Geologie Skincare Review: Products, Pros, and Cons

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Do you face skin issues like acne, dark circles, puffiness, excess oil production, dead skin cells, and dryness? Do you want to overcome these skin concerns? Are you looking for clean and clear skin?

You have landed at the right place.  

Geologie is one of the best skincare products that you can use on a day-to-day basis to rejuvenate your skin. Moreover, this brand suggests individual products after understanding your skin type.

Here in this blog, we have provided an in-depth and honest Geologie skincare review of each product. Unlike others, we don’t simply pick a skincare brand and review it without using it.  We are serious about skincare, just like you, and that’s why we try our hands on every single product that we recommend.

So let’s know how the brand evolved and its quality skincare products.

About Geologie Review

Nick Allen and Dave Skaff are the two brains behind building a brand that simplifies the skincare routine.  From high-quality products to services, Geologie is always ahead of adding value to their customers’ skincare regimen.

The idea was simple; Simple, Personalization, and Results.  Geologie asks a set of questions to determine your skin type and its needs.

Nod your head if you ever come across such a skincare brand interested in knowing your skin type, skincare routine, and concerns.  We are sure you might be wondering if any such brand exists that understands your skin types to offer a quality AM and PM regimen.

Continue reading to know how Geologie helped us know the set of products we require in our daily skincare routine.

Skincare Quiz for Personalized Product Selection

Since we have oily skin and are daily travellers, we have added details accordingly. So here are the steps of the quick diagnostic quiz.

These are the four products (Regimen #34) Geologie suggested, and we purchased them after the quiz.  Turns out, we received a mattified, clean, and clear skin tone.

Are you intrested in knowing what products are best for your skin?

Check Out the Geologie Skincare Quiz Now!

Click Now!

Geologie asks these questions to fetch the information related to your skin and then offers a new skincare routine that exactly matches your AM and PM regimen.

Go through the following section to learn more about Geologie’s products.  There are some additional products that Geologie may even prescribe to use in your skincare regimen.

In-depth Geologie Skincare Review

Here is men’s skincare regimen #34 by Geologie which has excellent products to offer at a budget-friendly rate.

Geologie Everyday Face Wash

Quantity: 2 Fluid Ounces

Packaging: Squeeze Tubes

Star Ratings: 4.9/5

Geologie’s everyday face wash is gentle yet effective at removing external pollutants from the skin. After washing your face, you can expect softer and smoother skin.

The real hero to make the skin get rid of stressors is the inclusion of Salicylic acid.  It is excellent at cleansing and exfoliating, which results in clean skin pores.

Other vital Geologie ingredients that this face wash includes:

  • Bergamot Fruit Oil
  • Juniper Wood Oil
  • Lavender Oil

These ingredients are the reason you may sniff a manly and pleasant smell.  It is soothing and won’t clash with your perfumes or colognes.  Since the fragrances are all-natural, even sensitive skin men can use the everyday face wash.  Besides, Geologie also offers a fragrance-free version of face wash if you have sensitive skin.

The absence of sulphate makes the everyday face wash look like clear gel.  It also means that you could easily rinse off without putting in much effort.  Another benefit of not having sulphate is that your skin doesn’t dry out or deplete natural oils.

It’s more than just a face cleanser, it’s a refreshing experience that leaves a feeling of rejuvenated, even in the worst conditions. All these benefits have made the Geologie face wash win SPY Editor’s Choice 2022. In addition, the company offers two face washes at quite a pocket-friendly rate.

How to use Geologie morning face wash?

Step 1: Wash your face with warm water

Step 2: Pour a dime-size amount and massage across your face and neck

Step 3: Leave it for 30 seconds and rinse it off

  • Deeply cleanses your skin
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy to use and rinse off
  • No messy application process
  • No acne breakouts
  • No sheen or greasy residue
  • Some users complain about bottle rusting from inside and dispensing off-brown solutions

Geologie Vital Morning Face Cream

Quantity: 1.7 Fluid Ounces

Packaging: Hard-shell pump-based bottle

Star Ratings: 4.8/5

Since you cannot avoid the sun’s rays, you will require a morning cream with SPF levels.  And there is nothing better than Geologie Vital Morning face cream.

Along with adding moisture, this day cream also offers sun protection. However, it has SPF 10 which is a minimal sun protection level.  

