How to Trim a Beard with Scissors- The 7 Right Steps For Perfection

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Learning how to trim a beard with scissors is the best way you can contribute to your healthy mane.  Though it may seem an old-school technique, it is still one of the preferable ways to cut your mane.

Once you decide to trim your beard with scissors, you must know its benefits.  What length, how do you want your whiskers, and what style you want to wear are all the questions that you will get answers to from this article.

A pair of scissors is affordable against the clippers or trimmers.  It not only saves your money but also cuts any length.  On the contrary, clippers could not be able to trim more than 1 inch of the beards.  Therefore, beard trimming with scissors is a more feasible option than with other tools.

Keep reading the article and unveil the real option of trimming beard with scissors.

Why is Trimming Necessary?

You might think that beard trimming would hinder your growth, but remember, you have already grown a long beard.  And now, it’s time to take care of your beards.  It is because long whiskers do not only attract women but also unwanted external particles.  And overlooking this part could result in split ends and damage.

Here are the core benefits and reasons to make trimming a habit.

Thicker & Fuller Beard

Trimming can get you rid of unwanted particles, resulting in a thicker and fuller beard.  It removes stray hair and makes the surface smooth.  It is a myth that trimming stops growth. Instead, it stimulates hair follicles to grow.

There is no fixed pattern of the beard.  You might notice full growth on the right cheek and slow growth on the left.  Don’t worry about it.  Regular trimming can make the hair grow evenly.

Enhances Appearance

You would be able to enhance your appearance if you cut down the stray hairs from your facial mane.  It is one of the primary things you could do to improve the overall look.  You need to trim well and understand the technique of it.

Do not let the beard grow wildly as it can ruin the looks, and you would be part of embarrassment. Uniform trimming is the only solution for uneven beard growth and making it more stylish.

Removes Split Ends

Undeniably, the beard is exposed to multiple external elements, such as weather, dirt, and food particles.  Extreme heat or cold temperature can make it brittle, resulting in split ends.

What’s the best way to get rid of the split ends is by cutting them down whenever you notice them.  Do not avoid cutting them down as the more the hair gets longer the more it gets split.  Apply beard oil, balm, or wax to fight against the elements that cause split ends.

Removes Food Particles

As said, a longer mane attracts many unwanted particles, out of which food is one of them.  While eating or drinking you might pour or spill a little on either your mustache or beard, which will dry out and make the beard rough.

Trimming is the only solution you can maintain your beard life.  It will help you remove those things and make it the right environment for growth.

Accentuates Jawline

Here you need to grow a beard to make it look fuller and then trim through your jawline to make it sharper.  This is for the ones who don’t have a sharp jawline to show off. 

Removes Knots & Tangles

Knot and tangles are one of the reasons for the bushy, uncombed, and untrimmed beard.  If you avoid trimming your beard regularly, it will soon start tangling with each other, resulting in knots.  Also,  you can apply beard oils and combs post-trimming your beard to remove the tangles and knots.

Tangles can ruin your beard and decrease your confidence.  Plus, it welcomes split ends.  Trimming minimizes the risk of hindering factors and promotes a neat and healthy mane.

Stimulates Hair Growth

It’s a fact that beard trimming promotes hair growth, and you want your beard to grow evenly, you must start trimming as soon as you notice long hair.  It is one of the most significant benefits, and no one should miss it.

There are negative results for not trimming your beard and you could regret later on not doing it so.  A high-quality pair of scissors does the job amazingly well.

Healthy Facial Hair

Another benefit of trimming is it removes the lifeless whiskers and makes way for only active hair follicles.  And, it also promotes new hairs to grow.  I guess this is what you are looking for, right?  Looking stylish and confident is everybody’s wish, and it could be achievable with the help of trimming. 

It takes time, but the result will be in your favor.  So, keep trimming your beard at regular intervals, and make it look even.  It doesn’t even mean that you trim off as soon as the hair sprouts up unless you prefer stubble.

Ensures a Balanced Look

For a balanced look, you must know which facial part has faster growth and slower. Considering that, you must start trimming the denser area first to resemble it with the area that has slow growth.  Doing so will accelerate hair growth, and you will have a proper beard.

Now that you know the benefits and importance of trimming, it’s time to know the steps of trimming your beard.

How to Trim a Beard with Scissors? (7 Simple Steps)

trimming beard with scissors

Step 1: Wash Your Face Before Trimming with Scissors

Washing your beard before trimming is essential because your beard is not exposed to external elements but also to quality beard care products that you usually use.  There must be these things stuck into the beard, which may hinder while trimming.

Ensure you clean your beard from all the beard wax, oil, or balm as any remains will not give you a proper idea about its length.  And you would face challenges while cutting down the beard.

Step 2: Know the Actual Beard Length By Combing

After washing and drying out the beard, you must make sure you use a beard comb with and against the grain.  This way, you will be able to know the actual length and stray hair on the beard.  Also, you will get an idea about the dense and light hair area.  It will allow you to achieve a balanced look.

