Oster Classic 76 Review- Best Professional Clipper and Trimmer

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Oster classic beard trimmer is on the market for more than a decade and is not going to go anytime soon.  The Oster 76 is one of the best barber clippers that looks classic but is quite modern.  The hair clipper ensures power, accuracy, preciseness, and easy-to-use features that anyone can dream of.

The Oster clipper carries a good reputation in the market with its quality product, precise trimming, and professionally built.  Additionally, the clipper is crafted in such a way that it fits in the palm so well that you don’t feel discomfort.  This is the best beard trimmer that anyone can use for hair trimming and clipping.

This article has Oster classic 76 review and if it is worth it!.  From features to pros and cons, and blade quality to buying guide.  You can easily get an idea of what to look for and what to avoid.  So continue reading and get detailed information.

Features of Oster Classic 76

Oster® Classic 76 Professional Hair Clippers
  • Designed with a powerful, single speed universal motor
  • Comes with detachable blade 
  • Ultra-durable
  • Ergonomic design with textured housing provides easy grip
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Powerful
  • Easily Cuts Through Wet or Dry Hair
  • Ultra-Durable

Equipped with Heavy-Duty Motor

Oster classic clipper is equipped with a strong and heavy-duty motor that generates a lot of torque and power.  It is essential to cut the thick or thin and wet or dry head as well as facial hair.  Also, being a heavy-duty motor, the trimmer remains unaffected by the volume of hair as well.

The motor does not heat up, nor does it make you feel uncomfortable.  What might be a drawback for Oster classic 76 is the weight that it comes with and the noise it produces while trimming or shaving.

Durable & Unbreakable Housing

Till now, you must have heard about Remington beard trimmer being non-breakable but Oster also runs in the same race.  Oster classic 76 is made to handle all the drops and shocks that a user might experience in his lifetime. 

This hair clipper is ideal for the ones who tend to fall or are not a good holder. The trimmer of course has a good and comfortable grip that assures you with no slipping off from the hand.  This even helps in trimming the hair for a longer period.

9-foot Long Cord

The corded trimmer does not mean that it will restrict you in one place or control your movement.  Oster classic 76 comes with a 9-ft long, flexible, and chemical-resistant cord that eases maneuverability and gives you the freedom to move.

It allows you to make even cuts and reach the areas around the ears without any additional effort or hassle.  This long cord improves the clipper’s flexibility, making it free from the hassle of sticking to one place.  Also, it doesn’t require additional efforts on trimming.

No Overheating

You might have heard that the powerful motor is the reason behind the hair trimmer to heat up, and that’s true to some extent, where only the motor comes with the best quality and not the other parts.

Oster Classic 76 hair clipper is not only a universal motor clipper but also has good quality spare parts that don’t heat up quickly.  It remains cool for quite a long period and may heat up with extended use.  But this is controllable as soon as you notice the trimmer heating up, just apply oil on the blade and it’s back to normal.

Serviceable Hair Clipper

This is not a cheap ordinary hair clipper that you will throw away once you find a fault in it.  Oster classic 76 clippers are worth your investment and the company believes in giving good returns.  How?

The company is capable of repairing all the parts of the trimmer. From the main on/off switch to the heavy-duty cord and the cleaning brush set, and the powerful motor.  You can service any part of the trimmer.  This saves your time and money that you have to invest in buying a new one.

Attractive Design & Sturdy Body

What fascinates me about the Oster Classic 76 hair clippers is its attractive design and durability of the trimmer. The design of the trimmer looks like a cylindrical structure with good ribbing that gives you good control and a fine grip.

Also, there is no question on durability as the trimmer is made of sturdy quality strong valox resin/plastic that is unbreakable.  This makes it bulky as compared to other clippers.

So these are the features of the Oster Classic 76 hair trimmer, now let’s see the pros and cons of it.

Pros & Cons (Oster Classic 76 Review)

This will show you the strength and areas that need to take care of.  Keep reading the article and understand:

  • Strong, sturdy, and powerful motor
  • Durable, precise and sharp detachable blades
  • 13-blade size available
  • The iconic and classic appearance
  • Professional clipper from a renowned brand
  • A newbie can easily learn it
  • Quite Expensive
  • Bulky and heavy model
  • Only Corded type

Now that you know what are the advantages and what could be considered as disadvantages, you should understand that quality doesn’t come with a low price, and it also doesn’t mean always pay a high price.  For this, you should know a few factors to consider before purchasing Oster Classic 76 hair trimmer.

