  You should be extra cautious while using the straight edge razor as it has got a sharp blade without a protection guard, which any negligence shaving can easily cut your skin.

  • Disposable blades
  • Wooden handle
  • Superior build quality
  • Ideal for long-term buyers
  • Quite expensive
  • No protection guard

Parker SRW Stainless Steel Edge Razor

Parker SRW Stainless Steel Edge Razor
  • Length: 3 Inches
  • Handle: Stainless Steel
  • Add on: 100 razor blades

Parker SRW straight-edge razor is built considering the expert hairstylists in mind, but even the new entrants in the grooming industry can use it.  It is the best quality straight razor at an affordable price.

Parker is not as old as other grooming product companies on the list but knows well about the need and the demand of the customers.  This is the reason it stands out in terms of design and innovation from others.  Along with creativity, it also maintains the industry norms and keeps it at high priority.

Unlike other brands, the protection guard is made of stainless steel and not aluminum.  Our extended research also gathers information from the reviews given by the users that say, it complements weight and balance and makes sure you get a cut and nick-free shave.

The straight razor can equip half double and single-edge disposable blades.  The blades easily snap/lock into the blade holder and come with inserts for smooth insertion.  Why is it good for a professional barber?  The design of the straight razor allows them to easily change the blades without wasting time. 

It has a rounded tip to prevent nicks and cuts, making it perfect even for beginners.  It comes with 100 sharp blades to quickly start shaving.  

  • Beginner & professional-friendly product
  • Affordable
  • Easy to change the blades
  • Handle made up of plastic

DOVO Straight Razor with Tortoiseshell Handle

DOVO Special Straight Razor with Tortoiseshell Handle
  • Length: 5.8 Inches
  • Handle: Tortoise Shell
  • Add on: Sporting Look

Another product from DOVO, the company popularly known for building products for wet shaving is DOVO straight razor with a Tortoiseshell handle.  The company’s sales rose from 8000 to 36000 units after the wet shaving hit the market.  It’s easy to shave and the time-saving factor has made every bearded guy opt for it, and that made a spike in the demand for straight razors.

The blade passes through a sturdy and durable grinding with a gold leaf applied and high finishing to give outstanding shine.  This requires 3-years of training and DOVO does not compromise in selecting material or building sturdy sharp razors.

Many professionals love this open-blade as the company believes to deliver ready-to-shave razors.  But, it is advisable to hone or strop at least once you receive the product.  The open razor is equipped with a carbon steel blade (fully hollow).  And, they are sharp, durable, and balanced weight.  However, the high-temper blades require more time than usual to sharpen.  

Unlike other blades, these are small and come with rounded edges.  How will it benefit?  Well,  the small size offers better control and the rounded edges prevent you from cuts and nicks.  The handle is designed to replicate a tortoiseshell.  It is prone to slip and you need to hold it with extra care.

  • Carbon steel blade
  • Good for close shaving
  • Full hollow ground
  • Slippery handle
  • Quite expensive
  • Not the best grip

A.P. Donovan Straight Razor

A.P. Donovan Straight Razor
  • Length: 8 Inches
  • Handle: Sandalwood
  • Add on: Carrying Case

While reviewing several straight razor brands, I came across A.P Donovan’s best straight razor kit.  And, it urged me to include it in the list.  Well, there are many things you would love about this straight edge razor; from its stylish and sleek design to classic wooden carrying case.

What wrenched my heart is the handmade case and the razor.  Yes, the straight razor along with the wooden storage case is handmade.  It even includes the steel part as well.  The body of the straight razor is made out of high-grade Japanese steel.  The construction of the SE razor includes heating of Japanese Shirogami steel by hands to achieve the sturdiness of 63 Rockwell.

Undoubtedly, the blades also have to pass through the same phases to match the quality of a straight razor.  The Japanese blades are famous for having an agile core and strong edges, making them easy to slice the hair even without applying much pressure.  

The handle is made from Mahogany wood that makes a perfect pair with heavyweight steel.  This results in being a perfect product for beginners as they can easily glide it on their faces.  The SE razor set also includes a badger hair brush for cleaning both the face and razor post-shaving.  It is one of the best straight razors for beginners.

  • Japanese handcrafted steel
  • The superior quality of material used in body and blade
  • Hardwood used in building handle
  • Delivers maximum comfort while holding
  • Badger hair brush for creating a perfect lather
  • Durable & Sturdy shaving kit
  • A longer tool to handle

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional Straight Razor

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional Straight Razor
  • Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Handle: Steel
  • Add on: 5 razor blades

Parker SRX is good for both newbie and professional wet shaving purists.  And several factors contribute to being one of the best straight razors for beginners.  The build quality is superior to other straight-edge razors that use aluminum for making the body.  Also, the shine remains intact for a long period and doesn’t fade away with time.

