Huron Skincare Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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The men’s grooming industry includes ample skincare brands.  But can you rely on their products?  Do the products provide desirable results? Most importantly, are the products made of natural ingredients?

Only a few brands do.

Huron is one of the men’s skincare brands that stepped into the market just a few years ago.  Nevertheless, it still received a lot of recognition from customers around the globe.

The reasons are simple product lineup, natural ingredients, and affordable price tag.

So let’s know in detail about Huron skincare review, its products, and how they benefit you.

Huron’s Inception

Founded by Matt Mullenax and Matt Teri in 2018, the brand aims to offer personal care products that are free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, silicones, and additives.  Matt  Mullenax met Matt Teri, who already had hands-on experience in crafting personal care products.

Matt Teri is the man behind the success of The Estee Lauder Companies, Tom Ford, and the Lab series.  He developed products at Huron with utmost care and no overpowering scents.

Besides, they also ensure that all their products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.  On top of it, the packaging of all their products is 100% recyclable.

Lastly, the main reason why we considered Huron is its authenticity and efficacy, which can be determined from the ingredients and after using their products.

So let’s know what Huron has to display within their boxes.

Unboxing Huron Products- Huron Skincare Review

Huron Face Wash

Quantity: 5.1 Fluid Ounces

Bottle Type: Squeeze Tube

Huron Face Moisturizer

Quantity: 3.4 Fluid Ounces

Bottle Type: Squeeze Tube

Huron Body Wash

Quantity: 32 Fluid Ounces

Bottle Type: Pump-based

Huron Eye Stick

Quantity: 0.5 Fluid Ounces

Bottle Type: Roll-on

Huron The Hair Duo

Quantity: 11.7 Fluid Ounces

Bottle Type: Squeeze Bottle

Huron Face Wash

While most face washes even fail to perform their primary job of deep cleansing, this Huron face wash acts as a multi-action creamy cleanser.

What does this mean?

It means the face wash cleanses and exfoliates your skin and helps you get rid of dead cells, dirt, and debris.

Don’t worry. It won’t aggressively scour your skin till it turns red or dry (remembering one of our teammates’ experiences with a harsh exfoliator).  After washing your face with this face wash, you will receive soft, supple, and smooth skin.

All thanks to the bamboo powder that acts as a mild exfoliator to unclog pores.  Plus, the presence of aloe vera calms your skin.  Apart from this, it even includes fruit enzymes that boost the cell turnover ratio, which results in smoother and better skin.

Besides, you might even feel a cooling effect with this white, opaque creamy face wash, which happens because of peppermint oil.  The same ingredient is the reason for citrus and invigorating fragrance.

Taking selfies or dressing up for a date or meeting would be cheerful after washing your face with this Huron face wash.  Plus, you don’t require too much quantity to use, which means it saves your long-run ownership cost.

  • Gentle and effective
  • Moisturizes dry skin
  • Smells great
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Not a travel-friendly face wash

So this is all about Huron’s face wash review.  Let’s now move forward to another men’s care product that takes care of dry skin.

Huron Face Lotion

Are you facing skin issues like fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles?  

These can be signs that your skin needs some extra moisturizing. If not treated right, your skin may become rougher and develop cracks with time. 

Solution – Simple! Use a face lotion

Using a face lotion makes your skin healthy and moisturized.  But consistency is very important. Too runny and you end up with sticky, oily skin. If too thick, it might make you feel bloated.

That‘s where Huron’s face lotion comes to the rescue. It absorbs quickly without putting in much effort, unlike vaseline or ponds.

We find no better face lotion than Huron’s which is packed with quality ingredients:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Maintains skin’s moisture barrier
  • Glycerin: Seals water and makes your skin smooth and supple
  • Silica: Offers the mattified look and makes your skin shine-free
  • Hydrolyzed Rhodophyceae:  Prevents attack of environmental pollutants
  • Saccharide Isomerate: Moisturize your skin for a longer time

Just like face wash, the face lotion also contains peppermint oil, so be ready to feel the ice gliding on your skin.

Lastly, you can expect more than 72 hours of moisturization from this face lotion, which is huge if we compare it with other products.  

  • Soft and moisturized skin
  • No more signs of aging
  • No inclusion of harmful chemicals
  • Absorbs quickly
  • No greasy residue
  • Less quantity

Just like face wash, we end our Huron face lotion review.   Now let’s see how you can make your bathing routine quick, time-saving, and cost-effective.

Huron Body Wash

You might have seen tricky names in your body wash, which is nothing but a blend of chemicals.  Since you are applying to your body, you must use something that is all-natural and does not cause harm to your skin.

Huron body wash is where you must invest your money since it contains no harsh chemicals and is affordable, too.

For us, the Huron body wash has become an integral part of our shower routine.  The body wash is simple and straightforward.

Huron’s body washes effortlessly and cleans your skin without leaving a greasy residue during or post-shower.  Also, you may receive a compliment from your partner as soon as you step out of the bathroom for such an invigorating fragrance.  You can thank Huron for including menthol and eucalyptus.

The other ingredients that play a crucial role in this body wash are:

  • Witch Hazel: Kills odor-causing bacteria
  • Coconut Oil: Nourishes and locks in moisture
  • Ginseng Root Extract: Enhance skin appearance and texture
  • Vitamin E: Eliminates fine lines, and wrinkles, and makes you look younger

The last but not the least thing about Huron body wash that will leave a lasting impression is its consistency.  The gel-based texture quickly creates lather and brings a world of difference to your skin.

