I’ve been doing art since I was a kid; in high school a friend of mine suggested that I should put my art on shirts; after giving that a shot, I still decided to stay on the path that I was training for since grade 3 and try engineering at University of Waterloo. During the first week of classes, I knew I wasn’t going to be an engineer. After trying 2 different programs and 1 co-op term in 3 cities, I decided to put school on hold and put art on shirts again. That was around 4 and half years ago and where my first brand called “Babes & Gents” was born. 2 years into the brand, I met some great people who directed and showed me the path of manufacturing clothes. That’s when “Zargara” got started around 2 and half years ago. The brand has been growing since and has become an outlet where I tell stories through art and clothing. At TOM this year I will be showcasing our 6th story titled “Leave No Man Behind”.