12 Tips On How To Get Clear Skin For Men

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It’s time to stop hiding behind that beard or mustache because having clear skin is very important for women and men. Men’s skincare is as important as women’s, so why not learn how to do it the right way?

While good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle can help achieve healthy skin for guys, external care is equally important to reduce excess oils while avoiding skin issues like acne and breakouts. So how can men achieve their clear skin goals? How to get clear skin for men? We have compiled the best skincare tips while answering how to get clear skin for men without much effort!

How To Get Clear Skin For Men? (12 Tips)

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1) Use a mild cleanser to get rid of dirt and sweat.

Using a mild cleanser (different from face wash) on your face serves many benefits. Not only does it cleanse your face but also nourishes it. You can even make a homemade natural face wash at home by mixing some honey and lemon juice in warm water for glowing skin naturally. In addition, All-natural activates repair and regeneration mode of your skin, resulting in faster healing.

Avoiding soap is one of the best ways men can keep their faces clean and healthy. Most soaps have chemicals in them that may strip off your skin’s natural moisture, resulting in dry skin. It is common sense that the main reason for dry skin is lost moisture.

Men should instead use a gentle cleanser free from dyes or fragrances to avoid irritating their sensitive skin and reduce excess oil! This will also help get rid of excess sebum produced by sebaceous glands.

2) Wash your face at least twice a day with warm water, but do not overdo it by scrubbing too hard.

The reason for cleaning your face twice a day is because it will remove any dirt and sweat from your face. However, you should not scrub too hard as you might irritate the skin, which causes redness and flushing. Cleaning your face can also happen when bathing, which saves time.

Remember that too much of something is not good either. For example, research has proved that washing the face multiple times a day makes the skin drier and dull by stripping off its natural oils, which is not a good sign if you try to have clearer skin.

Find the right time and frequency to wash your face depending on your skin type- like men with dry skin should follow a skincare routine that requires washing your face only 1-2 times a day.

3) Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, E, and zinc for better skin health.

Just like how eating healthy can result in glowing skin for women, the same rule applies to men. A healthy diet is a key to solving almost all problems.

Vitamins A and E are highly beneficial for fighting free radicals in your body which cause damage to cells in your skin. The best way you can eat these vitamins is by consuming plenty of carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, or any other food rich in Vitamin E! Eating foods in a balanced diet is also an essential part of your skincare routine!

As for vitamin C- this nutrient works well with zinc, too, because they both help strengthen our immune system against bacterial infections that may affect our skin’s health due to acne breakouts. It also helps in reducing excess sugar from the body, ultimately reducing blood sugar levels.

So how do you get more vitamin C?

Put down those oranges and try some bell peppers instead! Then, you will not regret trying out something new if it means having better skin health. (this doesn’t mean you stop eating fruits because vitamin c helps reduce blood sugar!)

Add more garlic to your diet for better skin health!

Garlic is good for treating acne, pimples, and other skin infections that can cause blemishes or spots on the face. Garlic contains certain enzymes that kill harmful bacteria in our bodies which causes these skin problems when they get trapped inside the clogged pores of the skin. It also helps keep it clean by removing dead skin cells from its surface.

For how long will you have to consume garlic?

Well, this depends entirely on how much you eat every day but do not go overboard if possible because too much consumption may lead to bad breath or body odor due to excess production of sweat! If you are concerned about how often men should take garlic supplements, then consume around 500mg twice a day.

4) Try drinking at least two liters of water every day to keep the skin hydrated.

This tip on getting good skin for men is extremely easy and requires minimal effort! All you have to do is make sure that your body gets the right amount of water every day and stays hydrated. Drinking more water is an essential step in the skincare routine for men.

There are many benefits of staying hydrated-

  • More Water helps flush out toxins in our system,
  • Keeps us hydrated throughout the day,
  • Boosts metabolism due to increased blood circulation, which leads to healthier cells on a cellular level, etc.

So how much water should we drink?

Simply put: as much as possible without going overboard because excess intake may lead to an increase in urinary frequency or having other problems related to fluid balance inside our bodies!

If you want something more precise, then aim at around two liters each day, but this does not include coffee or other beverages apart from the water!

5) Do not use harsh scrubs or any other products that contain harsh chemicals.

Scrubs are suitable for the body, but we have a different story to tell you about how they affect our skin.

Scrubs can cause damage and irritation if they do not suit your skin type, resulting in redness and flushing of the face due to increased blood flow towards the surface of the epidermis. If you already experience problems like this with even subtle changes in temperature (like how men flush after consuming alcohol), avoid using them at all costs because no scrub will help improve these symptoms! On the contrary, it might worsen by irritating your skin further instead and causing permanent scarring.

So how should men exfoliate their skin?

The best way to get clear skin for men is by using an exfoliating cleanser instead that is good for different skin types. Do not buy any product until you try it out first- this applies even if the seller says it’s suitable for your skin type! Find out your skin type and then find the best product for you.

These products contain chemicals that may cause irritation or other symptoms like itching and peel on the face, especially near sensitive areas like around the eye area, where excessive scratching can lead to infection or scarring. In addition, some people might think that gentle scrubbing will take care of dead skin cells, but this could be harmful too because rubbing has been known to damage healthy tissues.

So how should we remove those dirt particles without causing further harm?

Well! Use your hands or a soft cloth to remove the face’s dirt and dead skin cells gently. This will cover the issues mentioned above and make sure you still have healthy and good skin!

