How to Use Mustache Wax in 6 Quick Steps?

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What if we tell you to look at your dream mustache style for the last time?

Because after reading this guide on how to use mustache wax, you would sport it in real life.  Maybe the next Instagram post of yours (flaunting mustache style) would break the records of likes.

To make it happen, you must know the mustache style. Now that you already know which mustache style you want to flaunt, you are halfway through the goal. The next issue is which mustache wax to use, and are the substitutes like gels safe?

Lastly, you must familiarize yourself with the time frame the wax holds a mustache.  It helps you to know when to remove or recoat.  Considering all this, we have written this article by clubbing all the essential information.

So, get through the first two sections, pick your mustache wax, and start styling.

Choose the Correct Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is a beard hair care product made explicitly for styling your facial hair on upper lips. So whether you want to wear a horseshoe or handlebar mustache, the wax makes it possible.

So how does it work? What does it include? Just keep reading to know everything about mustache wax.


Mustache wax should be made up of natural ingredients.  It should include shea butter, beeswax, babassu, argan oil, and other organic ingredients.  The avoidable ingredients are additives, synthetics, and chemicals.


Mustache wax is made to hold your facial hair strand in your desired way.  That’s you must look for a holding quality whenever you buy mustache wax.  There are three types of hold:

  • Light Hold: Good for short beards
  • Medium Hold: Best for long beards
  • Strong Hold: Ideal for tough mustache styles


As discussed earlier, there should be no compromise with the quality, irrespective of products.  You can simply pick any product and apply it to your face.  It might not cause any damage in the short term, but there is a big risk in the long term.


The scent is a factor that many men like and many might not because there can be ample reasons.  It could be because it cannot withstand. After all, it clashes with your colognes.


If you have a white beard, then getting stains on white facial hair is common.  But what if you have coloring facial hair? Would it still get stained?  Yes, your mustache hair might get stained, so always choose moustache wax matching your stache color.

So that’s how you would pick the right moustache wax matching your style.  Now that you know what is required let’s know the proper application method.

How to Use Mustache Wax Properly? (Mustache Style Wise Application)

how to use mustache wax

Firstly, we will tell you a general way of moustache wax application. And then, we will move on to specific mustache styles and techniques.

So, let’s unveil the steps.

1: Melt Your Moustache Wax

Since the moustache wax has thick and very hard consistency, it requires melting to apply evenly.  To prepare moustache wax for application here is what you can do:

  • Carry It Everywhere You Go

Mustache waxes come in tiny tins that are pocket-friendly, both in terms of budget and size.  Carrying beard mustache wax everywhere you go makes it softer to apply since it melts due to the body’s heat.  The wax for the mustache comes in a water-resistant and stainless steel metal.

  • Place the Stache Wax Tin Under Warm Water

Another method is to warm the wax by placing the closed mustache wax tin under running warm water or a warm vent.  It will quickly melt mustache wax, and you would be able to apply it.

  • Blow Dry Your Moustache Wax

Lastly, you can even use a hairdryer to melt the mustache wax.  For blow-drying, set the hairdryer at the lowest heat setting and warm it up.

2: Application Method

Just when you are ready with the melted moustache wax, the application time begins.

Step 1: Scoop Out

Scrape out a small amount with your index finger and thumb.

Step 2: Make it Pliable

Once you scoop out the right amount, the next step is warming the wax.  Simply rub the wax between your thumb and index finger.  Keep doing until you feel it is soft and malleable so that you can execute the final step.

Step 3: Try Different Moustache Styles

Here you will know the right way of using mustache wax.  Styling, sporting, and applying moustache wax would not be rocket science once you learn how to do it.  So let’s discuss different styles:

Handlebar MustacheStrong Hold Moustache Wax
Horseshoe MustacheMedium Hold Mustache Wax
Cowboy MustacheMedium Hold Mustache Wax
Fu Manchu MustacheStrong Hold Mustache Wax
Walrus MustacheMedium Hold Wax

Now that you know which mustache styles require what type of hold, let’s know how to wear such styles.

Step 4: Apply Moustache Wax Evenly

Now start applying from the philtrum (the middle part of your upper lip) of the mustache to outwards.  Make sure every mustache hair (unruly or thick) has wax on it.  For this purpose, you can even use the fingers of both hands.