The razor comes with a combined blade arm and scale that carries a considerable amount of weight.  This is the reason why newbies can use it efficiently and without applying pressure.  There is no need to worry about cuts and nicks.  The round point on the blade saves the users from accidents.  

Even loading and unloading the blade is quite easy and convenient.  The inserts are equipped with the design of the SE razor.  It takes time in removing and replacing the blade but it does well.  Also, the clip/lock system makes the blade steady and fixed in the razor.  All these efforts are to keep to not let the blade from falling out of the razor. 

The company understands the hassle of buying new blades, and that’s why it offers 4 shark super stainless steel blades to make it ready to use whenever the user receives the product. Additionally, there is a storage case with the SE razor to carry it anywhere you go. 

  • Sleek & Stylish design
  • Comfortable handle for an optimum shave
  • Rounded opening prevent cuts and nicks
  • Quickly blade changing feature with lock system
  • 5 Shark Super Stainless Steel blades
  • Weaker rivet of Parker SRX
  • Negligence in handling may make it unbalancing

DOVO Straight Razor Set

DOVO Straight Razor Set
  • Length: 1 Inch
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Add on: Lightweight

Shavette razors are typically ideal for new entrants in the wet shaving industry.  The one who wants to learn to shave with a straight razor can use this traditional straight razor.  This is what even your grandfathers have also used for wet shaving.

Being a traditional razor doesn’t mean it is built of cheap and low-quality material, whatever equipment is required while building this DOVO razor is all considered to be of good quality.  This razor is popular amongst newbies, but that doesn’t limit itself and even professionals can add it to their shaving kit.

A perfect tool to try straight razor shaving with a minimum investment.  Unlike other rounded points SE razor, the DOVO shavette has a square point, which is not a matter of concern as it is disposable.  The DOVO SE razor is easy to maintain as there is no hefty expenditure in sharpening the blades.

Shavette razor from DOVO comes in a variety of blade holder options to accommodate color options, i.e., clear, black, and green.  For instance, the blade color shavette razor comes with a longer blade, similar to a double-edged blade.  On the other hand, a clear shavette razor requires a double-edge blade but it should split into two.  Last but not the least, the green color shavette razor comprises a stiff blade.  

  • Easy learning curve
  • Sharp blades
  • Colour variety
  • Affordable
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Costlier blades
  • Construction is on a weaker side
  • Prone to cuts and nicks due to sharp blades

So, these were the straight razors reviews out of which you can pick anyone without thinking twice.  If you still want to know the difference between a straight and a safety razor, you can go through the linked blog. Now, let’s look at detailed information through which even you can pick the best straight razor for yourself.

Wanna To Do Research on Your Own? Consider These Points

It is natural that after reading various articles on the internet, people tend to research themselves for double surety, which is quite obvious and we respect that.  But, do you know what factors to consider before buying a straight razor online?  If not, then this piece of information will help you.

straight razors reviews

Build Quality

The first thing to consider whenever you buy any straight razor is its build quality.  Of course, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a straight razor that does not last long for a sufficient time. 

Many companies claim to use stainless steel while building straight razors but end up using aluminum to minimize cost.  Therefore, it becomes your duty to check and inspect the quality of metal.  

You can wash it under running water and see if the shine fades away, and if it does return the product.  Always buy products from renowned and the best straight razor brands.  It might cost you more than average but it comes with a surety of metal.

Blade Type

high quality straight razor

Oftentimes, you have heard the term “round point or square point” in the article. But do you know how it matters to look at it?  Well, below is the description of the blade type.

Round Point: A razor designed with semi-circular edges to avoid sharp ends.  It is ideal for beginners as they are learning the wet shaving or art of shaving and do not want any hassle while shaving.

Square Point:  A +1 level of the round point blade is called square point blades.  It neither has smoother edges nor does it saves you from cuts and nicks.  This type of blade helps in shaving the tricky areas, and therefore, it requires a sort of experience using this tool.

French Point: It looks like a quarter circle with a sharp point at the end.  This is also known as an oblique point.

Blade Width

best straight razor kit

The blade width means the distance between the razor head and the opposite side of the blade.  These are expressed in ⅛ increments.  For instance, a 4/8 blade means a half-inch wide while an 8/8 means a 1-inch wide blade.

There is no change in performance with the wideness of the blade.  It only affects while honing or stropping the blade.  A narrow blade is easy to strop as compared to a wide blade.


If you don’t compromise on build quality, then why would you compromise on the handle quality?  A durable and sturdy handle will make sure it neither breaks nor does it bend with time.

Metal is prone to heat and easily gets heated when exposed to high temperatures.  Plastic handles easily bend or break.  In my opinion, a hardwood or enamel handle with a resin cover is the best for straight razors.

