Best Beard Grooming Kit That Your Beard Deserve In 2021

Last Updated: 2021-05-18

by Jeel Patel

Men’s beard is what defines him because that is what girls are attracted to!

But it is difficult to buy products like beard balm, beard oil individually.  So why not have a kit that carries every product that your beard deserves.  A beard grooming kit is like a suitcase which you carry wherever you travel.  It carries all the essential products that you can carry anywhere to maintain a beard.

Think about it as a mechanic’s toolbox which he uses to repair any car.  A Men’s grooming kit does a similar thing, it enables you to take care of your beard anywhere and anytime.  But it is often difficult to choose the best beard grooming kit that your beard deserves in 2021.

In this blog, we will be reviewing some of the best beard grooming kits that we think are perfect for your beard routine.  This also includes mustache grooming kits with products like mustache wax, which are a must-have.

5 Best Beard Grooming Kit- Quick Summary

DUCKBUTTER Duck Butter Beard Oil Beardsman Pack - 4 Scents with Brush & Comb Gift SetDuckbutter Beardsman Pack
  • Beard Oil: Beard oil is high quality which moisturizers beard and Comes in 4 different scents
  • Other Products: Also equipped with a beard brush and comb
Beard Care Kit by Mountaineer Brand: All-Natural, Complete Beard Care in one Kit (WV Citrus & Spice) Includes: Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Wash, and Beard BrushMountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit
  • Ingredients: All-natural ingredients with essential oils
  • Products: Comes with beard oil, shea butter beard balm, beard brush and beard wash
  • Beard Wash: Helps soften beard with beard wash in the kit
Zeus Everyday Beard Grooming Kit- Men's Daily Set for Quality Beard Maintenance (Scent: Verbena Lime)Zeus Beard Grooming Kit
  • Option: You can choose beard oil scent
  • Products: Comes with a beard shampoo, conditioner, oil and balm
  • How it affects beard: Helps cleanse and smoothen beard
Our ChoiceBeard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard Wash/Shampoo,2 Packs Beard Growth Oil,Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner,Beard Comb,Beard Brush,Beard Scissor 100% Pure & Organic Beard Growth KitFulllight Tech Beard Care Kit
  • Beard Brush: Boar bristle beard brush will straighten your beard and help spread all the oils
  • Products: Has all the essential products that will help you both in trimming and maintenance stage
  • How it affects beard: Beard Shampoo and conditioner comes with essential oils that will solve all your problems

Duckbutter Beardsman Pack

The first kit on our list is this grooming kit by Dukbutter, the company that delivers an experience.  The company makes different products keeping three things in mind- quality, excellence, and value.  They believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and so design every single product in the beard grooming kits accordingly.

Now you might be wondering, what is so special about this product, and why is it lucky to get shelf space in our blog.  There are many different things that make this product special, including the quality of beard oil.

This kit comes with 4 different beard oils in different scents.  The scent is what makes beard oils different from each other.  The first one is a beard commander which is believed to attract ladies and make you feel like a man.  The second one is inspired by ingredients in the forest and so is named forest ranger.  The third one is a metro spice which made for your day to day busy life, carrying a classic spice scent with it.  The fourth one is the most common and classy beard oil, cool mint.  It not only delivers an amazing experience but also achieves many other functions on the beard.

All four oils are great but The mint one is a perfect choice because it is refreshing and gives you a feeling of relaxation.  These beard oils will supply essential natural oils such as argan oil to your beard while making the skin underneath the beard soft.  Argan oil, coconut oil, and other natural oils will moisturize your beard and will promote facial hair growth.

The grooming kit also comes with a wooden comb and a boar bristle beard brush.  A brush will help straighten your curly beard hairs and help spread oils on the skin.  While the wooden beard comb is made of really good quality materials that not only help you shape your beard but allows you to remove all beard druff from the skin and treats beard itch.  It works well with all hair types.

The only thing that might concern you is that some reviewers on Amazon complain that the packaging is not good.  It comes in a cigar box packing but the quality of containers is average.  You need to take extra precautions when using this product.  But it is still a good beard maintenance kit for sensitive skin and has everything you need in it.

  • Comes with 4 different beard oils, a beard brush, and a comb
  • Moisturizes dry skin and reduces dandruff
  • Comes with a dropper that makes oils easy to use
  • The containers of bottles are plastic and so some reviewers complain that they are not that durable


Mountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit

Second, on our list is this grooming kit by the famous Mountaineer Brand.  It is one of the best companies when it comes to beard products.  This company makes space in almost all of our blogs, just because of amazing quality and price.  Its products help solve all the beard related problems.

