Best Mustache Wax Reviews to Hold Your Unruly Beard

Last Updated: 2021-07-25

by Jeel Patel

Facial hair is a sign of masculinity, and for some men, it is a reason for confidence.  You might notice unruly, coarse, stray, and stubborn hair that is difficult to manage.  And that’s why it becomes your duty to keep a check on your beard and mustache.  

It is not always advisable to cut down those whiskers; there are times when you need to shape and manage them in a particular direction.  For this, you must add the best mustache wax to your grooming kit.

Men often neglect taking care of their mustaches and focus on their beards.  Assuming it could be the reason for the popularity of beard products. That’s why we made up this guide to highlight the importance of the subject.

In this article, we will be reviewing different mustache waxes and their essential ingredients.  Also, a buyer’s guide through which you will be able to self review the product.  Apart from this, you will get to know how to apply the mustache wax that not every article will teach you.  Lastly, the importance of mustache wax and how it is different from others will be our concluding part.

Quick Comparison of the Best Mustache Waxes

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax 15g TinFisticuffs Mustache Wax
  • Hold: Light/Medium
  • Liquid Volume: 0.15 fl. Oz
  • Scent: Rosemary/Citrus
OUR CHOICEMustache Wax by Mountaineer Brand (2oz) | All-Natural Beeswax and Plant-Based Oils for Moustache | No Petroleum Chemicals | Original Cedar Fir ScentMountaineer Brand Mustache Wax
  • Hold: Light/Medium
  • Liquid Volume: 2 fl. Oz
  • Scent: Cedar
Fisticuffs Cigar Blend Strong Hold Mustache Wax 1 OZ. TinFisticuffs Cigar Blend Mustache Wax
  • Hold: Strong
  • Liquid Volume: 1 fl. Oz
  • Scent: Cigar
Original Death Grip Extra Strong Hold Mustache WaxDeath Grip Mustache Wax
  • Hold: Strong
  • Liquid Volume: 1 fl. Oz
  • Scent: Pine Aroma
Clubman Moustache Wax Hang Pack - Neutral, 0.5 ozClubman Mustache Wax
  • Hold: Strong
  • Liquid Volume: 0.5 fl. Oz
  • Scent: Citrus
Woody's Neutral Stache Wax, Quality Grooming for Men, Moisturizing, Adds Volume and Holds Firm, for Moustache, Sideburns and Beard, Contains Beeswax and Castor Oil, for All Skin Types, 0.5 oz.Woodsy Stache Wax
  • Hold: Medium/Strong
  • Liquid Volume: 0.5 fl. Oz
  • Scent: Light
Proraso Moustache Wax, 0.5 ozProraso Mustache Wax
  • Hold: Medium
  • Liquid Volume: 0.5 fl. Oz
  • Scent: Wood & Spice

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

Both newbies and experts prefer Fisticuffs mustache wax due to its function and fragrance.  Generally, a new entrant in the grooming world will look for an affordable product that delivers satisfactory results.

Mustaches waxes are known for their holding feature.  The stronger the hold, the higher chances of attracting men.  Fisticuffs mustache wax comes with a medium hold.  It is handcrafted to keep your mustache hair away from your mouth.  It lasts for a couple of hours, and then you need to reapply it.  One thing that we like is the versatility of the product. It is not limited to the mustache but can be applied to the beard as well.

This natural mustache wax is made of ingredients, such as tea tree oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax. However, the tin states some essential oils, which are unclear.  Also, the addition of petroleum jelly makes it an unnatural product.

The wax comes in a tin can of 15 grams.  With such a low-price, the quantity is a good deal.  Lastly, the citrus/rosemary scent is another reason to bag this mustache wax.  It is pleasant and not overwhelming.  However, it dissipates in an hour of application.

  • Travel-friendly product/li>
  • Handcrafted
  • Act as moisturizer
  • Not ideal for coarse mustache
  • Difficult to melt


Mountaineer Brand Mustache Wax

Unlike the above one, mountaineer brand mustache wax lasts long for quite a considerable time, offering you value for money.  Also, this natural mustache wax is made of natural ingredients.

