How to Shave Your Balls Safely: Step-by-Step Guide

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A cut on the below-the-belt region is much more painful than on the facial area.


The reason is sensitive skin.

It requires easy gliding of the razor only to cut pubic hair and not the delicate skin.  Here, you will also need to select the best pubic hair razor or shaver that remains irritation-free throughout the trimming session.

Apart from the right grooming products, you must also know the challenges you might face when shaving pubic hair.  Some men are even scared of razors, which is why you must look for alternatives.  We have listed down a few in our article.

So let’s know how to shave your balls with proper care and caution.

Importance of Shaving Your Balls

how to shave balls

A right razor would help you to clean the nether region, but is it mandatory? What are the benefits and why should men shave their balls? All answers to questions are in this section, so do not miss them. 

No bacteria Build-up, Infection, Sweating, and Stinkiness

One of the most significant answers to Should I shave my balls is hygiene. Bushy sensitive areas can lead to sweating and bacteria build-up, which results in offering a foul smell.  Long hairy areas not only nest the bacteria but also emit a foul smell.  Bad odour can ruin the mood of your partner, which you don’t want, right?  Also, you don’t want to take a shower frequently.

That’s where shaving your balls becomes a rescue since it leaves no room for bacteria to build up and restricts your scrotum from breaking out in a sweat.  No sensitive bushy area means no stinkiness.

Improves Sex Appeal

Most women prefer a silky smooth sack, which is why you must keep it neat and clean.  A  clean and itch-free area will make women feel comfortable.  Plus, it would be domicile to bacteria, which can cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Makes Your Tool Look Bigger

A bush around your penis may make it look smaller or hide its actual length.  Cleaning the area will reveal the actual length of your tool, which is always a plus point.

Now that you know why it is essential to keep your pubic area clean, let us familiarize you with the right tools.

What Tools Will You Require to Shave Your Balls?

shaving balls

Just like beard grooming requires a particular trimmer and other tools, even your sack would need a manscaping kit.

Ideally, the safety razor or some other shaving tool would suffice, but having an entire grooming kit by your side is always a safer option.  There is a famous saying, which we can relate to it, “Precaution is better than cure.”

So what are those tools that you should keep by your side when shaving ball hair? 

Apply Pre-Shave Lotion

A pre-shave lotion does more than just prepping your hair – down there.  It makes the razor glide easily by applying lubrication on your delicate skin, whether it be above or below the penis.  Apart from this, it prepares your hair for shaving. Lastly, the pre-shave lotion also ensures that no hair is left without shaving.

Apply Shave Oil/Cream/Gel

The next step is to apply eucalyptus-based shaving gel. It soothes and prepares your skin before shaving or removing pubic hair.  Also, it helps you save from razor-induced burns and gets you a close shave.  With a transparent pre-shave oil, you will be able to know what and how much you are shaving.  Plus, the pre-shave oil makes your skin smooth and soft.  The only drawback is it makes your skin and blade slippery, so make sure you go slow since you might cut yourself.

Use Electric Trimmer/Scissor

Tell us, will you use the same razor or shaver to shave your balls that you would be using on your face? 

Of course not, right?

Well, you will require a disposable razor or an electric trimmer to perform the trimming task. We would suggest electric clippers, disposable razors, or a trimmer for ball hair removal. For more information, you can go through the best trimmers for balls.  Just go slow and do not glide it in the same place to avoid the risk of cuts and blood.

Use A Safety Razor 

A safety razor is also another trimmer alternative to clean your below-the-belt region.  It does the fantastic task of removing coarse body hair in just one glide.  It outran many other razors that come with multiple blades.  But yes, before you start manscaping your sensitive body parts, do learn the technique of how to use a safety razor with a sharp blade.

Apply Post-Shave Balm/Ball Spray

Have you already shaved your balls, or planning to do it?

This aftershave balm is a must-have grooming product in your kit.  The natural ingredients-based aftershave balm quickly heals minor cuts that happen during the shaving and prevents inflammation.  Furthermore, it even zeros the chance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps, which are painful and irritating.  Lastly, it will nourish your skin so that you can expect no itching and irritation.

Ball spray is another grooming product that is easy to use and doesn’t require manual work.  Just spray a few pumps on your scrote, and you will get rid of the foul odour.  If you want to buy one quickly, Meridian Ball Spray is what you must invest in since it is all-natural and organic.

Since you are now aware of what is essential for shaving the pubic area, you must also know the best way to shave balls. Therefore, in the next section, we have discussed the preparations beforehand for a clean and close shave.