Hardwood handle succumbs to heat and is attached to A.P Donovan, while Enamel handle with resin cover doesn’t get affected even at extreme temperature.  Feather ss has an enamel handle with a resin cover.

Balance Between Blade & Handle

You have seen what type of handle should be taken into account and how the blade should be. Now, you need to pick the right straight razor that is balanced.  This means both the handle and the upper part should be equally balanced and right.  

If there is any imbalance either a lightweight upper body or heavyweight handle, then it may be difficult for beginners to obtain a close shave.  And not only newbies, but even the pros would also face challenges while shaving.

It may lead to cuts and nicks that are ever more severe than cartridge razors.  The key focus should be selecting the best straight razor for beginners that has equal weight both on the handle and upper body.


Brands that are famous use either stainless steel or carbon steel for making straight razors. Both have their pros and cons but are superior to aluminum.  The material plays a vital role as the lifespan of the straight razors depends on it.

The stainless steel construction is affordable and retains its sharpness for a longer period.  On the other hand, carbon steel quality is quite expensive.  Even, the carbon steel blade that you will require for shaving is costly.

Due to being a costly razor, most men prefer to buy a stainless steel straight razor because it not only benefits in quality but is also quite budget-friendly.


You must also look at the grinding process of a straight razor before buying one.  Usually, there are two types of grinds that a SE razor passes through. There is a Wedge Grind and Full Hollow Grind.

A Wedge grind is a razor where you see most of the material on the top half of the razor.  This is a traditional as well as an obsolete version of grinding the blades and making them heavier for easy slicing of facial hair.  This will work great on stubble beard but is quite vulnerable to skin.  It is not advisable for beginners.

Since the 1970s, a new way of grinding was introduced by the Germans.  The Hollow Grind is a process of carving out the material, making it lightweight and easy to hone or strop.  It is also easy to maneuver and sharpening the blades is like a walk in the park.

Modern vs Vintage

Straight razors are divided into two types: Modern & Vintage.

Modern: These straight razors are built with advanced technology and modern craftsmanship.  Also, it is a better and more advanced version of the old vintage SE razor.  Plus the years of experience in designing and crafting is something we cannot call off.  Though it is superior to vintage straight razors, it’s basically a modification of the older tool.

Vintage: Vintage razors are no less than modern ones.  They are sharp, durable, and even affordable, unlike modern straight razors.  However, it requires extra care while shaving, and no negligence is tolerable.  Newbies should master their shaving skills on modern razors before trying their hands on vintage straight razors.


A shavette is a straight razor for beginners who is early bird in the wet shaving world.  It replicates a traditional razor to an extent that it turns out to be the best straight razor with disposable blades.

Even safety razors feature these disposable blades.  It requires no stropping or honing, and a quick way to learn the straight razor technique.  Feather ss and Parker uses such disposable blades system.  Undoubtedly, professional barbers love this type of straight razor and opt for it for shaving.

Now that you know what to look at while buying a straight razor, you must also know how to shave with an open blade.  As a beginner, collecting essential tools will not clean your face mess.  You must know the technique to glide the straight razor on the face.

5 Simple Steps to Shave with a Straight Razor

Here are the steps you need to implement before using a straight razor for a clean, close, and comfortable shave.

Step 1: Preparing Yourself

how to use straight razor

The preparation before shaving with a straight razor involves two important things: blade sharpening & facial hair softening.  For sharpening a blade, you must require a razor strop on which you can sharpen your straight razor blade.

And to soften the facial hair, you can wash your face with warm water or use a wet towel, face wash, or a cleanser to prepare the facial hair for shaving.

Step 2: Lathering Your Facial Hair

wood handle straight razor

As a beginner, you must lather your face with shaving cream, gel, or foam.  This will make the shaving easier, and you would be able to shave your facial hair smoothly without any cuts or nicks.

For creating a lather, you can use your fingers by massaging on the hair, or if you want to invest in grooming accessories, then you can buy a good quality shaving brush.

Step 3: Hold The Straight Razor

straight razor brands

Holding contributes a lot to obtaining a close shave.  If you fail to hold the straight razor properly, you might either cut yourself or have improper shaving.  Everyone chooses their method, and that is perfect if it delivers the desired results.

However, a common and widely known way to hold a straight-edge razor is by placing the first three fingers right behind the back of the blade section and the pinky finger on the blade tang.  Use your thumb to support the inner side of the razor that is close to the middle section of the straight razor.

Step 4: Pass The Razor on The Skin

straight razor kit

Shave with grain whenever you use straight, safety, cartridge, or electric razor.  This is a thumb rule of using razors.  Now, as a newbie, you must slowly start shaving in a direction of hair growth.

You are learning the technique, so you must be patient with the straight razor.  Make all the even strokes for a better shave.