Mountaineer brand mustache wax contains beeswax (primary ingredient for holding mustache) instead of petroleum jelly, which many brands use.  The hold may be superior to beeswax but is unsafe if accidentally consumed.  On the other hand, beeswax is not only safe, but it also smells great.

There are other scents as well like, Cedar and Pine.  It comes from Cedarwood and Fir needle oil.  And what makes them aromatic is the blend of Coconut and Almond oil.  Plus, the smell is pleasant and not overpowering.  Even the sensitive nasal would not have any problem with it.

While the Almond and Coconut oils act as hydrating agents to condition your mustache, the combination of beeswax with Coconut oil offers control without being greasy.  The tin can contains 2 ounces of neutral color mustache wax.  Many dark shade waxes interfere with the natural facial hair color and leave stains on it.  Mountaineer brand is safe to use and gets its job done by holding the mustache efficiently.

  • Blend of natural ingredients/li>
  • Light tint does not leave a stain
  • Mild & pleasant smell
  • Non-greasy, sticky, and waxy
  • Soft texture
  • No stronghold
  • Not ideal for hot and humid weather


Fisticuffs Cigar Blend Mustache Wax

Fisticuffs Cigar blend mustache wax offers a manly smell that every man would love to sniff.  It’s pleasant and mind-blowing, just like a damp forest.  It uses both beeswax and petroleum jelly, making it pliable to coat and keep your mustache in place the way you want.  It is designed to provide a stronghold that lasts long for a while, allowing you to reshape throughout the day.

Unlike hard to melt waxes, it is easy to emulsify and takes the least time in applying on the mustache.  The scent is one of the reasons why it attracts men.  The tea tree oil offers a minty and spicy aroma, and when blended with coconut oil and pine spreads a distinctive cigar scent.

And not only this, but it also contains jojoba oil that strengthens hair and makes it shinier.  There is a mixed bag of reviews.  For instance, some men feel it nicely tames and shapes the coarse hair.  On the other hand, a few groups of users were disappointed as it didn’t hold the mustache for the whole day.

Therefore, you can consider it for your unruly mustache hair only if you live in a colder climate.  Also, you can consider it as the best handlebar moustache wax as it requires a little bit to hold the mustache.

  • Capable of styling mustache/li>
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not ideal for hot climate conditions


Death Grip Mustache Wax

Death Grip Mustache Wax is a versatile product as it not only tames and shapes your unruly mustache but also strengthens, softens, and condition the mustache hair and skin underneath it.

It is designed to provide a stronghold that lasts a day and need not reapply.  You can count on it for being strong enough to hold your stache the entire day.  It raises a question; whether to use more amount or not?  Well, an almond or dime size is enough to wear your style the entire day.

It comes in a 1-ounce tin that will last for at least 2-3 months.  However, it requires heat to melt due to the stiffness of the wax.  There are multiple ways through which you can melt the wax: one is either by blow-drying or leaving it for a few hours under the sun, and the other is by placing the tin under hot water.

Apart from this, the pine scent is not overpowering and will make a pleasant aromatic environment for you.

  • Blend of natural ingredients/li>
  • Hold that last long
  • A small amount suffices
  • Difficult to melt
  • Sticky and greasy residue


Clubman Mustache Wax

The packaging and consistency make it stands different from other mustaches waxes.  While the tin is an ideal container in which the wax comes in, the Clubman uses tubes to fill it.  Also, the consistency of this wax is like a thick cream and not stiff.

With such creamy wax, you would be easily able to shape your mustache.  If you want a comb to shape, the wax offers that too.  Also, this mustache wax is easy to remove or wash off, unlike other solid waxes.

Unlike other waxes, Clubman mustache wax is easy to remove from the face.  You need water and soap to wash off the wax.  There is no need for an additional product for removing the wax.

The wax does its job of holding the unruly and wiry mustache amazingly well.  It will not require to reapply; just touch-ups during the day shapes it.  Lastly, the citrus fragrance is what you will love.  It is pleasant and beautiful.  Also, it is not overpowering, so there is no need to worry about irritation.  Therefore, you can consider it as the best mustache wax for holding your stache.

  • No hassle while washing off/li>
  • Non-greasy
  • Pleasant smell
  • Holds entire day
  • Not a good quality styling comb


Woodsy Stache Wax

This stache wax is designed to provide a medium hold.  It offers a natural look to the mustache, which many other brands fail to provide.  Also, it is easier to wash off, just like Clubman mustache wax.

