How is men’s skin different than women’s?

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The answer is yes.  There are factors to justify the difference between male and female skincare products.  Also, there are reasons why men require different skincare products.  Both differences and reasons will answer why men’s skincare is different than women’s. Also, it will help you choose the right skincare products for yourself.

So let’s know Is Men’s Skin Care Different Than Women’s?

Is Men’s Skin Care Different Than Women’s?

men's skin vs. women skin

Since there is a gender difference, there has to be a difference in skin.  Besides, testosterone levels are one of the crucial factors that determine masculinity.  The factors mentioned in the section help you know the actual differences between both males’ and females’ skin.

Thickness of Skin

According to the Eucerin, men’s skin is 20-25% thicker than women’s.  High testosterone levels are one of the reasons for thicker skin, which we will discuss in a while.  Besides, it delays forming wrinkles in men and also fewer fine lines than in women.  Cheers! You look younger for more years than your counterpart.

Facial Hair

Facial hair is another factor that differentiates men from women.  Again, the reason is testosterone levels that promote facial hair growth.  Here, shaving plays a crucial role since it can offer both favourable and unfavourable results.  From irritation to hypersensitivity and redness to dryness, men need to be prepared for everything.

It happens because shaving peels off the top layer of the skin, which makes the skin vulnerable.  Therefore, you must apply skincare products infused with Vitamin A since it strengthens the skin’s barrier and boosts the skin cells’ renewal process.

Testosterone & Estrogen Levels

Testosterone level is responsible for masculine characteristics and also oily skin.  Another reason for oily skin is men have larger pores that spike up the flow of sebum production.  Read on to learn about how to minimize your skin pores?

Now that when the skin produces more sebum, it becomes difficult to remove dead skin cells.  That’s where you must look for face cleansers packed with salicylic acid for men.  Similarly, Estrogen levels play a developmental role in women’s skin.

Skin’s PH Levels

The skin’s outermost layer of skin – the skin barrier – is composed of natural oils, or the skin’s natural fluid and peptides. This creates skin-based acidity, which will hover between 6 o’clock. Anything higher and the skin will be drier than the surface of the lasagna; something low and the skin will be greasy and uneven.

Ceramides and fatty acids are key to healthy skin. Men have higher acne cases because their pH is low. On the positive side, however, their skin wall is stronger and more likely to keep the moisture intact.

Skin Texture

It is a bitter truth that male skin texture is rougher due to facial hair and shaving.  Women, on the other hand, have soft and smooth skin.  Besides, men often neglect their skincare routine, which deters skin health.


Men’s skin consists of bigger pores and produces more sebum than women’s.  It makes skin oilier and irritative.  Here higher levels of testosterone equally contribute to making men’s skin oilier and different women’s. 

Besides, daily shaving makes men’s skin more sensitive since it involves regular peeling off the skin’s surface.  Since male skin is vulnerable to UV rays, there is a high risk of skin aging and in rare cases, skin cancer.


The skin hydration level in men is higher than in women, and the reason is the presence of lactic acid.  The same acid can retain moisture levels.  Lactic acid is also one of the reasons why men sweat more than their counterparts.  Overall, it leaves your skin hydrated, which is essential when you are spending most of the time in the sun.

Skin Aging Process

Men look younger for more years, meaning the skin slowly starts showing aging signs, such as wrinkles and fine lines.  Once a man’s skin starts showing such signs, it gets frequent.  Men may also notice saggy skin paired up with eye puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.  If such things happen, you must start using skincare products infused with Retinol.

Sebum Oil Production

Men have larger skin pores that release toxins, sweat, and oil.  The oil is released due to active oil glands in men than in women’s skin.  Due to over-sebum production, you might even feel shinier and oilier skin. 

Also, sebum production in men doesn’t decrease as it does in women.  It also means that your skin will be producing the same amount of sebum oil even when you turn 50 or 60.

Collagen Production

Men’s skin has more collagen levels than women’s, which is why they look younger for more years.  Also, the collagen level doesn’t decrease dramatically, which women notice after their menopause. 

Moreover, it’s been said that a woman’s skin is 15 years older than a man’s skin of the same age.  However, men fail to take skincare regimens seriously, which is why they might notice early signs of aging than their counterparts.

Now that you know that men and women need different skincare treatments, let’s know the factors affecting when choosing men’s skincare products.

How to Choose Men’s Skincare Products?

Before buying men’s skincare sets, you must see whether the brands address the following issues:

Adult Acne

Clogged pores and more oil cause adult acne.  Here women’s skincare products are useless since they mostly cater to sensitive skin.  On the other hand, men’s skin needs stronger ingredients that thoroughly cleanse skin pores and prevent adult acne.  You can use face scrub for men who are great at exfoliating and removing all the unwanted stuff from pores, making them clean and clear.


Thicker skin with larger hair follicles can welcome ingrown hairs, razor burns, and razor bumps.  In such cases, you are required to wash your face with the best face cleanser for men before you shave.  Or else, you can even use a face scrub to lift the shorter hairs to prevent ingrown hairs and gain a closer shave.

Environmental stressors

Since you have thicker skin and are exposed to external impurities, it’s important to protect and prevent them.  Also, you want something oil-free, and lightweight so that it doesn’t end up making your skin too oily. 

Lastly, you will also need something that protects your skin from the sun’s rays.  In our opinion, a face moisturizer for men could be one of the all-in-one products to address multiple skin concerns.

So these are the factors you must know before buying men’s skincare products.  Now that you are about to add skincare products to your bathroom shelves, let us share a few tips with you.

6 Effective Skin Care Tips for Men

  • Buy quality products from recognized brands to achieve an amazing experience
  • Use alcohol-free cleanser post-shave
  • Always use a fresh razor blade to shave
  • Add face cleanser and moisturizer to your grooming routine
  • Ensure that you apply sunscreen as and when you go outside
  • Stay hydrated

So that’s all about the difference between both genders’ skin, decisive factors, and skincare tips. If you still have questions, keep reading the next question.


1. What men should avoid?

You must avoid menthol, denatured alcohol, eucalyptus, and peppermint since these essential oils can irritate skin. Also, if you are having sensitive skin, you must use fragrance-free products. Besides, you must avoid using face scrubs that may tear your skin and can make it rough. Other than this, when you shave, you must wash your face with warm water and hot. Shave your beard area at the end of the shower when it is hydrated.

2. Do men produce more or less collagen?

Men produce more collagen, irrespective of age group, which means more years of a youthful look. However, once the skin starts to age, it quickly makes male skin look older.

3. What is the difference between man and woman skin?

The difference between men’s and women’s skin is the thickness, collagen production, and denseness. Men tend to have thicker skin than women.

4. What are some common skincare concerns for men?

Men often struggle with issues like burn, ingrown hairs, excess oil production, and sun damage. Adapting a skincare routine to address these concerns can help them to improve the overall health and appearance of men’s skin.

5. Is sunscreen important for men?

Absolutely. Sunscreen is essential for everyone, regardless of gender, to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. Men should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply it every two hours when outdoors.


Men tend to have thicker skin and more collagen, which is why a man’s skin needs products that are specially formulated than women’s products.  Bringing a few lifestyle changes could bring a lot of differences in your skin to women of the same age.

It’s time to put women’s products on another side of the bathroom shelf and start trusting men’s skincare brands.  So that’s all from our side.  You can share your story with us like which men’s product you find convenient and what changes did you notice after using it.


Published Date: Feb 7, 2024

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