Brio Beardscape Review: Should You Buy It?

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If you know a thing or two about beard trimmers, you must have heard about Brio Beardscape.  But before making you familiar with it, let me share a word or two about its inventor. First, the manufacturer himself is a relentless scrutinizer and believes in knowing every nitty-gritty about the product.  It’s because Brio doesn’t want to regret later on the buying decision.

The same thought process is applied when building any of their men’s grooming products.  And one such product we are going to review today is the Brio Beardscape.

Since we have a personal experience using this trimmer, we will let you know the true verdict about it.  But before that, you must understand what an ideal beard trimmer should be built with and how well it should work.

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Brio Beardscape Trimmer
  • Noise-Free Trimming Session
  • Adjustable Length Settings
  • Commendable Battery Life
  • LED Display
  • Head & Facial Hair Trimmer

What Should You Expect From a Beard Trimmer?

The beard trimmer is an essential men’s grooming product that lets you trim stranglers anytime, anywhere and saves you from the unnecessary hassle of visiting barbers.  But do you know what makes it ideal and what you need to look into when buying one for yourself?

Here is the list of things you must consider before buying one:

  • Versatility
  • Corded/Cordless Functionality
  • Wet-Dry Beard Trimming
  • Battery Life
  • Travel-friendly
  • Maintenance
  • Upfront & Long-term Ownership Cost
  • Attachments
  • Build Quality

If your beard trimmer has all these specifications (except 2 or 3), then it’s worth your investment.

Does Brio Beardscape Live Up to the Expectations?

brio trimmer

Yes.  It not only exceeds expectations but also gives tough competition to its peers. Moreover, it lets you trim five 0’clock shadows to 5-month bulk without compromising on performance.

9.2out of 10


Besides, the company even claims to deliver a quiet operation with the sharpest trimming ever by any beard trimmer on the market.  All thanks to a titanium rake that is precision ground to match perfectly with super-sharp ceramic blades.

It is just the beginning; we have an entire list of benefits that you can only achieve if you bring home a Brio Beardscape beard trimmer as we got one.  Read on to know what comes within the box.

Brio Beardscape Trimmer
  • Noise-Free Trimming Session
  • Adjustable Length Settings
  • Commendable Battery Life
  • LED Display
  • Head & Facial Hair Trimmer

What is Inside the Box of Brio Beardscape?

brio beard trimmer

Firstly, we loved the matte-black box inside which there was a solid storage bag.  The corners of the box have imprints of the features of the Brio Beardscape trimmer.  Inside the storage bag, each attachment and trimmer is well-placed in its section.

  • 4 Guide Combs
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Versatile Adaptor
  • Charging Stand
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Lubricating Oil
  • 1 Ceramic Blade
  • Brio Trimmer
brio beard trimmer

Now that you know what comes inside the box- let’s see the role of each attachment and how it benefits you.

I’ve included my affiliate link in the blog post, so you can save 10% off your purchase by using coupon code ‘TOMFW’ at checkout.

11 Benefits of Using Brio Beardscape Trimmer

Brio Beardscape Trimmer
  • Noise-Free Trimming Session
  • Adjustable Length Settings
  • Commendable Battery Life
  • LED Display
  • Head & Facial Hair Trimmer

Based on personal experiences and online beard trimmer reviews, we have curated 11 benefits that may make you fall for the Brio Beardscape trimmer.

Noise-Free Trimming Session

A constant buzz around the ears may be frustrating for you and your surroundings. However, after using and reviewing almost hundreds of trimmers, we can say that Brio Beardscape delivers silent and peaceful operations despite having one of the most powerful motors.

The motor features 5000 RPM to 7000 RPM speed, which you can increase in five incremental steps.  The trimmer body has (+)/(-) buttons placed over the power button through which you can increase or decrease the power.  The 5000 RPM speed produces mild power for trimming stubble, while the 7000 RPM caters to thick and bushy beards.  When setting the trimmer to 7000 RPM, you may hear a buzzing sound, but it won’t be loud and irritating.