It depends on you which type of mustache you want to wear.  A style that requires stiffness and gravity-defying lift would require a hold that beeswax-based wax offers.  Otherwise, for any mustache style, Woodsy stache wax is an ideal option.

The stache wax is lanolin-based and produces a soothing fragrance that you will love to sniff the entire day.  The company knows that anything overpowering or overbearing would not get the attention. It makes Woodsy a top-rated moustache wax on the list.

  • Decent fragrance/li>
  • Quickly shapes mustache
  • No major cons


Proraso Mustache Wax

Proraso mustache wax aims at offering flaw-free results to its users.  It is water-soluble, which means you won’t find trouble in washing it off. Plus, it is less messy, so there is no challenge in applying it as well.

The hold it offers is medium to light that remains the entire day without any compromise.  The aroma it produces is a blend of wood and spice that remains under your nose for the entire day.  It is pleasant and not overpowering.  

  • Easy to remove/li>
  • Pleasant smell
  • Water-soluble
  • No hassle in applying
  • Some users find the smell to be unpleasant


So, these are the best mustache wax reviews, out of which you can pick anyone for yourself.  Now, this will raise a question on what basis one should select a product.  Out of many factors, the essential requirement is ingredients, and to know more about it, check out our next section.

What are the Essential Ingredients of Mustache Wax?

Most of the high-quality mustache waxes use natural beeswax, petroleum jelly, shea butter, and carrier oils.  And the plant-based oils to add the scent to the wax.  The fragrance will stay under your nose throughout the day, so make sure you select a pleasant mustache wax scent.


Holding a mustache is impossible without using natural beeswax, and that’s what makes it the primary ingredient for mustache wax.  It is also known as a styling agent as it allows you to wear any type of mustache.  Plus, the viscosity seems to be quite thick, which means it becomes easy to store and apply to the mustache.

Along with the Beeswax, the pine sap is another styling agent that ensures a firm hold with fewer changes or re-application.

Petroleum Jelly

You may have found petroleum jelly in the moisturizing cream, but it also works amazingly well with beeswax.  The reasons for considering it for mustache wax are its easy availability, melting point, and mixing quality.

Even at the lowest temperature, you won’t find difficulty in melting and applying it.  Also, it will mix well with beeswax, offering you a stronger hold.  If you consider petroleum jelly-based mustache wax, then there’s no harm.  Also, it will well moisturize your skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a versatile ingredient, which most grooming product companies consider.  The fatty acids it contains makes sure that the skin is moisturized and nourished.  Also, it helps in reducing the skin inflammation that happens due to beardruff.

Furthermore, it makes sure that your mustache and skin underneath remain soft and smooth, especially if you have rough and dry skin.

Carrier Oils

Carries oils are a good source of moisture and nourishment to the hair follicles and skin beneath it.  You will find them mostly in beard oils and balms.  Why is it essential?  Because it delivers a sufficient amount of nourishment to long hair follicles that sebum oil would lack.

It relieves you from white flakes that lie on your facial hair and may become the reason for discomfort.  Also, it reduces the chances of your hair suffering from split ends.  

Plant-based oil

These oils benefit neither hair nor skin, but it makes you sniff a pleasant smell.  Yes, essential oils are the reason for the different scents.  And to make sure they aren’t overpowering, the brands select only specific plants.

Amongst thousands of essential oils, sandalwood, cedarwood, and pine are a few that smell good and pleasant.  We do suggest to stick to these scents only.  You are free to find different scents as well, such as citrus, lavender, and cinnamon.

Now that you know the core ingredients, you must also look at the other vital things that are equally important for mustache wax.

Things to Consider Before Buying Mustache Wax

Want to research on your own?  Here are a few points to consider before buying.  Go through them and save you money. 

mustache wax review

How well does it hold a mustache?

You are buying a moustache wax only for the reason that it will allow you to style your beard or mustache by holding it the way you want, right?  And anything that will droop your mustache is not at all worthy.

Always consider buying a stronghold wax as it will keep your mustache hairs in shape throughout the day.  The hold has three types: soft or light hold, medium hold, and strong or hard hold.

