13 Best Men’s Skincare Sets And Gift Sets For Your Loved Ones!

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What would be your first reaction when receiving a gift without any special occasion?  Surprised and joyous, right?

How about making someone close to your heart feel this special feeling? 

Everyone gives gifts on Christmas, Anniversaries and Birthdays.  Why not take some time today and surprise the men in your life? 

Want some ideas? According to us, there’s nothing better than a men’s skincare sets.  But then the question arises are all the skincare sets compatible with all skin types?  How will you find the right skincare set for your man?

Don’t worry. We have got your back.

Here we have listed some of the best skincare sets grouping them under each skin type.

So, let’s quickly jump into it.

13 Best Men’s Skincare Sets And Gift Kits

Hawthorne Dry Skin Repair Set

It was the winter of 2020 when we discovered this skin repair set.  It was an oasis in the desert for us since we are dry skin guys.  The amazing thing about Hawthorne is it uses all-natural ingredients to make the product(s), unlike recognized brands.

With this skincare set, you will get a list of things:

  • Dry Skin Cleanser (Squeeze  Tube): Restores moisture in the skin, brings back the lost shine of your face, and is lightly scented
  • Dry Skin Lotion (Squeeze  Tube): Moisturizing cream to retain the moisture throughout the day
  • Dry Skin Body Wash (Open Top Container): Deeply cleanses your body without depleting existing natural sebum
  • Ultra Rich Body Lotion (Pump-Based Bottle): Adds moisture to your skin and get rid of white lines that you would while scratching
  • Ultra Rich Eucalyptus Hand Cream (Squeeze Tube): Nourish your hands with the hydrating rich hand cream

All of the products work best against dryness and are the best match for dry winter skin.  Plus, they are made without adding any harmful ingredients, which means no sulfates, parabens, phthalates.  Also, none of the products went through animal testing.  The only drawback is that neither of the products is travel-friendly.

Only Skin Essential

The Essential kit is one of the skincare sets that has turned out to be the best gift sets for oily skin guys.  If you know your dad, husband, brother, or boyfriend has oily skin, which means shiny T-zone, i.e., forehead, nose, and chin.

Such skin types would definitely need the product(s) that would control the overproduction of sebum oil.  And there are no better products or skincare brands that cater to oily skin types.

The skincare set includes:

  • Face Cleanser  (Squeeze Tube): Create foams and wipe away all unwanted pollutants while not removing excessive natural oil
  • Face Scrub  (Squeeze Tube): Deeply cleanses your skin pores and removes all gunk out of the pores
  • Face Day Cream (Dispenser): Maintains moisture levels

Apart from products, you will also like packaging since it keeps the skincare products intact.  Plus, it restricts air and germs away so that it doesn’t deteriorate your product or the quality.

The products usually last for 50-60 days, which is worth your investment since most popular brands fail to last so long.  Lastly, you can carry all the products with you since all of them abide by the transportation security administration (TSA).

Meridian The Classic Maintenance Package

Meridian The Classic Maintenance Package is more than a complete set.  Along with skincare, the complete skincare gift set includes:

  • Ball Trimmer: Trimming below the belt becomes easier with this ball trimmer since it is specifically made to ease the shaving process. 
  • Ball Spray (Spray Bottle): Ball spray keeps odor away and maintains pH levels while also soothing sensitive skin.
  • Lumin Charcoal Cleanser (Open Top Container): Deeply cleanses your skin by removing dead skin cells, excess oil, and repairing damaged skin
  • Lumin Exfoliating Rub (Open Top Container): Prevent acne breakouts and other skin issues
  • Lumin Moisturizing Balm (Open Top Container): Enhances dull skin and offer youthful-looking skin

Meridian caters to ball trimming, but it has tied up with Lumin brand to offer you skincare products. All the skincare items are naturally made and fit your skincare routine.  Also, the skincare products 

If we talk about the ball trimmer, then it comes with two replacement blades.  The blades are sharp and last quite long.  

Lastly, all the skincare routine products are free from artificial fragrances, alcohol, paraben, phthalates, and silicon.  In our opinion, it is one of the best gift sets you can give to male members.