Oster® Classic 76 Professional Hair Clippers
  • Designed with a powerful, single speed universal motor
  • Comes with detachable blade 
  • Ultra-durable
  • Ergonomic design with textured housing provides easy grip
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Powerful
  • Easily Cuts Through Wet or Dry Hair
  • Ultra-Durable

Buying Guide for Oster Classic 76

Buying hair clipper is a big decision that needs to be made after evaluating certain factors.  If you buy it blindly, you are simply welcoming unknown trouble for yourself and end up having a frustrating experience.

I’d suggest my readers cum potential buyers first acknowledge and understand the product and then make a buying decision.

Below are a few points that will help you to know what to look for when buying hair clippers for yourself or your loved ones.

benefits of oster beard trimmer


You might be tempted by those cheap trimmers, shavers, or clippers that cater to your requirement, but do those electric gadgets last long?  Is the quality superior?

You bring it home, use it, and suddenly it stops working.  For the first time you neglect it and buy a new one but ask yourself, is it worth it to spend hard-earned money on fragile and low-quality grooming tools?

What I’d suggest is, instead of choosing the ordinary tools, give a chance to any famous brand.  You must be thinking that they are costly. Well, the brands craft the trimmer that is quite affordable, qualitative and worth every penny.

Oster is one such example that delivers and contributes to the grooming industry since the 1920s.  It’s classic 76 hair trimmer remains unchanged and high in demand since its inception.  The trimmer comes with a sturdy external body, quality motor, and pocket-friendly price. And it is a flag-ship model of Oster.  Also, the company evolves with time and that’s the reason it improves and modifies its casing, motor, and blades.

Material Quality

In this article, many times you must have read that the exterior casing is durable.  Now, you will get to know it in detail.  You would be surprised to know the material of the casing.  I was a bit surprised when I started researching it.

The material is made of a strong, valox material that is good for impact protection and is light-weight but when it comes to drops and shocks, it is more durable.  With the use of valox material, the company assures you with an unbreakable beard clipper.  This material is used in modern cars.

Another noticing thing apart from build quality is the heating issue.  Most of the other brand trimmers quickly heat up once the trimmer starts trimming, but that is not the case with Oster classic 76.  The trimmer is equipped with a powerful motor that doesn’t heat up quickly.

This is one of the best things that should be considered as any trimmer that quickly gets heated up might burn your hand or scalp. But Oster assures you with this thing as well.


The motor separates the superior and inferior quality beard hair trimmers/clippers.  And this should be your first thing to check because an entire operation of cutting and trimming depends on the quality of the motor.

Oster Classic 76 clipper is equipped with a powerful, single-speed, and a universal motor that runs speedily and consumes less energy.  Despite being a powerful motor, it doesn’t heat up, nor does it cause discomfort.

The Oster 76 trimmer is not only capable of clipping, cutting, or trimming thick and light beard hair but also can cut thick and wet hair.  This becomes a dire need for barbers and professional hairdressers.

What could be a reason for disliking the clipper is the weight and noise it makes while operating.  The one who can tolerate sound and is not affected by sound can buy the Oster 76. It becomes a consideration factor for the one who is seeking a light-weight and peaceful trimming.

Power Supplier

Oster trimmer is ideal for the one who prefers quick trimming and not someone who doesn’t like to spend hours charging and then trimming.  The tool is a corded trimmer that needs a constant power supply.

The benefit of the corded trimmer is it never runs out of battery.  You will never have to charge the trimmer.  You can simply connect the power cord to your power supply board and start your trimming session.  

The trimmer is attached with a 9-foot long power cord that is thick, heavy-duty, and chemical-resistant.  Due to thickness, it doesn’t tangle-up, nor does it break or damage.  The cord gives you space to move around freely and helps you in trimming. 

Size & Weight

The size and weight matter to the ones who look for a lightweight trimmer.  Talking about the dimension of OS 76 trimmer/clipper, then it is 2*2*7.7 inches and 1.6 pounds in weight.  The trimmer is heavy as compared to other similar models.

The heavyweight gives you more stability than the lightweight hair trimmer.  You will get full control of trimming and there will be no room for error.  