If you have a short but unruly beard or mustache, then buy a soft or light hold mustache wax.  On the other hand, for men who focus on styling their longer whiskers, a medium hold wax is an ideal option.  Lastly, a dusky mustache guy who wants to wear a handlebar mustache should apply strong or hard wax.

How much does a company trust the product?

Before a user, the company must trust the product.  It means you must know that if something happens, will the company take the necessary action?  Always remember, a company that guarantees or backs its products uses high-quality ingredients that are natural and harmless.

Many users prioritize or prefer brands that ensure quality.  And it is a good sign for someone who is planning to invest in grooming products for the first time.

Is the price considerable?

You must note that premium quality mustache waxes will cost you somewhere around $15 to $25.  So, consider this range to be ideal while buying a stronghold mustache wax.

Even the low-price mustache wax can also offer a similar hold if you consider only a few natural ingredients against all.

What fragrance should you consider?

It is a notable factor as many brands that claim to offer a pleasant smell turn out to be overbearing.  Also, you must not rely on the advertisement as they can mislead.  Therefore, you must go through the reviews and check for any negative comments on the product.

How do other users review it?

As said, the experience of the users matters a lot in your buying journey.  You must lookout for a product that has positive reviews from verified users.  Also, you must look for star ratings and consider that mustache wax that has higher ratings.

What ingredient does it contain?

Mustache wax is incomplete without ingredients, and you must verify them on the packaging.  Do not buy a product of the company that hides the ingredients section.  You never if it is natural or harmful.

Always consider the mustaches waxes that blend natural and organic ingredients that are safe to use.  You will never suffer from allergic reactions that you might with the synthetic ones.

How is the packaging?

Mustache waxes come in multiple packages, such as tin, tubes, and deodorants.  Now that depends on your preference, which suits your convenience.  If you are a traveler, then a tube packaging would be convenient.  Otherwise, any packaging is good.

After considering these points, you will be able to sort out the best mustache wax for yourself.  Now that you have made up your mind to buy it, you must see how to use it.

The Right Technique To Use Mustache Wax

If you are unaware of the process, then you must not think of a different mustache style. You need to get yourself compatible with the technique of applying mustache wax.  This way, you would be able to wear any mustache style.

So, let’s unveil the steps and treat your mustache just the way you treat yourself.

Step 1: Place The Wax Container In Hot Water

how to use mustache wax

If you bought a moustache wax that contains beeswax, then you will need heat to melt it.  For instance, you can place the mustache wax tin in hot water for a few minutes to let the wax melt.  Also, you can use a blow dryer that releases heat, which will soften the wax.  Another way is by spreading across your thumb, index, and tall man finger.  This way, the heat within your fingers can also soften the wax.

Step 2: Take A Dime Size

When should you wax your mustache?

Considering you melted the wax, you must now see the consistency of it. If it is pliable, then take a small amount and emulsify it across your fingers.

Step 3: Apply On Mustache

waxed mustaches

Now start applying from the philtrum of the mustache to outwards.  Make sure every mustache hair (unruly or thick) has wax on it.  For this purpose, you can even use the fingers of both hands.

Step 4: Remove Excess Wax

Undeniably, there will be clumps of wax on the mustache that you must remove.  Ignoring that will not give you a decent mustache style.  Make sure your mustache is clump-free.

Step 5: Reapply Throughout The Day

It is the step that comes into the picture when you notice the mustache hairs going off the route or are not in shape.  If you find such things, then reapply the wax and shape it back to the style.

Congratulations!  You now know every essential point about the mustache wax along with the process.  Now it’s time to break the notion about mustache wax and other similar grooming products.

Mustache Wax vs. Other Beard Care Products

Though all the grooming products (beard oil, balm, wax, and mustache wax) share similar ingredients, they cater to different purposes.  That’s why it’s vital to acknowledge the use of the products.

So, let’s know them individually.

Mustache Wax

First and foremost, mustache waxes cater to holding and shaping the unruly and astray hair.  Unlike other products, it contains beeswax that is the primary ingredient for molding and shaping your mustache hairs.

Additionally, it has other natural ingredients that you will find in beard oil and balm, but the quantity would not be the same.  You must understand that it isn’t a conditioner, so do not expect it to nourish your hair or skin beneath it.

