What Is No Shave November? Mustache Movember and No Shave November Rules To Participate

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Do you know growing a beard can contribute to a noble cause related to men’s health issues?

Yes.  If you stop using your razor for a month and donate the money that you might otherwise spend on grooming products, then it would help in spreading awareness related to cancer. This is in form of Movember and no shave November!

Millions of men do it every year, which back some 10-20 years ago, started by 1 or 2 people like you and me.

To know what is the Noble cause and how it started, you need to read the entire article.  We are sure that by the end of the article, you would feel more proud and happy. Some questions that will be answered are-

  • What is no shave november represent?
  • What is the purpose of no shave november?
  • Why do guys grow beards in november?
  • Is no shave november still a thing?

Considering that you would grow month-long facial hair, we would suggest you continue using beard oil to moisturize and condition your beard and skin beneath it.  Apart from contributing, the mind-blowing benefit of hair growth is it protects you from UV rays.

Coming back to our original topic, so let’s start unveiling No-Shave November Rules and Movember.

What Is No Shave November & How to Participate?

No-Shave November was an initiative, which later on turned into a successful charitable organization to spread cancer awareness.

Who started it & How it start?

The Hill Family consists of 8 siblings, who lost their father, Matthew Hill, in a battle with colon cancer in 2007, and decided to start an initiative to raise awareness about cancer.

The organization was established in 2009, and since then, it managed to add different organizations to their list, to whom they donate the proceedings they collect every year.  

According to the official website, the Prevent Cancer Foundation was the recent addition to their donation list, and the collection was somewhere around $1.76 Million.

The main aim of the No-Shave November is to make people embrace their facial hair, which many cancer patients lose and are not able to grow back.

How to Participate in No Shave November? No Shave November Rules

There is nothing major to do when participating in No-shave November.  Just register on this website before the month of November and track your progress.

In the month of November, whatever you normally would spend on shaving cream, scissors, clippers, or razors, could otherwise be saved and donated.  This way, you contribute to cancer prevention, education, and research.

Now that you know the procedure to participate, let’s know the Rules for No-Shave November:

  1. Clean Shave Before November Starts

Firstly, you must get a clean-shaven look by the end of October.  It means to shave off your facial hair, including mustache, sideburns, and goatee.  You should not even keep a soul patch on your face. Do you think that post-shaving, you will grow a thicker beard? If yes, read this article.

  1. Grow A Beard For A Month

Now that you enter November, you are required to pack all your shaving accessories, such as a razor, clipper, and scissors.  During November, do not shave even if you experience beard itch.

  1. Trim, If Required

Few corporates have a strict dress code wherein growing a bushy beard is not allowed. In that case, a minor trimming to make the facial hair look even is allowed.

Now that you know everything about No-Shave November, it’s time to move onto another organization that caters to the same purpose but with a wider concept.

How is Movember Different From No-Shave November?

no shave november vs movember

Apart from raising awareness and raising funds for cancer research, it goes above and beyond in catering to men’s health initiatives that include testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.  

Furthermore, it even strives to raise awareness of mental health, suicide prevention, and parenting.

Who started it & How it work?

Before knowing who started it, it’s important to know the mystery behind the name.

Don’t you think Movember is a combination of two terms?  Well, it is, and those two terms are Moustache and November.

Now you might think, why Moustache and not Mustache? That’s where the story begins behind the formation of the Movember organization.

Movember is an idea of two friends (Luke Slattery & Travis Garone) who met at a drinks bar in Melbourne, Australia.  People over there pronounce upper lip facial hair as Moustache instead of Mustache.

Both of them were discussing their mutual friend’s mother, who was suffering from breast cancer.  That inspired both the friends to start their foundation that focuses on men’s health causes.

Initially, they asked 28 other men to grow a mustache for one month in November.  Here is the list of those men who grew mustaches at the request of these two friends.

More men were getting to know about this initiative and joined the league of contributing towards men’s health issues and cause.  As the popularity rose, so is the revenue, and it gave this initiative an official status of a charitable organization.

So far, the Movember foundation-funded 1200 projects across the globe and are still looking to expand their scope.  The 2019 figure states that the Movember Foundation was able to collect $18.4 Million only from the United States.  

And around $61.1 Million funds were raised by Movember Foundation apart from the United States.  That’s the reason it is known to be a great and attractive fundraiser for supporting men’s health concerns.

Now that you know everything about this foundation, it’s high time to know Movember rules and participation criteria.

How to Participate in Movember?

As you know how participating in No-shave November was easier, but that’s not the case with Movember.   Don’t think that registering on a website is a complicated process.

What might make you feel a hassle is shaving your beard during the month of November.

To know in detail, keep reading the article.

Here is a week-wise distribution for Movember participants:

Week 1: Clean Shave your Beards

Like No-shave November, get your facial hair clean-shaven.  Only the mustache is allowed, and that too, as shown in the image shared by the Movember Foundation.

Week 2: Flaunt Your Mustache

Since you have cleanly shaven your face, it’s time to trim the stubble from cheeks, chin, sideburns, and neckline.  Also, grow your mustache as per the mustache Movember rules.

Week 3 to 5: Shave off Your Facial Hair

It is the time when your beard hair starts to sprout up, and it becomes necessary for you to shave them off accordingly.  

Besides, the thicker mustache will become a talking point for men around you, which can become an opportunity for you to share your experience with the mental health awareness programs.

You can find all the details on the fundraising page of the website.

So, this is how both the organizations work for a Noble cause that raises money out of not using grooming products.

Now that you know how one of the programs promotes beard hair and the other only mustaches, it’s time to highlight some facts about upper lip facial hair.

Amazing Facts About Mustaches

nov no shave
  1. Out of 46 US presidents, only 4 US presidents wore mustaches. The rest of them were clean-shaven.
  2. Ram Singh Chauhan holds the world record for growing a 14-feet long mustache.  He started growing in 1982.
  3. Freida Kahlo is the woman who sported a mustache and brought a unibrow into fashion.
  4. Now this will raise your eyebrows, “an average man touches his mustache 750 times a day, which is almost 32x per hour.”

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1. What does no-shave November represent?

No-Shave November is a campaign started by a family to raise funds for cancer patients. All the proceedings go into cancer research, prevention, and education. It aims to grow beard hair in November by shaving them off to embrace them.

2. Should you shave before no shave November?

The answer is yes. You must clean shave before November month starts and then track your progress. It might become a challenging period for beard growth, but it would help in combating prostate cancer and spread awareness.

3. How did no-shave November start?

The idea came to the Hill family, who lost their father battling colon cancer in 2007. That’s where the family of 8 siblings decided to spread the awareness and asked the people to let the beard grow. And donate whatever you would normally spend on shaving.

4. How does No-Shave November work?

No-shave November has an easy set of rules wherein you must not use your razor for November month and donate the savings to the foundation. They then donate the money to different cancer prevention foundations and education.

5. Can you shave your beard hair in November?

Beard growth is what the November month aims for, and you must not use your razor or scissor, except for a strict office environment. Of course, you can continue to spend on your beard maintenance as it should not be compromised.


Don’t bring any excuse to be part of the cause as you would not save one life but also contribute to something uncommon and untalked.  Also, there is no pressure in donating the money to any of the foundations; just grow a beard and spread awareness about the disease that men face globally.

Your one-step towards embracing beard hair will bring change to the world as the awareness that you deliver will reach many people.  We hope this article finds you well.  Any questions, doubts, concerns, or suggestions, just share.


Published Date: Mar 12, 2021

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