The downside of this day cream is it has a thicker texture as compared to its peers.  Unlike other face creams, the thickness of the cream makes it longer to absorb, but what’s appealing is it doesn’t leave a sheen or sticky residue.

Apart from sun protection and moisturization, the vital morning face cream offers a manly fragrance that remains soothing throughout the day.

Now that you know the benefits of using morning face cream let us tell you the ingredients behind this powerful men’s skincare morning cream.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and moisturizes
  • Argan Oil: Reduces acne with the help of Vitamin E, fatty acids, and linoleic acid
  • Niacinamide: Hydrating ability and high skin cell turnover ratio
  • Grape Seed Oil: Antioxidant-rich agent fights skin-damaging cells
  • Coconut Oil: Moisturizes and softens your skin
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: Quickly absorbs in the skin
  • Castor Seed Oil: Restores natural skin barrier

Using it continuously for a few weeks will start showing visible results, such as shrinking skin pores, protecting from sun rays, and improving skin health.

How to use Geologie Vital Morning Face Cream?

Since this is a morning moisturizer, you will apply it before stepping out of the house.

  • Dispense one pump off the cream
  • Apply onto your forehead and cheeks
  • Massage in a circular motion to evenly spread the cream
  • Avoid letting the day cream come into contact with your eyes
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Moisturizes and hydrates
  • Long-lasting
  • No greasy residue
  • Too thick on the skin
  • Takes time to absorb

Geologie Repairing Night Cream

Quantity: 0.34 Fluid Ounces

Packaging: Hard-shell pump-based bottle 

Star Ratings: 4.8/5

Firstly, let us tell you that this repairing night cream isn’t for dark eye circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet.

The repairing night cream combats fine lines, blackheads, wrinkles, and enlarged pores around your eyes.

All thanks to the inclusion of natural ingredients, such as Retinol and Niacinamide.  Both ingredients have drastically decreased our skin pores size and blackheads.

If you are a user of Vital morning cream, you may find the texture to be the same in this night cream. However, it is thick and takes time to absorb, so it is advisable to apply it at nighttime.

Retinol is a powerful ingredient that ensures sufficient collagen production and boosts the skin-cell turnover ratio. As a result, it helps in making skin healthy, soft, and smooth.   

Before using retinol-based repairing night cream, one thing to keep in mind is that it contains a strong scent, which may prevent you from using it daily.

Another natural ingredient is Niacinamide which retains moisture – a significant problem for dry skin guys.  Along with hydration, it shrinks skin pores around cheeks and nose.

What else can you expect from this one-night cream is the presence of Hyaluronic acid.  It can hold the water and make your skin feel moisturized.

How to use repairing night cream?

  • Dispense one pump of night cream onto your hands 
  • Apply on the forehead and cheeks
  • Rub it in a circular motion across your face
  • Avoid putting on your eyes
  • Boosts skin’s health
  • Moisturizes and hydrates skin
  • Remove fine lines, wrinkles, and blackheads
  • Less quantity
  • Some users complain about having pimples after using this one night cream

Geologie Nourishing Eye Cream

Quantity: 0.34 Fluid Ounces

Packaging: Hard-shell pump-based bottle

Star Rating: 4.8/5

Did any of your friends or colleagues tell you that you look tired or sleepy?

Or did you notice dark spots under your eyes in the mirror or while clicking selfies?

Well, it could be because of dark eye circles or puffiness under your eyes.  

So how are you going to deal with such under-eye hassles?

This Geologie eye cream review will help you.

Geologie’s nourishing eye cream is the one-stop solution to avoid the under-eye hassle and look confident.  The eye cream is advisable to adapt to your skincare routine to ensure no baggy eyes or saggy skin under your lower eyelids.

All credit goes to proven ingredients that are a rich mix of:

  • Kojic Acid: Removes dead skin cells, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Also, it  manages skin tone and hyperpigmentation
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturizes and hydrates your skin
  • Peptides: Repair and promote collagen production to tighten your skin under the eyes
  • Antioxidants: Banishes skin-damaging bacteria 
  • Niacinamide: Controls excess oil production, improves skin texture, minimizes the skin pores
  • Coconut Oil: Removes dry and flaky skin, overnight moisturizer
  • Caffeine: Reduces inflammation and puffiness, shrinks blood vessels
  • Evening Primrose: Enhances skin elasticity and promotes sebum oil production

The eye cream bottle is hardly the size of your index finger, which means it can easily slide into your pocket or gym bag.  Also, it won’t stain your bag, so don’t worry about it.