Do not use the harmful chemical blend waxes that will primarily offer you the style but can harm your skin and hair follicles.  

The organic mustache wax will shape your curls in different directions, restricting them from entering your mouth, and also allow you to wear a stylish handlebar mustache.

With this, you must also know the essentials of mustache wax.

The primary thing to look for in mustache wax is the hold.  If the wax is unable to hold the hair, then it isn’t worthy.  You can pick a soft, medium, or stronghold mustache wax based on how coarse your hair is.

Lastly, the mustache wax color is something you should look after.  You cannot have a darker shade for your lighter mustache hair, and vice versa.

Beard Oil

It is one of the popular products that has won millions of hearts.  The key ingredients are a carrier and essential oils that make the skin nourished and soft.  Also, it hydrates and moisturizes, making it one of the versatile products as well.

Still, confused? Let’s know how it helps?

As soon as you notice facial hair sprouting up, the skin beneath it starts drying out.  It results in beard dandruff.  Here, beard oil bolsters your natural skin oil and eliminates skin issues.  Due to the absence of beeswax, it won’t stay in the shape that you want.  

So, it means the beard oil will only nourish and moisturize your facial hair and skin beneath it.  Apart from this job, it has nothing to do with your beard or mustache.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is both oil and wax, as along with essential and carrier oils, it also contains shea or cocoa butter.  Hence, it becomes ideal for the one who wants a lighter hold with nourishing benefits.

With a blend of butter, you will be able to hold your facial hair by combing, but it will only last for a couple of hours.  Combing unruly hair will direct them to a position, but if you want to restrict your hair from entering your mouth, beard balm is not the product.  In this case, either mustache wax or scissors can help you shape or trim unruly hair.

Beard Wax

Beard wax is something specifically designed for beard hair.  You can expect a thick consistency that tends to shape and mold your facial hair.  Along with keeping a check on unruly beard hair, it can also nourish, hydrate, and condition your hair and skin underneath.

The blend of essential oils and other agents make beard wax a versatile product.  Also, a commendable job that it does is, it can shape any beard, regardless of its size and length.  

For newbies, it is advisable to use beard wax from the beginning so that when the beard length increases, it stays in shape and control.

To summarize, beard oil reduces skin irritation and eliminates beardruff along with promoting hair growth.  On the other hand, both beard wax and beard balm allow you to style your facial mane.

Lastly, moustache wax stands apart from all the above products.  It takes care of the asst above the upper lip and controls the stubborn hair.


1. What is the best moustache wax?

The article contains a few of the best mustache wax, out of which you can pick anyone for yourself. To name a few, fisticuffs strong hold mustache wax, firehouse moustache wax, and death grip are the best quality waxes for the mustache.

2. What is the best wax for handlebar moustache?

Fisticuffs strong hold mustache wax is one of the best wax for handlebar mustache.

3. What is the best mustache wax for hot weather?

Clubman mustache wax is the best for hot weather, as it is not water-resistant and does not droop in the high temperature.

4. What are the handlebar mustache styling tips?

First of all, let the mustache grow fully, and do not consider trimming. Once you feel it is long enough, start combing it from the middle, i.e., philtrum. Comb regularly towards the right and left and direct your mustache accordingly. Start applying wax and twisting the ends. This way, you will be able to form a handle-like shape.

5. Which is the best smelling mustache wax?

Firehouse moustache wax, Fisticuffs cigar blend, mountaineer brand are the best smelling mustache wax.

6. How to make your mustache curl at the ends?

First, let the mustache grow long enough. After that, comb from between towards right and left, respectively. Apply wax and twist in a way that it forms a ring-like structure.


Mustache wax is something that gets you rid of the stubborn hair.  It will help you shape and mold hair that is out of control.  We have seen how the moustache wax that contains natural ingredients stand apart from others.  Also, you must check for the hold that your mustache wax offers.  The main goal of wax is to keep your mustache in place for a long time.  

With this, we end this article and hope it finds you well.  You can also connect to us by subscribing to our website.  You will receive notifications for more such good reads.  Also, you can share your suggestions, feedback, and thoughts.


Published Date: Jan 15, 2021

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