The grooming kit comes with 4 products- beard balm, oil, beard wash, and brush.  All products bring different advantages to the table.  Let’s start by reviewing beard oil because that is the main product in any beard kit.  Beard oil is made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils.  The natural ingredients soften your skin by moisturizing it, while also promoting rapid beard growth.  The scent options vary from cedarwood and fir needle, both of which bring a great woodsy scent to this product.

The balm is also naturally made and has shea butter in it.  Shea butter smoothes the skin underneath your beard.  The balm also helps you get the beard style you want by making it easy for you to comb or beard hairbrush.  There are some scent options available when talking about beard balm.  This includes lime, grapefruit, and fir needle.

The beard wash is the best part of beard kits.  So this kit has different flavor options available for a beard wash.  It ranges from timber, citrus spice, coal, and pine tar soap.  All of them are a great choice, but you need to choose one.  We would go with citrus spice because that is exceptional.

The brush is made from boar bristles that will help you tame unruly facial hair, which allows you to spread oils on the beard and skin underneath it which is great for sensitive skin.  They call it a military-style brush because of its amazing quality.

The only thing that might concern you as a user is this kit only offers four products compared to other kits which basically offers you 8-9 products.  This will not be an issue for you if you think that these four products are enough.  It has a great price attached to it and comes in a burlap bag or burlap sack whichever you prefer to call it.  Probably one of the best grooming kits available in the market.

  • Comes from a well-trusted company
  • There are many different options available for different products in the kit
  • Comes with a beard wash, brush, oil, and balm.
  • The kit might seem too small compared to other grooming kits in the market


Zeus Beard Grooming Kit

Beard grooming kits promise quality, but Zeus deluxe kit for men promises quality with experience.  That’s right there is an amazing experience that comes with using this beard grooming kit.

Every beard guy wishes that his beard is soft and smooth.  This beard kit has all the products that condition and cleans your beard to make it soft.  Everything in this kit is naturally made, which will also deliver a great smell to it.

There are 4 main products in this pack.  This kit includes beard shampoo also known as a beard soap, beard conditioner, beard oil, and a beard balm.  So let’s start by talking about the shampoo and conditioner.  The shampoo contains natural antioxidants like Dragon’s blood, Chamomile oil, green tea tree oil, etc.  That will reduce skin acne and soften skin.  This shampoo also fights dandruff, reduces itchiness, and strengthens beard hair.  The dragon blood also helps in reducing skin inflammation, while chamomile brings great shine to the beard.

The Beard Kit includes a Zeus conditioner wash that is made from avocado and jojoba oils, aloe vera, etc.  that will keep your skin hydrated all day.  Products with avocado and jojoba oils in it will prevent hair loss and natural oils from getting removed.  Jojoba seed oil is present in most of beard products due to its rapid beard protection and growing properties.  Beard conditioner aids shampoo in reducing skin acne.

Next is Zeus oil that archives so much with a beard.  Firstly is to soften the skin underneath the beard which will reduce itchiness significantly.  A mixture of vitamin E oils and grape seed oil works well to stimulate skin circulation that will prevent any bacterial infection.  Grape seed extract and vitamin E in particular are known for improving skin health and improving overall facial appearance.  Choosing a product with vitamin E is always great and there are beard oil scent choices available.  It has a sandalwood scent.  

Lastly, the beard balm is made with beeswax that not only helps you style your beard, but it locks moisture and prevents it from escaping.  Jojoba beard and mustache wax with shea butter work together to reduce flakiness and increase the elasticity of facial hair follicles.  The dynamic duo of avocado oil and aloe vera act as smoothing agents that bring great smell to the beard and are perfect to protect sensitive skin and works well with all hair types.

There is not a brush or a comb that comes with this grooming set, which might be a downfall.  But this beard grooming kit is still a great option and has everything you need as one can easily buy a comb or brush separately which is cheaper than buying other beard grooming kits.

  • Comes will all necessary products that your beard deserves
  • Choices for beard oil scent
  • Shampoo and conditioner reduces acne and softens the beard
  • No beard brush or a comb in the kit


Ceenwes Beard Grooming Kit

No products found.

This is one beard care kit that we love.  There are many things that this kit has to offer for your beard.  This kit contains everything that your beard needs and deserves, including an ebook that will guide you on how to take care of a beard.  According to us, this has the best grooming tools on the market.