Adjustable Length Settings


As you know, the Brio Beardscape can trim stubble to long facial hair; the credit goes to its built-in length settings.  The trimmer features a sliding butting with which you would be able to adjust blade length.  The length ranges from 1 to 1.9mm at intervals of 0.3mm.

Along with a sliding button, you get a micro-adjust lever lock button to fix the length for a particular trimming session.  Contrary to this, the length settings may seem confusing when paired with attachment guards.  In a nutshell, the built-in settings are suitable for stubble trimming, while the four reversible clipper heads trim your long hair.

Commendable Battery Life

We have never seen such good charging and runtime together.  The Brio trimmer has made us go gaga over battery life.

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 3 hours to full charge = 4 hours of runtime
  • 5 min quick charge = one full trim

Unlike typical trimmers, this one gets charged even with a USB plug.  There are multiple ways to charge this trimmer:

  • Connect with your laptop.
  • Directly connect the plug to the bottom of the Beardscape.
  • Place the beard trimmer into the cradle (charging stand) it comes with and connect the cable to the cradle.

As soon as the trimmer is fully charged, it will beep and stop charging.  Besides, the runtime depends on the RPM you choose to trim.  We have attached a table showing the expectation of battery life with an increase in RPM:

Revolution Per Minute (RPM) SpeedBattery Life
5000240 min
5500225 min
6000210 min
6500195 min
7000180 min

Tips for Maintaining Battery: 

  • Charge the battery when it’s less than 20% or 36 minutes
  • Do not charge it after every use
  • Fully charge the battery before using it for the first time
  • Do not let your beard trimmer get too hot or too cold

Lastly, you can use the Brio Beardscape as a cordless and corded trimmer.

LED Display

brio shaver

The LED display is another great feature of this trimmer and a benefit to users. Unfortunately, even famous brands like Philips & Wahl do not offer displays to their trimmers.

Looking at the LED display, you will get an idea about the following things:

Does the trimmer require a pause to unclog?  The five circles in the display will notify it.  If the last two red circles light up, the trimmer needs cleaning in the clipping head.

At what RPM is the trimmer operating?  It shows a speed setting from 5000 RPM to 7000 RPM based on what length of facial hair you want to cut.

What is the battery time remaining?  You will see the remaining charge time display left in the LED display.  The time depends upon the RPM.

Does it require oiling?  The trimmer will beep once, and the LED display will flash a red light every hour to notify you about oiling the trimmer blade.

Head & Facial Hair Trimmer

Whether you want to trim your head or facial hair, this beardscape beard and hair trimmer works amazingly well.  It is one of the most versatile beard trimmers among popular brands. There are only a few trimmers that work both on the head and beard.


brio beardscape review

The secret to the long shelf life of the beard trimmer is maintaining proper hygiene.  Failing to upkeep the beard trimmer can cost you double the price of the trimmer. Unlike other trimmers, cleaning this trimmer isn’t painful.  The head is easy to remove, and you get a cleaning brush along with the kit.  Snap on the blade and use a brush to remove the hair and dirt. Besides, you can even wash the comb attachments under water except for the trimmer itself.

Durable Ceramic Blades

 brio review

Beard trimmers are known for their cutting ability (blades), and we found Brio Beardscape featuring one of the sharpest and strongest blades.  They are 4x sharper, stronger, and harder than stainless steel blades.  Also, these blades cause less friction, heat, and noise as compared to stainless steel blades.  It is something that we love the most about this trimmer.  The blades slice even the thickest and curliest facial hair by delivering a clean and close trim.

Sturdier Than Other Trimmers

When it comes to sturdiness, no trimmers can match the build quality of Brio Beardscape.  They did not compromise on material and made sure that the trimmer lasted long.  

Firstly, the low-friction ceramic blade combined with a titanium rake is sturdier than stainless steel.  Besides, the body consists of a hard plastic casing that accommodates a powerful motor, blades, and battery.