Oars & Alps Everyday Essential Kit

What if we tell you that you are just a click away to put your money into the best skincare gift kit?  The kit not only takes care of your skin but also your head hair and body odor.

All the products together make the best grooming kit, which most people use to protect their skin.   These are:

  • Hydrating Shampoo (Hard-shell container): Massage into your scalp and remove all the impurities 
  • Hydrating Conditioner (Hard-shell container): After washing your hair with shampoo, rinse off with the conditioner
  • Luxury Body Wash (Hard-shell container): Head-to-toe cleansing with this body wash
  • Solid Charcoal Wash (Hard-shell container): Roll the stick on your wet face and massage gently with your fingers, rinse off, and pat dry with a soft towel
  • Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm (Hard-shell container): Apply when you notice your lips are dry and need moisture
  • Aluminum-free Deodorant (Hard-shell container): Apply on dry underarms or when you are about to meet someone special

Apart from all the products that could delight your skincare journey, O+A also offers a water-resistant travel bag.  And since all the products in the skincare gift set are travel-friendly, the travel bag will be the best to store everything in one place.

Another benefit this men’s shower gift set and face wash set brings to the table is it is quite pocket-friendly.  Unlike other brands on the list or the market, this one is the best gifting set if you are running short of money but still want to give a gift.  All the products are perfect for men with any skin type.

Caldera + Lab The Full Regimen

If the person whom you are gifting is someone like us who prefers limited products, then this men’s skincare set is absolutely the perfect match for him.

The skincare set only has three products, which includes:

  • The Clean Slate Balancing Cleanser (Pump-based Bottle): Keeps skin free from pollutants, maintains pH levels, is lightweight, and invigorating
  • The Base Layer Fortifying Moisturizer (Open Top Container): Protect your skin from environmental impurities and moisturize your skin
  • The Good Multifunctional Serum (Dropper Applicator): Clinically proven serum to prevent dryness, improve fine lines and wrinkles

The Caldera + Lab is committed, to transparency, excellence, and sustainability.  Plus, the brand is certified by many third-party authorities like ECOCERT, MADE SAFE, and certified B corporations.

Moreover, all the grooming products in the kit are clinically-proven.  To be specific, The Good Multifunctional Serum is an award-winning product men would love to apply.  Also, it is one of the products that make healthy-looking skin.

Wolf Project Wildly Hydrating Project

If you are a fan of face masks, you are definitely going to love this natural skincare sheet.  It is soaked in bamboo charcoal and natural serum.  The serum contains Vitamin B3, tea tree extracts, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and amino acids.

The Wolf project knows the difference between men’s and women’s skin.  Since men’s skin is thicker, rich in collagen, and has more sebum oil, the company has designed their face masks accordingly.

The serum-packed mask works amazingly well on dry to oily skin, keeping the oil control and skin nourished.  Plus, if the person is young and suffering from acne, then this mask will be a boon for him.  It has tea tree oil in the serum, which kills acne-causing bacteria.  So no more costly treatments or applying ineffective creams to deal with acne.

The question arises of how to apply the face mask.

Wash your face, place the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes, remove the face mask, and pat the remaining serum on your face.  You can expect an instant glow with deep hydration and nourishment.  Overall, it is the best face cleansing kit since it is easy to use and keeps your skin clean.

Jack Henry Face Kit

Jack Henry’s face kit is one of the sets that men wish to have since it has all essential face and body care grooming products.  Some are travel-friendly while some require use at home.

The kit includes:

  • Cleanse+ (Pump-based bottle): Relieves acne, eczema, redness, and inflammation while also being multi-purpose
  • Face Toner (Open-top container): Brings back the lost shine and leave a matte finish
  • Nightly Detox Oil (Dropper applicator): Anti-aging, removes toxins from the face, and stimulates collagen production
  • Super Face Oil (Dropper applicator): Enhances skin tone, leaves no greasy residue, hydrate, and nourish your skin 

If you strictly follow the skincare routine, you will benefit from cleansing, detoxifying, nourishing, and hydrating.  All of them are naturally made without adding any chemicals or additives.