The trimmer is ideal for the ones who do not suffer from wrist pain or are habituated to lifting heavyweight for a prolonged time. 

Cutting Blades

Nobody will share information related to the hair clipper blades being sharp and durable.  You must be amazed to know how these detachable blades are built and what procedure it undergoes.  The Oster 76 metal blades are cryogenically treated at -300 degrees Fahrenheit, making them strong, hard, and durable.

The procedure also helps in maintaining the sharpness of the blades that lasts long.  These sharp blades give you one-stroke cutting, minimizing the gliding on the same area.  And as the blades remain sharp for a long time, you don’t need to buy a new one that saves your post-buy expense.

The blades are interchangeable, meaning you can quickly change the blades based on your hair types.  The blade comes with 13-blade sizes, ranging from ½ to 1/125 inches.  The trimmer kit comes with 2 blades that are size 000 and size 1.

The kit doesn’t contain guide combs or guards like the other trimmers on the market.  This makes Oster 76 different from others in the market.  Of course, you can buy guide combs from the market spending an additional penny on it but ideally, there’s no need for combs.  Therefore, you can trust the Oster 76 trimmer and invest in it.

Customer Reviews

The clipper is a deal-breaker hair trimmer that has won millions of hearts.  And it has received many 5-star reviews from customers across the globe.  This indicates how much customers love and trust the product.

Amazon com has received 3375 ratings out of which 80% consists of 5-star ratings. This shows how well it is performing and how much people shower their love on this electric gadget.

The clipper works great around the ears, head hair, and beard hair.  Though there are no comb attachments, still it can work great on any hair length. Also, the clipper’s blade remains sharp as it comes with a blade guard that protects it from getting dull.

The customers review each and everything of the clipper. From clipper itself to blades, clipper grease to the blade guard, nothing remains hidden from the customer’s eye.  The comb attachments are one of the reasons for not having a review for it.  Overall, even the amazon thinks the trimmer is best for all.

Setbacks of Oster Classic 76

The hair clipper is not equipped with a taper lever, making it difficult to remove and attach blades. The taper lever could have done the job easier for you.  Another drawback is it is quite noisy if we compared it with its whisper-quiet hair clipper.

If you are a beginner you have to be prepared for the fast operation.  The clipper actually moves faster and requires proper control if you don’t want to lose too much hair.  You need sheer concentration while trimming your hair and that will definitely come with practice. The more you use the more you will be habituated with it.

Oster® Classic 76 Professional Hair Clippers
  • Designed with a powerful, single speed universal motor
  • Comes with detachable blade 
  • Ultra-durable
  • Ergonomic design with textured housing provides easy grip
  • 9-foot power cord
  • Powerful
  • Easily Cuts Through Wet or Dry Hair
  • Ultra-Durable


1. How long Osters hair clippers last?

Oster manufactures a great quality product. And according to sources, it lasts for a minimum of 4 months and in a few cases more than that based on the usage.

2. What is included in the Oster Classic 76 grooming kit?

The grooming kit of Oster 76 includes 2 blades, 1 blade guard, cleaning accessories like 1 cleaning brush, 1 clipper grease, and 1 blade oil.

3. What is Oster classic 76 good for?

The trimmer is good for everything. Despite having a classic look it leaves no stones unturned to deliver quality and precise trimming.

4. Can you use guards on Oster 76?

All the Oster Classic 76 blades are the same in terms of size and shape that makes it suitable for any guard size. You must check the design of the guard as any change in the design will not fit the guard.


Oster classic 76 Beard Trimmer is a proper clipper that is worth every penny in the United States.  It is crafted to perform and deliver qualitative results to the users.  Unlike other plastic trimmers that are made of low-quality plastic and fragile material, this hair clipper takes care of everything right from its build quality to motor, and cord to blades.

You can count on the Oster 76 trimmer for its durability and performance.  It will function for a long time without much maintenance cost.  Mostly, the users are professional barbers, hairstylists, and hairdressers but it can be used at home as well.  You can use it for a complete and close shave, beard trimming, and hair clipping.  Trust me, it won’t let you down. If you want more options then checkout, andis trimmers!

With this, we end this article and hope that you find it well.  You can share suggestions or feedback as we would like to receive a caring impression from our readers.  For more good reads, you can subscribe to our website.


Published Date: Nov 20, 2020

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