Preparations to Keep in Mind Before Shaving Your Balls

how to shave my balls

To be honest, if you directly glide a razor on your pubes, be ready to suffer from irritation.

So now the question arises, how to avoid it?

Well, just follow these five steps to prepare your pubes.

Carefully Trim Hair Follicles

Trimming is advisable before clean shaving since it cuts most of the long hair on your pubes.  Plus, it will also help your safety razor to offer a close shave without clogging blades.  Use a trimmer that comes with a safety guard to trim to avoid accidentally cutting your skin.  Even if you do not have a trimmer, a pair of scissors would also suffice.

Take A Hot Shower

A hot shower will not only relax your body but also help soften the remaining stubble and open your pores for hair removal. It will help you cut down even the thickest, coarsest, and curliest hair strands.  Just make sure you use the best shaving soap to nourish your body when taking a shower.

Splash Cold Water on Your Scrotum

After taking a warm water shower, make a habit of splashing cold water so that it tightens your pubic area’s delicate skin. This way, you will not have to pull your balls while manscaping your sack. In addition, it will help you cut down the hair in a single stroke without even having to pass the razor multiple times on the same spot.

This is a crucial step to ensure the closing of your shaved skin pores and avoid dry conditions that may irritate.

Apply Pre-Shave Balm

Another method to soften your pubic hair is by applying the pre-shave balm.  The product is specifically made to prepare your hair for shaving.

Apply Shave Cream or Gel

Never glide a razor on your scrotum without applying shaving cream or gel.  You might cut yourself since the skin down there is sensitive and ribbed as well.  It is advisable to apply shave cream and create a lather to soften your hair on the most sensitive part of your body.

So this is how you will prepare your balls for shaving.  But is it that easy to shave your balls? Of course, there are challenges, but we will make you aware of every single problem you might face while shaving.

4 Problems to Take Care of While Shaving

shaved mens balls

Since shaving includes blades, it requires a proper technique to maneuver.  If you do not know how to trim your balls properly, then there is a risk of:

Razor Burns

Razor burn is a common problem, irrespective of body parts.  You may suffer from razor burn when you glide a dull razor several times in the same place.  It is so painful that you would have to give up your hygiene routine.  In rare cases, you may even need to consult a doctor to cure it.

Cuts & Nicks

If not razor burns, you might accidentally cut yourself, which is very painful since the area is sensitive.  What we advise is to go slow and take your time to clean the entire area down there. 

Ingrown Hairs

No razor burn, no cuts & nicks, but you might suffer from ingrown hairs.  It happens when debris or pollutants block the skin pores and restrict the hairs from growing inside.  That’s where ingrown hairs appear and cause trouble.  What you can do to avoid ingrown hairs is use the best exfoliator post-shaving.

Skin Irritation & Itching

Itching is something every man experiences post-shaving.  Skin irritation may happen if you shave in the wrong direction or make a mistake. With time and practice, you will learn and know how to prevent irritation.

Now that you know the pre-shaving preparation and problems, let’s find out the best way to trim your balls.

How to Shave Your Balls?

best way to shave your balls

Are you ready to shave your family jewels? We are explaining the whole process of trimming the essential body part of yours- the scrotum. If you follow these steps, you will get smooth testicles without the risk of cuts or blood loss.

So prepare a steamy shower, get your fragrance-free aloe vera-based cream and get manscaping your nut sack.  

Step 1: Make A Comfortable Position

Sit or stand in a position that is comfortable for you.  Also, you must be able to reach a hard-to-reach area to achieve a clean and close shave. Then, you can sit and clear out the area.

Step 2: Pull Your Skin Taut 

Once you are comfortable in your position, pull your skin taut to get a clean shave.  A stretched skin is always better to shave off since it doesn’t have any folds.  Plus, it only requires a single stroke with a razor blade to cut the grass.

Step 3: Go Slow

Since you would move the razor on the sensitive part of your body, you must be slow, gentle, and keep a steady hand.  Always remember, slow and steady wins the race.  And yes, choose a blade that has a safety guard on it.

Step 4: Shave the Crevices

Now that you have shaven the grass above your penis, it’s time to go below your tool.  It is the area where you will see a lot of cracks-like lines.  Here, you will need to hold one of the balls and then shave them off with careful strokes to avoid stubble.

Step 5: Apply Aftershave Balm

The shaving job is done, and we hope there were no accidents.  But wait, one last thing is left.  