Step 5: Sequence of Shaving

best dovo straight razor

This is important to learn as you cannot simply glide a straight razor anywhere on the face.  You must know which part of the face to shave first and with which part should you end your shaving.

Always starts from below the ears which means from the cheeks.  For a better shave, you can use your free hand to stretch the skin upward from sideburns and shave with the grain.  After this, slowly come towards the jawline with the same process. 

Once you clear both sides of the cheeks, shave your upper lips and the area below the lower lip and chin.  After completely shaving, apply an aftershave or face moisturizer to avoid a burning sensation.

Now that you know how to use a cut-throat razor, you must know what are important factors that outstand it from other razors.

What makes Straight Razor Different from Others?

best beginner straight razor

Open razors aka, cut-throat razors, carry such an impression because the blade is exposed to the skin, and any negligence while straight razor shaving would cut your skin.  Still, why do people across the globe opt for razor shaving, and even there are new learners?

To understand the popularity, you should go through the piece of information:

What Are They?

Unlike other tools with ample attachments, it is a simple shaving razor with a sharp blade and a handle.  The oldest and the most traditional straight-edge razors on the market.  It features metallic blades that are made up of stainless steel.

And this stainless steel straight-edge razor blade requires sharpening and honing for retaining its sharpness.  Unlike others, the razor blade can last lifelong if taken properly care of.


A high-quality open-blade razor is pricey if you compare it with other shaving tools.  But trust me, this will not only be your one-time but a lifetime investment.

Learning Curve

If you compare the learning curve of the straight razors against others, then it is steeper and takes considerable time for whoever wants to excel in it.  You cannot say you are a pro after your first shaving experience.

It requires constant practice and experience to become a professional in using this straight blade razor.  As there is no other way around you must try, and one day you will be rewarded.

Which Other Razors Serve the Grooming Industry?

Straight razors are quite different yet a simple shaving tool when it comes to comparing them with other razors in the industry.  To know which other razors are in the grooming industry and how straight razors are different from others, you need to keep reading the article.

Safety Razor

good starter straight razor

The first safety razor was introduced in 1903, so there are high chances that your dad must be a regular user.  It’s not gone, and still, it is quite popular.  What I like about a safety razor is its head comes in different designs;  three-piece, two-piece, and butterfly.  

Like shavette blades, this double-edge razor is equipped with removable blades.  Technically, you should replace the blade every week but then it depends on how often you shave.

A safety razor is quite affordable than a straight-edge razor.  However, as long as you use it, you need to buy replacement blades that mount up the overall price of a safety razor.

Cartridge Razor

best affordable straight razor

It is a fact that cartridge razors are available everywhere.  From supermarkets to local stores, there is a massive selling of these razors. They are cheap and easily available and have no learning curve.  Anyone can use this without having the risk of cutting.

These cartridge razors feature tilted heads for the best shaving angle and comfort.  However, they fall short in delivering a close shave.  They are completely disposable and when the blades get dull, you can simply toss out the blade and change it.

Electric Razor

buying a straight razor

The convenience that electric razors bring is unbeatable, and none of the other razors can match it.  Unlike old school toys, it comes with batteries and a switch to turn it on/off.  They are versatile, which means it not only limits the shaving to the face but also covers the entire body.

The electric razors are available in two different designs: rotary and foil.  You can use it under the shower as well.  For more information on the electric shaver, you can always check an entire article on it.


1. Which is the best straight razor for a beginner?

Every razor that you see in the article is known to be the best straight razor for beginners. To name a few, Parker sr1, DOVO Inox, Feather SS are a few best straight razors for beginners.

2. Is It Better To Shave With A Straight Razor?

The answer is Yes. A straight razor shaving features a single and sharp blade that ensures you get a clean shave with minimum strokes. It won’t cause skin irritation, nor does it cause an ingrown hair problem.

3. Can I use a leather strop for sharpening blades?

To sharpen the razor or shavette blades, you can use different materials. However, a leather strop is ideal when it comes to sharpening the razor blade.

4. How often should you strop a straight razor blade?

It is recommended to repeat 15-20 times each side, i.e., fabric and leather. As a newbie, you must start slowly and with the time passing, you would excel in it.

5. What is the maximum cost of the straight edge razor?

It might cost you somewhere around $100 to $300. The figure might be hopping but in the long run, it is affordable and worth every penny.


We have seen a list of the best straight razors for beginners that are made of either carbon steel or stainless steel. You have to make sure that whatever single edge razors you select are worthy and last long.

These tools are best for straight razor shaving enthusiasts.  Even your barber must be using it.  Undeniably, using a straight razor requires experience and a beginner should practice and learn it.  With this, we end our article and welcome suggestions and feedback from our valuable readers cum potential buyers.  For more such good reads, you can always subscribe to our website.


Published Date: Dec 18, 2020

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