5 Best Beard Bibs and Beard Trimming Catcher In 2022

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The uncommon thing in the picture is the best beard bib that you are looking for, and to know the importance of it, you must read the article.

There are times when you remain unshaven for months, especially when it’s November.  And one day, you decide to trim off the odd and stubborn whiskers.

You start trimming with a beard trimmer or scissors and shape your facial hairs in a way that looks elegant and attractive.

Just after completing your grooming routine, what you see is a hairy bathroom sink or shaving area and loose beard hairs on your shirt or t-shirt.

Now, this is another hassle that you have to deal with, without anyone’s help.

Here, the only savior could be a vacuum beard trimmer or beard bib, i.e.,  beard hair catcher or beard trimming apron.

To know more about it, read the article and gain a wealth of information.

What is Beard Bib and its Benefit?

In simple words, it is a cloth that collects trimmed hairs in it without letting it fall here and there.  You might have seen at a salon, the one that barbers wrap around your neck.  It is slightly different in terms of use, which you will get to know in the latter part of the article. Thinking of its benefits?

Benefits of Beard Bib

  • Collects Messy Hairs
  • Reduces Cleaning Time Post-trimming or Shaving
  • Easy to clean
  • Washable Apron

Here, you can even use a vacuum beard trimmer, but if you already have a trimmer or planning to buy it later on, then beard bib is the best and most pocket-friendly solution.  So, let’s uncover the best beard bibs.

5 Best Beard Bib Reviews

Beard King Bib- Best Beard Trimming Catcher

Beard King is the first official beard bib (Shaving apron) that was introduced by the Galekovic couple in the famous show Shark Tank.

The beard king bib is a shaving apron that you can wrap around your neck and the other end to the bathroom mirror. Beard king bib collects the hair that you cut using scissors or a trimmer.  With beard king beard bib, you can easily dispose of the hairs in the trash can.

  • First and original beard bib
  • Easy to wear & best in quality
  • Collects beard hair
  • Has a manual on how to use it
  • No messy sink or clogged pipes
  • Quite costly than other beard aprons
  • Takes time in setting up
  • Suction cups are easily breakable if not handled with care

King Poseidon Beard Shaving Apron- Best Shave Bib

KING POSEIDON is another competitor that makes beard bibs.  Along with providing a beard hair catcher, it also provides a carrying pouch within which you can fold and store it.  Also, you can take it along with you wherever you go.  The beard accessories don’t end here.

The company also offers a beard comb that is useful while cleaning the beard after trimming.  Unlike others, the suction cups that come with this beard trimming bib have release hooks attached to them.  It will help in easily unhooking them from the window without any breakage.  Overall, it is a perfect beard kit for frequent beard trimming sessions and mess-free trimming.

  • Easy suction cup hooks
  • Travel-friendly
  • Beard comb for cleaning
  • No major cons

Beard Bib- Shaving Apron

The shaving apron/ beard bib comes in white color.  Just like the other beard bibs, the functionality remains the same as collecting hairs.  The design is a bit different than other beard aprons.

The grommets at the end of the beard catcher allow you to attach the suction cups.  A small washcloth and a travel pouch are the two additional accessories that this beard shaving apron comes with.

It easily collects all the beard trimmings and keeps your bathroom clean.

  • Black and white color options
  • Travel pouch for storage
  • Some users complain about towels missing

ZEUS Facial Hair Trimming Catcher

ZEUS beard hair catcher will relieve you from the hassle of drains clogging and beard hairs all over the bathroom floor.

This grooming product can collect shaving hairs and head hairs as well.  Also, the product is washable, meaning you can wash it after use.  Washing will make your men’s shaving bib look completely new and fresh.

Another advantage of the beard bib is the material is long-lasting.  Even after several uses, it won’t tear apart.  You can give this beard bib to your bearded friend, lover, husband, or dad as a gift.

It is easy to use and requires no degree to learn it.  With this product by your side, your grooming routine should no longer be challenging for you.

  • Mess-free
  • Easy to carry
  • Washable beard apron
  • High-quality material
  • No major cons

Mobi Lock Beard Catcher

The Mobi Lock beard bib is a white color beard cape for a messy routine.  It saves time by collecting all the strands that you trim or shave off.  It makes your grooming session easier and simpler.

In addition, there are many shaving tools that this beard bib offers for convenient trimming and shaving.  

Also, it is easy to wear and the pattern of the beard bib will ensure maximum comfort post-shave.  After use, you can fold them and store them in your cupboard or on your bathroom counter.

The company offers a Dopp bag with the Mobi Lock shaving cape, wherein you can keep your beard bib.

  • Supporting tools comes with the product
  • Mess-free sink
  • Simple preparation
  • Travel-friendly with storage pouch
  • Affordable
  • Lift-time warranty
  • One-size fits all
  • Locking cups will not stick on the mirror

So these are different beard bib reviews.  Now let’s see how to use it.

How to Use Beard Bib?

beard trimming catcher

This section contains a piece of information on how to use a beard bib, along with a video tutorial for better understanding.  So, stay tuned and keep reading.

  • Comb your facial mane to remove dead cells and dirt, and prepare it for trim or shave
  • Put all the essential items nearby, such as beard trimmer, shaving brush, comb, and scissors
  • Now, use the neck-straps or velcro straps to wrap a beard bib around your neck
  • Hold the other two ends where you find either grommets or suction cups and stick them on the bathroom mirror or tiles
  • Make sure the middle of the beard bib looks like a basket shape so that it can collect hairs
  • You must detach the suction cups post-shaving and fold the cape in half to gather all the hairs in the middle for easy disposing of
  • Now shuttle down the stray hairs in the dust bin and clean the beard bib
  • Fold your beard bib put them in a storage pouch

Here is the video tutorial:

Tips and Tricks on Trimming

beard hair catcher

While using a beard bib, you must remember trimming and styling your facial mane:

  • First of all, know which beard style you want to wear
  • Now, wash your beard and let it dry
  • Comb straight to give direction to your beard
  • Trim beard using clippers at your desired level
  • Set your trimmer setting start trimming through the neck and cheeks
  • After this, use beard scissors for trimming stubborn hairs

Now that you are done with these things, take a beard shaping tool for sharpening lines.  You must make sure that everything is nearby before wearing a beard bib.


1. Can facial hair clog sink?

Facial hair is the main reason why your bathroom sink looks hairy, and to keep it clean, you must follow a guide that states, clean your shave under a bowl, pour hot water in the sink post-shaving, you can also add baking soda while pouring hot water, and start trimming with dry skin without any cream.

2. What are beard trimmings called?

The beard trimmings are called clippers that usually barbers use for cleaning neckline and cheek line.

3. Do I really need a beard catcher?

The short is yes. It’s because you don’t want clogged drains or hairy floors. Also, you don’t have time to clean the shaving area. Lastly, you don’t want to trouble your roommate, wife, or girlfriend.


Beard trimmer hair catcher is an innovative grooming tool that makes beard shaving a hassle-free task.  It comes with suction cups that allow you to make a bridge between your bathroom tiles or mirror.  The suction cups are attached to the corners of a beard hair bib, which you need to stick on the wall.

Beard king makes the best beard bib as it is the company that bought this product to the market.  And as discussed, it was first introduced in the hit show shark tank.

With this, we end our article on beard bib review and hope it finds you well.  You can share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.  Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter for more such good reads.  You will get a notification in your mailbox as soon as we publish the article.


Published Date: Dec 2, 2021

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