Coconut Oil for Beard And Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Beard?

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Beauty attracts everyone whether it be in the rain, mountains, animals, rivers, flowers, or human beings themselves.  Humans want to look good, and it’s their right too.  Taking care of their skin, hair, and clothes is as imperative as their health.  Men and women have different style statements, different costumes, different skin.  Talking solely about men, their needs are different from women.  No doubt, the basic anatomy of both genders’ skin and hair is alike, but the environment and work routine make them a bit different from each other.  Men are tough and strong, and so are their physical features. But coconut oil offers benefits to everyone.

Hair is one of the distinctive characteristics of all mammals, including human beings.  If the texture and strength of the hair are not good, it means the whole look of the person is incomplete.  So that is why making them strong and beautiful is everyone’s priority.  Taking care of them is easy, but one has to be consistent in doing so.  Men have facial hair too, specifically called ‘Beard’.  

It means there comes double responsibility to men.  They have to maintain not only their hair but also need beard grooming.  There are so many products available now for taking care of beard hair.  Using coconut oil has gained popularity not only as a superfood but also for its use as high-quality beard oilCoconut oil for beard growth is the favorite among men’s hair care products and is the best for hair growth, beard growth, and beard care.  It is up to your choice which one coconut oil for beard you choose as most of the hair grooming products have coconut oil in them.  Wonder why? Let’s check it out!

Coconut Oil: It’s Chemical and Physical Properties

Coconut oil is edible and extracted from the meat or kernel of coconuts.  It is a viscous liquid and comes out in the cream form.  Colorless to slightly yellowish.  It has a low melting point which is ideal to use for a number of purposes.  It contains Vitamin E in excess.  Having naturally present saturated fats, coconut oil has many health benefits.  Its saturated content contains an excess of lauric acid.  It degrades quickly in our body hence preferably used.  

Coconut oil converts the bad cholesterol (LDL) into its harmless form.  Coconut oil can be extracted through the dry process, wet process, hydrogenation, and fractionation.  The methods are different, but the product is the same, pure coconut oil beard growth can be seen.  

India, Indonesia and the Philippines are the top three producers of coconut.  These coconuts are then converted into useful products depending upon the demands and needs of the world.  

Types of Coconut Oil

You can come across various kinds of coconut oil.  Which type of coconut oil you are using is mentioned on its container.  Let’s check different types of coconut oils and their distinctive properties.

types of coconut oil
  1. Cold-pressed coconut oil: Coconut oil is prepared under strict environmental control and without adding chemicals.  The heat is maintained strictly under 120C for conserving all the nutrient content present in the oil.  Such an oil produced under a heat-controlled environment contains high phenolic content and is high in quality.  Phenolic compounds and reserved nutrients in the cold-pressed coconut oil appear to be antioxidants.  Thus, cold-pressed oil as beard oil along with other applications.  This oil has no smell or artificial flavor hence used in cooking as well.
  2. Extra virgin or virgin coconut oil: There is nothing different between extra virgin and virgin coconut oil unlike that of olive oil.  In olive, these two types are entirely different from one another.  The free fatty acid amount is the distinctive line between extra virgin and virgin olive oils.  But in the case of coconut oil, these terms are interchangeable.  These are the least processed coconut oil; hence the name virgin coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil means pure.  They are the richest in nutrition equally for skin, hair, and beard.  
  3. Expeller-pressed coconut oil: The difference between cold-pressed and expeller-pressed is in their temperature.  Cold-pressed coconut oil is prepared under temperature, which is below 120, whereas expeller-pressed coconut oil is produced at a high temperature above 210C.  High heat gives this type of coconut oil a specific taste and smell.  That is why it is different from cold-pressed coconut oil.
  4. Hydrogenated coconut oil: The coconut oil produced by the process of hydrogenation is termed hydrogenated coconut oil.  The hydrogenation process is defined as the addition of hydrogen atoms under heat so that unsaturated fats get converted into saturated fats.  This will produce a solid and semi-solid type of coconut oil that is resistant to quick damage.  This indicated hydrogenated coconut oil has a longer shelf life as compared to others—the melting point of such product changes from 25C to 35C.

Hydrogenated coconut oil is cost-effective and cheap as compared to other types of coconut oils.  It can also get mixed with other products better.  Hydrogenated coconut oil is further divided into two types; partially hydrogenated and fully hydrogenated.