Step 3: Choose Quality Beard Scissors

While a beard trimmer can trim up to only 1 inch of the full beard, scissors go above and beyond in doing the trimming job.  With this, you must focus on the quality of scissors as well.  You cannot use any pair of scissors that are made for general use.  

If it’s the first time you are picking up beard trimming scissors, then you must research for the best quality scissors.  You can select the pair of scissors at your convenience.

As discussed,  you also need to have a beard comb during the trimming session.  You must comb while cutting the whiskers with scissors so that you can achieve the right length.  Do not buy cheap or plastic combs as it may ruin your facial hair follicles.

Step 4: Start Trimming from Bottom

It is necessary to know the starting point of trimming or beard style that you want to wear.  It is advisable to start trimming your beard hair by going along with the jawline.  It is the simplest and easiest way to start trimming.  Plus, the beginners would also not find it challenging and can easily cope up with the hair trimming process.

Firstly, you should start from the chin area as it will give you an idea about how the rest of the face will look with the beard length.  If you prefer an overall beard length to be 1 inch, then your cheeks and neckline should have a beard less than an inch.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day.  Similarly, you would not be able to achieve your desired shape in a day. It requires a lot of continuous cleanups to shape the beard.  Also, do not cut down the beard closer to the skin.  The hair follicles grow 0.75 inches in a month, and so you need to practice patience.

The time you notice length along your chin, then go for the next step.

Step 5: Clean Sideburns

Sideburns are one of the areas that many men neglect while trimming, and the reason is still unknown.  You should understand that the hair grows on all the parts of the face.  The rate at which it grows may vary, but it doesn’t mean you will have stubble on the chin and beard on the cheek lines.  

And if you let the beard grow wildly without trimming, then you will have a dense and dusky beard on the jawline and chin.  If you opt for a goatee, you must trim the sideburns while keeping the chin and mustache untouched.

It balances the appearance, making the overall look much more neat and clean.

Step 6: Trimming Neck Area

It is essential to trim your neck hair as you don’t want it to grow longer than your chin hair.  It will make it sloppy, leaving you embarrassed.

Step 7: Cut Upwards

If you have seen barbers, they cut upwards as it offers quite a natural look.  Avoid trimming your beard on the chin and cheek line straight across as it can ruin your appearance.

Also, use a beard bib to avoid mess after trimming!

Now that you know how to trim your beard with scissors, you must also understand what it requires post-trimming?

What to do Post-trimming Your Beard?

Beard maintenance doesn’t only mean cutting and shaping; there are many other ways as well.  Conditioning is also one of the ways to maintain beard health.  And, the products that are rich in conditioning agents are; beard oil and beard balm.

Beard oil is a blend of carrier and essential oils.  You might find carrier oil mostly in shaving creams, pre-shave oils, and shampoos.  All the top-quality products that are made of natural and organic ingredients contain carrier oils.

On the other hand, essential oils contribute majorly to offering fragrances.  Tea tree, cedarwood, eucalyptus, and peppermint are a few of the examples.  There are thousands of essential oils on the market.  However, cheap-quality products use synthetics to provide fragrances.

While beard oil is only a blend of natural and organic oils, beard balm contains two more ingredients, i.e., butter and wax.  There are three types of butter; shea, mango, and cocoa.  It acts as a conditioning agent that takes the responsibility of hydrating and softening the beards.

A wax is responsible for holding the coarse and stubborn hairs in one place.  Apart from these, beard shampoo is also one of the essential products that you must add to your grooming arsenal.  It will clean your beard from dirt and particles, making it more strong and more flourishing.


1. How to trim beard with comb and trimmer?

You must comb the beard against the grain so that all the facial hair faces the same side. After this, attach a guide comb of your desired length to the trimmer and start trimming. Avoid cutting with the grain as it can cut less hair and require more time for an entire grooming session.

2. How to trim mustache with scissors?

Use mustache scissors and trim for the shape. Start cutting the bottom of the mustache, i.e., right above the upper lips. Consider philtrum as a center and trim on both the ends. While trimming, make a neutral face and get an even line.

3. How to trim a long beard with scissors?

A longer beard is safe to trim as it prevents from facing any blunders. Start cutting upwards by fixing your desired length. Find out the stray hairs and trim to give them a proper shape. Make sure you follow the cutting techniques given in the article.

4. How to trim a short beard?

Define the shape and style of your beard, and then follow the steps shown in the article. No matter however short your whiskers are, a pair of scissors will be able to cut them down.


If you want to trim your whiskers with scissors or trimmers, it is your personal choice.  A sharp pair of scissors can cut whatever length you want.  The scissors/shears are durable and long-lasting.  And, it even stands apart from costly clippers.  Even barbers use grooming scissors to clean your neckline, cheeks, and chin.

Always use the right tools, learn techniques, take your time, and cut upwards for a natural beard trim.  With this, we end our article and hope it finds you well.  For more such good reads, you can subscribe to our website.  You can also share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.


Published Date: Jan 13, 2021

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