Shaving In The Shower: Benefits and 6 Step Guide To Shave In Shower

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Shaving preferences differ for each men. Some prefer to shave with or without cream, while some Shaving in the Shower to save time. Of course, shaving when bathing benefits in saving time, but there are other advantages too, which you will get to know in a while.

Now you might be wondering: Is it possible? 

Doesn’t continuous flow of water hamper the shaving routine?  

Do creams settle on the face under the shower?

Which razor is suitable under the shower?

Read on to get the answers to all your questions. Plus, you will get to learn the different things you will require to achieve a close and comfortable shave under running water. Lastly, a step-wise description to know the actual method.

So, let’s get started.

Why Should You Shave in the Shower?

Before knowing shaving steps, you must know what benefits you will achieve in doing so.

shave before or after shower

No Irritation

Razor burn, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps give birth to skin irritation. A dry shave is one of the crucial reasons for the mentioned hassles. During this time, the skin and hair follicles are dry and coarse, which is tough for a sharp razor blade to cut and requires multiple strokes. Moreover, it is unfavorable for sensitive skin since they are the most prone to irritation.  

Contrary to this, if you shave under the shower, it will reduce irritation and allow the razor to glide effortlessly through your facial hair and the skin.


It is one of the most significant benefits to those who don’t have time to clean the razor post-shaving. Shaving under the shower will allow you to rinse off the razor after every pass. In addition, it will remove all the shave creams and stray hairs.  


Shaving under the shower is far better than over the sink since it saves time that you would invest in, like prepping the skin, exfoliating, and applying pre-shave oil.

Moisture the Skin

You may have to use a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, or moisturizer to achieve a clean and close shave if you shave your face before or after a shower. But what if you shave under the shower? It will not only hydrate your skin but also soften your skin and hair follicles. Besides, exfoliating in the shower turns out to be effective in clearing away dead skin cells, dirt, and grime.

These are the benefits of shower shave. Now let’s look at some essentials without which shaving is impossible.

Prerequisites for Shaving In The Shower

It is not advisable to enter the bathroom with a razor and start shaving; it will not deliver a close shave, rather cut your skin. That’s where the other grooming products play a vital role. 

Face Wash

is it better to shave before or after shower

The face wash is not only a product but a routine you must follow to ensure a clean beard and close shave. It prepares your skin, softens facial hair, removes dead skin cells, and prevents skin irritation.

Shaving Creams

shave in shower or sink

Shaving creams are of multiple types, such as latherless, shaving gel, foam, and soap. Under shower shaving, you will require a thick-texture shaving cream that doesn’t drip in a constant stream of water.

Shaving creams are necessary for the shaving process if you want to shower or over the sink. It allows the razor to glide easily and moisturizes your skin to reduce irritation.

In our opinion, you must use latherless creams and gels that stick to the skin, irrespective of water streams. Contrary to this, you must avoid foam or traditional creams as they easily slide off the skin when shower shaving.

Fog-free Mirror

shave face before or after shower

A mirror should be another addition to your shower shaving regimen. Since it is impossible to remember the hair growth direction, a shower mirror will help you locate the grain. Also, you must be wondering, why use a fog-free mirror? Warm water produces steam that will fog up your decent mirror, which is why you must use a mirror that is either fog-free or easily able to clean up. If you don’t have a fog-free mirror, try rubbing soap or cream on the mirror and clean it with water.


shaving mat

Though it is a luxury, you can still have it on a safer side to eliminate the risk of slipping and sliding in the bathroom. For example, if you have a bath mat, it will prevent accidental nicks and cuts if you fall in the bathroom.

These are the few essentials with which shaving becomes possible, but there’s one more thing without which shaving is still a dream – a razor. Since there are different types of razors, it becomes a daunting task to know the suitable shower. So read on to know which one works best under the shower.

Which Razor Should You Prefer for Shaving In The Shower?

proper way to shower

Of 5 different types of razors, we recommend three types of razors to meet your shower shaving needs and achieve a smoother shave:

  • Disposable Razors
  • Cartridge Razors
  • Limited Electric Shavers

Wondering, why limited electric razor in the shower? Because most men prefer it for dry shaving, and only a few modern shavers are compatible with wet shaving.

The razors that do not work well when bathing are a safety razor and a straight razor. Though both safety and straight razors can work in a wet environment, it would be great if you use them to shave over the sink. Moreover, both traditional razors come with a risk of injury if fallen while showering.

Now that you know the nitty-gritty about the shower shave- let’s know the actual process of doing it.

How to Shave in the Shower?

can you shave with just water

Step 1: Stand on Shower Mat

The bathroom floor will be slippery when there are water and cream, so make sure you stand on the bathroom mat to avoid accidents.

Step 2: Adjust Mirror at your Convenience

After you stand under the shower, place a mirror at your convenience to avoid getting it wet and fogged up. You can rub it with cream if it isn’t a fog-resistant mirror.

Step 3: Exfoliate Your Skin

As discussed, washing with a face wash will exfoliate and prep your skin and hair for shaving. It will also prevent irritation and contribute to offering a great shave.

Step 4: Apply Shave Cream

After prepping the skin and hair, apply latherless shave cream or shower shave gel to soften dry and coarse hair. No matter whether you are shaving your chest in the shower or shaving pubes in the shower, you must not forget to apply shave gel or latherless cream. It will not only create a good lather but also glide the razor easily without cuts and nicks.

Step 5: Shave with Preferred Razor

You can use the same grooming tool to shave your body hair as well. Again, select the one you feel comfortable with and that comes with sharp blades or inserts one to achieve a closer shave. With the sharp blade, it will neither irritate your skin nor cause a razor burn.

Step 6: Apply Aftershave

Applying aftershave is an essential part of the shaving routine. Unfortunately, many men often forget to use aftershave post-shaving, which you must not miss out on. As soon as you get dried, apply aftershave as it will retain moisture and relieve from burning sensation, especially to sensitive skin guys.

So this is all about saving time in daily routine and getting things done carefully. Now let’s answer some of the commonly asked questions.


1. Does shaving in the shower clog the drain?

Yes, it clogs the drain, but only if you are shaving in the bathtub. Besides, if you shave out of the tub, we suggest you shave over the towel and then use the razor to prevent drain clogging issues.

2. Can you shave in the shower without shaving cream?

Yes and No. It is advisable to shave using shaving creams. However, if you don’t have one, you can steam up the bathroom with hot water, which will open up skin pores, and then use warm (not hot) water to start shaving.

3. Should I shave before or after a shower?

As long as you feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter how you shave, i.e., before, during, or after the shower.

4. How to shave your body in the shower?

Whether you shave legs, pubes, chest, beard, or head, you must always shave in the hair growth direction.


We hope this article finds you well and you got sufficient information about the importance of shaving in the shower. Besides, we have discussed how different grooming products play a vital role in achieving a clean shave without any accidents. We have also seen a list of perfect grooming tools, out of which you can select one for yourself. Lastly, we wrapped up the article with the steps and commonly asked questions.

So, let us know how you find this article? Also, you can share some insights which you think we forgot to mention. Also, you can share a few tips that would be useful to others. Your suggestions are important to us, and we try to consider as much as possible to help our readers.


Published Date: Jul 9, 2021

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