  • Partially hydrogenated coconut oil: It is a semi-solid form of hydrogenated coconut oil.  It is not suitable for eating purposes and is recommended poisonous to use by the FDA.  It is dangerous for human health as the process of partial hydrogenation produces trans fats in it.  It might become the cause of heart diseases, obesity, and weight gain.
  • Fully hydrogenated coconut oil: This is obtained through a full hydrogenation process and in the form of a solid state.  The quality of fully hydrogenated coconut oil is better than a partial one but not too good for consumption.  It can be used as coconut oil for your beard.  Refined coconut oil: Refined, bleached, or deodorized coconut oil is one of the highly processed coconut oils.  It has no taste.  Its consistency is very good and is almost transparent.  Before extracting coconut oil, coconuts are baked at a high temperature first.  Deodorization is done by high heat and followed by the bleaching step.  Bleaching of the product is carried out after it is filtered to remove impurities.  To have a better shelf life, refined coconut oil undergoes partial hydrogenation.

Is Coconut oil Good for Your Beard? 

As we know the basics of coconut oil, let us move to the most important part, which is what benefits you get by using coconut oil as a beard product.

benefits fo using coconut oil for beard
  • Softens the skin: Coconut oil conditions your hair, whether the hair on your head or facial hair.  It leaves the skin soft and subtle, giving it a sense of smoothness and calmness.  It protects the outer layer of complexion from abrupt weather changes.  Applying coconut oil on the beard leaves the beard tamed.  It stimulates directly to the hair shaft, making it smooth.  When you comb your beard or rub fingers through it, you feel that extra softness on your hands.
  • Slows down balding: Now this is huge.  Due to excessive use of chemical products, unhealthy diet, hectic routine, and environmental changes, baldness has increased to a high level.  You need not worry as nature has gifted you with coconut oil.  This suppresses balding and slows down its process.  Isn’t this amazing? Of course, it is.
  • Improves hair growth: Coconut oil stimulates hair growth.  It increases the growth of hair by stimulating body hormones.  The follicles of the hair become strong if you put coconut oil on beards.  The glands under the skin become activated by applying coconut oil to your beard ultimately giving you a healthy beard without hair patches.  It directly goes to the hair shaft and works there, making your hair grow faster and healthier.
  • Boosts hormones for beard growth: Two male hormones, dihydrotestosterone and testosterone controls beard growth.  If these hormones get reduced or damaged somehow, baldness occurs.  Men without hair and beard is not a rare sight.  Coconut oil is believed to stop the oxidative degradation of testosterone hence promoting beard growth.  It is all because of the antioxidant property that it prevents baldness and boosts up enhanced beard and hair growth.
  • Gives better texture: The quality of your beard not only depends on how much growth you have but also on the texture of beard hair.  One can surely improve the texture of hair through coconut oil.  Beard hair should not be frizzy and tangled.  Coconut oil helps to detangle them and keep them straight.  If your beard texture is good, you can trim it just like you want.
  • Control beardruff: Ever heard this word, beardruff? If you can get dandruff in your hair, why not get beardruff in your beards? Dehydration and dry weather can cause dandruff in hair and so in beards.  Beardruff doesn’t look good and gives you itchiness on your face.  Under the beard, you get dry skin patches that are not good for your skin underneath.  Coconut oil balm is a friend of yours under such conditions, a valuable one.  It prevents flaking, and you get rid of dandruff in your beard.
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties: You surely know these terms.  Antibacterial means those products that work against bacteria and antifungal means those that work against fungal attacks.  Whenever something bad happens to your skin, two reasons immediately popped into mind; bacterial or fungal infection.  These microbes exist everywhere and tackling them is quite a task.  Coconut oil does wonders against them as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.  It cleans your skin and prevents microorganisms from growing there.  It acts as a sanitizer on the beard keeping bacteria away.  
  • Moisturizing quality: Have a good coconut oil massage in your beard and make the skin moisturized.  Beardruff and flaky, dry skin makes your beard grow weak.  To tackle this problem, apply coconut oil as it goes deep down the beard.
  • Shaving alternative: Instead of using expensive shaving creams and foams, coconut oil and its products can be used for this purpose too.
  1. Pre-shaving: Just like women prep their skin before doing makeup, it is necessary for men to prep their beards before shaving for beard care.  Applying coconut oil before shaving makes your skin smooth and germ-free.  First, put on some coconut oil, and then apply whatever shaving crème you are using.
  2. Shaving: Coconut oil can be used as a shaving crème in case you run out of your shaving crème or are not in the mood to apply chemicals on your skin.  Using coconut oil for shaving smoothens the skin, and the razor runs smoothly on your skin without getting cuts.  The razor glides perfectly over semi-solid creamy coconut oil, leaving your skin fresh and soft.  It is tricky to use it this way, but once you get used to it, there will be no going back.  If you don’t have thicker hair, shave with coconut oil.
  3. After shaving: Bearded men face the problem of hair fall and brittleness.  Use coconut oil for beard problems.  It is applied as an aftershave crème and makes your skin super hydrated, clean, healed, and soft.  It smells amazing, making you feel light-headed and confident.  It doesn’t cause itching on your beard, unlike other aftershave products.
  • Makes your beard shiny and healthy: It gives extra shine to the hair on the beard and makes them healthier and fuller.  One can simply use it for gaining that extra factor that makes his beard stand out among many.  Shine gives you confidence, and you can flaunt your shiny, facial hair-type beard.  As compared to jojoba oil and argan oil, coconut oil gives an extra sheen to beard hair.   

