Zane bArlÄs


Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Zane was 27 years old when he fell in love with business of fashion and started organizing trunk shows. He started this business from his apartment, while working at a Bay Street Bank.

Since founding his company in 2016, Barlas has continued to take on a prominent role within the company. As the CEO and Creative Director he determines the company’s strategy, global development, comes up with innovative marketing campaigns and is leading Zane Barläs to a rapid e-commerce expansion.

The manner in which Barlas leads the company is his own formula of entrepreneurship through untraditional thinking, creative leadership, and a pioneer spirit. The company is expanding globally with customer base from Middle East, Europe, USA and China. 


Canadian brand Zane Barläs creates an entirely new market in men’s fashion that sets them apart from any other existing boutique retailer. Their combination of the use of only the finest fabrics, European styling, unbeatable e-commerce service and within an attainable price bracket is a revolutionary approach to men’s fashion and leaves retailers asking “How do they do that?” and customers coming back for more. In a world where off-the-rack suits have invaded the closets of men around the world, Zane Barläs introduces a better option, real suiting that really fit. No attention to detail is ever spared and alterations done complimentarily, leaving everyone with the perfect fit and encouraging relationships to be developed with every new client.

Zane Barläs brings a totally new energy to the more elegant part of men’s fashion. This is obvious by Zane Barläs’ marketing and the collections, but also by their choice of unusual locations. They pride themselves on combining flair and creativity with craftsmanship and the latest technology to deliver outstanding results, quickly and effectively.

Since establishing his label in 2016, Zane Barlas has held four runway presentations during Toronto’s Fashion Week, earning the attention of GQ British and Vogue Italia labeling it as one of the standout collections of the respective seasons.


Like a rough sea, Zane Barlas brings you in its crashing waves and drowns you in the grittiness of post-war England. There are no flashy suits and silk shirts. This is in the heart of England’s industrial revolution.

There’s a poise about Zane Barlas this season, a subtle confidence that lurks beneath his tweed and flannel attire designed for Britain’s inclement weather and the harsh circumstances of the 1920s. While stateside men’s fashion was known for its panache and bold sartorialism, Barlas’ insipid blend of monochromatic apparel hits a home run because of its timeless appeal and because he uses clothing in a way that makes you revere him.

Known for his uniquely dapper style, he wears a lot of tweed in the city, mostly as a three piece suit or without a coat but a waistcoat, but only occasionally with a tie knot.

Barlas isn’t alone, however. His comrades are equally dapper with heavier wool suits with single cuff, detachable collar suits which were more typically worn for business.