If your only focus is to enhance the face care routine of the man in your house, then pick this kit.  It is one of the best skincare sets that not only us but men around the world believe to be effective and worth every penny.

Jack Black Skin Saviors Set

The Jack Black Skin Saviors Set is one of our favorite skincare sets because we like Jack Black’s grooming line, and it’s also an Amazon choice for “men’s facial care kits.“   

The gifting set includes:

  • Daily cleanser (Squeeze Tube): Combo of cleanser and toner works on all skin types and does not irritate dry and sensitive skin, no artificial fragrance, and no chemicals
  • Buff energizing scrub (Squeeze Tube): Makes skin pores clear for a better shaving experience, reduces blackheads and ingrown hairs
  • Lotion (Squeeze Tube): Moisturizer to nourish your skin while also acting as sunscreen to offer protection against UV rays
  • Lip balm (Squeeze Tube): Chaffed and dry lips repairer

What we like about the Jack Black Skin Saviors Set is you can travel along with all the squeeze tubes since all of them abide by Transportation Security Administration rules.

Since the holiday season and winter is near, this skincare gift set would be a perfect grooming kit and a great choice for your friend, husband, boyfriend, or father.

Lumin Complete Skincare Gift Set

Lumin Complete Skincare Gift Set for Men comes in a nice black box.  It produces some of the best men’s products you will find anywhere. Plus everything comes in a nice black package and comes in the same size as the rest of the gifts available online at the store.

The skincare set includes:

  • Charcoal cleanser  (Open-top container): Creates lather and cleanses your pores
  • Moisturizing balm  (Open-top container): Hydrate your skin
  • Dark circle defense  (Open-top container): Reduces dark spots under your eyes
  • Exfoliating scrub  (Open-top container): Remove dead cells 
  • Anti-wrinkle serum recovery oil (Hard-shell container): Reduce wrinkles and make you look younger

All the products in this best men’s skin care kit suit your skincare routine and cater to specific issues.  Plus, this skin care package is budget-friendly, which means you get many products at a very low rate.

What we like about Lumin’s skin care bundle is all the products are easy to use and come in open-top containers.  

To sum it up, the products ensure removing acne scars, cleansing pores, fading away dark spots, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Cardon Anti-Aging Skincare Set

Another facial kit for men has every essential product to offer you clean and clear skin.  Plus, these are travel-sized products, which means you can carry them anywhere you are traveling.

Besides, what has been consistent with Cardon is their inclusion of Cactus extract.  The ingredient has been proven to repair, calm, and hydrate your skin, irrespective of season or skin type.

Moreover, all the products contain natural ingredients and not some bullshit like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

So what comes in the set:

  • Purifying Clay Cleanser (Squeeze Tube): 4x more cleansing capacity than charcoal, does not leave your skin dry, and removes excess oil, and shrinks your skin pores
  • SPF+Moisturizer (Squeeze Bottle): Protects your skin from the sun, is lightweight, and easily absorbs into your skin
  • 3-in-1 Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer (Squeeze Bottle): Adds hydration to your skin and makes it soft and supple
  • Dark Circle Eye Rescue (Squeeze Tube): No puffiness, no crow’s feet, and no dark spots under your eyes

All four products work amazingly well when it comes to resolving face issues, such as cleansing impurities, puffiness, dark spots, reducing wrinkles, and UV protection.

This Anti-aging skincare set is worth your investment since it has got everything essential to deliver a youthful look.

Also, all the products are part of big magazines, which only consider the brands that are actually worth your attention.  What’s more important for you is that the skincare gift set lasts for more than two months.

In our opinion, it is one of the best gift sets you can plan to give to your man of dreams, or maybe your brother, father, and son.

Disco Regimen Set

The Disco Regimen skincare set uses proprietary dermatologist-designed formula formulated exclusively for tougher skin types.  It contains the three best anti-aging and cleansing products. 

Just like Cardon trusts Cactus extracts and includes them in every product, Disco has this faith in Eucalyptus.  You will see eucalyptus in every single product.