After knowing all these benefits of coconut oil, if someone asks, is coconut oil good for beards? Your reply will be ‘A big yes’ surely.  

Which Coconut Oil is Best For You?

Virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, and completely raw coconut oil are best for you.  These three are not processed under high temperatures.  They are less processed when products undergo more processing, and they lose their benefits.  These three are no doubt a bit more expensive than the rest of the coconut oil types, but one can never compromise on his skin and hair.  

How to Use Coconut Oil on Beard?

There is nothing to worry about its usage.  Here is a quick instruction on how to use it

  1. Wash and dry your hands so that they get clean.
  2. Put coconut oil in your hand.  Rub it in your palms.  It will automatically melt in your hands ready to be applied.
  3. Go for the tips first and then move it to the roots of the hair and into the skin.
  4. Gently massage with both hands to ensure complete coverage and absorbance.  Leave it there for a minute or two so that it settles down.
  5. You can now comb with a beard brush or comb for a fine look.   

Can You Use Coconut Oil on Acne-prone Skin?

As narrated by Dr.  Owen Kramer, a dermatologist at the University of Illinois, Chicago, “Coconut oil is comedogenic”.  “It means that coconut oil is likely to clog your pores”, he further added.   

The benefits of coconut oil are not denied, but if you have skin problems, it is recommended to avoid the use of coconut oil.  It doesn’t mean no one can use coconut oil as beard oil.  You can use it if your skin is not acne-prone.

Tips for Using Coconut Oil in Beard

Let’s just make this easier for you.  Remember certain things before applying coconut oil to your beard, or hair.  Whether you apply coconut oil beard balm or beard oil, always try to look for your skin first; it shouldn’t be prone to acne.

Try taking a gap of a day or two when using the beard oil or any balm for the beard.  This gives more time to your skin to actually absorb the nutritions, so there is not any accumulation of the product itself.

Massage the oil slowly.  Do not go hard on your beard.  Smooth and relaxing massages on the beard promote a healthy beard and have other health benefits as well.  Easy massaging also helps in relaxing the facial muscles and stimulating the blood flow.

Homemade Coconut Oil for Beard

If you’re worried that you don’t afford the above-mentioned products, we’re here to rescue you.  Why worry when you can make your own homemade coconut oil for a beard.  Here’s what you need to do.  Take two tablespoons of any local coconut oil.  Heat it up to turn it into oil form in case it was solid previously.  Now take essential oils of your choice.  Lavender and tea trees go the best with it though.  Add a few drops of these essential oils and heat the mixture for 30 seconds.  Pour the oil into a container and let it cool.  Your homemade coconut beard oil is ready.


1. Is coconut balm only for long beards?

No, coconut balm is for everyone. No matter how long or short your beard is, it will make sure to provide your beard conditioning effect. It will also help in growing your beard, in terms of both length and density.

2. Should I start using coconut oil for my beard or coconut?

Well, it really depends on your personal preference. But you should go for the oil variant if your beard is too dry and needs excessive moisturizing. If your skin does fine, but your focus is more towards setting the beard in place or styling it, go for the balm.

3. How do I know that it’s time to stop using coconut oil in my beard?

Suppose your beard skin is never getting dry. You need to stop putting more of the product. Excessive coconut oil on the skin can cause rashes and clogged pores.

4. How much time does coconut oil take to show results if applied on a beard?

Just like any oil, coconut oil being organic, takes time to show the results. The results are slow, but we promise they are worth it.

5. Should I apply coconut beard balm myself or ask someone else to do it?

You can do whatever you like. But doing it yourself is more effective since you will know your dry areas and spots that feel itchy. You can also adjust your application procedure according to yourself.

6. Can I use oil on my beard, if I have just hit puberty?

Yes, you can use the oil right when you are hitting puberty. But try not to use beard balms as they are more suited for the hair texture and can cause rashes or have literally zero effect on direct skin.


Beard grooming is now a thing, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Taking care of every part of yourself is important.  So, my boys, why settle for bad skin and bad beards when we can have luscious beards by using coconut oil in beards. Learn how good is carrier oil for your manly beard.


Published Date: Nov 27, 2020

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