There is a very big list of products that this kit contains.  So let’s list all of them out.  It contains beard oil, brush, beard and mustache comb, beard balm, shampoo/ beard soap, beard & mustache scissors, a user manual, and a free E-Book.  Isn’t that amazing, a kit with everything! This is what your beard has been looking for!

The oil and beard balms both have a similar nourishing formula that is great for dry skins.  It nourishes the beard and keeps it moist.  The amazing formula also promotes rapid beard hair growth, making it look more full and not patchy.  This all reduces the skin irritation that you face every day, while also making it easy for you to shape your beard.  Lastly, both of them have an amazing masculine fragrance.

Talking about comb, the comb in this kit makes it easy for you to shape your beard while removing all the flakes and dust.  The brush made with 100% boar bristles is a strong brush that will help you tame an unruly beard and spread all the essential oil.

The stainless steel scissor is also an essential tool to have as it not only trims the beard but also helps your trim mustache.  This kit covers everything that a man needs and comes in a burlap bag.  It is also a perfect thing to give someone as a gift box.  It is easy to carry when traveling making it a good travel kit.

The only thing that might be to worry about is the scent.  Some reviewers on Amazon complain that the scent is not that great, but it is alright.  We think that this is one of the best beard grooming kits which is worth your investment because of all it has to offer and it will surely fill your bathroom shelf.

  • It has 9 different products in it
  • Balm and oil moisturizes beard and treats dry skin
  • Stainless steel grooming scissors work well with beard and mustache
  • Some reviewers on Amazon complain that the scent is not that great

No products found.

Fulllight Tech Beard Care Kit

The last beard grooming kit review on our list is this beard kit from Fulllight Tech.  There is a reason why this is one of the best kits in the market and it is the grooming tools it consists of.  It works well as a gift too.

Similar to other kits in the market, this beard kit also includes shampoo and balm and beard oil and comb, brush and sharp stainless steel grooming scissors, lastly a high-quality plastic beard shaping tool for trimming needs.

There are so many products in this kit that it is hard to point all the benefits over here.  So, let’s start by talking about the beard wash.  The company asks you to use this shampoo and conditioner twice a week for amazing results.  It will soften your beard and skin underneath it.  By supplying all the natural essential oils that facial hair needs, it will make the hair shiny.

Beard balm and oil work well with each other and fulfill all your facial hair needs.  It is 100% naturally made, they also help treat acne on the face, by acting as anti-bacterial agents.  It also supplies Vitamin E to the beard and vitamin e is a great thing to have in almost all beard products.  The oil includes ingredients such as almond oil which help soften and nourish the beard.

There is a reason why people call it a beard trimming kit.  That reason is, it contains a comb, brush, barber scissors, and a shaping tool that helps you trim your beard.  People always look for the best tools for beard trimming, but with this kit that the problem is loved, one can find everything he needs for trimming in this kit.

Lastly, it also has an ebook that addresses the issue- how to grow a healthy beard.  Overall, this kit is a worthy investment.

Some reviewers on amazon are concerned about the quality of some of the products like scissors.  But the price that this grooming set offers solves this issue as it offers a lot of beard grooming items at a reasonable price and it can be used as a travel bag kit as well.

  • Comes with all products that your beard needs
  • Also carries essential trimming products
  • Products made with natural ingredients
  • Some of the product quality is not that great, like scissors


Why You Need A Beard Grooming Kit?

Now you might be wondering why I need a beard care kit.  Beard grooming kit is like music to your ears, which makes you and your beard relaxed.  There are many advantages to owning a beard grooming kit, which is highlighted below-

Why you need

  • It will help keep your beard nourished and dandruff free– There are multiple products in a beard grooming kit that will help your beard be nourished and itch-free.   Beard balm and beard oil supplies essential oils and nutrients to your facial hair and reduces dandruff significantly.  This will make your beard look shinier and feel soft.
  • It comes with a beard comb or beard brush– The key element in a beard care kit is a comb or a boar bristle brush.  These products help remove dust and dandruff from your beard and make it easy for you to shape your beard.
  • All products link to each other and help shape your routine– If you buy individual products then there would be generally no routine for applying those products.  It would be just after a shower for a few seconds.  But with the grooming kit, all events are linked and so they can be used with each other.  For instance, wash your beard with shampoo and conditioner, then apply beard oil, then beard balm, then comb it.  It will easily set into your routine.

One thing that might concern you, is that all grooming kits are not perfect.  They try to be near perfect.  So, if you want a brush in a beard comb kit then that would be hard to find.  But it would be easy to just choose one or two products individually that you can include in your canvas travel bag.

