XIAN is a fashion-forward menswear brand that is known for inducing bold attitude with innovative silhouettes and progressive construction within the contemporary fashion market to offer a mordern hybrid of luxury and streetwear, as well as an unique approach to everyday apparel. 

Adept at incorporating structural details and stylish shapes into its design aesthetic, the brand's philosophy integrates high fashion luxury with wearable designer staples. The brand brings many distinctive elements to its products to deliver a sense of individuality in the accessible fashion-forward pieces deviating from the mainstream. Bold, edgy, and audacious... 

XIAN acts as a catalyst for audacious influencers and pioneers alike. 

Xian Wang, the designer, originally from Harbin, the city of intertwined Chinese and Russian culture located North-East of Asia. Since an early age, he has picked up a refined interest in arts, which pushed him to experiment with painting, sketching, and other mediums of creative innovations that he would translate into wearable art. His inspiration is invoked by his love for architecture, structure, and design along with his intuitive ability to work with textiles. Xian said that “Goth Ninja”, “Cyber Punk”, and “Elite Assassin” are always being his main muse in his designs.