Oily Skin For Men: How to Deal With It?

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A sheen on the forehead, nose, and chin are some of the symptoms of oily skin men.  These parts of your face look oily because of the excess sebum production. 

Apart from making your face look sticky, your oily skin also attracts environmental impurities. It will clog your pores and cause frequent breakouts. 

On the other hand, oily skin can delay your aging process, which is one of the benefits of having such a skin type.  But what is more important is to know the causes of oily skin and how to deal with it.

This article is all about knowing the source of oily skin, how it is beneficial, what are its pitfalls, and ways to handle the skin type.  So, let’s know everything about oily skin types.

Causes of Oily Skin Men

oily face men

Oily skin is caused by overactive sebaceous glands.  Many factors trigger excess production of sebum, including:


Sebaceous glands are connected to your genetic makeup. Oily skin runs in the family, which is why you’re susceptible to having a sheen on your face even when you just hit puberty.  The bad news is that oily skin can’t be cured but only treated with the right skincare routine and regimen for it to regain balance and moisture.


Hot weather makes your sebaceous glands produce more oil to help you cool down. Oily skin is common in the summertime especially when it’s humid, which causes your pores to get clogged up and result in breakouts.

Large Skin Pores

Large pores result in the easy escape of sebum from your skin, which is why it’s more prone to shine. Oily skin can be helped with a simple pore minimizer using a clay mask.


Stress is one of the causes of oily skin because it triggers sebum production. Oily skin can also be associated with anxiety and depression, so if you feel like your hormones are acting up, visit a doctor to get tested for hormone-related problems that contribute to this excess oil secretion.


Oily skin is also common during puberty because of the surge in hormones. Oily skin can be treated with stronger cleansers, pore minimizers, and astringents to help you get rid of blackheads and clogged pores.


Oily skin can be attributed to a lack of hygiene. Oily skin may appear if you don’t wash your face regularly and properly, so make sure that you’re cleansing it after every workout or activity.

Growth Hormones

Growth hormones can be responsible for your oily skin because they tend to stimulate the sebaceous glands, which results in excess oil production. Oily skin has no cure but is manageable with a good skin care regimen and proper hygiene.

Now that you know what causes oily skin, let’s know one side of the coin that focuses on offering benefits to you.

Advantages of Oily Skin

men's skincare routine oily skin

Oily skin is most common among young people with oily hair, but the good news is it comes with several benefits.

Sun Protection

Oily skin is known for being resistant to UV rays, so it can protect you from sun damage and prevent premature aging. Oily skin has a natural SPF of at least 15, which makes it easier for sunscreen lotions to absorb on your face making them more effective in blocking out harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Wrinkle-free Skin

The lack of wrinkles on oily skin is due to the presence of squalene, a fatty acid that acts as a chemical barrier against free radical damage. Oily skin with lots of moisture can protect your face from premature aging and fine lines because it has more collagen than dry skin.

Lesser Skincare Products

Oily skin doesn’t need a lot of skincare products because it’s naturally moisturized and protected from the sun’s rays. Oily skin with fewer wrinkles is also more resistant to aging so you don’t have to worry about buying anti-aging serums.

Smoother & Thicker Skin

Oily skin has a natural sheen that makes it look smoother and thicker. Oily skin is less prone to wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, furrows between the brows, or drooping around your eyes because of its elasticity and thickness.

Every coin has two sides; since you have read the brighter side of having oily men’s skin, let’s uncover the darker side of it.

Disadvantages of Oily Skin

Oily skin has its drawbacks because it can trigger acne and breakouts. Oily skin is also common during puberty which causes you to be more susceptible to getting pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, zits, or other forms of facial blemishes.

Build Up May Clog Pores

Excess oil production can also cause your pores to clog up, which results in blackheads and acne. Oily skin is more prone to breakouts because it has larger sebaceous glands that produce excess oils. Oily skin with large pores may be difficult to treat with topical treatments alone so you should see a dermatologist for a better solution.

Sticky & Shiny Face

Oily skin is also sticky and shiny, which can make it difficult to apply makeup. Oily skin will be more pronounced when you add layers of foundation or powder because your face looks even shinier in comparison. Oily skin with too much shine may leave a white cast on the face after applying sunscreen lotions so try using a mattifying primer. Oily skin doesn’t need a lot of skincare products because it’s naturally moisturized and protected from the sun.

Need Frequent Washing

The excess natural oil production of oily skin can attract dust and other impurities, which means you need men’s face wash to wash your face more frequently. Oily skin requires a lot of attention because it doesn’t have the same skin barrier as normal or dry skin types. Oily skin is also prone to blackheads and acne that may take longer to treat.

Now that you know both sides of the coin, let us unveil a few grooming regimen tips so that you spend your whole day without feeling greasier.

How to Deal with Oily Skin?

oily skin care men

Oily skin is manageable if you know how to properly care for it. Oily skin has its benefits but only when the condition isn’t severe or problematic. Oily skin can be reduced through lifestyle changes like drinking more water, eating fruits and vegetables, washing your face regularly with mild cleansers, avoiding oily foods like fried food, greasy pizza, and oily snacks, and removing makeup before going to bed. Oily skin is more manageable with a good skin care regimen and proper hygiene.

Wash Your Face

Oily skin can be treated through a good skincare regimen. Oily skin requires washing your face at least twice a day to remove excess oil, sweat, dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities that can cause breakouts or acne. Oily skin will need a deep cleansing, especially after exercise because the pores are clogged with oils and sweat.