Step 5: Remove Excess Wax

Undeniably, there will be clumps of wax on the mustache that you must remove.  Ignoring that will not give you a decent mustache style.  Make sure your mustache is clump-free.  You can make a moustache comb for combing and removing those clumps.

Step 6: Reapply Throughout The Day

It is the step that comes into the picture when you notice the mustache hairs going off the route or are not in shape.  If you find such things, then re-apply mustache wax and shape it back to the style.

Now that you are pro in applying mustache wax let’s know whether to remove moustache waxes or not?

Should You Remove Or Recoat Moustache Wax?

You must re-apply the wax for the mustache throughout the day post-lunch and dinner.  One of the reasons is it fails to keep your mustache hair strands intact.  The waxed mustaches stay in shape for as long as they do not come into contact with water or humid temperature.

Remove your moustache only at the end of the day.  Here are the two quick ways to remove and mustache wax.

Beard Wash

A few years ago, men used to not remove beard and mustache wax, which eventually attracts build-up and clog skin pores.  At that time, hot soapy water was considered for this task, but it has caused a lot of damage to the upper lip bristle.  For instance, it causes dryness, split ends, and beard itching.

Moustache Wax Remover

The process of removing moustache wax becomes a cakewalk when you use a wax remover.  When removing, you must apply a coat for every hair strand with the remover.  The remover will loosen the wax and make the washing process easier.  After washing, use a mustache comb to make your full beard uniform.

That’s how you will reapply and remove when required.  Apart from this, one last but not the least thing to take into consideration is effective tips.  These tips will help to wax mustaches worth.

Do’s & Don’ts Related to Moustache Wax Application


1. Be Gentle When Applying Wax

Since the strands are delicate, they are just a pull away from detaching. So make sure you remain gentle when applying and do not start rubbing rigorously. It may pull out hairs from your upper lips.

2. Do Make Yourself Familiar With Mustache Waxing

Before applying it is important for one to every single detail about moustache wax. That’s where this article helps you. Making yourself updated with the consistency and type of moustache wax to use for a particular style solves half the problem.

3. Do Make Use Of Quality Beard Care Products

Making sure that you are using quality beard hair products is your primary duty. Since you are at Tomfw, you don’t need to worry about quality product suggestions. Talking about moustache wax, it should be made with pure beeswax, shea butter, carrier, and essential oils.


1. Don’t Apply Beard Oil or Any Other Oils

Mustache waxes start to lose in oils, which is why it is advisable to not apply beard oil or any other forms of oils before using mustache wax. If you apply oil and then moustache wax, there are high chances you won’t receive desired results. Also, doing so can leave a sticky residue.

2. Don’t Build Hypothetical Expectations

Are you thinking of growing a grizzly moustache? Then you must keep patience since it is not going to grow overnight. It takes almost 2 to 3 months to grow full facial hair.

So these are a few common mistakes you must keep an eye on to not let your investment go in vain.  If you still have any questions, you can continue reading or can start styling your facial hair on your upper lips.


  1. What Is The Difference Between Beard And Moustache Wax?

    Both beard and mustahce waxes have similar ingredients but are different when it comes to application. Moustache waxes are specifically made to tame whiskers on upper lips, while beard waxes cater to the rest of the facial hair.

  2. Which Are The Best Ingredients To Look For In Moustache Wax?

    Beeswax is the primary ingredient, followed by cocoa or shea butter. Besides, essential oils like sandalwood or peppermint could be a great deal in waxes for moustaches. All of them are natural and keep your whiskers healthy.

  3. What Is The Right Time To Apply Moustache Wax?

    Before stepping out of the house, you must style your stache. Another best time to coat your mustaches is when you feel the hair strands coming in your mouth or your partner’s when in close contact. If that happens, it even increases the chance of pulling or tugging out the hair.

  4. Does Moustache Wax Make Hair Thicker?

    Moustache waxes do not make hairs thicker, but they may make it look voluminous. Also, the best results are obtained when you start styling and controlling your stray hairs.


Beard grooming is easier than mustaches since you get a good area to style.  Plus, wearing different moustaches requires proper growth and training.  A slight knowledge of trimming would be a cherry on the cake.  With this, we end this article by using moustache wax to soften the curl and get the desired result.


Published Date: Feb 5, 2024

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