What might urge you to think twice when it comes to buying this body wash is the price tag.  Amongst the 2 products we reviewed previously and the one we will review next, this one is pricier.  But the benefit is you get quite a good quantity as compared to others – what else do you want?

  • Relieves skin irritation
  • Makes skin smooth
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Easy to dispense off
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Quite expensive
  • Not a travel-friendly product

Since you have seen all the high-quality products, why leave an eye stick behind?  After all, it is an important part of men’s grooming and skincare routine.  You don’t want to start your day with dark spots and dull eyes, right?  Read on to know more about the quality product for your under-eye hassles.

Huron Eye Stick 2.0

Unlike the other skincare products, this one’s application process is quite simple and quick.  The Eye Stick 2.0 comes with a rollerball applicator that just requires you to swipe and go.

The process looks simpler and the benefits are major.  The contributors to the benefits are:

  • Moringa Seed Oil: Vitamin-rich oil ensures sufficient moisture
  • Snow Mushroom: Hydrates and moisturizes
  • Caffeine: Banish dark circles
  • Triluronic Acid: Hydrates from roots
  • Persian Silk: Reduces puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles

Right-swiping on Tinder may not find you a perfect match but swiping this eye serum left and right for a few minutes under your eyes for 2 months will definitely get rid of dark circles and puffiness.

Huron calls it a real eye-opener since it does what many popular brands fail to do within a short time.  We call it a quick, affordable, and effective eye stick that best suits any man’s skin type.

  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Easy to use
  • Quick results
  • No intervention of hands
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Less quantity
  • No idea for the quantity left

Huron The Hair Duo

Are you suffering from hair breakage, frizziness, dullness, or rough hair?

Your hair and scalp need nourishment to bring back the lost shine.

The Hair Duo includes shampoo and conditioner that uplifts men’s care for hair.  Just like skincare products, this one also does not contain bad chemicals.

We will explain both the products one by one.

The shampoo by Huron is actually a treat for your hair when it comes to using quality products.  No matter if your hair is oily or sweaty, this shower companion will wash away everything.  Even if your hair smells bad due to constant travelling or exposure to external pollutants, washing hair with this premium product makes it odour-free.

Besides, if you frequently shampoo your hair, it can even reduce the chances of buildup happening on your scalp.  Ultimately, it reduces itchiness and flakiness.  Moreover, whatever hair length you have, this shampoo does a great job of washing, hydrating, and nourishing your hair.

On the other hand, the counterpart of the shampoo is another gem of hair care products.  The conditioner is what you will love the most after Huron’s shampoo since it helps restore the shine, volume, and moisture to dry and frizzy hair.

All thanks to:

  • Shea Butter:  Takes care of your hair’s moisturization and nourishment
  • Argan Oil: Brings back the lost shine to dry, rough, and frizzy hair
  • Panthenol: Retains moisture for a longer time
  • Wheat Protein: Repairs damaged hair and boost hair growth
  • Biotin: Adds volume and thickness

Adding both products to the shower routine will ensure quality and next-level results.  The dry, coarse, and frizzy hair will be a thing of the past.  

Along with silky, strong, and soft hair, you will also receive compliments from your partner for invigorating, citrusy, and aromatic fragrance.  So be ready to outshine yourself.

Now that you know about hair and skin care products, let’s know the policy of Huron.

Return, Refund, and Shipping Policy

According to the Huron website, it does not ship its products outside the USA.

Talking about within the USA, Huron delivers free shipping on orders over $35.  It means that orders less than $35 will require to pay shipping charges that may depend on the destination.

For any product(s) that you don’t like or aren’t satisfied with, you can return it within 30-days orders.  In the case of Eye Stick 2.0, Huron offers 60 days (extended 30 days) since it starts showing results after 2 months.  Even after that, if you feel it’s not worth your investment, you can place a request for a refund.



1. Is Huron a good body wash?

Yes. Huron body wash is incredibly well and does a great job at detoxifying. The quality of body wash is premium and at the same time, it is cruelty-free.

2. How does Huron’s subscription program work?

You can anytime enter into a subscription program. Once you subscribe to Huron, you get several benefits, such as 15% off on all orders, special gifts, alerts, and new product(s) reminders.

3. Are there any kits or combo products?

Yes. Huron offers different kits, and it gets updated with the time. Currently, the company offers a shower kit, a bigger 3 kit, and a jumbo shower kit. You can go through the company’s site to know about them and buy according to your preference.

4. Bar soap or body wash: what shall I use?

Both body washes and bar soaps work incredibly well. It depends on personal preference and budget. Frequent travelers prefer bar soaps since it is travel-friendly and doesn’t reserve much place in luggage. On the other hand, there are men who choose body wash to save time in a busy schedule.

5. Are Huron products all natural?

Huron Skincare Products is where you must invest your money since it contains no harsh chemicals and is affordable, too. All natural ingredients includes – Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Fruit Enzymes and many more. Since you are applying this product on your body, you must use something that is all-natural and does not cause harm to your skin.


Huron is one such brand that literally won our hearts.  The mission of both founders (Matt Teri and Matt Mullenax) was to deliver high-performing, premium products at pocket-friendly price tags.  From its packaging to its ingredients, the brand is not involved in harming either your body or the environment.

In our opinion, paying premium prices is not the solution to get premium products.  You must know what is the best and what it includes.  Huron is where you can put your money in and enjoy the luxury.

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Published Date: Mar 28, 2024

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