Applying ball spray is what you must not forget since it soothes skin and prevents inflammation.  

We hope you have got an answer to your question on how to shave the scrotum.  Now let’s see what to do after you have shaved your balls.

Pamper Your Balls Post-Shave

What do you do post-shaving your beard?  Apply Aftershave, right? You have to do the same thing here.

So how will you do it?  It isn’t like spreading the balm in your hand and massaging it all over your balls. Instead, there is a procedure and steps to follow. 

Step 1: Wash Away Left Over from Your Balls

After completing a wet shave, there is a risk of shaving gel or cream being left down there. So, it’s time to wash everything and make a tall tree standing alone without any bushes around.

Step 2: Use A Soft Towel 

Once you are done rinsing off, it’s time to pat dry the area around your genitals. Again, it is advisable to use a soft towel to soak all the water.  It will gently soak without irritating your freshly shaven balls.

Step 3: Apply Post-shave Balm  

The balm will soothe the sensitive skin after you have shaved. Even if you get minor cuts, the balm will feel relaxing. It even heals ingrown hairs. In addition, using post-shave balm helps to make your ball relax and hang loose. 

Now that you know how to shave and what tools are required, you also want to know if there are any alternatives.  Read on to more about other options.

Alternatives to Remove Pubic Hair

how do you shave your balls

You have seen how to shave balls with the help of an electric trimmer or a traditional razor, but are there other ways around?  Well, yes.  There are many different ways that you can explore, out of which we have sorted out a few of them for you.


If you’re tired of frequently shaving off your pubic hair, we have a solution for you.  Waxing is a process that can get rid of pubic hairs for a long time that a razor would not.  Another reason to choose to wax over shaving could be you don’t want to deal with sharp-edged blades.  However, the downside of waxing is it is time-consuming and painful, too.

Laser Hair Removal

It is one of the procedures you can undergo to remove hairs from your pubic region permanently.  It will kill your hair follicles and will not harm the area around the balls.  The drawback is it might ask you to break the banks since it costs too much.  Also, you will require several sittings to get rid of all follicles.  In rare cases, hairs even start growing out after several months.

OTC Depilatory

OTC Depilatory makes your hair follicles weak, one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove hairs.  The only downside of the product for some users is that it causes allergic reactions.  

Electrolysis Treatment

It may sound like laser hair removal since the Electrolysis treatment also kills follicles.  The only difference is the laser hair removal process uses a laser to kill while the Electrolysis treatment uses radio waves.

Just like laser hair removal, it is time-consuming and requires picking each hair strand.  The only problem is you might regrow your hair after a few months.


1. How to shave testicles?

Firstly, soak your balls in warm water. You can do it by taking a hot water shower or just rinsing off. After this, pull your skin to tighten and start shaving it. Lastly, rinse off the leftover and pat dry with a soft towel.

2. How do you trim pubic hair men?

You can pick the right shaving tool that has a safety guard on it. Secondly, always apply shaving cream and create lather to soften even the curliest hair strands. Lastly, start making slow strokes by stretching your pubic region skin. Also, make sure you rinse off your razor after every stroke to keep your blade clog-free. Finally, we recommend applying a cream to avoid itching and irritating stubble.

3. Do you shave your balls going up or down?

Always shave your balls in the direction of your hair grows. Never shave your balls against the hair growth, it’ll pull the hair and skin.

4. What are the cons of shaving your balls?

Yes, shaving your scrotum can lead to skin irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and even cuts. It’s important to use a clean razor, proper shaving techniques, and soothing aftercare to minimize these risks.

5. How to trim balls with scissors?

Scissors are also one of the best ways to cut down hairs. Make sure you point the scissor away from your body to avoid unnecessary cuts and nicks. Do not cut hairs close to the skin since you would maneuver the sharp object in the most delicate area.

6. How to prevent itchiness from hair growth?

It is quite common to itch once hairs grow back, and the itchiness will also subside in a few days. Meanwhile, you can use talcum powder to overcome the itchiness.


Shaving balls can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but you have to be cautious and calm.  Also, it is a part of hygiene that you must maintain to avoid sweat, bacteria, and foul odour.

Here we have listed a complete guide on how to shave your gooch.  Make sure you follow all the steps carefully to get a smooth sack. But don’t forget to take time out for the pre-shave routine. This will ensure you get rash-free, smooth skin in your intimate areas. 

So, how do you shave your balls? Comment to let us know.  You can also share tips that you are following to avoid accidents and clean the nether region.

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