Great Cutting Quality

After reviewing online reviews, some reviews from friends, and personal experience, we can say that the Brio Beardscape delivers above-par performance.  You can expect maximum cutting in a single stroke if it has no guide combs attached.  However, you will require multiple passes when the trimmer is paired with any of the comb attachments.

On the other hand, what might confuse you is the comb and the blade length.  It becomes a daunting task to fit the right comb with the right blade height.  It will take some time to cope, but it isn’t impossible.


Brio assures you of a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.  The warranty covers a manufacturing fault or malfunction.  If you find something like that, you can raise a complaint, and the company replaces the piece.  However, if there is a fault from your end, i.e., accidentally dropping on the floor or in water, the company is not responsible for the damage.

High-Quality Storage Bag

beardscape beard and hair trimmer

As discussed earlier, the matte-black fashionable box comes with a storage bag within which you will find the trimmer and its attachments.  The storage bag has a fabric over a hard shell and is as sturdy as ceramic blades.  It will save your trimmer from all the drops and shocks.  Besides, the bag accommodates your trimmer-related attachments.  We love how each tool was perfectly placed when we received the package. As a result, the travel beard trimmer is easy to carry without significant challenges.

Now that you know the benefits you can gain from buying Brio Beardscape- let’s also get aware of a few disadvantages.

Brio Beardscape Trimmer
  • Noise-Free Trimming Session
  • Adjustable Length Settings
  • Commendable Battery Life
  • LED Display
  • Head & Facial Hair Trimmer

3 Disadvantages of Brio Beardscape

brio clipper

These aren’t explicitly highlighted, but while reviewing, we found out the need for these features.  Besides, it may not be disadvantageous for you; however, we felt we should share it so that you know both sides of the coin.

No Travel-Lock

How do you feel if your trimmer is out of battery despite charging it before leaving the house?  Besides, when checking, you find that it was accidentally turned on inside the storage pouch during travelling.

That’s where the travel-lock feature comes to the rescue.  Since the storage pouch is small, the chances are high of the trimmer turning on.  Therefore, you have to carry the trimmer in such a way that it does not turn on.

No Wet Trimming

As discussed earlier, you can wash the attachments but not the trimmer.  Also, you cannot use it under the shower.  The company says that washing the blade may lose lubrication and cause defects when operating.  Therefore, it is not advisable to use it in wet situations.

Lack of Trimming Attachments

The beard trimmer works wonderfully well when trimming longer and thicker hair; however, it fails to deliver optimum results on shorter beards.  The precision trimmer is one of the things this one misses out on. Lastly, Brio Beardscape even loses against Philips Norelco Multigroom or top Wahl beard trimmer.

So, this is the complete Brio review wherein we discussed both sides of the coin and left no stones unturned.  Now you might be having questions, so let’s answer them.


1. How close does the Brio Beardscape trim?

The cordless trimmer comes with guards ranging from 3mm to 12mm at intervals of 3mm. What we prefer and suggest is to set the trimmer’s built-in length setting to 1.9mm and attach a 3mm guard comb; you will get a 4.9mm cut.

2. Can you use Brio Beardscape in the shower?

No, the Brio Beardscape beard trimmer is not waterproof, which is why avoid using it under wet conditions to prolong the shelf life.

3. Is the Brio Beardscape good for manscaping?

Yes, the Brio Beardscape works wonderfully well on any manscaping project without any compromise on performance.


In our opinion, the Brio clipper is worth every penny for men with thicker and longer hair.  However, the lack of a precision trimmer makes it less competitive against Philips Norelco Multigroom or Wahl when it comes to precision trimming.  Also, there aren’t any fancy features, but that shouldn’t be the priority.

Our experience with Brio shaver was mind-blowing, and we love the way it is packaged, built, and functioned.  We were expecting a high-quality trimmer with all the features required for manscaping.

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Published Date: Feb 12, 2024

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