Why Buy A Grooming Kit Compared To Buying Individual Products?

Why buy grooming kit

Buying individual grooming products is not a bad option at all.  But you will just end up spending a ton of money on grooming products like beard oil, beard balm, etc.  from different companies.  But buying individual products or grooming products is more of a personal choice.

For instance, if you already own an Honest Amish Beard Balm, and are looking for just a beard comb, then buying an entire kit of more than 50 dollars does not make sense.  It makes sense to buy individual Honest Amish products in this case.  But if you don’t have any beard items and are confused about which one is the best for your beard care needs, then the grooming kit may be a good option.

Another advantage of buying beard grooming kits instead of individual products is that all products belong to a single brand.  When you buy individual products, then one might end up having all the products of different brands.  So, if you like a brand and want to use all the products that belong to that brand, then go with the grooming kit.  This will enable you to get the best experience.

Facial hair growth kits are a price-saver in the long term.  For instance, let’s try to analyze some products here, to make it clear for you to understand the price difference.  If you decide to buy a grooming kit, like Fulllight Tech beard grooming kit then it will cost you around 35 dollars which is a lot cheaper compared to buying individual products like beard combs which cost 10 dollars, beard oil which is 20 dollars, shampoo for 25 dollars, etc.  This makes the choice clear, grooming kits are a lot cheaper in the long term.

Loyalty to a brand is also an important thing to consider.  If you like using products of a single brand and are not allergic to any ingredients, then it makes sense to use all products of that particular brand.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a thousand different beard care kits available in the market, which can make it hard for you to choose from.  So we created this guide for you which will guide you through the buying process and things to consider when buying beard grooming kits.


There are some specific details that matter when thinking about buying a beard care kit Canada.  This includes stuff like ingredients, quantity, quality, price, and much more.  This is just a buying guide that we have made from general experiences by reviewers on Amazon.  We hope that it will allow you to make the right decision while choosing beard grooming products.

  • Price– First things first, you should start to outline a budget for your shopping.  It can be according to your needs.  Once the budget is decided you can move to browse different products and their prices.  A key point to remember is that a high price does not promise a high-quality product.  And similarly, a low price does not mean a bad product.  The best mens grooming kit is what has a reasonable price and a high quality.
  • Few essential products that your grooming kit needs to be complete– There are 2 different products that your beard kit needs to achieve the best results.  This includes a beard comb or a brush, with a beard shampoo and conditioner.  Choose a grooming kit for men that has a beard comb or a brush, that will not only help you shape your beard but it will also help to reduce dandruff and beard itch.  Secondly, the shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter are a must.  They help your beard be smooth and solve many problems like patchy hairs, promote rapid beard hair growth, etc.
  • Ingredients– This is the most important part to consider when buying a beard grooming kit.  There are many different products that come with a kit, including beard oil and balm, beard shampoo, and much more.  So it is important to check the ingredients of these products to ensure that you are not allergic to any of these products.
  • Fragrance– This is the best part of buying a beard kit.  It is what brings experience to your product.  The fragrance will deliver an amazing smell to your great beard.  It will get the attention that your beard deserves.  So by a product that meets your fragrance needs.


1. What is the best beard care brand?

There is no one particular beard care brand that you can consider to be the best.  All brands have to offer something different to your beard, it depends on your opinion.  You have to try products from different brands, and then decide which is the top beard care brand.  We especially like Ceenwes Beard Grooming Kit, because that kit has all the products that your beard needs.  It also has to trim products, so just buying this grooming set would be enough.

2. Do beard Kits Work?

Beard kits definitely work on all kinds of beard, It contains different kinds of product that solve different beard-related issues.  Additionally, it is a better investment compared to buying individual products that can get quite expensive.  Many kits like Fulllight Tech Beard Care Kit contain beard care products, plus beard trimming products that make it a worthy investment.  Following the usage guidelines will make sure that it works on a beard.

3. What is the best beard shampoo and conditioner?

There is no particular shampoo which can be considered the best, especially when all of them have the same ingredients.  It depends on what brand you trust and that is what guides your choice.  But buying shampoo and conditioner individually can get expensive, so it might be a better option for a whole kit that comes with other products.


In this blog, we highlighted the best beard grooming kits that you deserve in 2021.  We discussed many topics like why buy a grooming kit compared to individual kits, the best kits in the market, and much more.  If you have any concerns then let us know by contacting us.  We would love to hear from you!


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