You will be given offered:

  • Charcoal Cleanser Stick: A combination of coconut oil, phytic acid, and detoxifying charcoal makes your skin clean and clear. Hydrates and makes your skin smooth
  • Exfoliating Scrub (Squeeze Tube): Detoxifies your skin and enhances your skin complexion, removes dead skin cells, and reduce inflammation
  • Rejuvenating Mask (Open Top Container): Restores minerals, makes your pores clean, reduces redness, and flushes away excess oil
  • Hydrating Moisturizer (Squeeze Tube): Brightens your skin complexion and hydrates your skin, lightweight, and quickly absorbs into the skin
  • Repairing Eye Stick (Roll-on): Reduces puffiness, crow’s feet, and dark circles

Also, when digging deep we found that Disco is way ahead of its peers.  Disco makes sure that it doesn’t hurt any animal or use toxic ingredients.  Also, you can expect at least two months of supply with your single-time purchase.

The pack of 5 products ensures healthy-looking skin and works on every skin type, whether it be dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin.

In a nutshell, it is the best men’s skincare set since it contains limited products that are designed specifically to deal with the fight against pollutants.

Bevel Skincare Set for Men

This Skin Care Set for men comes with three essential ingredients helpful for any man wishing to maintain healthy skin. All of these rocks really do nothing else if you are good at using them. For its quality items and very inexpensive price point, we consider the Bevel set, in particular, the best set for men. The brand is relatively new to the grooming world but it has gone from offering a few top-notch shaving products to offering several top-tier hair treatment products.

The skincare essential includes:

  • Face Wash (Squeeze Tube): Fights against dullness, deeply cleanses your skin and makes your skin healthy
  • Exfoliating Pads (Open Top Container): Non-abrasive pads gently remove pollutants anytime anywhere, reduce blemishes and prevents ingrown hairs
  • Face Moisturizer (Open Top Bottle): Reduces dryness, ensures oil control, and leaves no sticky residue

Men around the world are big fans of Bevel’s products since they are great at maintaining skin PH levels while also delivering effective results.  Plus, all of them are dermatologically tested, gentle on the skin, and worth your investment.

Harry Shave & Shower Kit

Harry’s shower and shave travel kit can take you anywhere. It makes for a great first purchase if you want a change from disposables for shaving. Plus it comes in quite a legit toiletry pack in addition to a toiletry set. 

This skincare set includes:

  • Truman Blade Head: German engineered with travel protect cover
  • Shaving Gel: Prepares your beard for shaving and delivers a comfortable shave
  • Shaving Cream: Softens beard hair and makes it easier for the razor to glide
  • Face Wash: Foaming face wash for everyday cleansing removes impurities and offers a clear face

In the list of natural skincare sets, this beard care kit is worth adding.  It has tools to achieve a clean shave look while also a product to get rid of external pollutants that are making skin look dull and tired.

In our opinion, it is one of the best skincare sets that ensure all-around cleaning and keeping skin healthy.


1. What is the best men’s face wash kit?

All the gift sets on the list are the best, and it depends upon the person’s skin type. Since skin type differs from men to men, you must buy one after knowing it. If you ask us, any skincare set is the best with face cleanser, moisturizer, and serum in it. Also, it should be used in daily routine and not once in a while.

2. What is the best men’s shower gift set?

Harry’s Shave & Shower’s set is the best gift you can give to the man in your family since it offers shaving and cleansing products.

3. Which skincare set is the best for sensitive skin?

Bevel skincare set for men is the best for sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate the skin post-applying and remains gentle on the skin throughout the day.

4. What gifts can I give to my dad?

There are so many gifts that you can give, but if you are in search of something, then face wash, body lotion, eye cream, deodorant. You can also give them face masks or serums.


Men are mostly outdoorsy people and often neglect taking care of their skin.  It may even lead to acne and eczema.  Since the holiday season is coming, there is no better time to gift them what is essential for their skin.  From the list of gifts, you can select any skincare gift baskets


Published Date: Nov 19, 2021

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