Make sure that your facial cleanser is infused with tea tree oil or peppermint oil since they are rich in antibacterial properties to soothe your skin.

Use Toner

Men with oily skin should never miss out on face toner packed with salicylic acid and glycolic acid.  Both skincare ingredients are great at penetrating the skin and removing unwanted build-up. The toner also maintains your skin’s pH levels while also treating acne.

Use a Clay Mask

Oily skin needs a good deep cleansing that’s why it’s important to use an exfoliating clay mask at least once per week. Oily skin has larger pores which can be treated with regular clay masks because they absorb excess oils and dirt from the face, tighten up your pores, and prevent breakouts or blemishes.

Keep Blotting Papers Handy

Oily skin has sticky or shiny facial oils that can be difficult to remove. Oily skin with large pores needs blotting papers for a quick fix because they soak up the oil on your face without disturbing makeup. Oily skin also requires frequent washing so keep some antibacterial wipes in your bag, car, desk drawer, and other places you frequently visit. Oily skin is more manageable with a good skin care regimen and proper hygiene.  Keep blotting papers handy because they absorb excess oils without disturbing makeup.

Apply Hydrocortisone Cream

Oily skin is treated naturally with a good skin care regimen and proper hygiene. Oily skin needs daily cleansing, regular clay masks, and blotting papers to remove excess oils from the face. Oily skin also requires hydrocortisone cream for occasional breakouts because it reduces inflammation and treats acne fast without causing dryness or flaking.

Apply Face Moisturizer

Oily skin also requires face moisturizer to balance the oil production on your face so you won’t look shiny and your skin will feel soft.  The best moisturizer is the one that promotes ceramide production and retains water molecules on your skin’s surface.

When choosing the moisturizer, you must make sure that it is weightless and water-based since you don’t want heaviness on your face.  Besides, it should have ingredients like shea butter, rapeseed oil, grapeseed oil, alpha-hydroxy acid, and sunflower oil that not only unclog but also minimize pores.

No Chemical-packed Soaps

Oily skin requires gentle cleansing and moisturizing products without harsh chemicals. Oily skin doesn’t require chemical-packed soaps because the natural sebum oils on your face maintain overall skin health.

Stimulate cell Regeneration

Oily skin requires boosting skin cell renewal with an effective scrub or exfoliating toner to remove impurities, excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt.  Make sure you gently exfoliate and do not overdo it since it cause dryness.

Exfoliate to Deep Cleanse Your Pores

Oily skin needs exfoliation to cleanse the pores because they are clogged with dead cells and oils. Oily skin will need regular exfoliation through a good scrub or gentle physical peeling product like microdermabrasion.

After knowing everything about oily skin, we suggest you must also check what helps oily skin to remain clean and healthy.

Skincare Routine for Men with Oily Skin

oily skin treatment for men

You have seen how several skin issues, such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne breakouts are associated with men with oily skin.  Now that the hassles aren’t going to leave oilier skin, you must take a step to get rid of it.

You might be having a question; how to treat oily skin?  Consider these ingredients for your oily skin:

Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturize your skin and promotes skin’s moisture levels

Aloe Vera

Unclogs skin pores without making your face feel heavy while treating flaky skin

Green Tea

Antioxidants prevent your oily face from damage caused due to free radicals

Jojoba Oil

Prevent moisture loss by acting like natural oils

These are some ingredients that you must consider when buying any skincare product for your oily face.  If you still have questions, don’t skip the next section as we have tried answering most of the frequently asked questions.


1. How do I prevent breakouts with oily skin?

Oily skin requires an oil-free moisturizer, non-comedogenic sunscreen (to protect your pores from the sun), and great hygiene.

2. How do I get rid of blackheads?

Oily skin can produce excess natural oil production which attracts environmental impurities and clogs pores. Oily skin needs a good exfoliating scrub to remove blackheads from the face.

3. Does oily skin cause acne?

Yes. Oily skin is also known as acne-prone skin since such skin type has enlarged pores that produce excess natural oil. The oil then mixes with other external pollutants and clogs skin pores.

4. What is the best skin care for oily skin men?

To help men with oily skin, you need face cleanser, scrub, toner, moisturizer, and face mask. All the products strive to make healthy skin. The products also manage uneven skin tone. Some of the products even regulate oil production and gently massage to deep clean your skin pores.

5. What are the best cleansers for men’s oily skin?

In our opinion, the best face washes are Particle men’s face wash and Cardon facial cleanser. Men’s oily skin will be at a great benefit with this oil-control, skin clear, and essential face washes.

6. What is the best men’s face mask for oily skin?

Oars and Alps oil attacker face mask is one of the best face masks for men with oily skin. It has an oil control capacity.

7. Is oily skin good?

Yes and No. It’s because all skin types have pros and cons. If we talk about an oily face, it takes time to age skin, meaning you have more months or years to look younger. The drawback of having oily skin is it increases the risk of blackheads, whiteheads, acne outbreaks.

8. What is the best men’s face cream for oily skin?

LetsDisco hydrating face moisturizer is one of the effective face creams that you can count on for your oily face. The gentle formula keeps your skin protected from pollution.


Oily skin men are blessed since they age later as compared to their friends.  That’s one of the reasons we call oily skin to be blessings in disguise.  Another benefit brings to the table is it protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays due to the presence of SPF 15 in natural sebum oil.  

On the flip side, it can make you feel greasy throughout the day.  A lot that you can feel it on your fingertips when wiping on your face.  Now that there are several factors involved in making oil glands super active, you cannot prevent oil production.


Published Date: Dec 6, 2021

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