Many might want instant results, so you need patience since this nourishing eye cream takes time. But once it starts showing results, there is no way of going back to those weird looks.

How to use nourishing eye cream?

  • Dispense nail-size amount on your index finger
  • Massage the sensitive skin under your eyes
  • Gently rub your fingers until this one-night cream absorbs
  • Make sure you do not apply to the eye
  • Makes under-eye skin tight
  • Starts showing results within a few weeks
  • Softer and smoother skin
  • Require more quantity
  • High long-run ownership cost

So these are Geologie’s products if you are dealing with similar skin as we do. However, apart from its products, you must also know what other things to consider.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Skincare Products from Geologie?

Geologie products are made for all skin types and concerns, such as acne, sensitive, dry, dark circles, and oily skin. Therefore, understanding your skin types and problems should be your priority.  Knowing the mentioned things helps you select specific products.

Now that you know for what purpose you want the product, you might know how to deal with the issues.

Well, Geologie knows what’s best for your skin, and that’s why it has selected ingredients that work amazing.  Such ingredients are retinol, salicylic, hyaluronic, and kojic acid.  Having these ingredients in your products makes them all-natural and highly effective.

Lastly, you must consider the price factor since it makes and breaks your decision.  To be honest, the Geologie products are more premium priced than other skincare brands. However, we still advise you to buy since all are quality products and deliver effective results.

Now that you know things to consider before buying Geologie products, you must also know the company’s policy.

Return, Refund Shipping, and Subscription Policy

Geologie’s products are shipped everywhere in the world.  For US users, the company offers free shipping on orders worth over $55.

Besides, if you remain dissatisfied with the 30-day trial set, you must return within 14 days of delivery.  Also, you don’t need to send them via courier; just email the company and they will take care of it.

Once the company receives the product, they inspect and initiate the refund.  The shipping cost will be borne by you, which means you will get a deducted amount.

Geologie offers subscription services for both personalized skincare routines and a la carte products.  If you are frequently buying, you must opt-in for a subscription service. 

If you still have questions, you can continue reading the next section since it includes all the frequently asked questions.


1. Is Geologie worth the money?

Yes. Geologie is worth your investment since the men’s skincare products do offer desired results in the long term. The complete set of Geologie regimen #34 costs $150 which may seem pricey. But you will notice positive results in your skin within 3-4 weeks of including it in your daily skincare routine.

2. Is Geologie skin care natural?

Unlike other skincare companies, Geologie skincare uses all-natural ingredients to deal with the skincare problems like acne, blackheads, dryness, signs of aging, dark circles, and puffiness. Since the ingredients are natural, it takes time to see visible effects. But there will be no harmful effects on your skin by any of Geologie products.

3. How long does it take for Geologie to work?

Effectiveness is what Geologie is known for and the ingredients are the sole hero behind it. You pick any Geologie skincare product and use it for 3-4 weeks; you will definitely get the results. Whether you buy individual products or a complete set of regimens, you are sure to see positive effects. Your skin will become nourished, glowing, and healthy after incorporating Geologie’s skincare for men.

4. How much does Geologie cost?

The skincare regimen #34 about which we discussed in the article costs around $50 for 30-day and $150 for a 90-day supply. The prices may vary depending on what personalized skincare regimen you get for your skin.

5. Is Geologie’s face washed well?

Firstly, Geologie offers two face washes packs that are not only great but effective and gentle. The fragrance is mild and does not clash with perfumes. Also, the face wash is great at removing environmental pollutants.

6. Lumin vs Geologie: Which skincare brand is better?

In our opinion, Geologie is one of the best men’s skincare brands since it has got a complete set of products that cover everything from acne to signs of aging and UV protection to post-shaving hassles. Plus, Geologie offers a personalized routine wherein the company understands your skin type and concern.


Geologie offers a personalized skincare routine for all skin types and skin-related hassles.  The company also offers a trial pack so that you can check whether your skin is comfortable or not.  Besides, it also gives a chance to return the products within 14 days of delivery.

If you ask us, all the men’s skincare products like everyday face wash, vital face cream, repairing eye cream, and nourishing eye cream work incredibly well on our skin.  We found no issues after emptying two bottles of each product lineup by Geologie.

Share with us your story of which products suit your skin and when did they start showing results.  Also, you can tell us your skin concerns that you got rid of after using the products.

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