6) Don’t be too harsh on your face, as it will result in dryness and irritation.

This tip on achieving clear skin for men does not sound like much, but it requires a lot of patience and discipline to follow.

All you have to do is make sure that you don’t scrub your face too hard because this will almost always lead to irritation or dryness, resulting in flaking, peeling, red patches on the surface of the epidermis (which look bad), etc.

All these symptoms are avoidable if only one would know-how!

So how can we be less harsh? Instead of using facial scrubs with granules, try an exfoliating facial cleanser instead- most products available nowadays contain chemicals that remove dead surface cells gently without any side effects apart from fresher-looking skin!

7) Avoid using scented soaps or shower gels that might have harmful chemicals for clearer skin.

Most people love wearing perfumes because they smell nice, but be aware of how much perfume you’re wearing daily as some fragrances may contain harsh chemicals that could worsen existing acne if men do not want to deal with them anymore!

8) Use a moisturizer twice daily after you wash your face.

An important tip for getting clear skin is to use a light or medium weight face cream that will help their facial hair grow thicker while also providing nourishment to maintain healthy-looking skin at the same time!

It’s best if you choose an unscented moisturizer because scented ones might irritate your sensitive skin even more than usual, which may cause redness or flushing too. Using heavy creams can make your pores look more prominent as well. 

Check out our blog on the best face moisturizers for men to help you choose the right one! We have also discussed how moisturizing works in the above blog, and it will be good to know that.

9) Apply Sunscreen Regularly

Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen because it will protect you from harmful UV rays, which can cause premature signs of aging and other skin problems like acne or pigmentation.

The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, which helps keep our bones healthy and strong, but too much exposure can cause severe damage to the skin as it speeds up how fast we age. It may also make you look older than usual with wrinkles, dark spots, or even worse conditions like cancerous growths on the face that are extremely difficult to treat later in life!

So how do you avoid this?

Well for one thing- men should always wear sunscreen with SPF 15+ before going out into direct sunlight, even if they have darker complexions because their skins might be more sensitive compared with women who need a smaller SPF rating. This is how you can prevent skin cancer and other harmful conditions like sunburns or epidermis dehydration.

These days there are sunscreens with moisturizing capabilities, ensuring 2 in 1 functionality.

10) Use gentle cleansers that are free of dyes or fragrances to avoid irritating the skin even more.

If you’re asking how to get clear skin, then here is a tip for all of you.

Try using gentle cleansers instead that don’t have any harsh chemicals or fragrances because these could cause unnecessary irritation, redness, and flushing on your face, which might make matters even worse! Make sure they are pH-balanced, too, so your complexion won’t get damaged from using them. Gentle cleansers that are right for your skin help unclog pores and solve multiple skin problems.

Most men who face skin irritation issues often find relief when using gentle and dye-free products while helping moisturize their skin.

11) Do not pick at pimples, as this could result in scarring! Instead, get professional help if needed to get rid of stubborn zits.

Getting acne-free skin is important for both men and women, but men have it harder because their facial hair follicles are larger than those on most women’s cheeks. Men also have ingrown hairs, which make a major difference.

So how do you get rid of them?

First off, we need to understand how they form to stop them from appearing again in the future.

Pimples with a white head are due to inflammation of ingrown hair follicles with pus underneath, so popping them can lead to scarring you don’t want! So how do you prevent this from happening?

Well- it’s best if you use an all-natural acne treatment that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients. This is how you can get rid of pimples fast, but it’s essential to be persistent and patient because they may come back again in the future if how to remove them properly isn’t followed!

Apply ice cubes on your face before doing anything else when struggling to reduce the size of your pores. Some people think that hot water is best for removing dirt and treating oily skin, but the cold will temporarily close up the opening, reducing the redness.

12) Control Stress

Keep a check on how much stress you’re under since chronic anxiety is known to worsen existing skin conditions like acne breakouts, redness, flushing, etc., so try meditating daily for clear skin.

According to research, stress has been linked to worsening of pimples scars (hyperpigmentation) which is the last thing you want! So instead, the goal is to improve the existing skin condition by reducing stress.

A simple solution is to get enough sleep and spend some time meditation every day.


1. How can I get clear skin permanently?

Firstly, you should always remember that this good skin isn’t something that happens overnight, so be patient with the process. It’s important for you to first know the steps required to have clear and skin and then practice them on daily basis. Wearing sunscreen every day is an example of good practice.

2. How do I get rid of acne and how to clear acne fast?

First things first- always remember that you should use only all-natural acne-prone skin treatment products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients. This is how you can get rid of zits and pimples fast without leaving any scars behind, but it’s important to be patient because they may come back in the future!

3. Why do men have better skin than women?

There are differences in how men and women take care of their skin. Men’s skin has larger facial hair follicles (also ingrown hairs) than most females’ cheeks, so they are more prone to getting worse acne breakouts! Men also suffer from razor bumps which makes a difference. However- there’s no need for you not to enjoy clear skin because it is possible with the above tips.


If you want to make sure that you have clear skin, you must follow the skincare tips for men mentioned above. This helps you make your skin clear and stay healthy! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables while staying hydrated is the most critical piece of advice.

It’s all about how much effort and patience one puts into the process because this isn’t something that happens overnight, so be patient with yourself.


Published Date: Dec 13, 2021

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